On Monday, Nov 19, the Metropolitan Airports Commission will vote on whether to support the immediate implementation of RNAV, the proposed navigation system for the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport.  In the alternative, the MAC could vote to allow more time for analysis of impacts from RNAV.

Implementation of RNAV could have serious impacts on our neighborhoods, with new paths for airplane arrivals and departures and the potential for increased airport traffic.  The MAC’s process has not provided enough time or information for the public to completely understand the impact of these changes, including how they differ from existing flight paths and the extent of noise impacts from these changes.

I encourage you to sign the online petition at http://www.stopmspflightpath.com/ or contact the MAC directly at www.metroairports.org with your opinions.


The City of Minneapolis has been making the case for our neighborhoods directly to MAC by specifically requesting ore time and opportunity for community input; A more rigorous environmental review which includes analysis of both RNAV and the Long Term Comprehensive Plan (LTCP); A delay in implementation of these changes, at least for flight-paths over Minneapolis.

Minneapolis is also in touch with our federal officials including Senators Klobuchar and Franken and Congressman Ellison – we encourage you to contact them as well with your concerns.

-Elizabeth Glidden, 8th Ward Councilperson

Read the rest of the 8th ward newsletter here: Ward 8 Newsletter November 2012


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