August 19, 2008
Kingfield Crime Prevention and Safety Meeting (CPaS) Meeting
Tuesday, August 18th
7:00-8:00 PM
MLK Park
Attendance: 9 total

Open Forum Issues of Concern:
Concerns were e-mailed to Tom Thompson regarding the Food distribution that took place at Macedonia Baptist Church.   This was the main discussion during the meeting.

Tom Thompson has assisted with getting permits to close the streets, and assisted the Church with planning traffic flow.
Deacon Ellie Dildy, and volunteers from the Church have worked with the neighbors that were impacted by the last food distribution.

Deacon Ellie Dildy and Augustine Gracor, representatives from Macedonia Baptist Church, located at 3801 1st Avenue South in Minneapolis, came to the meeting to discuss and explain the Food Distribution that will take place on Tuesday, Aug 26th.  The first distribution that took place about a month was a huge success; people eventually had to be turned away because there wasn’t enough food.  The overwhelming number of people that showed up was not anticipated.  They are expecting somewhere around 850-900 people to show.

The streets from south of 38th Street to 40th will be closed. The food distribution is setup and out in the middle of the street on 38th – line-up starts no earlier than 4:00pm – registration begins at 4:00pm – distribution starts at 5:00pm until the food is gone.

Lori Johnson From Second Harvest attended as well; they have partnered with Macedonia in this event.  Because of the success this has produced, another date has been scheduled after this Tuesday’s distribution, September 23rd, which will take place at the same location.  Macedonia is looking into starting a food shelf.

There will be and about 100-105 volunteers will always be needed to help with patrolling the streets and keeping order, just milling about helping where needed and showing support and presence for Kingfield, and assisting with distribution.

Mass advertising isn’t done for the fact they don’t want more people than there is food, just word of mouth.  Everyone is hoping all goes well and doesn’t cause a commotion as the last handout did, and that they don’t have to turn many people away.
Neighborhood Crime Reports:
CPS Tom Thompson reported that generally crime stats are remaining low.

Court Watch Program:  Lisa Goden attended the meeting and recapped the Court Watch Program

King Field Block Organizing Task Force: No one from this task force was available to attend the meeting

While it’s certainly not the first glowing review of Corner Table, located at 43rd and Nicollet, owner / chef Scott Pampuch and chef de cuisine Lisa Hanson’s ears should be ringing from the high praise in this article that ran in Thursday’s Star Tribune.  Congratulations to Scott, Lisa and all of the staff and thanks for helping make Kingfield the wonderful place it is.

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