August’s Monthly Crime Prevention Meeting Cancelled 8/19/15

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Tomorrow night’s KFNA Crime Prevention and Safety Committee Meeting has been cancelled.  If you have any issues or concerns that you would like to bring to our attention, please send an e-mail to  Otherwise, stay tuned for some exciting events planned for September and October!!

New Playground Dedication at Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Park 8/22/15

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Mark your calendars to join the dedication celebration of a unique new playground at MLK Park (4055 Nicollet Ave S) on Saturday, August 22nd, 2015, at 1pm! Its unique and creative design honors Dr. King, the Civil Rights Movement, African American history, and African American inventors.

Custom-built play elements include a replica of the Edmund Pettus Bridge; a staircase of stacked books by African American authors; a climbable mountaintop with quotes from Rev. Dr. King; a flag from the Red Hand Division WWI African American regiment; a train with refrigeration cars (by Minnesotan inventor Frederick McKinley Jones); and Adinkra symbols from West Africa. This playground was designed to captivate and inspire children and their parents, providing both fun and learning while strengthening the bond of community and honoring an important legacy. The playground is the collaborative work of community members, local artists, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Legacy Council, the Kingfield Neighborhood Association, and MPRB with consultant WSB.

For additional information, please visit the project website or go to and select “Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Park Playground and Site Improvements.”















The playground dedication will be part of the 5th annual Celebrate Our Beloved Community free event held at the park August 22 from 1-4 pm. The celebration begins with the dedication and will include live music, free kids and art activities, and food vendors. The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Legacy Council is also sponsoring pre-celebration activities at Sabathani Community Center beginning at 10:30 am.

To learn more about the Celebrate Our Beloved Community event, visit, type in “Beloved” and select submit.


Colleen O’Dell, Park Planner/Designer

Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board

Phone: 612-230-6469


Garden to Table Dinner August 15, 2015

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Come enjoy a four course dinner prepared by Community Garden coordinator, Kingfield resident, Butter Bakery Cafe’s bakery manager and lover of a good meal, Suzie Lillyblad. She will be joined in preparing the meal, by a group of food-loving community gardeners. This serene outdoor venue gives guests the unique experience of dinning in the beautiful surroundings of the KFNA’s Pleasant Community Garden.

This is a truly local meal, with some ingredients supplied by vendors at the Kingfield Farmers Market and others that have been grown in Suzie’s community garden plot. Where else can you dine right next to where the ingredients are grown and harvested?

Funds raised through this special KFNA Community Garden Event will help build Kingfield’s first wood-fired community oven at this site in the fall. Before dinner, tour the community garden and learn about our plans to build the community bread oven.

Find Kingfield Community Gardens on Facebook to see pictures of previous dinners and sample menus.

Date/Time: Saturday, August 15, 2015 6-8PM

Cost: $55 per person $40 of the cost of your ticket may be deducted as a tax-deductible donation to KFNA, as the law allows.

Location: Pleasant Community Garden, W. 38th St. and Pleasant Ave., Minneapolis

TO MAKE A RESERVATION: Email with your name, contact info, and how many seats you need. We will contact you to confirm your reservation and arrange pre-payment.  Our event is limited to 12 people.

In case of rain, the dinner will be relocated to a sheltered location and proceed as planned!

Kingfield Community Garden
Grow · Pick · Enjoy

What makes Kingfield neighborhood special?

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Please respond to this survey by August 5th (note deadline is the day AFTER National Night Out—just in case your memory needs a little jogging about why Kingfield is so great!)

Please take this opportunity to be part of an anonymous online survey about the character of Kingfield neighborhood and the places you feel are important to it. The survey is being distributed to residents of Southwest Minneapolis neighborhoods and is a chance to express your views about what makes your neighborhood special. The results of this study will be made available to the neighborhood, so you will be able to discover the diverse views your neighbors have about Kingfield. This study is being conducted by Madelyn Sundberg, a Kingfield resident and graduate student at the University of Minnesota, for her M.S. in Architecture: Heritage Conservation and Preservation thesis under the guidance of Professor Greg Donofrio. If you have questions, you are encouraged to contact them at or

The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete and you will be given the option to enter your email address at the end of the survey for a chance to win an iPad Air. To participate in this survey please click the link below or copy the url into your browser.

Early Morning With Elizabeth: Criminal Justice Reform and Police Community Relations: What are our next steps?

