Nicollet Avenue Reconstruction Community Meeting

Thanks to those of you who attended our community meetings on June 6th.  Our next meeting is scheduled for:

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

9:30 AM – Minneapolis Police Department 5th Precinct, Community Room – 3101 Nicollet Avenue

6:00 PM – Martin Luther King Recreation Center – 4055 Nicollet Avenue

The focus of the meetings will be on streetscape elements and construction staging, as well as providing an update on the roadway design. The meeting format will be similar to the June 6th meeting with a brief presentation followed by time to review project information and ask questions of the project team.

If you have any questions about the meeting you can contact Project Team Contact: Jessica Laabs at
Kimley-Horn and Associates or 651-643-0437.

Read or download the most recent project newsletter with answers to frequently asked questions: Nicollet-Newsletter-2_2011-06-28 The information can also be found on our webpage dedicated to this project.

Kids at play. Play kids, play!

On July 16, a forgotten story from Minneapolis’ race history will be dramatically retold.

In July 1931, Arthur Lee, his wife Edith, and their daughter Mary moved into their newly-purchased home at 4600 Columbus Ave. in south Minneapolis. They were among the first African-American families to purchase a home south of 38th St.

Sadly, approximately 3,000 white residents from the neighborhood and the city held racial demonstrations against the Lee family for several nights that July, to try to force the family out of their home. Some of the mob threw stones at the house, defaced the home with black paint, and shouted threats at the family. Supported by friends, co-workers, and attorney Lena Olive Smith, the family was able to live in the home for more than a year. Read more

A state government shut down looms. How did we get here? What will be different Friday morning if state government shuts down? To keep up to date or check in on the answers as they emerge, one good source is the Minnesota Public Radio website. They maintain a FAQ page that is updated frequently, with background, timeline, and latest stories.

FAQ on the potential Minnesota government shutdown

by Catharine Richert, Minnesota Public RadioJune 20, 2011

This feature is being updated as we get more information. The last update was 10 a.m. on June 28.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the looming state government shutdown in Minnesota…go to

Update on MnDOT projects during shutdown of state government services June 30, 2011

We want to let you know how the possible shutdown of state government services will affect MnDOT projects. Active projects Work on MnDOT construction projects is suspended.

Contractor’s equipment may be removed from the project. Contractors will close down projects in a way that best protects the safety of the traveling public. Also,, traffic cameras and other traveler information services are not in operation and project websites will not be updated.

Projects in the planning stage: All public meetings regarding future projects are postponed. Websites related to future projects will not be updated during the shutdown.

Additional information Rest areas on Minnesota state highways will close. FIRST trucks will not be operating. Call 911 to report a road emergency. There will be a small maintenance crew on call to handle emergency road repairs.

Thank you for your patience.

Building Bridges: Reconnecting Communities Divided by Race, Time, and 35W

Building Bridges is a project led by neighbors from South Minneapolis neighborhoods East and West of 35W, including Central, Bryant, Kingfield, Regina and Northrop.  These neighbors believe that race-based dialogue about a dog park proposed in Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Park highlighted a racial divide that still exists within our community and our need to build stronger relationships and understandings between neighbors of diverse race, culture, and age.

The mission of Building Bridges is to understand how race and racism impact our communities and to build the future of our neighborhoods together.  The goal of the Core Team is to reconnect our communities divided by race, time, and 35W. A number of projects are being initiated by the Building Bridges Core Team, and your involvement is welcomed. Building Bridges also supports and encourages participation in projects organized by others that serve the goal of building bridges between our communities and highlighting our neighborhood history in the context of race, some of which are mentioned in this newsletter.

Building Bridges posts regular updates, photos, and news at Facebook at Please join us on Facebook to stay connected with Building Bridges.

Read or download the Building Bridges Newsletter 06 20 11 for more!

The Summer edition of the (still new) 5th Precinct Spotlight is out from our Minneapolis Police Department partners. You can read it online by clicking here. You will also be able to forward or subscribe if you wish.

Highlights include Inspector’s Insights, information on National Night Out, and a story on KFNA’s first Traveling Crime Prevention Party:

The Kingfield Neighborhood Association’s Crime Prevention and Safety Committee recognized the need for extra crime prevention efforts and wanted to create a way to make the meetings more enjoyable for everyone. They had the idea of a “traveling block party” to take the place of the usual monthly meeting…

Early Mornings with Elizabeth!

Friday, June 24
7:30 – 9am
Turtle Bread
4762 Chicago Ave S
In the Pizza Biga Room

2011 Legislative Update

Please join Elizabeth this month to discuss the 2011 legislative session, upcoming special session, and potential state government shutdown with our Minneapolis legislators.  We will be joined by Minority Leader Paul Thissen, Senator Scott Dibble, Assistant Minority Leader Jeff Hayden, and Representative Frank Hornstein to discuss budget and policy bills, legislative strategy, and the stated goals of legislators of both parties in the Minnesota Senate and House.

Please engage and make a difference in this critical year – attend Early Mornings to ask questions of our legislative leaders and learn more about how decisions at the State impact the lives of every Minnesotan.

Free coffee courtesy of Turtle Bread!

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