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Welcome to the Walldogs on Nicollet News – In order to keep everyone up-to-date with everything that is happening with the Walldogs on Nicollet project , we’re going to be sending out the Walldogs on Nicollet News regularly between now and the Walldogs meet from July 24th to 27th, 2008. More information on the Walldogs on Nicollet can be found at
Walldogs Announce Mural Sites

This past week the Walldogs on Nicollet released the locations of the mural sites for this summer’s meet. Thanks to some great local businesses we’ve been able to line-up eight sites, where we’ll be painting 10 murals and signs. You can check out pictures of the sites, find out more about the artists, and see what the themes for each mural will be here .

Twin City Tattoo (3129 Nicollet Ave) – FranCisco Vargas, Lead Artist, will focus on bringing together Minneapolis’ historic and current skylines together.

Gray’s Leather (3301 Nicollet Avenunue) – Bernie Gietl, Lead Artist, will focus on Joseph Nicollet. Nicollet was a French geographer who is best known for mapping the Upper Mississippi River basin during the 1830’s.

J’s Furniture Building (3500 Nicollet Avenue) – David and Susie Butler, Lead Artists), the painting at this site will focus on the old Nicollet Ballpark and the Minneapolis Millers.

Lyndale Neighborhood Building (3537 Nicollet Avenue) – Dale Manor, Lead Artist, the painting at the LNA building will use a series of postcards to depict the history of Minneapolis and the Lyndale Neighborhood.

Salvation Army (3740 Nicollet Avenue) – Dave Petri, Lead Artist, The Salvation Army mural will focus on the history of the Salvation Army.

TNT Building (3601 Nicollet Avenue) – Adam May, Lead Artist. The TNT Mural will focus on Minneapolis’ historic street car system.

MLK Park (4055 Nicollet Avenue) – Dawn & Steve Lane, Lead Artists north side of the building, Bob Parsons, Lead Artist building front. The north side painting will focus on tying together the old and the new, with the center piece being the old park building and wading pool. The front of MLK will also get a face lift with a new sign that celebrates Martin Luther King, the park’s namesake.

Ungerman Construction (4450 Nicollet Avenue) – Bill Diaz, Lead Artist. The two paintings at the Ungerman
location will focus on the history of brewing in Minnesota.

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Kingfield Special E-Mail Notice
May 29, 2008

Last night there was a 911 call placed by a resident in the 5th precinct regarding a loud party.  When on-duty officers responded, they discovered the party was attended by some off-duty officers.  At some point prior to the on-duty officers arriving, two off-duty officers had left the party and allegedly fired their weapons.   Internal Affairs investigators were called to the scene.  Two officers have been placed on paid administrative leave.  There are active criminal and Internal Affairs investigations regarding this incident. The MPD is limited by data practices from releasing most details at this time.

The Minneapolis Police Department is taking these allegations very seriously.  Numerous investigators were on the scene last night attempting to discern the facts of the case.  If you have questions please feel free to call me and I will attempt to answer as best I can.

Sgt. William J. Palmer
Minneapolis Police Department
Public Information Officer
350 South 5th Street Room 130
Minneapolis, Mn 55415
direct 612-673-2896  cell 612-919-9362  fax 612-673-2613

May 27, 2008


1) TONIGHT–Walking Group Kick-Off for Neighborhood Crime Prevention, Tuesday May 27, 6 PM, MLK Park
2) Southside Foreclosure Forum, Friday May 30, 6-8 PM, Sabathani Center
3) Opening THIS Sunday!!! Kingfield Farmers’ Market, June 1! Receive the new weekly, seasonal Farmers’ Market E-Mail to get updates on produce, products, and special events at the Market. To join e-mail Sheila at; put “Add me to the FM List” in the subject line.

1) TONIGHT! Walk (or Bike) for Neighborhood Crime Prevention

Tuesday, May 27th
6-7pm Trash Pick (bags and gloves provided)
7-8pm Family Parade

Meet at King Park Building–helium balloons and treat bags to the first 50 people.

This is a kick-off event for Neighborhood Walking Groups.

Come and show your support for this neighborhood effort to combat mobile drug dealing in Kingfield.

Call Mary Vanderford, 827-3014, for more information.

YOU are also invited to be a part of a regular walking group:

Meeting on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings! Call KFNA at 612.823.5980 X3 for more info and walk times and locations.

This project, and the Neighborhood Walking Groups, are supported by the Kingfield Neighborhood Association, 612.823.5980 /
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Come be heard! Public hearings on Central Corridor preliminary design plans will be held in May and June.

Imagine, now, what it will look like not just to be riding a train on the Central Corridor light rail line, but what the surrounding space will look and feel like.

