Redevelopment Committee Minutes
Kingfield Neighborhood Association
March 28, 2007
MLK Park
7:00 PM

Rosemary Dolata, Darrell Gerber, Arthur Knowles, Tom Parent, Dave Saddoris, Peter Hallstrom
KFNA Staff: Joanna S. Hallstrom
Jeff Washburne, Director
City of Lakes Community Land Trust

City of Lakes Community Land Trust:
Jeff Washburne gave a presentation on the history, mission and current direction of CLCLT. The four-year-old organization, which serves Minneapolis residents exclusively already has 53 homeowners. Washurne explained how the land trust model works to make and keep residential properties affordable. Detailed information can be found at  HYPERLINK and KFNA has copies of Washburne’s handouts.

Parent read statements of support for CLCLT from Ryan Raleigh and Margo Dean submitted via email. Dean is on the board of CLCLT. Both Raleigh and Dean highly value CLCLT’s model of creating and sustaining affordable housing and encouraged KFNA to consider supporting this organization’s work.

Washburne had four requests:
1) CLCLT requests a letter for support from KFNA.
2) CLCLT would like an opportunity to do a special orientation in the neighborhood for the general public. KFNA would be asked to help with invitation notices, especially to renters.
3) CLCLT welcomes partnerships, if and when KFNA is presented with development opportunities (like the Lander Project).
4)CLCLT would like funding for land trust homes in Kingfield.

Knowles motioned to write a letter of support for the CLCLT from the KFNA board. Dolata gave the second. After discussion the motion was tabled until Washburne sends Parent a template letter and the KFNA letter is drafted.

City Transportation Update:
Gerber passed around a copy of the Downtown Action Plan for Transportation. There will be two public meetings to review the plan:
April 11, 11:30-1:00pm, Central Library
April 12, 5:00-6:30pm, Olaf Catholic Church

Highlights in the plan include consolidated bus routes through out downtown and hybrid buses on Nicollet Ave. Better downtown bike routes are also being reviewed.

Gerber passed out a copy of the BRT Station on 46th Street Phase I Plan. The community group reviewing the plan will be selecting the name of the station. The next meeting will be focused on the bus routes that will be using the station and who the riders will be. The station design is mostly complete. Currently there isn’t much green around the station and the group would like to see more landscaping added.

The Cross Town Project contract opens next week.. The BRT station design will be completed this year and there is funding designated for the construction. It is unknown when the south stations will be completed. The BRT will operate on a schedule similar to a train. Weekend operation is in question.

BFIP Application: Scuba Dive and Travel submitted a BFIP application to install a permanent sign on the front of their building. The building owner is also considering redoing the siding on the building. The committee would like to see the applications combined if possible or submitted together. Scuba Dive and Travel did not submit an adequate description of their sign; the committee is requesting photos or a rendering of the proposed sign before the application will be approved. J. Hallstrom and Knowles will write a letter for both the business owner and building owner to sign stating that a single BFIP grant of 12,500 will be applied to the combined building improvements.

Housing Program: Minor changes and clarifications were made to the program as detailed at the February meeting. See attachment for the program details.
Parent suggested using the IRS definitions of home improvements, although this wasn’t seen as necessary for this program.
The housing loan program will be submitted to the board for approval in April.

Minutes completes by Joanna S. Hallstrom-KFNA

Kingfield Crime and Safety Meeting
Tuesday, March 20
MLK Park

Kingfield Residents – 4
MPD- CPS Tom Thompson and Lt. Marie Przynski
KFNA Staff- Joanna S. Hallstrom, Project Organizer – KFNA
8th Ward Council Member- Elizabeth Glidden, also Kingfield Resident

The regular March CPaS meeting was cancelled and in order to attend The Minneapolis Police Department Crime Prevention Award Ceremony. Kingfield’s Van Nest Block Club, was a recipient of the award. There were fourteen Building Blocks Awards total, three in the fifth precinct.

Mayor Rybak; Tim Dolan, Chief of Police; Rob Allen, Deputy Chief of Police and other MPD Precinct Representatives presented awards.

The award hornors outstanding crime prevention through block club organizing. The Van Nest Block Club has spent years fighting prostitution and drug dealing on their block and has worked very diligently and successfully with the police to address the issues. 8th Ward CM Elizabeth Glidden, CPS Tom Thompson and Lt. Przynski proudly presented the award to four representatives from the Van Nest Block Club. Each block club representative received a special plaque, two “Outstanding Block” street signs will be installed on either end of their street and they received a $100 gift card for a block party.

