December 20, 2004

Present: Sean Wherley, Arthur Knowles, Melinda Ludwiczak, Niki Valens, Sam Zordich, Lisa Rudy
Absent: Barb Chung, Wayne Anderson, Natalie Lenz, Rolf Johnson,
Also Present: Sarah Linnes-Robinson, KFNA Executive Director

Knowles moved to accept November’s minutes.  All agreed.

Wherley and Linnes-Robinson updated the group on site issues at 23 W. 38th Street.  The firm cost for increased support to build the duplex came in just over $66,000.  Dolata, (following conversations with Wherley, Linnes-Robinson, and Motzenbecker) expressed preliminary support to MPHA and CPED of $10,000 of NRP funding toward the project.  CPED, based upon this, approved to cover the remaining costs.   The Steering Committee discussed the strategy related to this project, and Knowles moved that the committee approve the commitment of $10,000 toward the project.  Zordich seconded.  All other voted Aye, with no abstentions.

Wherley then provided the committee with an update on the Theisen site.  The billboards seem to be the item holding up the closing of the deal.  Lander will be providing an update to the Redevelopment Committee at their meeting later in the week.  If any one is interested they are welcome to attend.  Upon questioning, Linnes-Robinson reiterated that no money has been requested or committed to this project yet.  She stated that if the deal closes, she would expect that the neighborhood needs to see what Lander’s proposal looks like before a determination can be made about if, or how, NRP funding can be used in the project to further any of the neighborhood’s goals.  Besides being used to increase affordability of units, she also thought money could be partnered to increase access to services, business façade improvements, greening, or improvements of a targeted property of the Kingfield Redevelopment Zone.
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Kingfield Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors Meeting

December 8, 2004


Board Members Present:  Thor Anderson, Rosemary Dolata, Martha Ingram Rolf Johnson, Arthur Knowles, Ben Kristensen, Erik Lindseth, David Motzenbecker, David Muschenheim, David Saddoris, Sean Wherley

Board Members Absent:  Mari O’Rourke, Niki Valens

Others Present:  Sarah Linnes-Robinson, Joanna Hallstrom, Hennepin County Commissioner Gail Dorfman, Jim Grube with Hennepin County, Jack Yuzna with the City of Minneapolis, and several neighborhood residents

Meeting Called to Order:
Motzenbecker called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

Community Forum:
No items

Lyndale Avenue Construction Update:
A presentation was made to the board and community members by Commissioner Dorfman about the project, which is slated to begin in 2007.  The project encompasses Lyndale Avenue South from Franklin Avenue to 56th Street. Representatives from ten neighborhoods worked with city planners on the project beginning in 1994.

Jim Grube talked about the Executive Summary handout  There will be two projects south of Lake Street, one from Lake Street to Minnehaha Creek, the other from Minnehaha Creek to 56th Street,  which will include bridge replacement over the creek.  There is federal funding in 2008 (or 2009) for the bridge replacement.  Guy Nolan is the Project Engineer from 31st to 56th.

Jack Yuzna is the liaison with Minneapolis Public Works. Grube requested to have a KFNA board member work with Guy and Jack on bridge design.

Other details of the project:
1. Lyndale Avenue will be widened approximately 2-4 feet on each side between mid-49th Street and mid-51st Street.
2. There will be approximately a 12-foot median from Lake Street to 38th Street.
3. There will be a city-wide special assessment to fund the project.
4. Properties on Lyndale Avenue will be assessed approximately 10 percent of the cost.  The county will provide 80 percent, and the city will provide the remaining 10 percent.  Residential rates are one-third that of commercial rates.  Public hearings will be held.
5. There is 33 percent to 50 percent write-down funding for special features of steetscape provided by Hennepin County.