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Friday July 31, 7:30 AM

Turtle Bread Bakery, 4762 Chicago Ave South

Criminal justice reform, and the need to improve police community relations, is a topic of national and local concern. Communities across the United States are asking the hard question, “Are we the next Ferguson?” Please join us for a critical conversation about criminal justice reform; learn what Minneapolis is doing to improve police community relations and disparities in our criminal justice system and join our discussion of what more must be done.

Two of the most influential City staff working to improve city services with a race equity lens, City Attorney Susan Segal and Minneapolis Police Departments’ Deputy Chief and Chief of Staff Medaria Arradondo will join the conversation. We are also joined by Jason Sole, an author and professor, consultant to police and community groups, and civil rights activist. Mr. Sole is the chair of the Minneapolis NAACP criminal justice subcommittee.

Airplane Noise Bothering You?

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Tonight, Tuesday July 28, 7 PM
MSP Noise Input Meeting held by MAC
Metropolitan Airports Commission General Offices
6040 28th Avenue South
Minneapolis MN 55450

The MAC Noise Program Office sponsors quarterly MSP Noise Public Input Meetings for residents to receive updates on the MSP Noise Oversight Committee (NOC) and its activities, to be briefed on MSP operational levels and procedures, and to have an opportunity to provide comments and voice concerns about aircraft noise issues. During Public Input Meetings, attendees are welcome to make comments or ask questions on the record. In order to facilitate the meeting process, we encourage anyone planning to attend a Public Input Meeting to use the Public Input Meeting Form to submit their comments or questions in advance. Comments or questions raised during the meeting, and those received prior to the meeting, will be answered in writing after the meeting.

Avoid Becoming a Victim of Theft or Robbery During Summer Activities 07/23/2015

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When you are out playing softball, shooting hoops, enjoying the beach or otherwise enjoying the city’s parks, you don’t want to be carrying your valuables. Planning ahead before arriving at your destination will prevent you from becoming a victim and from opportunistic thieves spoiling your day.


One of the most common types of theft is valuables stolen from your car. This type of theft is strictly a crime of opportunity that can be prevented. Thieves generally won’t waste their time breaking into cars that don’t have valuables in plain sight. Please take the precautions listed below to help ensure your car is not targeted by thieves:

  • Keep your valuables out of sight—the best way to prevent theft from your car is to always keep valuables out of sight. Never leave purses, briefcases, gym bags, or electronic devices (cell phones, tablets, laptop computers, etc.) in your car in plain view or on the floor of the car. Placing a jacket or blanket over these items rarely fools a thief. Take these items with you, or secure them, every time.
  • Secure your GPS device or stereo faceplate — those who use a portable GPS device or have a removable stereo faceplate should take it with them, along with any other items of value, when the car is parked.
  • Use your trunk — if you must leave items in your car, put the items in the trunk or in a locked glove compartment before you arrive at your destination.
  • Lock it up — Keep your car doors and windows locked.


Cell phone theft is a problem in Minneapolis as well as the rest of the nation. Typically the thief will steal an unattended phone or grab the phone from the users hand and run. The stolen phones are then sold on the black market. A cell phone’s resale value can range from $100 – $300. Here are some hints to keep in mind:

  • Using your phone in public makes you much more vulnerable to being robbed or assaulted. Pay attention to what’s going on around you and who is near you. Do not let a stranger use your phone.
  • Keep your phone in your pocket, bag or in a phone pouch, not in your hand where someone can quickly grab it from you. Never set it down and leave it unattended.
  • If you are confronted, COOPERATE! Give the criminal what he/she asks for — wallet, keys, jewelry, credit cards and electronics. Your life is more valuable than replaceable possessions. Don’t make sudden moves or try to apprehend the criminal yourself. Concentrate on remembering a description of the suspect and call police immediately.


Criminals know that patrons will either leave valuables such as wallets or purses inside their vehicles or wrapped up in towels. When visiting the beach, it is a good idea to only bring what is necessary in a small bag (small amount of cash, water bottle, identification, sunscreen, etc.).


Leaving personal belongings or backpacks unattended on the sidelines while you play can leave you vulnerable to theft. If possible, leave your valuables at home, in a park locker or have a close friend hold on to it while you play.


Bicycles are a great choice for fun and transportation, but there are some basic safety precautions you should take. Any time you leave your bike unattended; make sure it is locked to a secure structure. Use a quality lock that cannot be easily broken. Most bikes are stolen while left unlocked. If you’re not riding it, LOCK IT UP!

For more information or questions about crime prevention while using our local parks, visit the Minneapolis Park Police or MPRB website at

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