Can you easily hop on or off the train?
How does it feel to walk along University Avenue? Through the University of Minnesota?
What is the space like? Are there trees? Wide or narrow sidewalks? Benches?
What is University Avenue like if you’re a bicyclist?
If you drive to University Avenue, where might you park? On a side street? In a parking lot shared by multiple businesses?
What about the downtown locations? Are the stations accessible and welcoming?
What does new artwork say about our cities? About the neighborhoods?

Starting May 29th, a series of five hearings will be held on the preliminary design plans for the Central Corridor light rail line . These hearings are part of the municipal consent process. The four local governments (cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis, and Ramsey and Hennepin counties) must provide “municipal consent” for Central Corridor light rail design plans. Each is required to examine the preliminary design plans, take community comment, and pass a formal motion of consent (these votes will likely happen in early July). The motion may also include recommended changes to the preliminary plans; these would then be incorporated into final design plans that will be voted on by the Metropolitan Council in August.

Here’s what we want you to know:

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We are seeing a Burglary pattern emerging and want you to let you know about this.

Since Wednesday 5-21-08 we have had 8 burglaries to garages, mainly in the Kenny and Armatage neighborhoods. These have all been Forced entry. They have occurred at;

50xx Xerxes Av S
59xx Newton Av S
58xx Colfax Av S
3xx Elmwood Pl W
59xx Washburn Av S
59xx Russell Av S
56xx Dupont Av S
52xx York Av S

We need your help to stop this person. If you see any suspicious activity, please call 911.

We would also like to remind residents that we need you to write down the MAKE, MODEL and SERIAL NUMBER of your valuable items. Without these numbers (or an Operation ID number) it is very difficult for us to recover your property or have enough evidence to prove the burglar has your items. We enter the MAKE, MODEL and SERIAL NUMBER of any stolen property into the NCIC ( National Crime Information Center ) computer, so any police officer in the U.S. will know it’s stolen from Minneapolis if they find it. We also check local Pawn Shops using the APS (Automated Pawn System) with MAKE, MODEL and SERIAL NUMBER to see if anyone is pawning stolen items. The best way to help yourself and the police department is to keep a current list of these numbers in a safe place. It only takes a few hours to go through your house writing down these numbers off your valuable items, and minutes as you purchase new items.
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As Memorial Day weekend approaches, many of you may be getting ready to go on short vacations to see family, friends or loved ones. Keep in mind that criminals are aware of dates when more residents may be likely to be gone and they may be looking to commit crimes of opportunity over this long weekend. We want your vacations to be as stress-free as possible, including returning to an untouched home and vehicle.

This is a reminder to lock your doors, lock or pin your windows, and keep valuables out of your vehicles. Attached are two forms: preventing residential burglary and preventing theft from auto/auto theft. Please view them and feel free to print and distribute as many copies as you’d like to neighbors, friends, family, loved ones, or others you think may be interested.

If you would like some tips on protecting your home while on vacation, please visit the City of Minneapolis Police Dept site for the tips.
You can find additional crime prevention tips at

Remember please:

1. Please pass this information on to your neighbors if they do not receive these emails (copy emails and paste them into a new message rather than forwarding them). Tell your neighbors how to sign up for these alerts – visit
2. Please let your block club members know about these events.
3. Be aware of your surroundings. Call 911 on any suspicious activity, persons, or vehicles.
4. Watch for people on the street before exiting your home or vehicle.
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Kingfield E-Mail Notice
May 6, 2008


1) Update on trial of Donald Eugene Jackson, accused of the murder of Kingfield neighbor, Mark Loesch, in September 2007
2) 38th and Pleasant Parking/Traffic Meeting, May 13, Lake Country School
3) Kingfield Biking Commuter Convoy, May 14, 7:30 AM
4) Lake Country Plant Sale, May 15 & 16, 8 AM-6 PM
5) 5th Precinct Open House, May 15, 5-7 PM __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1) Lisa Johnson, the Fifth Precinct Community Paralegal, attended the court appearance today of Donald Eugene Jackson. Jackson is one of the 2 co-defendants charged in the murder of Mark Loesch. He was scheduled for trial today. Jackson pled guilty to aggravated robbery this morning. This plea agreement was made with the understanding that Jackson will testify against his co-defendant (Jamaal Bernard Freeman). Jackson will be sentenced for this case on July 25, 2008, at 3:00 p.m. The sentencing was timed so that it will take place after Freeman’s trial. Freeman’s trial is now scheduled to begin July 7, 2008. Jackson’s anticipated sentence is 78 months.

Lisa M. Godon Assistant City Attorney
5th Precinct Community Attorney
(612) 673-2005; (612) 673-5402

2) 38th and Pleasant Parking/Traffic Meeting Tuesday, May 13th 6:30pm-8:30pm Lake Country School (Main Door off of parking lot) This meeting is open to all interested parties.
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