Gary and Marilyn Klons, owners of Parents Automobile at 3610 Lyndale Avenue, asked for clarification about a flyer they had received stating that their parking lot would be eliminated due to the Lyndale Project. Motzenbecker and Dolata said that the project will eliminate parking restrictions on Lyndale and that the street will not be widened, thus there would not be an impact on the business’ parking lot.

Secretary’s Report:
The spelling of Lindseth’s name was corrected.  Knowles moved to accept the report. Kristensen seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report:
Muschenheim moved to accept the report. Ingram seconded.  The motion passed, with Knowles abstaining.

Committee Reports:
NRP – The necessary lighting petition signatures have been collected, with Mulroy’s being the final required signature.

Linnes-Robinson reported that the 2004 Kingfield Festival had income of $790 and expenses of $1,500.

Old Business/New Business:
CHI:  Plan is completed. Motzenbecker and Dolata were at Mayor R.T. Rybak’s office recently to present the plan.  Wherley asked if there was any news about the K-mart/Sears site.  Dolata had not heard anything.  Wherley suggested writing a letter to the mayor supporting the re-opening of Nicollet Avenue at the site. Motzenbecker offered to draft a letter in the Redevolopment Committee.

35W update:  Wherley reported that a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lane will run down the median but may not be a dedicated bus-only lane.  He recommended that people contact John Griffith, Project Manager for the Crosstown Project, at 651-582-1200 to recommend a bus-only lane.

Fundraising update: Linnes-Robinson reported that KFNA has raised $3,700 thus far in response to its fundraising letter mailed in November.

23 W. 38th St. update:  Dolata reported that KFNA has not been asked to contribute for the foundation of the property.

Odds and Ends:  T.J., business owner of Odds and Ends antique store, reported receiving a $200 ticket from the city for placing furniture on the sidewalk.  He asked the board for help on the issue.  Board members informally supported his desire to place furniture on the street without blocking pedestrian traffic.  Knowles recommended talking to City Councilmember Dan Niziolek.  Motzenbecker said he would follow up with the city and recommended that T.J. do the same, to see if the business could be reclassified.

Lyndale Avenue Construction Project:  Muschenheim questioned the wisdom of the project, saying it may overly limit the flow of traffic.  Board members briefly discussed the project and agreed to continue the discussion at a future board meeting.

Executive Committee Recommendations:
The Executive Committee recommended increasing the salary of bookkeeper, Nancy Hansen, to $26.50 per hour and include a $50 annual gift certificate to a neighborhood restaurant (beginning with Corner Table), effective January 1, 2005.  Knowles moved to accept the recommendation. Ingram seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.

The committee also recommended: 1) changing the title of NRP Coordinator to Executive Director of KFNA.  The position is currently held by Linnes-Robinson; 2) requesting Linnes-Robinson to write Executive Director job description with appropriate and comparable salary; 3) requesting Linnes-Robinson to prepare KFNA’s 2005 budget for review at March board meeting; and 4) reviewing draft Executive Director job description and contract and bring a recommendation to the January 2005 board meeting. Lindseth moved to accept the recommendation. Knowles seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.

Meeting Adjorned:
The meeting was adjorned at 8:55 p.m.
Minutes respectfully submitted by Rolf Johnson.

KFNA Board Secretary – Sean Wherley
KFNA Board President – David Motzenbecker

Meeting Minutes
December 1, 2004
MLK Park

Kingfield: Mark Hinds, Steve Jevning, David Motzenbecker and Peter Hallstrom
KFNA Staff: Joanna Sahlberg Hallstrom
Bryant: Dennis Tifft, Kathleen Varner

1.       The King Bridge Partnership has not reviewed minutes from November at this time.  A draft of the KBP November minutes were submitted and included in November KFNA Board packet

2.       Memorandum of Understanding: Both the Kingfield and Bryant neighborhood boards approved the Memorandum of Understanding detailing the King Bridge Partnership.  David Motzenbecker, KFNA President and Dennis Tifft BNO President signed the official memorandum. J. Hallstrom will mail copies of the signed agreement to Motzenbecker, Tifft, Hinds, Chair of KBP and Jevning, RiverLake Greenway Committee

3.       Presentation Review: Hinds handed out copies of the final version of the KBP PowerPoint presentation. Everyone present was satisfied with it. Varner agreed to review it one last time to check for typos etc.

