A February 12th Minneapolis Public Schools District-wide Meeting entitled “Changes Ahead” is causing a great deal of concern for Kingfield families.  The purpose of the meeting, as described by the District, is that the District is “considering citywide changes in magnet/community school locations and bus routes that will affect families in the months and years ahead.”  In publicity about the meeting the District stated that “before decisions are made, school leaders invite you to learn more and to share your thoughts.”

You can learn about the options and rationale for the school changes on the Minneapolis Public Schools website at http://www.mpls.k12.mn.us/The_Plan .  There is a link on the site to send your feedback directly.  There are also a number of meetings occurring over the next two weeks called by school leadership, in an attempt to educate parents and citizens, solicit feedback, and develop a collective strategy about the Changing Options Plan. 

Some of these meetings are listed below.  We ask if neighbors know of others, to add these additional meetings including their purpose, location, and timing as a comment to this site so all neighbors can have the most accurate information.

February 25: PTA/PTO leaders group
Burroughs’ auditorium
Purpose: to review the information that was presented on Feb 12, so you can bring the information back to your school.
6:30 PM
Please direct questions regarding this meeting with Burrough’s PTO President at bfmcginnis@comcast.net

February 26th:  Area C Parent Advisory Council Meeting   
Lyndale Community School – 312 West 34th Street
The stated purpose of the meeting is building relationships by looking at specific concerns of ELL families.  However, Area C of the Minneapolis Public Schools includes 23 schools in south central and southwest Minneapolis.  The Parent Council meets monthly so that parents and community members can join to discuss multi school issues and concerns, making it an appropriate place to raise your concerns. 
6:30-8:30pm  – light meal 
childcare available/translation in Spanish and Somali 

March 4: Community Presentation and Discussion of the Changing Options Plan
Burroughs’ auditorium
6:30 PM
Please direct questions regarding this meeting with Burrough’s PTO President at bfmcginnis@comcast.net

If you have questions regarding Area C please contact: Gael.Ellis@mpls.k12.mn.us

There will be a District work session on this subject on March 3 and community meetings scheduled the week of March 9 (watch the MPS website for more info on these meetings).


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  1. Laura on February 25th, 2009 2:58 PM

    Hard to know if some of these meetings are actually open to the public. For instance, the one tonight at the Burrough’s Auditorium says “PTO/PTA Leaders” and the MO is for them to bring info back to their respective schools.

    How does one know if the public is welcome or not?

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