Do you know if they are legitimate sales people or are they con artists or worse, burglars?

It’s known that burglars will sometimes pose as solicitors in order to knock at doors to determine if anyone is home. If there is no answer, the suspect will continue to knock on nearby addresses, circle back and break into the home which they believe the residents are not inside. Usually they work in pairs and have a vehicle parked nearby. Sometimes, the vehicle will be parked in the alley with the second party waiting the all clear.

If someone comes to your door and you don’t want to open it, let them know that you are home by turning on the outside lights or yelling through the door stating that you aren’t interested. If you do answer and the person claims to be selling something, ask to see their city-issued photo ID card.

Last July, the city of Minneapolis approved new rules for door-to-door solicitors. All salespeople selling door-to-door, taking orders for future delivery or setting up a temporary business must wear a city-issued photo identification card. There are examples of the ID card and other helpful information at .

Please note that canvassers for religious, political or social groups and are NOT asking for money don’t need a city-issued card. Also, school, church and youth groups who are fundraising can get group identification cards at no cost.

If parties who are acting as solicitors cannot produce the required ID, do not buy from them. Call 911 if you suspect suspicious activity. Please note physical description, direction of travel and if there are any other parties involved. If there is a suspicious vehicle nearby, please give a description of that as well including a license plate if it is safe to obtain it.

Amy Lavender, 5th Precinct CCP/Safe



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