Redevelopment Committee Minutes

Kingfield Neighborhood Association

January 24, 2007

MLK Park

7:00 PM



Redevelopment Committee Members Present: Rosemary Dolata, Darrell Gerber, Peter Hallstrom, Arthur Knowles, Doug Kress, Tom Parent, Dave Saddoris,
Ryan Trebil – new attendee

KFNA Staff: Joanna S. Hallstrom

Ron Ungerman
Ungerman Construction Company
4450 Nicollet Ave. S.

Ted Brinkman
Ungerman Construction Company


Announcements: None.


Ungerman Construction Company BFIP Application Review:

Ungerman and Brinkman presented their plan for their business façade improvement. Presentation included a photo of the original brick building.

Ungerman plans to remove the siding from the building and expose the original brick and/or install new brick to bring the building back to the original look. The windows will be updated but remain the same size. There is a plan to install a limestone sign – if approved by the City. There are no awnings planned as the building sits too close to the sidewalk. Construction is planned for the spring.


Discussion: The committee found no reason why the sign could not be included in the improvements since it will physically be part of the building.  Since the construction is not planned until spring the committee felt that the contract could signed in March so that project can be completed in 270 days.


Redevelopment Recommendation:

Arthur Knowles made a motion to approve Ungerman’s BFIP grant request for a total of 12,500. Hallstrom made the second. Motion approved unopposed.



AIA Search For Shelter Design Charrette:

The funeral home at 3700 and Nicollet is one of seven sites chosen for the design weekend.


Information about the site will be given to the design team to be considered and incorporated into the design. The goal of the design exercise is to help communities stay ahead of affordable housing needs and to organizations move forward with their development ideas.


Currently, Plymouth Church Foundation is working on a purchase agreement for 3700 Nicollet Ave. S.  PCF is a reputable organization with other affordable housing development experience.


If PCF does purchase the site, the committee would like recommend that they investigate a partnership with a commercial development to make the site mixed use or expand the vision to include a development partner (such as a health clinic).


It was also suggested that the designers look into the possibility of including the two homes to the south of the funeral home. These lots are zoned OR. 


The Design team will need plans of the funeral home site. Hallstrom will try to locate these.


Parent will submit the following list of ideas/values for the site to the design team:

-Include Family and/or Senior Housing

-Meet the Corridor Housing Initiative goals

-Incorporate mixed use

-Explore how the existing building or parts of it could be saved with the freedom to exclude the building

-This site is important in that it is the largest site available for development in neighborhood.

– Development must have an interactive street presence / while respecting the single family dwellings surrounding it.


Design Charrette Schedule:
February 9, 10 and 11.
U of M College of Design (??)


All committee members are invited to attend at 12:00pm on Sunday, February 11th for the final presentations. One volunteer is needed to present the project on Friday evening and one volunteer is requested to show the building on Saturday.




Kingfield Housing Programs:


Emergency Home Repair Grant:

The committee voted to increase the Kingfield Emergency Grant Program loan amount from $4,000 to $6,000. The existing eligibility and parameters for loan repayment will remain the same. If the need for this grant increases above the $35,000 designated for this strategy the committee will vote to put additional funds into it.



Home Improvement Loans:

The committee voted to open a Home Improvement Loan Program up to all Kingfield residential property owners (rental and home owners) regardless of income and increased the loan amount from $8,000 to $10,000. The terms of the loan will be the same 4 year repayment at 4% interest as in the past.


Dolota made the above motion. Motion passed unopposed.



Other Business:

Saddoris raised concern about the electronic Billboards along i-35W.

Kress will check into sign/billboards regulations.




Dear Redevelopment Committee:

Below is a recap of the decision the redevelopment committee made regarding our housing programs. The committee decided to reestablish our Emergency Home Repair Grant which benefits low income residents and set up a Home Improvement Loan program that is accessible by all Kingfield residents. The committee also recognized the community benefit of improving rental properties. The goal is to get the money out, use it for housing loans that benefit the whole community and then be able to designate the returned funding for broader community programs. This portion of the meeting was indeed rushed and there are still a number of things to clarify. Please review the following and comment.


Emergency Home Repair Grant:

The committee voted to increase the Kingfield Emergency Grant Program loan amount from $4,000 to $6,000. The existing eligibility and parameters for loan repayment will remain the same. If the need for this grant increases above the $35,000 designated for this strategy the committee will vote to put additional funds into it.



