*Learn directly from investigators, trainers, precinct commanders and officers about police procedures, what it is like to be an officer and how the Minneapolis Police Department is organized at the Citizens’ Academy.  This is a fun and interesting free course that takes place one night a week for 10 weeks.


*Sign Up For the Spring Class*

The spring class for the Citizens Academy is quickly filling up.  If you have friends who may be interested in attending the program, please encourage them to respond quickly to insure that they will be able to participate.  The class is planned for Tuesday evenings from March 17th through May 19th from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in North Minneapolis. The deadline for applications is Saturday, February 14th, 2009.


Information about the Citizens Academy is available at: http://www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/police/about/citizens-academy.asp


For questions, contact:

Carol Oosterhuis

Crime Prevention Specialist, 2nd Precinct

(612) 673-2874


For monthly crime stats go to: http://www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/police/crime-statistics/codefor/index.asp  


To sign up for email alert system go to: http://www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/police/crimealert/signup.asp


 Weekly Highlights from the Minneapolis Police Department: http://www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/police/crimealert/highlights.asp

aRt: ReCreate, ReDefine, ReInvent!

The Fourth Annual Community Art Show, aRt: ReCreate, ReDefine, ReInvent! will be held on March 21st.  Materials for the creative soul are all around us, and local artists and community members are invited to create 2-dimensional or 3D art, reusing or rediscovering items and images in unexpected ways.  Artists are encouraged to be flexible in their interpretation of the concept, and how it is incorporated in their work.

Artwork does not need to be completed and delivered until March 7th, 2009.  Registrations to include your artwork in the show will be accepted on-line and by mail through March 5th at the Submit Artwork link or the KFNA office.  Registration assures you a place in the show and entitles you to complimentary ticket.  You do not need to know the title or details of the artwork you are submitting to register. 

Selected pieces will be exhibited at Anodyne from March 5th-20th.  All art works submitted will be sold at a silent auction held March 21st, 2009, 7-10 PM at Rau + Barber, 4244 Nicollet Avenue South.  For more information click here.  




KINGFIELD — Steve Jevning, the founder of Leonardo’s Basement, just celebrated the organization’s 10-year anniversary in November.

Over the past decade, Jevning has strived to evolve the local nonprofit organization into a center to explore creativity.

Leonardo’s Basement, 4301 Nicollet Ave. S, is an educational organization aimed at creating imaginative learning environments in which to explore art, science and technology.

“The single biggest philosophical emphasis for having this program is that I don’t see any reason why we should say ‘no’ to kids that want to do something … read the rest at http://www.swjournal.com/index.php?&story=12949&page=152&category=64

I enjoyed the article [Kingfield News; Winter 2008] about my neighbors on Garfield Avenue and the “welcoming gift” of the odd portrait from somebody’s attic. We live on Garfield as well, just north of 38th Street, and Mrs. Garfield may actually have a connection with our house. The description sounds remarkably like the work of someone who lived here before us–Marian Kravig.


We’re the second owners of our home, which was built in 1914 (!). Before we bought it a dozen years ago, it had been owned by the Kravig family and occupied by the widowed Mrs. Kravig and her seven children. The children apparently made a pact among themselves that none of them would every marry and they’d stay together in the house on Garfield (talk about Norwegian Gothic, eh?). Two of the brothers made a break for it and found themselves brides, but the remaining five siblings stayed in the house until just before we came on the scene.


Marian was an art teacher and an extremely prolific painter, judging from the contents of the estate sale we attended. We even purchased a couple of her paintings, which, as I said, sound eerily like the description of Mrs. Garfield.


I’d love to take a look at her and use my long-atrophied art historian skills from college to determine whether or not she’s a genuine Kravig.


Or perhaps these things are best left as a mystery.


Jeanne Lakso




KFNA received the following notice from a neighbor: Last night we found a grocery bag with two computer keyboards in them, we live on the 38xx block of Pillsbury Ave.

If anyone has had a burglary or loss please contact KFNA at kfna@email.com and we can put you in touch with this neighbor.

