Driftwood Char Bar has expressed an interest in applying for an upgrade of their current “On-Sale Wine Class E W/Strong Beer License” to an “On-Sale Liquor License”.  The purpose of this meeting is to listen to community members’ opinions regarding this request so the Kingfield Neighborhood Association can determine whether the organization should, or should not, support Driftwood Char Bar’s potential application.

This property received an exemption from the State of Minnesota in 2001 to allow the City of Minneapolis to approve an on-sale intoxicating liquor license at this address.  Because Driftwood Char Bar is a new owner at this location, it needs to apply for a new license.

Community Meeting Regarding a Liquor License Upgrade
At Driftwood Char Bar
Wednesday December 1
7-8:30 PM
MLK Park, 4055 Nicollet Ave. S.
Arts and Crafts Room

The City will present the history of this property.  Community Members are invited to be present and express their opinions at this meeting, and/or in writing.  Please use the other side to make written comments.  These can be mailed or e-mailed to KFNA (addresses listed below) on or before December 1, 2010.

This meeting is hosted by:
Kingfield Neighborhood Association Redevelopment Committee
3754 Pleasant Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55409
info@kingfield.org / www.kingfield.org


One Response to “Community Meeting Regarding a Liquor License Upgrade at Driftwood Char Bar, 4415 Nicollet Ave. South Minneapolis 55419”

  1. linda raymond on November 29th, 2010 6:58 PM

    Definitely no liquor at this bar. There is very poor to no management at the bar. Have seen sidewalk fights when driving by late at night. Always seems to be some kind of trouble going on there, check police records & reports. Neighborhood is more than ready for a liquor bar, but has to be one that is well managed, possibly the new Caseys or Lowbrows. Why would you even consider supporting this without checking with police and city council? There is a lot you don’t know about this bar.

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