Here is a link on the City’s website that may answer some of the questions that people may have: 

We plan on starting the project on Tuesday, September 8, and it should be done by the end of the same week.  We expect one day to mill, or remove, the pavement and two additional days to place the asphalt.  Read more

Sponsored by M.L. King Park & Kingfield Neighborhood Association (KFNA)
Questions: call Scott Bordon 612-827-1868 or Michael Vanderford 612-827-3014
Who: Boys & Girls 4-12+ years old and their parents/family
What: Fundamental Soccer Program–Soccer skills development via fun games
When: Every Saturday 10 to 11:15 AM
September 12-October 24, 2009
Where: Martin Luther King Park: Baseball Field #1 (along 42nd Street)
Cost: $15 registration, $7 for a new soccer shirt
Registration fee waiver available upon request
1. On line by going to M.L. King Park link, then to the Fundamentals soccer link: or,
2. Register at the soccer field, before each session with a check for $15 written to “Minneapolis Finance Department” Read more

Committee Members Present: Alex Baumann, Tom Parent, Arthur Knowles, Marie Wolf, Alex Anderson, Dean Muldoon, JobyLynn Sassily James
Staff Present: Sarah Linnes-Robinson,
Community Members Present: Michael and Mary Vanderford

Variance for 4154 Blaisdell: solar hot water
Vanderford’s have applied for a variance to place the solar hot water cells on the side of their garage.  Their roof is not strong enough to hold them and placing them within the set-back area for their yard would further obstruct the neighbors view as well take up additional usable space in their yard.  Knowles moved and Muldoon seconded, and the committee approved the variance request.  Alex Bauman will draft alter for the board’s consideration to be shared with the City.

Foreclosure steps: status and next steps—we need more people to work on this and update the list of vacant and blight properties!  Please let Sarah know if you can help!!!

The Lander building: The southern building, 3804, was purchased by the Aliveness Project.  Linnes-Robinson met with them to learn more about their organization and intended use of the space, as well as to coordinate communication and events in the neighborhood with them.  Quick facts:
• Serves ¼ of folks in MN with HIV (62,000in MN/ 326 new cases last year)
• Use for food shelf (44 tons last year), meals (35,000 each year), and integrated services
• Operate M-TH 9-7 and Friday 9-4, Saturday brunch
• Hope to move in summer of 2010
• Need 1 million in pledges and $500,000 in actual cash

 Energy Efficiency project with CEE:
• Somewhere in the range of 40 KFNA Staff hours so far, the program is seen to be ours without the responsibility of planning it and running it.
• 30 people attended training—about 10 more blocks expressed interest out of our 100
• Issues—message of workshop—name, marketing, contact person, etc.—necessity of training….these are continued to be documented and will be communicated later ….HOWEVER….project feels well worth it as most is outreach. 

Nicollet Avenue repaving update: Nicollet Avenue is back on the 5 year plan.  And Nicollet Pothole is a big hit at Anodyne!  Linnes-Robinson and Mark Hinds are trying to arrange a public photo opportunity with the Mayor to thank him.

3816 Blaisdell:  the City has put the ball in KFNA’s court and will not sell the property to any other without our ok.  Linnes-Robinson will set up a meeting with Parent and CPED staff to discuss next steps towards purchase.  The possibility raised by a neighbor of the new owner of 3812 Blaisdell of providing his site with CIG funding to stabilize his front hill in plantings as opposed to concrete was tabled since there was no proposal on the table.  Basically the committee felt that although the intent of doing this might be well-intentioned, the precedent it could set was dangerous.

Driftwoods—after the meeting we learned Driftwoods request for an entertainment upgrade had been approved by the committee, and neighbor’s concerns over this had been noted  into the record.

Retaining wall at van nest and Blaisdell—Linnes-Robinson informed the group that she was continuing to work with the neighbors to find financing to replace the crumbling retaining wall.  Both parties are low income and the wall is proving costly.  She has been interfacing the residents with the MPLS Senior Ombudsman who has also been working with the inspector.

Graffiti Grant:
Soundwalls—secured an agreement and funding from MnDOT to plant walls and maintain for 2 years.  Draft plan will be presented soon to staff that will review and be able to outline appropriate steps for a community presentation (if plan seems ok) or discussion (if there seem to be some issues in the plan)
Utility boxes—test wrap done the day of the meeting.  In the process of setting up an inspection with the City.  Looks awesome!
Alley Prevention—one project in process.  2 or 3 more being discussed.

Dog Park—meeting on Sept 1 to talk with Park Commissioners.

Super America—lost right to reopen due to excessive timing of vacancy.  Information and strategy session help with city to see discuss options.  No steps outlined as of yet. 

BRT station—we need to move this conversation forward in the city

Bike Lanes on Blaisdell and 1st –     No news

Los Ninos—no news

PCNF Co-op—resident interest expressed in this idea…burden placed back on them to create a group of interested residents.

