Thanks so much to all of the wonderful volunteers who have particpated in the workshops so far!  Just to give you a little perspective, our week has been really crazy, exciting, and busy and our numbers look like this:

  • Total number of people who have helped with the mosaic so far:  176
  • Number who helped on Saturday, Nov 17:  85
  • Number of workshops held the week of November 11: 4

We have workshops scheduled for the dates listed below.  We hope you will join us at either of them.

  • Friday, November 30 8 – 10 pm at King Park, 4055 Nicollet Avenue S, Minneapolis
  • Tuesday, December 11 – 6:30 at King Park, 4055 Nicollet Avenue S, Minneapolis

Enjoy the photos of the completed panels, learn more about the project here, and come help us build the rest of them!





Attached are two of the panels that are close to being completed.  They are just stunning.  Thanks for all of your help and to Sharra Frank for her expertise and vision.



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