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Progress is slow, but an off-leash area for the Sixth Park District is under construction at Lyndale Farmstead Park.

December 6, 2012

November 5 2012

October 23, 2012

September 21, 2012


There are 3 potential sites still under consideration. See details & maps herePlease send any input directly to the KFNA representative on the CAC, SiteArea_Criteria1

Here is a link to the updated 6th Park District Dogpark CAC information, including updates & timelines:

The web site also has a map of the historic designation boundary in Lyndale Farmstead Park, here is the link:

CityPages “Best Fight” (dog park):

Southwest Patch Story April 12, 2011:


Off-Leash Dog Park CAC (Citizen Advisory Committee) Update

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) established an appointed Citizen Advisory Committee to study potential sites for a dog off-leash recreation area (OLRA) in the Sixth Park District. The advisory committee was approved by the Board at its February 2, 2011 meeting and the charge was amended at the April 6, 2011 meeting.

The Board approved action as amended is as follows:

  • That the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board establish a Citizen Advisory Committee to recommend a preferred location and design for an off-leash recreational area on the Eastern side of the 6th District (see search area map) to be opened in 2011 from among the three possible sites identified by the Park Board.
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Park is not to be considered as a location for an off-leash recreational area by this CAC.
  • The CAC has the authority to evaluate additional sites; in addition to the Rock/Peace Garden, Lyndale Park Parking Lot Area, and the Southside Operations Center sites previously identified by the Board, if desired, within the identified service area.
  • The Committee shall be facilitated by an outside independent facilitator with the assistance of MPRB staff.
  • Further, the CAC is empowered and encouraged to identify and incorporate other stakeholders in the public participation process. The CAC is encouraged to look for underrepresented neighborhoods, cultural, and socioeconomic groups that may not feel engaged in this process.
  • The committee shall provide a report back to the Park Board within 45 days of its first meeting.

At the last meeting, discussion began on criteria to be used when evaluating potential sites.  Some items on the proposed list raised questions about clarity -–if you would like to comment on the list of criteria put forth please see the attached survey.   Conversation on other criteria will continue at the next meeting.

Upcoming Meetings:

Monday, April 25th at 6:30, TBA (most likely at Lynnhurst Park)

Monday, May 2nd at 6:30 (most likely at MLK Park)

If you have questions e-mail !

Here are ways you can learn more or send comments to the CAC:
CAC activity and documentation (maintained by park staff)
Post a comment to the CAC members
Friend Kingfield Dogpark on Facebook for other updates


Posted 3/29/11: To stay current on the CAC conversations please visit here:

MPRB establishes CAC for an off-leash dog area in the 6th District
NEWS posted January 20, 2011:

Off-leash dog park supporters we need you! Hundreds of supporters like you over the last two years have said they want an off-leash dog area close to their homes.  Some people feel Martin Luther King Park is the wrong place to have this off-leash area.  We need each of you to tell the Park Board this week that each of your voices matters too, and the fact you want to spend time in an off-leash area along the  35W corridor with the diverse group of neighbors that surround this park is important and positive for the community!

Cut and paste the paragraphs below (inserting your name and address) and send it to ALL the Minneapolis Park Board Commissioners; copy on your email so we can map our supporters! Add anything else you want to say to them!


Dear Minneapolis Park Board Commissioners:

My name is ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_________________________ and I live at _______________________________.

Over the last two years, hundreds of neighbors surrounding Dr. Martin Luther King Park have expressed a desire to spend time together at an off-leash dog area.  This off-leash area is about more than dogs.  We are a diverse community who is invested in our City and see the benefit of this area being close to our homes reducing transportation to an off-leash site, increasing foot traffic within our community, and thus reducing crime.  We have proven we are an involved group of stakeholders who are willing to work to make this amenity happen; we feel that we, as a collective of neighbors, would be a positive addition to the environment at Dr. Martin Luther King Park.

We would like the site fairly analyzed by a Citizen’s Committee for the addition of an off-leash area, but if this group or the Park Board determines for whatever reason that an off-leash area is not currently feasible at Dr. Martin Luther King Park, I feel that one does need to be created in a location that is walkable to serve the populations of Bryant, Kingfield, Central, Tangletown, Lyndale, Field, and Regina neighborhoods, the neighborhoods surrounding Dr. Martin Luther King Park.

Thank you.


NEWS January 17, 2011: Still a divide over Minneapolis dog park: The Minneapolis Park Board is set to again tackle the issue of an off-leash dog area in King Park. By RANDY FURST, Star Tribune

NEWS January 7, 2011: Debate over dog park in south Mpls. sparks new conversations on Martin Luther King
by Brandt Williams, Minnesota Public Radio

A debate over a proposed off-leash dog area at Martin Luther King Park in Minneapolis has divided the opposing camps along largely racial lines, but meetings on the debate have sparked new conversation within the surrounding community.

