Kingfield Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors Meeting

June 9, 2004

Board members present: Thor Anderson, Rosemary Dolata, Rolf Johnson, Arthur Knowles, Ben Kristensen, Erik Lindseth, David Motzenbecker, Mari O’Rourke, Dave Saddoris, Niki Valens, Sean Wherley, David Muschenheim

Others present: Scott Pampouck, Marie Hauser, Robyn Repya (Southwest Journal), Rachel Foran, Liz Gibson-Gasset, Sarah Linnes-Robinson

Call to Order
David Motzenbecker called the meeting to order.

Community Forum:
Scott Pampouck, formerly of N. E. Tyme, shared his plans to open a new restaurant, Corner Table.  His plan is to incorporate locally grown and organic food in his menu.  Friday and Saturday nights will likely have the biggest draw, and Sundays will be more family-oriented.  He is currently seeking a beer and wine license from the city.  A meeting with the city was scheduled for June 10.

Moment of Silence
Rolf Johnson moved that a moment of silence be observed in honor of former President Ronald Reagan who died June 5.  The motion was seconded, and a moment of silence observed.

Secretary’s Report
There were no changes to the May 19 meeting minutes.  Sean Wherley moved that the secretary’s report be approved.  The motion was seconded.  The report was approved with one abstention (David Muschenheim).

Treasurer’s Report
Ben Kristensen updated the board on his research regarding a possible bank change for KFNA.  An ING account would offer a two percent return on savings.  There is apparently no interest potential for a small business checking account.  More personal service seems to be available working with a smaller bank.  First National Bank of the Lakes is being considered.  The clearest evidence of a problem at Wells Fargo, KFNA’s current bank, is that there are nine names listed as active on the account, in spite of repeated efforts to remove those who are no longer in positions of authority.

David Motzenbecker asked when payments to Sanders Wacker Bergly Inc. would be complete.  Sarah Linnes-Robinson explained that the payments, which are related to the RiverLake Greenway Project, will continue to be paid out until the full amount available is used, or their work is complete.  There is not a specific date.

Arthur Knowles moved to accept the report.  Niki Valens seconded the motion.  The report was approved by an unanimous voice vote.

Nancy Hanson, KFNA’s accountant, had been schedule to attend, but do to unforeseen circumstances her visit was postponed until the July 14 meeting.

Committee Meeting Minutes

Sean inquired about the redevelopment committee pedestrian bridge project, specifically regarding costs.  KFNA’s contribution is expected to be $20,000 to $25,000.  This includes $20,000 already set aside for art at Martin Luther King Park as part of the RiverLake Greenway project.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statements
Board members and staff were asked to state possible conflicts.

1. Rolf Johnson – none
2. David Muschenheim – none
3. Erik Lindseth – none
4. Arthur Knowles – none
5. Dave Saddoris – none
6. Ben Kristensen – none
7. David Motzenbecker – possible conflict with design work related the Corridor Housing Initiative
8. Rosemary Dolata – professional focus on affordable housing is likely to overlap with development of affordable housing in Kingfield
9. Sean Wherley – none
10. Mari O’Rourke – has a decorative paint business
11. Niki Valens – owns business in Kingfield (Victor’s) & owns building where Yemaya mural is located
12. Thor Anderson – paid to do KFNA Newsletter layout & has auto-portrait business
13. Liz Gibson-Gasset – potential fois gras clients in neighborhood
14. Sarah Linnes-Robinson – children enrolled in Judson Preschool & resident of Bryant Neighborhood

Committee Membership Changes/Updates
Communications:  Niki (interested in block club representation), Peter Gold (via email)

NRP Steering:  Sam Zordich (contacted Sarah)
note: no June meeting

Zoning Sub-Committee:  David Muschenheim
note: general invite to all offered by Arthur K.

NRP Project Organizer
Rachel Foran introduced herself.  She is a former Vista Volunteer from Rochester, New York.  She lives in St. Paul and has current part-time position as an independent contractor.  (She doesn’t anticipate a scheduling conflict.)  She has significant experience in grant writing.

Arthur moved that the board accept the Human Resources Committee’s recommendation to hire Rachel as NRP Project Organizer.  Erik Linseth moved that the employment letter be amended to read “The probation period will extend for six months or through December 9, 2004…”  The amended motion was accepted by acclamation.  Rachel will replace Liz Gibson-Gasset, who is leaving the position effective August 1, 2004.

