Kingfield Uses Local Photography to Repel Graffiti on Utility Boxes

Kingfield’s unique and innovative approach puts art where graffiti once dominated.

By Ashle Briggs Horton
Biking Pleasure 40th & Lyndale

Biking Pleasure 40th & Lyndale

In Kingfield, an innovative program that cuts down grafitti by wrapping often-tagged utility boxes with local photography has been a resounding success, spurring a possible expansion of the program to other parts of the city. 

The utility boxes, which currently sit at 25 intersections across Kingfield, are covered with brightly colored wrap that’s printed with locally-made photography. 

Sarah Linnes-Robinson, Executive Director of the Kingfield Neighborhood Association, said the images serve as a deterrent to vandalization…

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  1. Request for Artists Designs for Utility Box Wraps : Kingfield on March 15th, 2013 2:21 PM

    […] The Utility Box Wrapping Project of Minneapolis was inspired by a pilot project of Kingfield Neighborhood Neighborhood Association in 2009.  You can read more about the original project of KFNA here! […]

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