4.       Recruitment of Additional Committee Members: Hinds asked the current KBP members for recommendations for additional members. The group discussed the type of additional support and experience that would be beneficial to add to the KBP. The priority list included experience in fundraising, communications, community outreach and general energy and commitment for the project. The partnership will make recommendations based on but not limited to these priorities.

As detailed in the Memorandum of Understanding, KFNA and BNO can appoint up to 5 representatives each. The RiverLake Greenway committee can appoint 2 representatives and the KBP can appoint additional members as determined necessary.
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State supports opening I-35W bus lane to cars, Hallstrom joins KFNA staff, Lyndale Ave. reconstruction meeting…, Nicollet Avenue Lighting Petition Nears Finishing, Free internet access available to public, and more in December Newsletter.

November 15, 2004

Present: Sean Wherley, Arthur Knowles, Wayne Anderson, Melinda Ludwiczak, Natalie Lenz, Rolf Johnson, Niki Valens
Absent: Barb Chung, Sam Zordich, Lisa Rudy
Also Present: Sarah Linnes-Robinson, KFNA NRP Coordinator and Diane Rickeroff (sp?)(resident)

The October NRP meeting minutes were accepted as drafted.

Wherley and Linnes-Robinson updated the group about MPHA’s need for $50,000 for pilings at the site of 23West 38th Street due to recently discovered poor-soil conditions. Dolata requested that they pursue CPED for the funds, which they are in the process of doing.  The group chose to take no action to approve or disapprove funds towards the project, since they have not been asked to contribute yet.

The Lander Group has a purchase agreement for the Theisen Site.  They are looking at 35-45 units including rental and condo, plus retail or office space below.  All parking mentioned at this time has been underground.  This may be a potential project for the investment of NRP Phase II dollars.

If Pat Mulroy signs, we have enough signatures to submit the Nicollet Avenue lighting petition. Linnes-Robinson sent him a letter earlier in the day that outlined both the City’s and KFNA’s procedures in estimating costs, as well as his estimated assessment.  He will be contacted later in the week to see if he will sign.  If not, we will look at what other two properties we should pursue for their signatures.
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Kingfield Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors Meeting

November 11, 2004


Board Members Present: Rosemary Dolata, David Sadoris, Art Knowles, Rolf Johnson, Mari O’Rourke, David Muschenheim, Sean Wherley, Ben Kristensen, Niki Valens, Thor Anderson

Others Present: Sarah Linnes-Robinson, Robyn Repya (Southwest Journal), David Keller, Chris Kennelly, Theresa Dolata, Mark Hinds

Meeting Called to Order:
Dolata, acting as president in Motzenbecker’s absence, called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m.

Community Forum:
3757 Harriet Avenue: David Keller addressed the board requesting support of changes he wants to make to his property at 3757 Harriet Ave. S.  The KFNA Zoning Subcommittee did not have time to assemble and review the request prior to the board meeting, so Dolata and Knowles requested that Keller directly make his request to the board.

Keller wants to provide more livable space to the third floor apartment, which would require modifying the dormers on the south side of the structure. The city had approved a shed-style design proposal, stipulating that the roof line’s pitch match the existing design. Keller asserts that these requirements were unreasonable since it would require raising the roof to an “absurd” height, 10-15 feet above the current roof.

Dolata said she didn’t like the proposed exterior changes, while Knowles felt that the proposal was consistent with the organization’s mission of maintaining/increasing population density in Kingfield.

