May 16, 2005

Committee Members Present:
Arthur Knowles & Sean Wherley
Committee Members Absent:
Barb Chung, Natalie Lenz, Melinda Ludwiczak, Lisa Rudy, Wayne Anderson, Niki Valens, and Sam Zordich.
Committee Members resigned for 05/06
Rolf Johnson
New Members
Ryan Raleigh

Meeting called to order:
Wherley called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.

The minutes from March 2005 were accepted.

Due to low attendance the following projects and issues were discussed.  No votes were taken on any matters:

Art bus shelters: It was discussed that the maps should be reviewed showing bus stops and ridership numbers and the replacement schedule of shelters.  It is hoped that this project could replace the Mural Project for 2006.

Social Service Grant at Morris Miller Youth Center: Linnes-Robinson reported on her meeting with Jim Cook of Sabathani.  She found the report satisfactory to pay the final payment of the Morris Miller Grant.  Cook also took her on a tour of the other programs Sabathani runs including a senior program and after-school program.  Cook was asking for support for the senior program, which primarily serves African-American seniors in the area and focuses on health support.  Wherley expressed strong feelings of supporting the food shelf and asked Linnes-Robinson to find out if a grant from KFNA can be earmarked to a project.  He and Knowles agreed that the committee would consider up to two requests from Sabathani if the money can be directed to specific programs.

Nicollet Avenue lighting:  A Community meeting will be held on June 28, 7 PM, MLK park for people to come discuss the project and the assessment.  Wherley agreed to attend along with Hallstrom and Foran.  The public hearing will be downtown in mid-July.  Neighborhood attendance will not be required.  Linnes-Robinson will coordinate door knocking and letter writing to property owners along this stretch of Nicollet to occur in mid-June.  Additionally, she will prepare a Scope of Service for the project so that it has a chance of still being implemented this year.

Kingfield tree project, Every Leaf Matters: A grant to the DNR will be submitted by the end of the month.  The $15,000 request will plant the remaining 120 boulevard trees (what the Park Board and KFNA have not committed to) and cover some admin costs including staff time and printed educational materials.  Note: The Park Board has already planted its 40 trees this spring in Kingfield.  KFNA will use the Community Initiated Grant process to determine which blocks will receive the next 40 trees (hopefully this fall, if they can be ordered by early July).  The opportunity to receive trees will be publicized in the June newsletter, the Block Contact Party/meeting, and through selected door knocking.

Mural project:  Costs are over what was expected due to five artists being selected rather than four, plus one of the teams are doing a mosaic tile piece, which will require a higher stipend and material cost.  The Minneapolis Department of health and Family services grant was approved for this project for $1000.  The funds will go to supplies.  Linnes-Robinson said she had just submitted another grant request to General Mills for $9958.  They have a six-week turnaround.  If the grant is not approved (or other funding not found), it may be necessary to move additional NRP funds into the strategy if all the projects are completed.

The September 27 public meeting was discussed.  Linnes-Robinson agreed to prepare a timeline of the Phase I Wrap-up items and Phase II Planning items so every one was clear on tasks and timing.  Wherley offered to help write the Phase I summary.  Linnes-Robinson agreed to get him background materials by mid-June.  On the agenda for the June Steering Committee meeting is the finalization of the NRP survey, which will be distributed in the September newsletter, and further discussion of the timeline and goals of the community meeting/NRP Kick-off.

The Kick-off meeting format was discussed. Task Force areas were contemplated but no decision was made whether there should be a “housing” and an “other”, or more groups then that.  It was felt that the groups would not have to meet extensively, simply be involved more in idea generating.

Next meeting – Monday, June 20:  Wherley will not be present.

Meeting adjourned.

Minutes prepared by Linnes-Robinson, KFNA Executive Director, 5/17/05.

Kingfield Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors Meeting

May 11, 2005


Board Members Present:
Thor Anderson, Darrell Gerber, Pete Hallstrom, Mark Hinds, Martha Ingram, Ben Kristensen, Erik Lindseth, Ryan Raleigh, Diana Schleisman, Niki Valens, Sean Wherley, and JobyLyn White-Weidow (alternate).

Board Members Absent:
Mari O’Rourke, Dave Saddoris

Others Present:
Arthur Knowles; Sarah Linnes-Robinson, KFNA; and Robyn Repya, Southwest Journal.

Meeting called to order:
Kristensen, acting in the absence of outgoing President David Motzenbecker, called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m.

Community Forum:
Outgoing board member Knowles reminded the board that the Zoning Subcommittee meets May 18 at 7 p.m.

