Meeting Minutes KingBridge Partnership Meeting July 13, 2006

The meeting was held at Anodyne Coffee and began at 7:15pm.  Attendees included: Mark Hinds, David Motzenbecher, Margaret Sines, Steve Jevning, Steve Brandt, Elizabeth Glidden, and Kathleen Varner, notetaker.

Riverlake Greenway–Steve Jevning gave an update on the committee meeting that was held on July 5. Neighborhoods represented at the meeting were Bancroft, Longfellow, Standish-Ericksen, and Kingfield.  No residents from Bryant. Elizabeth Glidden, Mpls. City Council, offered that there is support from the Mayor’s office.

Steve Clark was hired to run a modal shift project.  TLC, Transit Livable Community, secured $25 million dollars for over the next five years for a demonstration project.  Its goal is to get people out of cars and onto bikes and walking. In 3 years the Greenway project is set to finish; if we merge the two operations we can get the bridge as part of the project. This was agreed upon by all at the meeting.  Another Federal grant provides $1 million dollars and these are granted every five years.  We need to involve the mayor’s office and convince them tell Public Works to apply for more money.

Steve Clark also met with Steve J. and Steve Brandt. They learned that the $1 million will be spent on project planning and infrastructure.  We need to keep KingBridge on the radar.  Steve Clark is committed to entice folks to use bikes, not cars.  A bike committee will form, geared to the city of Minneapolis, not the Twin Cities, although if a part of the project(s) included other parts of the metro areas, they would be included as well. By spring 2007 the first request for money should be in place.

Steve Clark wants the KingBridge to convey from its appearance that it is to be used by bikes and pedestrians. He does not care for portions of the Longfellow neighborhood that do not have designated bike lanes or where lanes are shared with parked cars.

He suggests we create a bike route over Hiawatha Ave. that is amenable and attractive.  It should avoid the electrical transformer station and interference from the Light Rail. Another suggestion around Sibley Park on 40th street is to take out the stop sign at the bottom of the hill so bikers could continue, and divert autos around to other adjacent streets.  Consideration also has to be made for bikers to safely cross such busy streets as Park Ave., Portland, Cedar Ave., and Bloomington Ave. Question: Can we get funding for signage, Wayfinders, pointing to local restaurants, points of interest, etc., on the bike route?  A distinction must be made between recreational bikers, vs. work commuters.  For recreation, flowers could be planted along the way to make the route aesthetically pleasing.  Commuters need fewer obstructions such as stop signs, and connections to the Light Rail. A Project Memorandum will be created as part of the next step. Questions: Could the design of the bridge be moved up if we had the money? Can we pool our resources with Riverlake Greenway in raising money?  The next Riverlake Greenway committee meeting is Wednesday, September 13.

Aquatennial and Kingfield Park Festival— Thursday July 20, from 6pm-8pm. We will post a display of the DrawBridge winners.  Leonardo’s Basement will display a bridge building structure.  There will be bicycle puppets that the kids will have made.  There will be U.S. Navy recruiters present.

Funding update—David and Mark met with the mayor’s office.  They also spoke to Victor’s Café on 38th Street.  We will plan a fall fundraiser there on a Sunday from, probably, 3pm-6pm with music.  David talked to Dean and they will meet again regarding philanthropy.  Margaret reviewed a list of donators, the spreadsheet of funding corporations that was created last year by Pete.

Prize money—Sara will cut the DrawBridge prize checks next week. We were unable to secure prizes from Art Materials. We still need to furnish prizes to South High School art class, and two $50 checks. (Is this right?)

Southwest Journal—we need to provide them with photos and a list of the DrawBridge winners.  Before that is done, our website needs to be updated, so the newspaper doesn’t publish the winners before the names are posted on our website.

