Tom Parent, Marie Wolf, Arthur Knowles, Rosie Dolata

Review of awning for Sugar Sugar, 3803 Grand: applying for NEHBA funding
• Worked in retail business for 20 years, various locations.  Sugar Sugar will sell all types of packaged and bulk candy.  Renting.  Operating in first week of October. 
• Comments: canvas, replace.  The lettering needs to be okayed by the city as within the signage size.   Send you contact info for the church and schools!!!!!!!!
• KFNA should link to the NEBHA grant program!!!!
• Rosie moves that the application be approved for submission to NEBHA.  Marie seconds.  Approved.

Tom Parent reaffirms this is his last meeting as co-chair.  Alex Baumann will be taking over.

Update on Aliveness, 3804 Nicollet:
Signage on building, at Celebrate38! event.  First introduction to the neighborhood; comments were either positive or inquisitive.  Aliveness will come to October board meeting to introduce themselves. Newsletter article will follow in December.

Update on Nicollet Square, 3700 Nicollet:
 Going through City plat approval in late September and County plat approval in October.  Best case groundbreaking: October.  Worst case: Spring.

3916 Blaisdell: next steps towards purchase
Parent and Linnes-Robinson met with CPED reps to discuss purchase of the lot.  CPED is having a survey done, standard procedure, and we are setting up a meeting with zoning to talk about the property and define if it is “buildable” or “developable”.  The final sale price must be fair market value according to the City, as federal money was involved in it.  An estimate was thrown on the table that was higher than the purchase price of $5000 plus costs (app. $7500).  We will continue to discuss this with them.

The Lander building: update and brainstorm: a joint cocktail party in the new space
Neighborhood will invite and market space/Michael will host a local restaurateur/chef cocktail networking party
Scott Pampuch
Jenny Breen
Alex Roberts
Craftsman owners,
Samantha and Molly from kings
Mary and Dan Hunter
43rd Bryant–Agri
La Chaya
Café Enya

The Energy Efficiency CEE workshops have about 350 people enrolled.

Nicollet Avenue repaving: intending to kick off planning process in January or February with a joint community meeting with Lyndale.

Graffiti Grant:
Alley Murals—reviewed project photos to date
Utility boxes—reviewed project photos to date

Minutes provided by Linnes-Robinson, 9/23/09

Beginning Oct. 1, requests may be placed for the energy meters either online or in person at any of 39 Hennepin County libraries. The meters may be picked up at 31 Hennepin County libraries. To reserve a Power Check energy meter online. Power Check energy meters can be borrowed for three weeks only. Read more

KFNA’s email list server died last week.  We are in the process of setting up a new list which, if you were on the old list with ‘trancer’, you will be invited to join.  Once we are reestablished, notices will be sent once per week on Tuesday.  If you have not received this regular e-mail communication before you can join on the left sidebar of this page.

If you have any questions please contact

At their September meeting the KFNA Board established a Youth and Schools Committee of the Kingfield Neighborhood Association in the interest of having a group to work with our newly assigned community school following the MPS Changing School Options vote on Sept 22, as well as on other youth projects.   This committee will meet for the first time on Tuesday September 29, 7 PM, at MLK Park.  All interested community members are welcome to attend. Please direct any questions to Sarah Linnes-Robinson at or 612.823.5980. 

Community Energy Services (CES) has been delighted by the overwhelming response for this program from the Kingfield neighborhood! In order to accommodate everyone (and provide adequate parking), CES has changed the venue for the October 1st Kingfield Community Energy Workshop to Lake Country School.

NEW LOCATION: LAKE COUNTRY SCHOOL gymnasium, 3755 Pleasant Ave. S

Thursday, October 1, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Thank you to Lake Country School for generously agreeing to host us!

Please note: The Saturday, October 3rd workshop will still be held at Martin Luther King Park from 10 a.m.-noon.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the switch in locations, and look forward to seeing you at the workshop!

Thank you,

The Community Energy Services Team, Center for Energy and Environment

Visit a Kingfield home with newly installed solar panels this Saturday on a free, self-guided tour that is part of a national solar event!

On Saturday, October 3, 2009, Minnesota residents around the state will join more than a 150,000 people across the U.S. by touring more than 5,000 homes, businesses, and schools to learn about renewable energy and energy efficiency by participating in the 14th annual American Solar Energy Society’s (ASES) National Solar Tour. The Minnesota Solar Tour is sponsored by the Minnesota Renewable Energy Society (MRES), the local chapter of ASES.

Read more

eyesWhat’s happening on the streets of Kingfield?

This feature is posted each Monday, so you can share concerns and crimes that you see happening in our neighborhood. Do your part to increase the safety of Kingfield and let your neighbors know: What are you seeing on your daily walk? From your window? At the bus stop? In the alley?

Leave a comment on this post to let others know. Be specific about location. Check out the comments on this post to see what others have to say this week.

Remember: This is a way for neighbors to share information and does NOT replace official reporting of crimes.

-If there is an emergency, or you see suspicious activity or a crime that requires a police response, call 911

-To report other problems, such as street lights out, abandoned vehicles, graffiti, or animal complaints, call 311

Search ‘Eyes on the Street’ on the left side of the page, to view previous weeks’ postings.

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