Strong support for Roberts Bird Sanctuary, which would have been near one of the sites, influenced the committee’s decision.

By Sheila Regan

The 6th District Dog Park Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) removed two sites in Lyndale Park from consideration for a dog park Monday. Areas near the Roberts Bird Sanctuary and Peace Garden will no longer be examined. That leaves just the site in the parking lot of the park board’s Southside Operation Center on the table—although the CAC is expected to add more sites at upcoming meetings.

The CAC was established to advise the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board on the best location for an off-leash dog area in Southwest Minneapolis. The committee will examine these locations, then report back to the park board, which will make the final decision. A deadline has been extended. Read more.

There are dozens of community gardens across Minneapolis, including two in Southwest.

By Sheila Regan

Suzanne Lillyblad has been nurturing seeds in her home since February, watching as they unfurl into tiny starter plants, and waiting anxiously to bury them in her plot at Kingfield Community garden when the weather warms enough. 

The Kingfield neighborhood started their first community garden site last year, which has a similar goal to dozens of other community gardens in Minneapolis: to grow both plants and community.

The gardeners lease land from Jackie Hayes, owner of the Center for Performing Arts, where the garden is located. Read more!

Pilgrim Lutheran School’s 1-2 grade students will be planning and building sculptures that will find a home in the Kingfield community garden or other locales in the Kingfield neighborhood.  The projects will be made entirely of either new or “recycled” compact discs or DVDs.  Please scour your drawers and bins for any CDs or DVDs that you could spare. They need not be playable.  We don’t need cases or covers.  Scratched is ok.  New ones will work fine too!  You can drop your donations at the school office at 3901 1st Ave South any school day from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m.  Thanks for your help!!

Luke Hartzell
Director of Experiential Learning
Pilgrim Lutheran School

Let us know what you think about Kingfield and KFNA. In this time of change, the leaders of your neighborhood association are working hard to set a sustainable path forward. We asked these questions at the annual meeting and got some interesting answers…now we need yours! Send an email to with your answer to one, any or all of these questions:

  • What do you like about Kingfield, as a neighborhood?
  • What has Kingfield Neighborhood Association done this past year that you like?
  • What has KFNA done in the past 15 years that you remember and are proud of?
  • What projects has KFNA done that you think were not valuable or you did not like?
  • Where should KFNA focus its attention in the years to come in light of reduced funding?
  • What neighborhood issues are important to you?
  • What would it take for you to volunteer on a KFNA project? Food, recognition, the type of project is key, short term obligations, a title, other?
  • What other ideas or suggestions do you have for KFNA?

View/download as a Word document

Best Neighborhood Eatery (Blackbird):

Best Food Neighborhood . . . . Kingfield!

Best Bakery (Patisserie 46):

Best Farmers Market (Kingfield Farmers Market): ket-1844010/

Visit here for more info.

Upcoming CAC Meetings:

Monday, April 25th at 6:30, Lynnhurst Recreation Center, 1345 West Minnehaha Parkway

Monday, May 2nd at 6:30 (most likely at MLK Park)

If you have questions e-mail !

Here are ways you can learn more or send comments to the CAC:
CAC activity and documentation (maintained by park staff)
Post a comment to the CAC members
Friend Kingfield Dogpark on Facebook for other updates

Here’s a fun variety of classes in the neighborhood that can teach you about wine, cooking techniques, organics and even how to brew your own kombucha (it requires a mother).

Marsha Trainer, Southwest Minneapolis Patch

From viticulture to organica, there are several seasonal classes budding in the area that will help you grow your cooking techniques and expertise. Here’s a selection of some great and diverse courses that will definitely raise your gourmet IQ. [Kingfield Options See Below!–KFNA inserted] Read more

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