Home Improvement Loans:

The committee voted to open a Home Improvement Loan Program to all Kingfield residential property owners (rental and home owners) regardless of income and increased the loan amount from $8,000 to $10,000. The terms of the loan will be the same as 4 year repayment at 4% interest as in the past.


Post committee meeting, Arthur has suggested a change to the following:

              I. Exterior loans of up to $8000.00 available to all homeowners.

              II. Interior loans of up to $8000.00 available to those homeowners at or below the median income (or the median plus a percentage).

              III. Interior or exterior loans of up to $8000.00 available to all owners of rental property located in Kingfield.


Sarah has asked the committee to clarify and consider the below questions. Please respond with your input. I will check into the CEE administration cost to inform what interest rate we should set.

The committee talked about requiring a home inspection (conducted by the grant/loan administrator) for interior and exterior projects to evaluate priorities. The Emergency Home Repair Grant criteria states that the grant can only “be used to repair hazardous or emergency situations either inside or on the exterior of the home.”  Do we want similar criteria for the loan program?


Joanna S. Hallstrom

Project Organizer

Kingfield Neighborhood Association


Attending: Arthur Knowles, Niki Valens, and Sarah Linnes-Robinson

Absent: Melinda Ludwiczak, Natalie Lenze

The committee reviewed the draft summary of the survey response from Bob Miller of NRP. There was a discussion about if the organization would go away or still operate on an “as needed basis” for zoning and holding a festival and Linnes-Robinson clarified that what she intended to demonstrate in the survey response was that the “company” of KFNA would go away and even if a board remained, it would not be the full-functioning “player” in the community that KFNA is now. She will look at the language to see if this can be clarified. Knowles and Valens agreed to review and send any additional comments via email in the next two days.

The group walked through the Phase II Plan and reviewed the Plan Modifications expected to be asked for at the April Annual meeting. They also discussed the Scopes of services that need to be prepared to access both 2006 and 2007 dollars. Linnes-Robinson will combine as many of these into a single contract and bring this to the committee in February. Additionally she will begin the Scope for the Farmers’ Market. It was also discussed that the money itemized for MLK Park projects should go towards larger-scale installations rather than classes if MLK cannot come up with a list of classes that seem to be interesting to residents in the neighborhood, an example of which could be a Walldog mural (installation or maintenance).
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Kingfield Neighborhood Association
Board of Directors Meeting
January 10, 2007


Board Members Present: Martha Ingram, Erik Lindseth, Ben Kristensen, Peter Hallstrom, Dave Saddoris, Mark Hinds, JobyLynn Sassily, Tom Parent (alternate)
KFNA Staff Present: Sarah Linnes-Robinson
Board Members Absent: Thor Anderson, Shawna Gibson, Arthur Knowles, Dianna Schleisman, Niki Valens
Meeting Called to Order: Lindseth called meeting to order at 7:11 PM.
Community Forum: No discussion for community forum.
Secretary’s Report: December board meeting minutes to be approved at February meeting.
Treasurer’s Report: No report this month due to holiday break.  December and January reports to be discussed at February meeting.
Redevelopment Committee Report: The American Institute of Architects (AIA) will conduct a design charrette looking at options for the funeral home property at 37th Street and Nicollet Avenue the weekend of February 9-11.
Negotiations regarding the future of the Lander property at 38th Street and Nicollet are ongoing between Lander and interested parties.
NRP Committee Report: No December meeting to discuss.
Green Committee Report: Saddoris stated that upcoming meeting dates will need to be rescheduled due to a conflict with classes.  Dates of meetings to be determined by committee members.
King Bridge Partnership: Meeting to be scheduled for early February.
Farmers’ Market: The Farmers’ Market task force had an initial meeting.  The task force is currently looking for a KFNA board representative to replace Anderson who cannot participate in the task force.
Crime and Safety Committee: No discussion.

Art to Di for: The web site is up and running.  Post cards to artists are to be mailed out this week with a notice to the neighborhood to be mailed in March.  Ways to notify additional artists inside and outside of Kingfield are being sought.
Walldogs: A steering committee has been formed and is currently reviewing potential sites.  Negotiations with site owners will begin as sites are chosen.  Organizers of the project are working with Steve Poor to coordinate with the city.  The event will take place in mid-September.
Transportation: The “Access Minneapolis Report: 10 Year Plan” was distributed via email.

