Kingfield Crime and Safety Meeting

Tuesday, January 20th, 7:00-8:30pm, MLK Park



13 Residents attended the meeting.

Staff: Brian Cornell, Sarah Gleason, Lt. Jack Kelly, CPS Tom Thompson, Taryn Runck (RJCA)


Welcome and Introductions

Chair Beth Larson and Monica Hofe


Community Initiated Grants (20 min)

KFNA staff Sarah Gleason, with input from experienced grant recipients.

Sarah talked about the purpose and process of KFNA Community Initiated Grants (CIG). Nancy and Diana shared their experiences, questions and suggestions. Participants shared experience and questions about using CIG for traffic calming measures, such as signage, speed ‘humps’ (permanent) and ‘bumps’ (removable), and alley lighting.


Documents shared at the meeting are available on the Kingfield website by clicking on ‘Grant Programs’ on the right.


Announcements: (20 min)

Website: “Eyes On The Street” (Sarah G)

Sarah introduced a new feature on the KFNA website, developed in response to an idea from West of King block leaders. Every Monday there will be an “Eyes On The Street” posting, inviting neighbors to ‘comment’ to share concerns, crimes and other observations. The more it is used, the more useful it will be, so all are encouraged to use it.


Restorative Justice coming to Kingfield: (Taryn)

Taryn Runck, Restorative Justice coordinator for our area from Restorative Justice Community Action, introduced restorative justice as an alternative to the court system. This is a new option for eligible crimes committed in Kingfield, and offers opportunities for Kingfield residents to get involved. Several residents were interested, and a neighborhood orientation to the program will be organized in the near future.


Building Blocks Award: Flyer and information were shared. Nomination deadline Feb. 6.  Information available on the Kingfield website by clicking ‘community engagement’ on the left.


Court Watch Program: 3rd Monday of the month 5:30 PM.  January Meeting rescheduled to Monday January 26th.

King Park Night Out: Beth proposed organizing a bonfire at the park, six months after NNO. Neighbors would be invited to bring hot chocolate and marshmallows and join in. Possible dates in Feb were discussed. Beth and Brian will work on it and notify others by email.  Working on dates for March instead.


Michael noted that a block party is planned on Blaisdell for Feb. 13, 7-9 pm, and suggested possible convergence.


Neighborhood Crime Reports:  Tom Thompson

Tom reported that there will be no more SAFE program. Operation ID and McGruff House program have been dropped by the city. The position supporting it was eliminated; signs will be coming down. He cautioned that though crime is decreasing, it is an important time to focus on prevention and safety. He noted that theft is driving the numbers for crime precinct-wide. Tom noted that 70-80% of theft involves unlocked cars or houses, and that theft can be reduced by people taking away the opportunity.


Input for Neighborhood Policing Plan:  

Tom led a discussion of ideas for measurable goals for the new neighborhood policing plan.  There was much discussion of current concerns about gang activity, graffiti, mobile drug dealing, loitering on Nicollet.  Many of the key concerns are hard to track/quantify. The discussion settled on these indicators:

-Reduction in loitering on Nicollet

-5% increase in neighborhood walking events

Both of these rely on residents to make them happen. Sarah cautioned that an increase in walking would require work and commitment by neighborhood leaders. Several present committed to making it happen.


Open Forum Issues of Concern: All

Police ride-alongs : Pick a rough time, fill out form on city website; voluntary by officers. Lt. Kelly coordinates.


Discussion of February agenda/plan:

-Pick up discussion of property/rental owners issue/ideas

-More on Restorative Justice

Please e-mail suggestions to Beth Larson or

Sarah Gleason



Next Meeting

February 17, 2009


Notes submitted by Sarah Gleason

In attendance: Tom Parent, JobyLynn Sassily, Marie Wolf, Chris Sur, Chris DeParde, Diana Schleisman


Meeting called to order at 7: 10pm – No Quorum


Community Forum – No comment


Secretaries Report – Last meetings minutes not submitted. Will vote on acceptation in February. Chris Sur will keep March meetings minutes.


Treasurers Report – Reviewed balance sheet. No comments from board members. The city is behind in payments and as a result, KFNA needs to stay current on reimbursement requests. Wall Dogs: Sarah is trying to calculate in- kind donations, as one of the final financial piece of the project. The final financial piece is determining with LNA the allocation of staff time for each organization.  Sarah Linnes Robinson acknowledged she donated a great deal of her time on this project by her own choice; Tom Parent recognized and thanked her for her efforts. KFNA will share any profits or losses accrued from the project with the LNA. It appears that the project will break even with no losses to KFNA, except for staff time on the project.


Chris DeParde asked how our new book keeper arrangement was progressing. Linnes-Robinson said that both Lois and Neela had worked together in December for training purposes.  Tom Parent said that the transition was supposed to be seamless and KFNA was not to be paying for the book keepers training. Linnes-Robinson said the situation has worked and she has not needed to provide any training, and normally that would be her role; she will also make sure that Lois understands that her future bills as a contractor need to fall within the range of those of her bills as an employee did. 


Also: The direct mail campaign received $5,250 in contributions representing 170 households. The unemployment claim that Sam put in will be appealed and the hearing will be on February 3rd. KFNA offered Sarah Linnes Robinson any support she made need.


Committees and Task Force:


CPaS – Community initiated grants were discussed at the last meeting.


38th & Nicollet – KFNA is organizing a stakeholders meeting at Michael Lander’s building.  February 5th at 10:00am. Theissen Building tour will follow.