Opponents tend to be African Americans, while many supporters of the dog park are white. The dispute has inspired a series of community meetings designed to help heal the rift. Thursday night, dog park opponents and supporters, black and white, sat down together to talk about something they have in common.

Martin Luther King Park has baseball and softball diamonds, basketball and tennis courts, and has one of the best sledding hills in that part of south Minneapolis. But it lacks something that dog owner Ben Harris has long hoped for — an area where his two dogs can run free.  Read more.

NEWS January 4, 2011: The MPRB removed the formation of a 6th District off-leash area Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) from the January 5th Park Board agenda due to pressure from a small group of citizens calling themselves Citizens in Action for Dr. Martin Luther King Park. Jr.  This group states that they represent a large city-wide group of citizens who are interested in the character of Martin Luther King Park.  They have concerns that the Park Board’s process for selecting a site and notifying the public have not been followed and stakeholders have not been informed of this potential project.  They also claim that an off-leash area should be away from housing and places where children play.

If you are a citizen living near and interested in using Martin Luther King Park as a location to allow your dog to run off-leash, and feel that an off-leash area would help the character of MLK Park because it will:

  • Increase community interaction between residents
  • Bring new visitors to MLK Park
  • Attract pedestrian visitors from several surrounding neighborhoods
  • Add an amenity to an otherwise under-utilized section of the park
  • Serve a diverse population from a largely residential area
  • Serve an area of Minneapolis with a high density of dog ownership
  • Serve an area of Minneapolis with no off-leash areas within walking distance
  • Further the goal of establishing dog facilities in each Park District of the city
  • Improve safety in the neighborhood and park through community policing
  • Address issues of current illegal off-leash visits to the park
  • Encourage enjoyment of green spaces within the city
  • Invite new patronage of local businesses and community resources
  • Increase purchases of off-leash permits to help maintain this and other dog facilities

We urge you to write or call the park commissioners in support of the MLK Park Off-leash area–you can find their contact info at


Upcoming Event: Dog-lovers Unite!

Yappy Hour at Patisserie 46, 46th & Grand
Saturday January 22
11 AM- 2 PM

Come meet your neighbors and fellow dog-lovers working to create an off-leash dog area in Park District 6 at Martin Luther King Park!

Kingfield Dogpark “bling” (doggie drinking bottles and t’s!) for sale, as well as a percentage of the bakery’s sales will be donated to KFNA for organizing efforts on this issue.  Sadly, no dogs allowed in-doors for this Yappy Hour, but we welcome dog-owners of all shapes, sizes, and breeds!

Questions? Contact Sarah at and for more information visit www.kingfield/dog-park

Become a Friend of the Kingfield Dogpark on Facebook here!

…and for a bit of history on the issue!

Read April 2010 KFNA Statement of Support regarding the proposal for an off-leash area in MLK Park, and their recommitted support for full usage of the site: KFNA Statement Re MLK Park Uses 10-9-13

Thanks to all who were able to participate in the public meeting on September 2. Here is a post with links to some of the media coverage. We will be updating on next steps as soon as we know what they are.

Read the Southwest Journal article on the community meeting MPRB hosted in July.

A group of Kingfield resident leaders, working as a committee of KFNA, is organizing support for a potential off-leash area in MLK Park. This part of the city has the highest density of licensed dogs, but no off-leash areas. An off-leash area would be good for dogs and people, create an alternative to unlawful off-leash use of the park, build community among neighbors, and add to the positive activities taking place in our neighborhood park.  The Kingfield Neighborhood Association supports this project; see the KFNA Statement of Support for the Kingfield Dogpark here.  If you would like us to present to your neighborhood board to have them consider supporting a similar statement, contact us at

If you think a dogpark is a good idea we need to know who you are so we can get in touch with you about future events and plans.  Please fill out the attached contact form and, if you can’t wait for our next event, also email or call 612-823-5980 to find out our plans!

Ways you can help right now:

  • Write to park commissioners in support–you can find their names and emails at
  • We are collecting photos of dogs with their human families…send one jpeg per family to  We believe the diversity of our community and those that own dog (in race, age, marital staus, etc) will be a strength for this park.  Please label your photo with your dogs name first (i.e. Rex and Family).  Send your photo today!  Please know that by submitting this photo you are granting permission for KFNA to use it on printed and web-based promotional materials.
  • Down load these Dog park business cards, and share them with others as you talk to them about this project!

Check out photos from the 1st Ever Yappy Hour! Thanks to our Yappy Hour sponsors:

  • Rau+Barber
  • Victor’s 1959 Cafe
  • Anodyne @ 43rd
  • Patisserie 46
  • Pampered Pooch Playground
  • Cahill’s Critter Care
  • Vine Park Brewing
  • Bob Schrank/RDS Productions

Dog Park Task Force Minutes


Potential Sites Under Consideration

The KFNA Task Force proposed an All Dog Area in the SE corner of the park, with a Small Dog Area in the NE corner. Proposal to MPRB 5-5-10 Below is the footprint of the original proposal:





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