Minutes provided by Sarah Linnes-Robinson, KFNA Staff.

eyesWhat’s happening on the streets of Kingfield?

This feature is posted each Monday, so you can share concerns and crimes that you see happening in our neighborhood. Do your part to increase the safety of Kingfield and let your neighbors know: What are you seeing on your daily walk? From your window? At the bus stop? In the alley?

Leave a comment on this post to let others know. Be specific about location. Check out the comments on this post to see what others have to say this week.

Remember: This is a way for neighbors to share information and does NOT replace official reporting of crimes.

-If there is an emergency, or you see suspicious activity or a crime that requires a police response, call 911

-To report other problems, such as street lights out, abandoned vehicles, graffiti, or animal complaints, call 311

Search ‘Eyes on the Street’ on the left side of the page, to view previous weeks’ postings.

Kingfield residents and City Council Member Elizabeth Glidden (8th Ward) have pushed MnDOT to develop a landscaping plan

The neighborhood’s concerns rose with the walls.

As soon as the massive sound barriers went up this spring along Stevens Avenue between 38th and 42nd Streets as part of the I-35W Urban Partnership Agreement (UPA) project, graffiti surfaced and the neighborhood association started hearing about it. And there was something else about the walls that just didn’t seem right.

“We started hearing from neighbors that this is really ugly, this is really gross,” said Sarah Linnes-Robinson, executive director of the Kingfield Neighborhood Association (KFNA). “So we started looking at walls the whole length of the project and wondering why the walls down at 54th were so much nicer than the walls up here.”

Read more here.

I’m something of a tater tot connoisseur.

Until recently I have been partial to the tots at the Spring Street Tavern in Northeast and Cuzzy’s in the North Loop neighborhood.

Now, I’d have to say the best tots I have ever tasted are served up by the folks at the new Kings Wine Bar in the Kingfield neighborhood. The potato bites are paired with a delicious bacon and Gruyere cheese dipping sauce.

The wine bar opened on Aug. 15. Sisters Molly Hanson and Samantha Loesch are the entrepreneurs behind the venue. They came up with the concept as a way to move in a positive direction after the murder of Loesch’s husband Mark in 2007.

While it’s been a major undertaking, Hanson said they feel great about how Kings has come together. “We’re really excited,” she said. “We have a fabulous chef and stellar staff.”

The chef is Peter Maccaroni, formerly of the Sample Room in Northeast. The tots are a must to try, but there are plenty of other menu highlights, too, including: goat cheese fritters, a fried green tomato BLT and braised beef short ribs.

When: 8 a.m.–midnight Monday–Saturday; 8 a.m.–10 p.m. Sunday
Where: 4555 Grand Ave. S.
More info:

Learn how to reduce your energy use and save money. KFNA has teamed up with the Center for Energy and Environment, CenterPoint Energy, and Xcel Energy to offer Kingfield homeowners Community Energy Services (CES), a full-service residential energy program. As a participant, you can receive information about installing low-cost or no-cost energy savers in your home, and have access to tools and financing if you are ready to make larger investments to reduce home energy use, such as insulating, sealing bypasses, and installing new windows.

Community Energy Services provides:
·         FREE educational workshops to teach homeowners how to lower their energy use and save money;
·         Low-cost items for immediate savings, which may include low-flow showerheads, setback thermostats, compact fluorescent light bulbs, gasket seals, door sweeps, faucet aerators, pipe insulation, and attic hatch weather stripping;
·         Home energy visits from qualified professionals who will identify additional ways for residents to save, including a blower door test. Receive up to $400 in services and materials for a co-pay of only $20. And, if you schedule and complete your visit before the end of 2009, the Kingfield Neighborhood Association will reimburse your entire $20 co-pay;
·         Personalized energy use inventory for the last 12 months and feedback the next 12 months, to measure the effectiveness of measures taken. Participants are also allowed to compare their energy use to that of their neighbors also participating in the program (confidentially, of course);
·         Financing, incentives, and rebates for those wishing to complete larger projects such as insulation or furnace replacement.

Reserve your spot at the workshop by contacting Beth Bennett at 612-335-5874 or Workshops will be held at Martin Luther King Park (4055 Nicollet Avenue South)

Thursday, October 1st, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Lake Country School (3755 Pleasant)


Saturday, October 3rd, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Martin Luther King Park (4055 Nicollet Avenue South)

All Kingfield homeowners are welcome! For more information, contact Ashley Robertson at (612)335-5869 or

Help us get your entire block to the workshop! Contact Sarah Linnes-Robinson, KFNA Executive Director at (612)823-5980 or to see if someone has volunteered from your street to do outreach on this program to your neighbors yet!

Funding for this project was provided by the Minnesota Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund as recommended by the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR).

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