Keller asserted that he wanted to make sure the changes adhered to the character of the existing structure by using stucco siding instead of vinyl. He also mentioned that he would try to limit inconveniences for existing tenants during the alterations. Keller has owned the property for approximately one year and owns several investment properties in the Uptown area.

Knowles moved that the KFNA Board write a letter asking the city zoning board to reconsider the restrictions it had put on the property at 3757 Harriet Ave. S.  Johnson seconded the motion. The motion passed. Wherley opposed and Valens abstained.

Theisen Building Project: Chris Kennelly of the Lander Group addressed the board to discuss the firm’s plans to redevelop the former Theisen Vending building at 3800 Nicollet Ave. S. The Lander Group has been developing properties in the city for 10 years, and signed a purchase agreement on the Theisen property.  Kennelly said the current timeline calls for construction to be completed in summer 2005.

Currently, Lander Group envisions keeping the historic structure on the corner of Nicollet Avenue and 38th Street and eliminating the annex on the south side of the parcel.  The location is zoned C2 which mandates a 56-foot or 4-story maximum height. Kennelly mentioned that most likely they will need a zoning variance to complete the project. Kennelly said that they have a good track record of working with neighborhoods, and that the Lander Group is looking for feedback from the community on how to best develop the property.

Kennelly outlined plans for the property. The corner structure would be commercial/retail on the first floor and rental units on the upper floor. The new annex would become condos/lofts, with underground parking for residential units. The annex would have stepped floors so there would not be four stories going straight up from the sidewalk to the roof.  The firm will try to keep the units affordable.

Dolata stated that she thought KFNA would probably support assistance in removal of the billboards atop the existing building. Valens asked that the Lander Group find tenants that are complimentary to, but not competitive with, the existing businesses.  Kennelly stated that the Lander Group did not have any tenants in mind, but they were committed to making the development work.

Pedestrian Bridge Partnership: Mark Hinds, chair of the King Bridge Partnership, addressed the board to discuss the memorandum provided to the board for consideration. Hinds said the bridge is the cap stone of the 40th Street Greenway project and the hope was to create an iconic gateway to south Minneapolis. Currently the partnership is looking for firms to design the estimated $3 million project. There has been strong support from several government entities, including Hennepin County and Mayor R.T. Rybak. The memorandum addresses the partnership between Bryant Neighborhood Association and KFNA, and the utilization of resources from both organizations. Wherley moved to approve the memorandum as provided. Knowles seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Secretary’s Report:
Knowles moved to accept the secretary’s report. Motion carried unanimously.

Committee Reports:
Dolata asked that the Redevelopment Committee meeting minutes remove the word “draft” and that the minutes be provided at the next board meeting.

Architectural Design Studio- Nicollet Ave.:  Dolata informed the board that architecture students were using the Theisen Vending location as a hypothetical redesign project for their class. The students created many design ideas which were interesting but largely impractical. The students were to present their work at the University of Minnesota on November 12. Dolata mentioned that the university and students have developed a connection with Kingfield since the design charrette.

Old Business:
KFNA Fundraising: The fundraising letter went out in early November and has so far netted $1,475. Last year KFNA received roughly $4,000 with expenses of $2,000. This year the expenses were lower because less staff time was required and KFNA is using the same vendor for printing. Dolata urged that all board members give. The newsletter will be mailed the first week of December and includes an appeal of all Kingfield residents.

Nicollet Lighting Update: Linnes-Robinson delivered the news that the petition was one signature away from the required amount and that she felt it should be completed soon. The owners of Mulroy’s body shop want the actual cost they will bear before signing. The city’s estimate is lower than KFNA’s and Mulroy owners are wary of the differing figures. If Mulroy’s does not sign, it will take many smaller property owners to sign to complete the process. Currently, there is no deadline for the acquisition of signatures for the petition.

