Solarize Kingfield

Solarize Kingfield! Making solar more affordable and accessible through education, financial incentives, and bulk buy options…in Kingfield and beyond!

The Kingfield Neighborhood Association (KFNA) is partnering with Applied Energy Innovations (AEI) to help Minneapolis residents and businesses assess if their property is “right” for solar, and to allow  interested parties to participate in a group purchasing program to reduce the cost of solar electric systems  and reduce the dependency of solar rebates to make these systems affordable!

If you missed the November workshops KFNA Staff is happy to talk you through the project.  Just email or call Sarah at or 612.823.5980.  You can then decide if you want to take the next step which is to signup for a reduced price on-site solar assessment which is $150.00.

You can sign up for this directly via our partner, the Minnesota Renewable Energy Society‘s website.  Be sure to click the Solarize box to receive the discount!   This on-site assessment provides you information on your particular property  so you can decide if your property is even a good candidate for solar, and possibly a candidate to receive rebates for solar installation.

Our other project partner, Applied Energy Innovations, is then happy to review that assessment and provide a bid for your property.  We are working directly with AEI  as the organizer of this project because they are a local firm and a great group of guys and because they have secured a bulk buy rate for solar electric on Minnesota made tenKsolar residential panels and we feel their pricing is great, but we are also happy to provide you with a list of other local solar installers if you want to get comparison bids.

If you are looking at a 2013 installation and want to take advantage of upcoming rebates you need to act fast, but we also welcome those who are simply increasing their knowledge of solar options.  As it has been said before, knowledge is power, and if you don’t understand how solar power works or know if solar is even a viable option for your home or business you won’t consider it.

Although we are focused on creating a core of solar-powered homes and businesses in Kingfield, we are happy to work with any property owner in south Minneapolis!

Solar Electric System Really Can Now Be Cost Competitive!  Solarize Kingfield provides:

  • Unbiased, experienced, professional solar site assessments at a reduced cost with no sales pressure from MRES, a nonprofit;
  • Direct to manufacture relationship – no middle man;
  • Expedited permitting allows reduced permit fees and faster turnaround;
  • Experienced, licensed, certified renewable and energy efficiency installer from a contractor such as AEI or another firm identified by the property owner;
  • Out of pocket expenses between $5000-$10,000 (pricing based off 3.8 Kilo Watt system, Xcel rebates, tax credits and Bulk Buy pricing) in part due to reduced shipping and delivery cost through bulk buy;
  • Community* and Utility** rebates may apply;
  • Federal Tax Credit of 30% – ability to roll over for up to 5 years towards future tax liability

* Community rebates – check with your local Neighborhood Organization for grants, loans and reimbursements

**Provided, Xcel Energy has openings in the 2013 Solar Rewards Program

Solarize Kingfield is organized by the Kingfield Neighborhood Association (KFNA) in partnership with Applied Energy Innovations (AEI).  Our goal is to create a concentration of solar-supported homes and businesses in and around Kingfield neighborhood by creating easier access to affordable installation of solar electric through community-based workshops, bulk purchase discounts, utility rebates, and federal and community incentives. The program is open to all business and residential property owners in Minneapolis.  Registration for a Solarize Kingfield workshop is the first step to being part of the program and learning more!

This program offers two types of Solar Electric Modules, German and MN-made. KFNA is hosting multiple workshops which include, at no additional charge, an aerial site assessment to let you know if your property may be a good solar candidate.  If you decide to proceed with investigating solar you can also receive a reduced price on-site solar assessment from MRES, financing options from financial partners of AEI, expedited and reduced cost permitting, rebate filing assistance, installation, and an solar production and usage monitoring system.


WORKSHOPS: Workshop enrollment is $20 per household and begins October 16, 2012 at, and will continue until full.  Additional workshops may be added if there is public demand.   Workshops are co-sponsored by KFNA in partnership with our local solar-powered businesses including Mulroy’s Body Shop, Twin Town Guitars, Pat’s Tap, and Quality Coaches.  Attendees will be entered in a prize drawing for gift cards from these businesses.  Enrollment in the bulk buy program will remain open until a minimum threshold of 80KW (approx. 20 systems) is achieved. The more applicants and signed letters of intent that are submitted, the higher the savings per unit could be!

For questions regarding Solarize Kingfield or to register by mail rather than online contact Sarah Linnes-Robinson, KFNA Executive Director, at 612.823.5980 or

Our amazing Solar Workshop Sponsors are all powered by the sun!


Read about the Solarize Kingfield Program Goals!

Read about Solarize Kingfield Phase I, completed in October 2011!



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