Wall Dogs

The Walldogs are Coming! The Walldogs are Coming!
Thursday July 24-Sunday July 27!
10 murals
8 sites
4 days!
Go to http://www.walldogs.lyndale.org/ for information on sites, mural designs, events, and volunteering!


· Answer each question by visiting the appropriate Walldogs on Nicollet Mural.
· Submit all completed forms to the Walldogs on Nicollet Block Party, Saturday July 26, Zion Church, 128 W. 33rd Street, between 5-7 PM, to be eligible for a prize drawing. Must be present to win valuable Walldogs Memorabilia!!

Twin City Tattoo (3129 Nicollet)
What building can be seen in both images on the Twin City Tattoo building?

When can you get a tattoo at Twin City Tattoo?

BONUS: Where does the language come from on the mural and why is it significant to Minneapolis?

Gray’s Leather (3401 Nicollet)
Name two of the mapping tools depicted on the Joseph Nicollet Mural the Nicollet used to map the Mississippi River Basin. BONUS: Name all four mapping tools!

What three things can Gray’s Leather repair?

B-Squad Vintage (3500 Nicollet)
What were the 4 adjectives used to describe the Nicollet Baseball Park?

BONUS: When was the final game played at this stadium?

Going for a DOUBLE BONUS: Who was the architect of the stadium?

Bases loaded BONUS: Name two other structures designed by this architect in Minneapolis.

LNA Building (3537 Nicollet)
How many chickens are in the murals on the LNA office?

What is the slogan of the Lyndale Neighborhood Association?

BONUS: What Native American tribe lived in the area in the 1800’s when Joseph Nicollet was mapping the area?

Salvation Army (3740 Nicollet)
Who is the gentleman depicted on the Salvation Army mural and what is his significance to the Salvation Army?

What three verbs describe the work of the Salvation Army?

TNT Barbershop (3801 Nicollet)
What is the significance of the two symbols in the lower corners of the mural?

MLK Park (4055 Nicollet)
What was the name of this Minneapolis park before it was renamed Martin Luther King Park?

BONUS: What totally awesome local company donated the scissor lift to Walldogs on Nicollet?

Ungerman’s Construction (4450 Nicollet)– Street level
What animal is on the Brewing in Minnesota mural?

BONUS: What is the exact species of animal?

Ungerman’s Construction (4450 Nicollet)-Upper Terrace

What 3 species of the birds are shown in the Sport Beer Mural?

What year was Ungerman’s Construction established?

Final Bonus Question: How many gallons of paint were donated to Walldogs on Nicollet to create all these murals?
Answer: Too many to count-thank you N-Glanz, Ronan, and Valspar!!

Kingfield and Lyndale Neighborhood Association’s want to thank all the Walldog artists for their time, energy, and creativity. Without them, Walldogs on Nicollet could have never happened!

Name: ___________________________________________________________________
£ I am interested in planning future neighborhood art projects.

Address: __________________________________________________________________

Phone: _______________________________ E-mail: ___________________________

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