Discussion held 4/22/09

The Kingfield Neighborhood Association (KFNA) brought leaders together to acknowledge and discuss opportunities and impacts of closing open areas in our area, with an interest in creating successful schools and neighborhoods.   The goal of the discussion is to start building relationships now, so we have a better idea of who to call once the District announces changes on April 28.  We hope to then be able to work together to bring information to our constituencies and continue building our relationships  so that when the changes are implemented we have a strong base to begin the 2010 school year with.


Notes from the discussion can be found here.


3 Responses to “School and Neighborhood Association Leadership Discussion Notes”

  1. jane onsrud on April 28th, 2009 10:56 AM

    So you started building relationships but you forgot to include the actual stakeholders in this whole mess, families who are being displaced from their schools and sent to a new one. People who put in many hours of work and outreach on behalf of this neighborhood, because they love this neighborhood and want what’s best for it. Reading the notes and how we, the residents who care about the outcome, were marginalized and how KFNA and EHFNA distanced themselves from us, just makes me sad.

  2. Allison Valencia on April 28th, 2009 10:56 AM

    Thanks to Tom, Sara, Matt, and everyone else who made the meeting happen. Community leaders gathering and meeting with school leaders is a very important step in this process. However, I’m sad to read these notes and see that everyone who has a voice was given the opportunity to express their opinion at this meeting, but that those who have no voice — F2 parents not at Barton — were not. As for the comments that the Ning site is one-sided and was “taken over,” those most active on the site have been begging for other ideas and opinions. The debate on the site was a healthy one, with ideas coming from all sides, until a number of participants pulled off, crying “one-sided.” If others would visit the site and engage in the discussion, they would see that it is not biased. Rather, those involved have poured all their time and energy trying to connect with one another and come up with ideas to help all children in SW Mpls. And the ideas have differed, and we’ve all had to compromise and be willing to hear new ideas out and speak to all different groups of people to find out what would work, what would be supported by the district and the board and by the neighborhoods the schools are located in. I’m so incredibly disappointed that this process has led to so much finger-pointing and accusation. As for the “slow down” proposal that we keep hearing, it’s NOT going to happen, so we must accept that, move on, and get excited about a “new” school for the community, whatever it may be, and get to work!
    How about replacing the poll about the dog park with a poll about CSO, by the way?

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