Summer Intern
Diana Sherman, a planning student from M.I.T., has contacted KFNA about a possible work study position.  She is available for eight hours a week.  Seventy-five percent of her position would be funded by M.I.T.  The proposal is that her work focuses on the Corridor Housing Initiative.

Rosemary Dolata moved that KFNA offer Diana a summer position.  Rolf seconded the motion.  Erik offered the following amendments:  1) KFNA will inquire with CHI regarding possible reimbursement  2)  KFNA be authorized to pay up to $5 an hour.  Arthur seconded Erik’s amendments.

The motion was approved by unanimous voice vote.

Paige Fitzgerald’s Resignation
Paige Fitzgerald submitted her resignation via an email to sitting board members.  Erik moved that Martha Ingram replace Paige.  David Muschenheim seconded the motion.  The motion was approved by unanimous voice vote.

NRP Update
Sean explained Kingfield’s current status in terms of NRP funding, and proposed that our goal should be to spend down Phase I funding to allow us to move to Phase II.  Sean distributed a handout, which showed that Phase I allocated $3,011,144 to Kingfield.  Currently, about $420,000 remains.  To move to Phase II we must either spend 85 percent or contract 95 percent of the Phase I allocation.

Sean requested that neighborhood input be sought for spending Phase I funds.

Seventy percent of Phase II funding must be spent on housing.  Only 10 percent can be spent on administration.  It is estimated that funds are available for two years of existing staffing levels.

It may be possible to get an exemption to receive up to $100,000 from Phase II.  Sean stated that we should do as much housing as possible while we still have staff.  This is why an exemption should be considered.

A neighborhood vote is required to move to Phase II.

Erik suggested designating a five-year contract for staffing as a way to spending down Phase I.  (10 percent limit may be a concern).

David Motzenbecker spoke about the Corridor Housing Initiative and a proposed Kingfield Master Plan as great opportunities.  Each will involve neighborhood input.

Niki pointed out that sometimes people need to be sparked through examples and encouraged working through block leaders.

David Motzbecker suggested forgivable loans or grants for small businesses.

Rolf questioned the effect of waiting for Phase II funding for CHI.  Rosemary responded that it seemed it may cause a delay or slow progress.  Sarah clarified that NRP pay out occurs at the end of a project, so a delay should not be a problem.

Victor’s Site Plan
Niki spoke to the board about how a restaurant remodel and cooler expansion at Victor’s 1959 Café has turned into a significant challenge with the city regarding site issues.  Problems include a requirement for 20 percent landscaping, indirect communication with the city, bike rack locations, possible curb cut elimination and an extended restaurant closure.

A June 16 meeting has been scheduled with Council Member Dan Niziolek.

Erik moved that the issue be referred to zoning and redevelopment.  All voted in favor, except Niki who abstained.

Corridor Housing Initiative Update
David Motzbecker explained that an initial plan has been created for Nicollet Avenue.  Neighborhood input is being sought at the Farmer’s Market, including a “values” survey.  An interactive activity is planned for the Kingfield Festival.

Annual Neighborhood Festival
The festival is scheduled Saturday, July 31 from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.

There will be a planning meeting June 10.  Each board member should plan to volunteer at least one hour.

David Saddoris suggested a 5K race for next year’s event, and Rolf suggested a tennis tournament.

35W Expansion Update
Sean provided an update of the Crosstown/35W Reconstruction Project planned for 35W from Penn Avenue in Richfield to 42nd Street in Minneapolis.  Bus rapid transit stops, originally proposed (and opposed) at 42nd Street, are now being proposed for 38th Street and 46th Street.

There will be a public meeting at Washburn High School June 14 at 7 p.m.  Sarah thought there may also be a related meeting in Richfield the following night.

Nicollet Ave. Street Lighting
A new petition is being gathered.  A list of property owners has been created.

Farmer’s Market
The Farmer’s Market begins June 13.  A plant exchange will be included.  The market operates from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. each Sunday.  Thor, Rolf, Rosemary, David Saddoris, Mari O’Rourke and Erik indicated that they would like to have KFNA Farmer’s Market lawn signs.

Motion to Adjourn
Arthur moved to adjourn.  Rolf seconded the motion.  Motion passed by voice vote.
Minutes submitted by Rosemary Dolata.

KFNA Board Secretary – Sean Wherley
KFNA Board President – David Motzenbecker

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