The City of Minneapolis is offering 1,000 trees this spring for only $25 each. The trees are approximately four to eight feet tall (depending on the species) with one-inch trunks. Starting now, any Minneapolis property owner – whether resident, business or nonprofit – can order a tree to plant on private Minneapolis property this spring. Comparable trees cost about $125 at a nursery.

Varieties of trees available for $25 are blue beech, Evans Bali cherry, Kentucky coffeetree, northern hackberry, Princeton elm, river birch, Royal Raindrops crabapple, serviceberry (single stem) and Techny arborvitae.

  • Ordering begins March 25 at or 952-767-3886. In previous years the trees have sold quickly. Property owners who order early will get the best selection.
  • $25 trees are available for Minneapolis residents, businesses and nonprofits.
  • First-come, first-served. Limit one tree per property, maximum five properties per owner.
  •  Trees must be picked up May 18-20 at the City of Minneapolis Impound Lot. (The Saturday morning is the busiest time and longest wait.) Volunteers will be on hand to help load each new tree and complimentary bag of mulch into vehicles.

Tree Trust will host a free workshop for participants on proper tree planting and care from 7 to 8 p.m., May 1, at UROC (the University of Minnesota’s Urban Research and Outreach Engagement Center at 2001 Plymouth Ave. N.). No pre-registration is required. Questions? Call 952-767-3886.


In the past seven years, the City Trees program has increased the City’s canopy by providing 9,000 trees for planting on private property. The City Trees program helps meet Minneapolis’ eco-focused goal recognizing trees as a solid green investment. Since 2006, the City of Minneapolis has funded the City Trees program, a low-cost way for folks to help build the city’s tree canopy. The City Trees program is a partnership between the City of Minneapolis and Tree Trust, a local nonprofit that works to improve the community environment by investing in people. Healthy trees look beautiful in our neighborhoods, increase property values, help clean the air we breathe, save on our energy bills with strategic planting, keep the city cooler in the summer, provide homes for wildlife and help manage stormwater.


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