Board Members Present: 

David Saddoris, Chris Sur, David Brauer, Robyn Pipes, Tom Parent, JobyLynn Sassily-James, Chris DeParde.

Board Members Absent: 

Marie Wolfe, David Potosky, Mark Brandow, Karen Pieper

KFNA Staff Present:  Sarah Linnes-Robinson

Community Members:  Various members of the Farmer’s Market Committee, Brian Voerding of the Southwest Journal, Dean Muldoon

Community Forum:

Brian Voerding of the Southwest Journal introduced himself.  He will be covering the meetings for the Journal.

Community member Dean Muldoon introduced himself and expressed an interest in being an alternate board member

Jeff Shaw has resigned from the board. Diana Schliesman is the next alternate.

Brauer moves to make Dean Muldoon the next alternate behind Arthur Knowles.  Sassily-James second the motion.  The motion passes unanimously.

Project Organizer Position:

Parent and Linnes-Robinson recommend Sarah Gleason after screening process and interviews.  There is a discussion of shortening probation from six months to three months.  There is a discussion of salary – $17 per hour with possibility of $19 after 3 months.  There is a discussion of hours – ½ time position of 80 hours per month.

Motion by Pipes to shorten probation, with salary consideration after 3 months, and to approve Executive Committee and Linnes-Robinson’s recommendation to hire Sarah Gleason

All vote in favor except Brauer is opposed and Parent abstained.  The motion passes.


Secretary’s Report:

No Secretary’s report.

Treasurer’s Report:

The report was changed per direction of board to contain additional information.

Farmer’s Market:

The Board had previously asked the Farmer’s Market Task Force to come up with plan for future and for separation from the Board.  Parent recommends that this be a working session to discuss report of FM Task Force on this subject.

David Nicholson anticipates staying at same location and remaining a “Kingfield” farmer’s market for the foreseeable future. At an upcoming Strategic Planning Retreat, there will be consideration of the management structure.  The Task Force needs to look at the business model, and take a closer look at budget and specific goals.

Jeff Berg discusses successes of market and the core group running the Market.  An influx of volunteers has been key to the success of the market.

[At 7:45, Diana Schliesman arrives]

Parent asks about Committee’s concerns

Day-to-day management is not a significant concern.

The Market cannot become a 501(c)(3) – so may need KFNA to become fiscal agent.  The Market could incorporate as a non-profit but not as a charitable non-profit.

David Nicholson does not foresee the FM Task Force writing grants.  Does not think KFNA would incur liability of fiscal agent.

The Task Force hopes that, as less of a creature of KFNA, the Market has more flexibility to seek involvement of non-Kingfield entities.

FM Task Force does not have a clear view of all nuances of budget yet, but is much closer to self-sufficiency.  The Board would like to see income projections.  For example, if there is a deficit – there needs to be a plan for shortfall.

The Task Force states that it needs information from KFNA in order to provide real budget projections.  Linnes-Robinson says Task Force needs to determine structure to figure out budget.

The Task Force asks for more budget information and wants to know what factors the Board will be considering when reviewing a possible separation plan for the Market.

Timeline – if decisions could be made by year end, that would be beneficial for Task Force.

Linnes-Robinson says  Market needs to be brought under KFNA management, or needs to be independent.

View exists that NRP was start up money and temporary.

There is a desire on the Board to maintain a role in the Market in some form.  FM Task Force needs to know what board wants in this regard.

Parent will meet with David Nicholson and Scott Pampuch.

Other Business:

Diana Schleisman moved by Brauer to become a Board Member.  The motion is seconded by Sassily-James and passes unanimously.

Sarah Gleason is welcomed and she introduces herself and discusses her background.

Chris DeParde asks about CPAS.  Gleason is enthusiastic to work on these issues.

SLR raises issue of trading office space for KFNA for advertising space in Newsletter with Center for Performing Arts

Adjourned 8:55

Kingfield Crime and Safety Committee Meeting

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Martin Luther King Park building

  9 people attended the meeting.


·        Chris DeParde spoke about the use of calling 311 regarding graffiti and said overall the follow-up is good and the system works well.

        4 yrs ago Chris and volunteers went around and did a graffiti clean-up

        Possibly do a Saturday morning graffiti clean (to late in the season?)