Recruitment efforts—focus on Bryant Neighborhood.  Elizabeth will take a sign up sheet to the summer picnic, to be held Sunday, July 16, at the Bud Garden, at 40th Street and Clinton Ave. So., from 5pm-7pm.  Kathleen will ask for institutional endorsement from St. Leonard’s Church at their next Transition Team meeting on Saturday, July 22.

Vice Chair—Steve Brandt was elected by acclamation to be the Vice-Chair of this committee.

The meeting concluded at 8:20pm.  The next regularly scheduled meeting is Wednesday, August 2, 7:00pm.

Kingfield Neighborhood Association

Board Meeting

July 12, 2006

Board Members Present: Thor Anderson, Darrell Gerber, Peter Hallstrom, Mark Hinds, Diana Schleisman, Martha Ingram, Arthur Knowles, Joby Lynn Sassily, Niki Valens, Dave Saddoris

Board Members Absent: Shawna Gibson, Ben Kristensen, Erik Lindseth

Others Present: Sarah Linnes-Robinson, Elizabeth Glidden

Call to Order & Community Forum

Darrell Gerber called the meeting to order.

Elizabeth Glidden talked about the Southside Get Out the Vote, Mayor pre budget meetings, and the city attorney’s desire to pursue a test case regarding graffiti.

Dave Saddoris would like the minutes from the May meeting to reflect that a letter was sent to Steve Poor.

Martha Ingram requested that the word “have” be replaced with the word “asked” in the June minutes, page 2, under New Business.  Minutes were approved with stated changes.

Sarah Linnes-Robinson mentioned that the year end closing is still in progress.


Secretary: No report

Treasurer: No report

Redevelopment and Zoning: No report

Arthur Knowles stated that Wayne Anderson from NRP passed away.  Because of this tragic loss, Arthur hopes to recruit new members.

Sarah Linnes-Robinson mentioned that the applications for the stormwater project are due Monday, July 17th.  Darrell talked about the success of the Hazardous Waste Collection Day.

King Bridge Partnership: No report

Farmer’s Market
Mark Hinds suggested looking into purchasing a generator.  Per Sarah Linnes-Robinson, the site should have electricity available.  She will follow up on this issue.  Seating for food was also brought up as a possible addition.  Thor Anderson mentioned that custom Tye Dyed T-shirts may be a nice item to have.  The IRV table is present on Second Sundays.

Crime Prevention and Safety
Westrum’s has not been as problematic lately.  There are issues with the Pump ‘N’ Munch.  They will be invited to the next meeting.

The July meeting was cancelled.  Elizabeth Glidden said that there was no update on BRT.

Art Project TF: No report

There is a meeting on July 25th.

Action Items

The issue of the $10,000 request has not been taken up yet.  Redevelopment will discuss the situation.

Policy Reviews and Recommendation (KFNA Personnel Policies)

Pete Hallstrom motioned to review, Diana Schleisman seconded.  Arthur Knowles pointed out a typo on page 2, section 5.  “Manage” should be changed to “managed”.  In addition, the language should be changed on page 1, under Employee Classification, to include leave at the discretion of the Executive Director.  Sarah Linnes-Robinson mentioned that it may be beneficial to explain unpaid leave in the letter of employment as well.  Also, Pete Hallstrom recommended the policy reflect flexibility with leave.  Mark Hinds approved with amendments, Joby Lynn Sassily seconded.  Sarah Linnes-Robinson suggested we withdraw our motions and refer the policy to the Executive Committee, and so it was done.

National Night Out
Sarah Linnes-Robinson requested board members to volunteer to travel around to the parties and scoop the Kingfield Ice Cream of Rhubarb Crisp.  There are 10 parties registered so far, and 20 are expected.

KFNA Festival
The festival is piggybacking with the Aquatennial this year, and will be held Thursday, July 20th, from 6pm-8pm.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM.

Board minutes respectfully prepared by Diana Schleisman.

KFNA Board Secretary – Pete Hallstrom
KFNA Board President – Erik Lindseth

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