Recently a large underground electrical duct was located along the south side of 40th St. The project design plans did not show this.  The discovery of the electrical duct has caused us to reevaluate how we will reconstruct this intersection and may require us to revise our storm sewer design slightly.  We have determined the safest and most efficient way to work around this obstacle includes closing the intersection of 40th St and Nicollet Ave.

The contractor for the Nicollet Ave Reconstruction project has indicated that work at the intersection will take 2 weeks under the full closure. They have committed to putting in long hours and work on Saturday in order for the intersection to be back open as quickly as possible.

The closure of the Nicollet Ave and 40th St intersection requires changing access to the Nicollet Ave detour. Originally, the plan was to do the work at 40th and Nicollet in multiple stages so that traffic was always maintained to and from the detour routes.

  • The northbound detour will be 42nd St W to Grand Ave S to 38th St W. At 38th St you will be able to access the regular 1st Ave and Blaisdell Ave detour routes.
  • The southbound detour will be 38th St W to Grand Ave S to 42nd St W.

At this time we anticipate the closure will start on Monday, July 15th. Until then we will continue with the original plan for construction and with work on the north side of the intersection of 40th and Nicollet and the access to the detour will be maintained.

Thank you for your understanding and patience with this issue.

On-site project inspector Bob Anthoney 612-210-2269- Call Bob if you have immediate issues on the project

Project Engineer Beverly Warmka 612-673-3762- Call Bev if you have general questions regarding the project



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