To Kingfield Community Members,

The reconstruction of Nicollet Avenue is currently scheduled to begin in 2012 and will take two years to complete.  The construction process will involve a complete street reconstruction, similar to what took place on Lake Street.  The reconstruction of Nicollet Avenue will be both a challenging time for neighborhood businesses and residents as well as an important opportunity to plan for the future and to encourage investment in the community.

The Steering Committee is being organized by the Lyndale and Kingfield Neighborhood Associations in partnership with the City of Minneapolis in order to ensure the community is involved in the planning process for the street design.

The purpose of the Committee is to:
A)  Be the connection between the community and the design process.
B)  Help shepherd the project through the planning and construction process.
C)  Solicit and organize input from community members, property owners, business owners and managers, and other users of the Nicollet Corridor.
D)  Be honest brokers between the different ideas and interests for the project.
E)  Identify and communicate ways to support businesses and residents who will be impacted during the construction process.
F)  Facilitate communication during the construction process.
The Committee is expected to meet at least once per month, and often more, during the next 10 months of the design process and will be charged with conducting extensive outreach to solicit input from other community members including hosting a number of community input meetings.  The Committee will also work with the City and community members during the construction process to ensure that construction goes as smoothly as possible.

The Committee will ideally have eight to ten community members representing a mix of property owners, businesses, and homeowners from both Lyndale and Kingfield.  The first Committee meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 5th from 5:30 to 7:00 pm at the LNA Offices (3537 Nicollet Avenue).  If you are interested in serving on the Committee please let KFNA know.  If there are more people interested in serving than there are slots available, the boards’ of the respective organizations will make the final appointments.  Please feel free to contact either Sarah Linnes-Robinson ( /612.823.5980) if you would like to discuss the Committee or the project further, or to express your interest in serving and RSVP for the first committee meeting on April 5th.


Sarah Linnes-Robinson, Executive Director, Kingfield Neighborhood Association


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  1. Alex Sawka on April 19th, 2010 11:53 AM


    I recently bought a condo in the Kingfield and I was really hoping that the project was going to begin before 2012. I was so excited when I moved in because I saw how nice they were making Lyndale Ave. Now that it is complete, I love it. Nicollet is in worse shape then Lyndale was at the time they started fixing it! In 2 years I’m going to be afraid to drive on it. I’m already trying to avoid it at all costs which is terrible for the businesses along there. Please see if you can get the project timeline expedited. Thanks

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