MPHA Update: The Minneapolis Public Housing Authority is having problems with the property at 23 W. 38th Street. Demolition of the structure has been completed, but the contractor reports bad soil conditions and estimates it will cost an additional $50,000 to make the site viable for construction. MPHA is looking for funding to alleviate the problem. Anderson said that $50,000 is excessive for the work involved and questioned if bids were solicited for the work. The board discussed use of NRP funds, but apparently the money would not be available this year. Wherley expressed concern about committing money to the project from KFNA before other money is secured.

Design and Development Guidelines: Eric Lindseth edited the Design and Development guidelines for KFNA and submitted them for Board approval. Saddoris requested that the new topics listed after “Kingfield’s Advantages” be modified to include a new number for the topics, instead of a continuation of numbering from the previous section “Kingfield’s Goals and Priorities.” Linnes-Robinson expressed concern about listing the goals in order of preference. Wherley moved to accept the guidelines as amended. Knowles seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

New Business:
Fixed Asset Policy: Linnes-Robinson discussed the old fixed asset policy and the new proposal for depreciating KFNA assets. The current policy depreciates assets with an initial value of greater than $500 on a 5-year schedule. The new proposal would move to a four-year depreciation of 25 percent per year. She requested that the Board formally approve the change this month rather than tabling the issue until December. Knowles moved to change the KFNA fixed asset policy to a four-year schedule depreciating at 25 percent per year. Valens seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Nicollet Avenue K-Mart Site:  The board discussed the group that is lobbying for changes in the K-Mart site at Lake Street and Nicollet Avenue. The hope is that with the Sears purchase of the site that the company would demolish/redesign the location to allow for the re-opening of Nicollet Avenue. The formal group that is addressing the issue is looking at redevelopment of Lake Street from Grand Avenue to 11th Avenue, and areas between 28th and 31st Streets. Although the site is not in Kingfield, it will have a major impact on the neighborhood redevelopment efforts. Dolata proposed that the KFNA board provide a statement of support to the group investigating the issue and lobbying for the re-opening. Wherley moved that KFNA support re-opening Nicollet Avenue at Lake Street. Muschenheim seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

After the conclusion of Old and New business, O’Rourke and Valens expressed concerns about the 3757 Harriet Ave. S. property. Both thought that the building is not well maintained and they had reservations about the board’s endorsement of Keller’s appeal to city zoning. Several board members asked that such concerns be raised during discussion of a business item.

The meeting adjourned at 8:58 p.m.
Minutes respectfully submitted by David Muschenheim.

KFNA Board Secretary–Sean Wherley
KFNA Board President–David Motzenbecker

November 3, 2004
MLK Park

Kingfield: Mark Hinds, Steve Brandt, Steve Jevning, and Peter Hallstrom
KFNA Staff: Joanna Sahlberg Hallstrom
Bryant: Dennis Tifft, Kathleen Varner

1.       Minutes Reviewed
Minor corrections were made.

2.       Discussion of partnership agreement
A draft of the Agreement Between the Kingfield Neighborhood Association (KFNA) and Bryant Neighborhood Organization (BNO) was emailed to King Bridge Partnership meeting participants prior to and reviewed at the November meeting. No changes or suggestions to the document were made. The group decided to move forward to solidify membership, seeking a commitment from those who have been attending the meetings regularly. Committee members will then have to be officially approved by each neighborhood board. Hinds also confirmed approval for KFNA to act as the fiscal agent for this project.  Hinds has also had preliminary discussions about the possibility of the Minneapolis Foundation acting as the fiscal agent, an arrangement that could help to legitimize and build support for the project.  All participants present at the meeting tonight approved the memorandum of understanding.

Tifft will present the memorandum of understanding to the Bryant Neighborhood Board on Tuesday, November 9th. Any suggestions or changes to the document will be emailed to Hinds before the KFNA board meeting, which will be held on Wednesday, November 10th. The goal is to have the agreement approved and signed by both boards by the end of next week.

P. Hallstrom suggested posting a request on both neighborhood email lists inviting more people to participate in the project.
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