August: Spirit Car (date and location still being determined due to schdeuling conflicts with National Night Out.  Contact if you want to attend so we can confirm time and place!)
Discussion leader: Janelle

September 4 — Hosmer Library
Book: The View from Delphi (with visit from author — Jonathan Odell!  Contact if you want to attend so we can be sure there is room at the gathering.)
Discussion leader: Saundra

October 2 — Hosmer Library
Book: Sports and All That Jazz — the Percy Hughes Story by Jim Swanson
Discussion leader: Deb Burke

November 13 (the 6th is election day) — location TBD due to election day
Book: Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom
Discussion leader: Doris

December 4 — Location TBD
Book: Twelve Steps Toward Political Revelation by Walter Mosely
Discussion leader: Lynda

January 8 — Location TBD
Book: Outcasts United by Warren St. John
Discussion leader: Marilyn


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