Officer Elections:
Rolf Johnson resigned from the board.  Wherley moved that Raleigh assume the remainder of Johnson’s term.  Ingram seconded and the motion passed unanimously.  Linnes-Robinson discussed the bylaws and the roles and expectations of officers.

Lindseth nominated Kristensen to be treasurer.  Motion passed unanimously.  Wherley nominated Anderson to be secretary.  Motion passed unanimously.  Anderson nominated Wherley to be vice president.  Motion passed unanimously.  Hinds nominated Lindseth to be president.  Motion passed unanimously. Lindseth then assumed the duties of president and ran the remainder of the meeting.

Secretary’s Report
The April 13 minutes had one correction; the representative from the Southwest Journal in attendance was Joe Widmer, an intern.  Wherley moved to accept the April 13 board minutes; Hinds seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report:
Bank statements from March and April were not available for review; they will be approved at the June board meeting.  Kristensen brought the certificate of authority form and asked new officers to provide their signature for authorizing checks.  Linnes-Robinson explained that the checking account had an estimated $60,000 and that most expenses run on a reimbursement system, whereby the Neighborhood Revitalization Program pays KFNA for all expenses borne.

Committee Reports:
Linnes-Robinson explained that each board member should serve on two committees and that each panel’s membership is approved by the board.  She reviewed the committees and their roles or areas of oversight.  Committee members must be 18 or older, and or live or work in Kingfield.  Each committee should elect chairs at their next meeting.  A staff person is assigned to each committee but the chair should be responsible for communicating business with committee members.

Wherley discussed NRP Steering; Hinds Redevelopment; Anderson the Newsletter; Wherley fundraising, and transportation; and Valens the block organizing.

Mural Project:
Linnes-Robinson said KFNA selected five businesses for murals or other artwork this summer.  The businesses include Young’s Flowers, Nicollet Auto, Leonardo’s Basement, Frame Ups, and Colonial Cleaners.  Young’s Flowers will be adorned with a mosaic while the others will receive murals.

Lighting Petition:
The City Council’s Transportation and Public Works Committee approved KFNA’s Nicollet Avenue lighting petition between 36th and 40th Streets.  A public hearing is set for June 28 at 7 p.m. at Martin Luther King Park.  Board members are encouraged to attend.  Linnes-Robinson expects no problems at the hearing and said the installation could still happen in 2005.

Board Orientation:
A board member orientation is scheduled for June 7 at Ingram’s home, 4134 Wentworth Ave. S.  Board members are asked to bring a side dish.

Meeting Adjourned:
Hallstrom moved to adjourn; Schleisman seconded.  The meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Sean Wherley.

KFNA Board Secretary – Sean Wherley
KFNA Board President – Erik Lindseth

Meeting Minutes
May 4, 2005
MLK Park

Attendance: Scott Belcher, Peter Hallstrom, Mark Hinds, Steve Jevning, David Motzenbecker, and Kathleen Varner
KFNA Staff: Joanna S. Hallstrom, NRP Project Organizer

1)       Introductions: Scott Belcher from Bryant Neighborhood attended tonight’s meeting. Belcher has been aware of and very interested in the bridge project but hasn’t been able to attend a meeting until tonight.

2)       Minutes Approved: April minutes approved.

3)       Funding Updates: Hinds has had a conversation with Jennifer Ringold of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board regarding how the Mpls. Park Board could partner with this project. There is a possibility of getting staff support to assist with the planning prospectus because the bridge changes the use of the MLK Park. This connection will also help KBP build support from and access to local park staff as well as aiding to enhance public support for the project.

Hinds introduced the project to Michael Erlandson, Chief of Staff for Representative Martin Sabo. Erlandson advised KBP to put in a request for a federal funding contribution this fall in order to get it in the next budget cycle. It was stated that requests for $1,000,000. or less are easier to get through than much larger proposals. KBP will be strategically preparing /planning to make this funding request.

KBP currently has $25,000 in the KFNA account to initiate fundraising efforts.

Hallstrom asked what the next steps should be. First, Hinds felt it important to get official backing from the Mpls. Park Board. Hinds will write a letter to the Park Board contacts that he has to set up a time to do a KBP presentation/s. Hinds commented that the Park Board is very supportive to this project already.

The committee discussed ways to create opportunities to bring awareness to the breadth of the project. The focus of the committee currently is on building relationships and creating small tasks for supporters to do in order to build ownership of the project.

Hind will connect Motzenbecker to David Hall at MnDOT to assist/review our RFQ process.
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