Dear Neighbor,

From shoveling your walks to painting your homes, shopping at our local businesses to keeping an eye out for your neighbors and their property, we know you play a key part in keeping Kingfield a vibrant, safe, and healthy neighborhood.  The Kingfield Neighborhood Association (KFNA) is a non-profit community-building organization that works to build upon your individual commitment to our neighborhood, and I would ask that you consider supporting us (support you) through a financial contribution. We use your donations to work with neighbors to define issues and create solutions that impact our neighborhood, often with significant contributions of time, sweat and effort by fellow neighborhood volunteers.

As an example, over ten years ago, at house parties hosted throughout the neighborhood, neighbors identified the lack of fresh food as an issue in Kingfield.  When feasibility studies of the first solution, a neighborhood food coop, were not favorable, the neighborhood focused its efforts on the creation of a Farmers Market.  Now after eight year of operation at 43rd and Nicollet, the market has grown to the point where is no longer a fledging project, but rather an actual business. Due to this success, KFNA has decided to spin off the market into its own organization; which will allow KFNA to continue to focus its resources on newly identified issues and (hopefully) incubate other successful solutions.

In 2008, KFNA also:

·       Ran the “Walldogs on Nicollet”, a community mural blitz which helps create a unique neighborhood identity and prevent graffiti;

·       Organized neighborhood clean-ups and worked with property owners to make sure they are accountable to remove graffiti on their property;

·       Highlighted neighborhood artists in our annual spring community art show;

·       Supported business development and improvements with our Business Façade Improvement program;

·       Facilitated outreach to the neighborhood regarding the development of an affordable housing facility for young adults at 37 & Nicollet;

·       Advocated neighborhood concerns about the Neighborhood Revitalization Program to the City;

·       Informed you of local issues and events through a quarterly newsletter and weekly e-mail notice;

·       Launched a brand new website to keep everyone current about news and events in Kingfield;

·       …and much, much more!


If every Kingfield household donates just $10 to KFNA, we can pay for our administrative costs for a whole year. For $20 per household, we can cover our general operating costs too, including rent, insurance and neighborhood communication. And if you are able to donate $50, $100 or $250, you can significantly contribute to the plethora of programs and services that KFNA offers.  There is a PayPal link on the left of the page, or checks can be mailed directly to the Kingfield office.

Anything you can afford is appreciated!  Donations to KFNA are tax deductible and every dime you donate is spent on trying to make Kingfield an even better place to call home. Remember, KFNA is you – and with your help, we can continue building a better Kingfield.


Tom Parent, President, KFNA

Promote your neighborhood, show your home on the 2009 Minneapolis & Saint Paul Home Tour

 The 2009 Minneapolis & Saint Paul Home Tour is looking for homeowners and home improvement professionals to put their homes on the Tour. The Tour, in its 22nd year, will be held Saturday and Sunday, April 25 and 26, 2009. Nomination/applications are due Friday, January 23, 2009, and early inquiries are encouraged.

 “I would recommend to others that they open their homes, it’s an amazing ego boost,” said one of last year’s participating homeowners, “we enjoyed most, chatting with a zillion people.” Others said they liked the push to get their home improvement projects done in time for the tour.

 “During fall and winter gatherings, homeowners can ask their families and friends to save a few hours on that last weekend in April,” said Margo Ashmore, Tour coordinator. “A good support network hosting the home makes it fun. Community leaders also should start now, identifying clusters of well-kept and remodeled homes to ask to participate.”

 Minneapolis Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) manages the tour as a celebration of city living that encourages homeowners to improve existing housing stock. Many organizations and businesses sponsor the tour. Contractors and other vendors may nominate homes they have worked on, and are encouraged to call for more information. Green, energy efficient, and  historically-sensitive remodels and expansions get special notice.

 For more information, call Tour Coordinator Margo Ashmore at 612-673-5103 or email her at link@nrp.org. The application can be downloaded from www.MSPHomeTour.com under “nominate.”

Margo Ashmore, Coordinator

Minneapolis & Saint Paul Home Tour

April 25 & 26, 2009

and LINK newsletter – link@nrp.org – www.nrp.org

at Minneapolis NRP – Neighborhood Revitalization Program

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