August 23, 2006
MLK Park
7:00 PM

Redevelopment Committee Members Present: Rosemary Dolata, Darrell Gerber, Peter Hallstrom, Mark Hinds, Arthur Knowles, Ben Kristensen, Eric Lindseth, Tom Parent, Dave Saddoris,

Michael Lander and Ben Kerl of Lander Group Inc.
Jackie Hayes and Marjorie Huebow (?) of The Center for Performing Arts
John Ibes – 39th and Nicollet Developer

KFNA Staff Present: Joanna Sahlberg Hallstrom

Introductions: As needed

Approval of Minutes: July minutes not presented

38 Lander Development
Lander and Kerl presented their proposal for commercial redevelopment at 38th and Nicollet (a change from the original residential/retail mixed use development planned for the site). In the new proposal Lander Group Inc. will be the anchor tenants in the building. If all rehab goes as planned, 1800sq ft of the 2200sq ft available will be occupied by November 2006. Currently, Lander has a few coffee shops, design firm, marketing firm and bike shop interested in leasing the space.

The first priority in the development is to redo the outside façade (giving a face-lift to and opening up both existing buildings). Kerl presented rough plans for the new layout and design.

After review of the plans committee members asked questions:
Does the new landscaping allow for more sidewalk uses? Yes, Lander plans to have outdoor seating near the small northwest parking lot and will work with the Metro Transit on an ideal but stop/shelter location.
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Kingfield Crime and Safety Meeting
Wednesday, August 16
MLK Park

Attendance: 9 Kingfield residents (including representatives from two Citizen Patrol walking groups).
MPD: Tom Thompson, Community Safe Officer, Lt. Marie Przynski
KFNA Staff: Joanna S. Hallstrom, Project Organizer – KFNA

Introductions: Residents introduce themselves.

The Crime and Safety Meeting day has been changed to the third Tuesday of each month. The next meeting will be Tuesday, September 19 from 7-8pm at MLK Park.

Resident Forum / Issues of Concern:
A resident reported that there has been consistent early morning drug dealing between vehicles on 40th and Wentworth.

A resident reported that there has been consistent evening drug dealing between vehicles on 45th and 1st Ave.

Residents of Van Nest reported that police raided the drug house on their block and that residents of the house are in the process of being evicted. This drug bust was the result of the whole block working together to diligently log and report drug activity to Police over a serious of months.

A resident reported that Elwood Automotive at 39th and Nicollet was broken into this month. The resident was very concerned that the business alarm was going off reportedly for 30 minutes (could be heard by resident a block away) with no police response. The resident called 911 to report the alarm and request police. This incident was not on the crime report.

A resident reported that there was another assault (attempted robbery) on 8.3.06 at around 3:00 a.m. on the block. This is the fourth such incident on this block within a year. .  The resident also reported that the block leader on 39th and 1st Ave has moved. Residents from this block, attending this meeting, decided to organize a front yard root bear float night to help neighbors get to know each other.

Crime Reports:
Thompson and Przynski reviewed the most recent crime reports for the precinct and answered resident questions.  In general crime activity in Kingfield has been unexpectedly down (as compared to the spring) for the summer. Resident complaints regarding The Pump and Munch and Westrums Tavern at 44th and Nicollet have decreased since the last meeting with the owner of the Westrums Tavern.

Crime and Safety Strategies:

  • Call 911 to report any perspicuous activity
  • Develop a phone chain on a block to inform neighbors of criminal activity – thus multiple residents can call 911 to report the activity.
  • Join a Citizen Patrol walking group (walkers have been well received this summer)
  • Have the whole block keep their porch lights on.
  • Call 311 and request that the City trim trees branches that cover up street lighting
  • Plan activities to get to know your neighbors

Minutes completed by Joanna S. Hallstrom, KFNA Project Organizer

Green Committee
July & August 2006

Attending July 17:
Dave Saddoris, Tom Parent, Darrell Gerber
Staff: Sarah Linnes-Robinson

The group met at MLK Park and reviewed the 16 applications for the Stormwater Management Project that had arrived by the application deadline (July 17th).   (Note: 5 additional applications arrived after the deadline and were not discussed at this meeting.)  The group toured the sites and did an initial assessment of the properties, immediately discarding three for the following reasons: a. condition of the home, b. restriction by the property owner of the location for the stormwater technique, and c. past inappropriate conduct by the property owner.  The remaining property list was compiled and submitted to EOR and Fortin for their consideration.

Site tours of the remaining sites and the late applications were conducted with KFNA staff and representatives of both consultants the week of July 24th.  A preliminary list of preferred sites was selected and additional research was conducted by KFNA staff.  Information was transmitted to the consultants who continued conversations with select property owners to determine the feasibility of certain projects.  An “A” list and “B” list was created by the consultants and submitted to the Green Committee for their review at the August meeting.

Attending August 7:
Dave Saddoris, Darrell Gerber
Staff: Sarah Linnes-Robinson, Andrea Plevan (EOR)

The committee met with Andrea Plevan of EOR to review the preliminary recommendations.  While the committee agreed with some of them, other sites demanded further research.  Both KNFA staff and the consultants were directed to contact property owners for specific properties to clarify the property owners desired outcomes and/or the property owners’ matches.  A final list of recommended sites based upon this research will be submitted for the Committee’s review at their meeting on September 11, 2006 (rescheduled due to Labor Day).  For review at this meeting, KFNA staff will also draft a contract between property owners and KFNA for participation in the project.

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