        Lyndale construction area has graffiti

        The city has better cleaning material than usual household


·        Follow-up on Vicky Kennedy situation

        Vicky called Brian at the park and spoke to him about her issues at the park, which seem to primarily be on the weekends when various teams play baseball.  Brian said he was able to answer her concerns (not the first time she’s called him).  She did not respond to Mike Vanderford’s letter by calling him or Rosie Novak, but the matter seems to be currently resolved for now.


·        The Nicollet-East Harriet Neighborhood is putting more lights on at 38th Street.


·        Lisa handed out the usual “mug” shots – spoke about pending cases


·        Lt. Marie Przynski (someone please check the correct spelling on her name)  gave us an update and show a slideshow on marijuana usage.  Today’s marijuana is more potent and dangerous to use than back in 60’s-70’s.  Grown hydroponically (spelling?) in greenhouses, homes, etc.  Watch for suspicious activity in neighborhoods where there are abandoned homes (windows shading out sunlight, chemicals & equipment being moved in, etc. – these houses will normally have high electrical spikes that Excel Energy can detect.

You may have read recently that the City of Minneapolis has enacted an anti-idling ordinance, with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improve the air quality of our city.  The ordinance restricts cars from idling for more than 3 minutes in a one hour period, and the City has asked neighborhood organizations to help spread the word about the restrictions (website here and flyer here).  All questions of enforcement aside, hopefully we will succeed in improving our city’s air quality.

Sick of receiving marketing solicitations your never respond to and yellow pages you never use?

Green Tip
Visit Catalog Choice (free), Green Dimes (basic service is free), Opt Out Prescreen (credit and insurance offers), and Direct Marketing Association to have yourself removed from mailing lists.
Visit Yellow Pages Goes Green to stop receiving yellow pages.

Thank you for helping promote the 2008 (and 25th Annual) National Night Out. Your group’s support was an important part of NNO. I’m happy to report that we had an outstanding NNO this year. Citywide, results included:

· At least 1111 separate, mostly small events.
· More than 62,000 participants (16.4% of the City’s population).
· Participation from blocks in 82 of 83 residential neighborhoods.
· Events on 216 blocks that that didn’t host NNO in 2007.
· 967 pre-NNO planning meetings.
· Collaboration with United Way, which resulted in food collection at 288 or more NNO events.
· Support (often increased) from returning local sponsors Minnesota Twins, Nickelodeon Universe MOA, Qwest, Target and KFAI Radio.
· Assistance from new local sponsors AAA, Minnesota Crime Prevention Association, Litin and MTN.
· Significant contributions from Holiday Stationstores, Roundy’s/Rainbow Foods, General Mills Foundation, The Shout! House and Castle Building and Remodeling.

National Night Out’s impact lasts far longer than one evening in Minneapolis. By bringing neighbors together block by block, NNO helps make a year-round difference in creating community, reducing fear, building leadership and improving safety.

Thanks again for getting helping out! By the way, the 2009 Minneapolis National Night Out is Tuesday, August 4.

John R. Baumann
Operations Manager
Community Crime Prevention/SAFE Central
Minneapolis Police Department
612-673-3447 (office)


Date:  October 20, 2008    Time:  6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Place: ML King Recreation Center
4055 Nicollet Ave So.
Minneapolis, MN  55409

Purpose: To present information and solicit information on the following license application:

Applicant’s Name: Henpecked, LLC.

Trade Name: Kings

Address and Location:  4555 Grand Ave S

Phone:  612-203-8177

Current License:   None.  Premises was a retail store.

Requested License:    On Sale Wine with Strong Beer, Class D

Nature of Entertainment: : The Class D License permits non-amplified music by one musician, customer singing, ethnic dance in full costume by one dancer, radio, TV, juke box, or taped music, and karaoke.

Off Street Parking:  Requirement met.

You are invited to be present and to express your opinions, and/or, present such in writing.  You may return your response to:

Department of Licenses and Consumer Services
Room 1-C City Hall
350 5th Street South
Minneapolis, MN.  55415

Dan Swenson–Klatt, the owner of Butter Bakery Café, is passionate about scones—eating them, baking them, and serving them to discerning scone-sumers. He teases head baker Amy Kovacs that she’s his sole scone-making peer. Kovacs is really more of a cakes and éclairs specialist. Isn’t this sounding good already? The Kingfield–Lyndale neighborhood joint is equal parts café, coffee shop, and bakery. Beyond the “pretty stuff,” …read more at

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