YouthLink’s Nicollet Square housing project sits right in the Kingfield Neighborhood. We have received notice that a food-related project of theirs, which includes re-establishing the community garden space at Nicollet Square, is in the running for a United Way award and grant. 

According to Nicollet Square, “We envision the future of our community garden space as a community-wide initiative. If we receive this award, we’ll be reaching out to community members and organizations to work together in the gardens, host harvest dinners, and in general, create opportunities for building relationships among our young people and the greater community.”

Please share the link below with your friends and colleagues, encourage them to support this important project, and vote DAILY for “Youthlink” through January 27!

  • Click this link:
  • Scroll down to where it says “Cast your vote now!” and look for YouthLink under the “Fill the Plate” section.
  • Click the button next to YouthLink, then scroll down and hit “submit” and you’re done!

Determined by popular vote, the winner of the Greater Twin Cities United Way Centennial Volunteer Project will be awarded a $40,000 grant.  You can vote once per day now through the 27th of January. Votes are tabulated by IP address so it is ok to vote on both your computer and phone. Help us spread the word, cast your vote, and make nutritious food available for every youth!

A Kingfield Bee Conversation

Wednesday January 28

7 PM, location TBD

As many of you now know, KFNA has approved moving ahead with a hive at the Kingfield Pleasant Community Garden on the rooftop of the Center for Performing Arts.  While we are excited to be taking a step in increasing bee housing in the neighborhood, we also want to begin to discuss how we can engage the community and share information on this hive and how it fits into the bigger picture of our urban environment.

If you are interested in this topic please contact KFNA’s Executive Director at!

KFNALogoWelcome 2015!  Get the latest news on all things “Kingfield” in the latest newsletter.  This edition is being mailed to all Kingfield homes and property owners right now, but if you cannot wait, you can also read it here!

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KFNA Board meeting this Wed. Dec 10 7 PM, MLK Park
Topic: I-35W noise walls, specifically between 36th & 38th Street

Speakers: The people who will be attending to make a presentation are Jim Grube, Hennepin County, and Jeni Hager, City of Minneapolis. Possibly also Scott Pedersen, MnDOT.

Background: The reason this meeting is needed is that a new noise is being proposed between 36th and 38th Streets. MnDOT has a new voting process for noise walls and has to go through this process again with the neighborhood [last process for this same issue was August 2009]. The presenters have requested to come out and explain the new process to the neighborhood association first.

Today (12/1/14), at our “budget markup” meeting, the council approved on a close 7-6 vote a .18% property tax decrease (for a $180,000 home, we were told the savings would be approximately two dollars and fifty cents). I argued against this motion (and voted against it) for the simple reason that the small property tax savings were not worth the harm to critical investments, as well as creating a “budget hole” that will create challenges in future years.

What was cut to achieve this average savings of about $2.50? Our commitment to our Nation’s first clean energy partnership (a commitment leveraging significant staff and resource contributions from our partner utilities), diverse homeownership support and foreclosure prevention for communities of color, depleting the One Minneapolis Fund targeted to support leadership development in communities of color, and cutting in half our support for the disparities study that forms the legal basis for setting race-based goals for business inclusion in worker inclusion goals.

Barely saved, on another 7-6 motion, was one of the new equity positions within the city coordinator’s office. We have similar enterprise support positions in other key goal areas of the city, such as sustainability and the arts, and they have been highly effective in driving city-wide results and leveraging outside partnerships.

I am most concernedt that 7 of my colleagues voted to reduce our commitment to the Clean Energy Partnership – especially since this was one-time funding that will have no impact on the property tax levy. This investment would primarily be for designing and implementing programs to serve residents in Minneapolis. One of the highest on the list, in my mind, is how we address energy issues (and costs) at multi-unit residential buildings. I am hoping we can look for a solution on this item before the final budget approval of December 10.

More details are here:

KFNALogoGive to the Max Day has become a veritable annual holiday of giving to the causes and organizations that Minnesotans care about. Last year the day was so successful at generating donations that the computers crashed. This year, just like shopping for the holidays, you can order now and schedule your gift to be given on the big day! We at KFNA ask, as you weigh who to share your hard-earned dollars with, to consider sharing it with your neighborhood association, the Kingfield Neighborhood Association (KFNA).

Kingfield neighborhood is special for a lot of reasons, but a lot of those reasons come back to your neighborhood association. KFNA has worked really hard for the last 20 years to engage amazing neighbors in their very own neighborhood. The goal in doing this work is to assist residents in developing and sharing their own special talents and skills to solve both smaller, neighborhood-level concerns but also to pilot programs and projects that can be duplicated across the City.

KFNA has helped develop programs and leaders in the areas of urban agriculture including farmers markets and community gardens, alternative energy including solar and geo-thermal education and installation, public art including tried and true methods to deter graffiti and build identity using exterior business murals and wrapped utility boxes, and much more including programs and projects focused on store-front development, street usage and traffic calming, recycling, race-based discussions and building connections to other neighborhoods and communities, and affordable housing. KFNA uses your donations to support these programs and more.

Some of you might ask, why should I give money to my nonprofit neighborhood organization? Neighborhood groups receive financial support from the City of Minneapolis to do their work, don’t they?


Although KFNA is fortunate to receive some support from the City of Minneapolis for the outreach and long-range planning we do in the neighborhood, the City only provides about $50,000 annually, which is about 50% of KFNA’s annual operating budget. Let’s be frank. $50,000 is not enough money to employ two part-time staff, maintain an office and communication channels via websites, e-mail (like this one!), and social media, pay for insurance, accounting services, and plan and implement numerous projects and events annually.


To continue to do all the work we do in Kingfield Neighborhood, we need your financial support as well. Donations can be made via Give MN page, or visit the Kingfield Neighborhood Association page at to learn more about the work we do first, and make a donation from there.

Gifts in of any size are greatly appreciated and put to work in your neighborhood!

Construction of the Seward Coop Friendship store is well underway at 3rd Avenue South and E 38th Street.  Seward recently provided a project update, including an update on project hiring and construction, which is available here.

Seward Open House and Project Office hosted at Sabathani.  Seward will host an open house at Sabathani Community Center, room 103 on Tuesday, Nov. 11, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Several co-op managers and staff will be available to answer questions and discuss the project. This display will be open in room 103 until November 28th. After that point the display will move to the “project office” on the second floor of Sabathani. The office will be open to the public during business hours for the duration of the construction schedule.

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