CIS – Mark Loesch Trial – Sarah Linnes Robinson will compose draft from her personal perspective as a friend and as an employee of KFNA.  She will offer KFNA an opportunity to add their name.


Art Show – On track for March 21st at Rau Barber.


Craft Resolution for NRP Project/ Neighborhood Community Engagement Commission:  KFNA needs to determine an individual to attend the meeting in which process will be established to appoint neighborhood reps to the commission.

– Designate individual(s) to attend.

– KFNA will get one vote

– No quorum to approve resolution but could be approved through e-mail vote.

– We will send all KFNA interested parties to this meeting – 3 person delegation

with one vote. Question is who will cast vote. Marie Wolf suggested sending 3         reports from individuals and vote. Top vote getter gets the vote, second is the alternate. The resolution needs to be out by January 30th.   


Website – Tom Parent says we have good traffic. When he Googled Kingfield, KFNA site came up number one. Board members need to comment on website usability to Sarah Linnes Robinson.


Block Organizing Groups – Sarah Gleason has started to identify block leaders but is finding that most are not organized. “Eyes on the Street” project will utilized KFNA website and also the website will be used to invite people to the next CPaS meeting. JobyLynn and Sarah G will meet before the February board meeting to develop a rough draft for a block welcome packet.


Experience Southwest “XSW” website – Linnes-Robison asked the board for guidance regarding the follow-through on the board’s vote last year to give the Nicollet East Harriet Business Association $750 for the website.  The vote was based upon the site including all Kingfield businesses; it has been updated with most businesses we have told them are not there, but Linnes-Robinson does not feel it should be KFNA’s job to tell them who is not present.  Additionally the usability of the site is not good—names have to be spelled precisely, businesses can’t be searched by categories, focus is too broad.  Board will look at site to determine if it is useful to KFNA and will follow up on this topic in the next meeting so KFNA Staff is not the one making the call on if and or when KFNA will provide funding on this project.  


KFNA History Project – Topic for March board meeting.


Adjourned at 9:00pm                                       


Two former Minneapolis police officers will serve 30 days of electronic home monitoring for firing their guns outside a house party after a neighbor asked partygoers to quiet down.

-Frederick Melo, Pioneer Press 3B

Two former Minneapolis police officers who pleaded guilty to recklessly discharging their guns after leaving a party last spring have been sentenced in connection with the incident.

-Lora Pabst, Star Tribune B7,

Perpetrators fraudulently seeking donations for Minneapolis parks
The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) and Minneapolis Park Police are warning people in the Twin Cities about a fund-raising scam where perpetrators request donations for Minneapolis parks.
“We’ve received reports of youth and adults fraudulently soliciting funds on behalf of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board,” says Sgt. Fred McCormick with the Park Police. “Our organization does not solicit funds in this manner, and anything of this nature is considered fraud.”
Sgt. McCormick explains that people have been approached in supermarkets and other public places throughout the Twin Cities to donate to Minneapolis Parks for such things as sports uniforms, events and building projects.
“These people are not working for or with the Park Board or any of our neighborhood parks or recreation centers,” he stresses. “If anyone is approached by someone asking for funds for the Minneapolis parks system, please call 911 immediately.”
Arrests have been made as the investigation continues.
“It’s disturbing that these perpetrators are using the good name and reputation of the Park Board to get money that they clearly have no intention of ever giving to us,” Sgt. McCormick says. “We want to make sure people are aware of this scam and know that we are doing something about it.”
He stressed that there are safe ways for people to make donations to Minneapolis parks. “Those who wish to make donations to our parks should do so through the Foundation for Minneapolis Parks or by contacting supervising staff at our recreation centers and public facilities.”

 Sgt. Fred McCormick, Minneapolis Park Police

The world is changing and so are Minneapolis Public Schools.  We all must work smarter to  have more impact on student achievement.
Please tell us your ideas for how we might save money and work smarter.
The school district’s budget committee will review ideas to see which are feasible for immediate cost-savings and which might result in future budget savings.  (500 character limit)
Your comments will remain anonymous if  you prefer.
Go to:
Thank you for your time and your participation in the process of improving Minneapolis Public Schools.

Make your match–With the Super Bowl on Sunday, this is prime beer-drinking time. These days, beer is a versatile match with food, with more choices than ever.

By Bill Ward, Star Tribune / Last update: January 28, 2009 – 2:39 PM

There’s a new front on the beer vs. wine wars: the dinner table.

The increasing presence of complex, flavor-packed brews has made that beverage just as viable a food-pairing option as wine. Waitpersons might not be inquiring, “Will we be having fermented grapes or fermented grains with dinner?” But many diners have moved light years beyond Bud and brats.

“Beer can be just as complex and just as interesting and just as, well, fancy as wine,” said Scott Pampuch, who recently ramped up the beer list at his Corner Table restaurant in south Minneapolis.

Read more here.

Friday, January 30th
Turtle Bread
4762 Chicago Ave. S.
In the Pizza Biga Room
Mark your calendar now – come enjoy breakfast and join Council Member Elizabeth Glidden as the 8th Ward Office honors great community work with the Third Annual 8th Ward Community Leader Awards and the Stephanie Ball-Bailey Youth Leader Award.  Free coffee courtesy of Turtle Bread!  

Rumor has it a Kingfield resdient will be receiving a Community Leadership Award, so be sure to attend to find out who it is!  And check back here too…we’ll post the information as soon as we know the lucky recipient!

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