Old Business:
Financial Policy: The executive committee was unable to meet prior to KFNA board meeting but will meet on January 15th and submit policy to board at February meeting.
HR Policy Amendment: Postponed to board in February.

New Business:
Bus Rapid Transit Discussion: Jill Hentges from Metro Transit was present to discuss the public input committee for the 46th Street BRT station.  The role of the committee continues to be clarified.  Hentges stated that the group would have input into bus routes and schedules but would have limited input into the station design as the design is mostly complete.  Sassily and Gerber expressed an interest in participating on the committee as KFNA board representatives.  Rosie Dolata was suggested as a neighborhood representative.  Motion by Hinds (Seconded by Ingram): Gerber to be KFNA board representative and Sassily and Dolata to be possible neighborhood representatives.  Motion carried unanimously.
City Coordinator’s Community Engagement Report: A meeting is scheduled for January 29th for community input on the report.  Lyndale Neighborhood Association and other neighborhoods have drafted a response to direct the city in its community engagement efforts.  These groups would like to present a unified response from multiple neighborhoods with the goal of establishing a continuation of NRP or formation of a similar program.  A meeting for community leaders is scheduled for Tuesday, January 16th at 7:00 PM at Harrison  School/Park.
Gerber motioned (Seconded by Sassily): KFNA to offer preliminary support of the response with discussion continued via email for approval of a final draft.
Gerber: Community involvement needs to begin in the early stages of planning processes.  Accountability of neighborhood organizations is key and should be specified.
Linnes-Robinson: Community engagement needs to be facilitated by meetings  scheduled when community members can attend.
Motion carried unanimously.  NRP committee to review letter highlighting NRP’s influence and support for KFNA.
40th Street and Lyndale Board Representative: Doug Kress has expressed interest in representing the neighborhood in this group.  This group will work with AIA process to help design the node at this intersection.
Ingram motioned (Seconded by Sassily): KFNA to contribute staff support provided the 40th and Lyndale group recognize KFNA representatives Sassily and Kress who will provide periodic reports to the redevelopment committee.
Gerber stated that it is important to consider commuters who use the Lyndale corridor in the planning process.
The redevelopment committee will plan on inviting the AIA to present at future meeting regarding this project.
Electronic Billboards: A brief discussion was held regarding the new electronic billboard along 35W near 27th Street.  Saddoris will follow up on this subject.
Meeting adjourned at 8:26 PM.

Minutes prepared by Peter Hallstrom.
KFNA Board Secretary – Peter Hallstrom

KFNA Board President – Erik Lindseth

Walldog Summary
January 2007

Mark Hinds (LNA), Steve Jevning (Leonardo’s Basement), Carole Bersin (Walldog Artist)

A meeting was held to review sites toured by Bersin, Hinds, and Linnes-Robinson in December.  Photos and dimensions of all potential sites had been distributed and commented on via e-mail before the meeting.  The photos were walked through and put into “Yes” and “No” piles based upon location, wall condition, visibility, store product, and perception of the owners’ willingness to participate.  The following locations were selected to be preliminarily approached:

MLK Park
Motorcycle Shop
Fun Sister II
Scuba Shop

Hispanic Grocery
Hispanic Meat Market
Lyndale Office
Tattoo Parlor
(fall back site: Spectrum Staffing)

Also discussed briefly was
Soliciting business sponsors for the event:  It was determined that this project should be a stand-alone solicitation and the request does not need to come out for a few months.
Grant opportunities: there are some options that have deadlines approaching soon; business sponsors may be better than foundations for this project.
Documentation of the project:  Bersin and Hinds have leads on a video documentary and Linnes-Robinson has a contact with MTN.  Linnes-Robinson will also initiate contact with photographers and graphic designers to see about community collaboration on a book (or calendar, as recommended by Jevning).

Linnes-Robinson will do a rough draft of a letter to selected businesses and finalize with Hinds in the next week.  She will also contact Steve Poor and get a meeting set up.
Hinds will continue to look into funding opportunities and submit applications as appropriate.
Bersin will continue to identify artists.
Jevning will figure out how he wants to structure the youth component of this project, both earlier in the summer and the weekend of the event.

January Newsletter Meeting Minutes

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