Our 24-page Winter Guide is now available online, and here’s a news release about all the fun information contained in the Winter Guide.

Dawn Sommers, Public Information & Marketing Manager, Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board
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Co-Owners Heather Bray and Jodi Ayres bring years of local restaurant experience to Kingfield’s newest dining establishment, and they’re doing it all from scratch—literally.

By Amy Finch, Southwest Minneapolis Patch

Amid the hammering and sawing going on at the new Lowbrow Restaurant storefront space at 4244 Nicollet Avenue, things are starting to take shape. There’s a wood service counter ready for staining, a big, bright open area that will serve as the dining room, and two very excited owners who love talking about how they got to where they are today.

Lowbrow, Kingfield’s newest restaurant and pub, is set to open mid-January. It will occupy one of the spaces building owners Rau + Barber put up for lease this past summer.

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Solarize Kingfield is a new solar installation program for local businesses and institutions, led by KFNA and supported by the City of Minneapolis. We help businesses and institutions interested in installing up to 40 kW solar electric systems by mid-2011 to simplify the process and reduce the cost of adding solar.

KFNA is establishing a short list of partnering solar PV installers for Solarize Kingfield. These partner installers are helping us in our efforts to simplify the process, by sharing their expertise and providing feedback and input at each step as we develop and implement our program. The registration deadline is 12/24/2010. More information can be found on our Solarize Kingfield page.

By Ben Harris

In the wake of some disagreement about whether it’s respectful to locate a dog park at Martin Luther King Park, Bryant resident Ben Harris talks about why he supports a dog park. He argues it could bring neighbors together.

The proposal for an off-leash area at Martin Luther King Park isn’t just—or even mainly—about the dogs.

Not just constant companions in our lives, our dogs are ambassadors and ice breakers. They provide commonalities that we share with perfect strangers.

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A winter parking restriction will go into effect today, Friday, December 17th at 8 am. Parking will allowed only on the odd side of non emergency streets.  Parking will be allowed on both sides of Snow Emergency routes with the EXCEPTION of Bryant and Grand Avenues.  Special No Parking signs will be posted beginning this weekend, Dec. 18 & 19th on the even side of BRYANT Avenue from Lake Street to 50th Street and on GRAND Avenue from Lake Street to 48th Street.  Both of these streets are narrow enough that they pose problems for emergency vehicles, buses, and other drivers.

Both the Bryant and Grand Avenues restrictions along with the Winter Parking Restrictions will remain in place until April 1 unless conditions allow the City to lift the ban earlier.

Last weekend’s historic blizzard created  significant amount of snowfall that has left streets severely narrowed, making it challenging for fire trucks and other emergency vehicles to navigate.


Orange Zinnias, Karl Herber, 38th & Lyndale


Thurs. Dec. 16, 6-7:30 PM

38th and Nicollet (behind Blackbird)

Hosted by KFNA with support from Michael Lander & Blackbird Cafe

info@kingfield.org www.kingfield.org 612.823.5980

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Some worry the committee may have some problems with diversity if more organizations from the black community aren’t involved.

By Sheila Regan, Southwest Minneapolis Patch
The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board Planning Committee passed a resolution Wednesday night to authorize the formation of a citizen advisory committee to help create a dog park in Southwest Minneapolis.

The resolution calls for the advisory group to recommend a location for an enclosed off-leash recreation area in the 6th Park District, specifically focusing on areas along Martin Luther King Park and Lyndale Farmstead Park. If the advisory groups is approved by the whole park board, the committee will present their recommendations at the March 16, 2011 Planning Committee hearing.

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