July 6, 2005
MLK Park
Attendance: Peter Hallstrom, Mark Hinds, Steve Jevning, Danya Leebaw, David Motzenbecker, Dennis Tifft and Kathleen Varner
KFNA Staff: Joanna S. Hallstrom, NRP Project Organizer
Guest -Metropolitan Design Center (MDC): Anne Forsyth, Katie Thering, and Ian Kaminski-Coughlin

1)       Introductions: Hinds introduced members of the Metropolitan Design Center (MDC) to the KBP committee.

2)       KFNA Festival Plan:
MDC presented the draft of the Bridge Design Preferences document that will be used at the Kingfield Festival to obtain community input about potential bridge styles. The draft document included three questions regarding bridge style, enclosures, and materials followed by five to six example bridge pictures for each questions. Survey participants will be asked to rate and comment on their design preferences for each example bridge. Besides the survey, MDC will have poster-sized images for people to view and a bridge design worksheet.

KBP committee members asked MDC to replace the picture of the tension bridge with a suspension bridge for the first question and add examples of wood and stone bridges along with a few more overhead shots of bridges. KBP also asked MDC to include a few “bad” examples of bridges to compare with “good” bridge designs in order to build support for 40th street bridge improvements. Jevning requested that a photo of the existing 40th street bridge be included in the examples. MDC agreed to have multiple images of the 40th street pedestrian bridge for the display at the festival.

It was also suggested to change “enclosures” to “railings” and add a picture of a bridge with an opaque railing. KBP would like all the images on the poster to be on the survey.

KBP and MDC discussed how to get people to design bridges on the design worksheet. It was suggested that questions about how the bridge should feel etc. be used to prompt people to draw what they value in a bridge besides actual bridge designs. It was requested that the survey and worksheet include as space for the participant’s name, phone, and email.

The committee discussed flyer ideas for this event at the festival. The committee decided to call the bridge building activity the Interactive Bridge Triathlon (build, draw, play). Motzenbecker agreed to design a separate KBP poster (different from the KFNA festival poster) to draw attention to the Interactive Bridge Triathlon. Ideas for the poster included an image of a bridge being smashed by a hammer. Jevning suggested that he and Brandt do a direct mailing of Motzenbecker’s posters to the RiverLake Greenway mailing list. Motzenbecker will send the poster to Jevning and J. Hallstrom for distribution.

Regarding cable TV coverage of the event, MTN is already committed to covering an activity in the Central Neighborhood. MTN Agreed to publicize the KBP event at their headquarters to see if there was a volunteer willing to cover it. Hinds has a contact that may know a camera crew willing to take this on. Brandt suggested that it might be possible to post the event on the NRP website. J. Hallstrom will ask Sarah Linnes-Robinson to request an MTN volunteer through the neighborhood email list. Jevning will check into getting volunteers from a youth film program that he knows about. Brandt will check into a high school journalist program at St. Thomas that may be able to help.

J. Hallstrom gave an update on the cardboard playhouses to be used for the KBP festival activity. It is more cost effective for J. Hallstrom and a volunteer to make the playhouses than buying prefabricated ones.

Jevning brought in a sample of the 35W bridge display. It was decided that KBP will need 12 tables for the display and bridge building working areas, signs for KFNA and Bryant kid-sized cardboard neighborhoods are also needed.

3)       Outreach Plan:
The committee discussed outreach strategies for the festival. Ideas included t-shirts, magnets and a brochure.  Hinds knows of an inexpensive place to make t-shirts. If a design can be agreed upon by July 15th making t-shirts for the festival is a possibility. It was decided that the magnets are a good idea for the future.

4)       Website/Communications Update:
The committee talked about a potential URLS for the KBP website. There were strong opinions about including “king bridge” in the address. Hinds will try to reserve “kingbridge.net” for the official website and potentially something like “coolbridge.net” for gorilla marketing in the future.

5)       Next Steps: Prior to the festival Hinds will invite local media and call David Brauer about the future KBP coloring contest. Hinds will also make flyers and organize volunteers to distribute them.  After the festival KBP will announce the web site.

Minutes Completed by Joanna S. Hallstrom, NRP Project Organizer, KFNA

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