Minutes completed by Joanna Hallstrom- KFNA

Kingfield Neighborhood Association
Board of Directors Meeting
March 14, 2007


Board Members Present: Mark Hinds, Dave Saddoris, Ben Kristensen, Erik Lindseth, Shawna Gibson, JobyLynn Sassily, Dianna Schleisman, Arthur Knowles, Thor Anderson, Tom Parent (alternate)
KFNA Staff Present: Sarah Linnes-Robinson
Board Members Absent: Peter Hallstrom, Niki Valens, Martha Ingram
Meeting Called to Order: Lindseth called meeting to order at 7:10 PM.
Community Forum: No discussion for community forum.
Secretary’s Report: Jan. & Feb. board meeting minutes approved.
Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer’s report approved.
Redevelopment Committee Report: Parent reported that there is no new business to discuss
NRP Committee Report: Knowles reported that there is no new business to discuss.
Green Committee Report: Saddoris reported that his committee is forming a dodgeball team.
Newsletter Committee Report: Anderson reported that the spring edition has been published.
King Bridge Partnership: Minor changes to meeting notes were indicated.
Farmers’ Market: Knowles asked if new members are able join. Linnes-Robinson indicated that the committee is nearly done with its assignment.
Crime and Safety Committee: Gibson clarified minutes for board members.

Art to Di for: Linnes-Robinson clarified budget issues for board members, indicated that the final budget numbers are still being tabulated. Saddoris asked about exits at the event location. Linnes-Robinson indicated that there are sufficient exits. Lindseth wondered whether or not the budget needed to be approved. Hinds replied that it has already been allocated.
Walldogs: 3 sites have been assigned. 6 sites have not yet been assigned. Further discussion postponed until New Business.

Old Business:
Budget: Linnes-Robinson described the budget as reflected in Fiscal 07.xls document. Schleisman asked why T-shirts are not in budget. Linnes-Robinson explained that old stock will be used, in addition to new Walldogs T-shirts. Lindseth reminded board that the exec. com. has reviewed and approved the document. Budget approved.
Saving Account Recommendation: Kristensen explained the benefits of an “eTrade” savings account. Linnes-Robinson explained preference for putting $30,000 into account. Saddoris stated that he is not in favor, as he had a back (bad?) transaction with eTrade in the past. Motion carried with Saddoris voting “no”.
HR Policy Amendment: Board discussion led to amendment to HR policy with the following statement: “Regular employees will get a regular stipend at the end of the year based on the number of hours worked”. It was further amended as follows: “If employee terminates employment during the calender year the stipend will be prorated and paid upon termination. Neither temporary employees or independent contractors are eligible for an annual stipend”.
Regarding the issue of posting open positions, it was amended that: “only employee positions need be posted, not temporary employees or independent contractors”.

New Business:
Farmer’s Market Temporary Employee Coordinator Job Description: Linnes-Robinson explained that this job will be similar to last year, with increased hours. Hourly rate is $15. Linnes-Robinson indicated that the position would need to be posted ASAP. Terms were adopted.
Stormwater Site Participant’s Contract: Saddoris explained contract (see document). Linnes-Robinson indicated that there will be another agreement for commercial properties. It was agreed that the contract be amended with the addition of an “initial” line next to Statement 10 in the contract. In addition Lindseth agreed to rework the waiver clause in this and the commercial contracts.
Walldog Site Organizer Independent Contractor Contract: The contract was approved with the stipulation that the project cost will be split 50/50 between the neighborhoods (KFNA & LNA)
Property Variance: Board approved a variance seeking permission to split Sassily property. Sassily abstained.
Annual Meeting Plans: Annual meeting is Monday, April 16th. Board discussed how to use allocate time during the meeting. Linnes-Robinson and board committee chairs agreed to take responsibility for various aspects of the event.

Meeting adjourned at 9 PM.

Minutes prepared by Thor Anderson.
KFNA Board Secretary – Peter Hallstrom

KFNA Board President – Erik Lindseth

Walldog Minutes

Sandy Parnell (Volunteer Recruitment and Events), Tracy Nielson (Communications), Jenny Breen (Events), Brenda Johnson (Communications), Jackie Hayes (Fundraising), Steve Jevning (Fundraising)
(The above people have attended a meeting and committed their involvement in the project and on the Walldog Steering Committee)

Staff Attendance:
Sarah Linnes-Robinson (Volunteer Recruitment and Events…with the thinking the latter will flow into the prior), Mark Hinds (Fundraising and Communications), Carole Bersin

Additional Community Interest and potential involvement on the Steering Committee or a working group of the Committee has been expressed from:
Karen Heegaard (Volunteer Recruitment and Events)
Katherine Harter
Angel (Lyndale)

Assistance to the project but not participation on the Steering Committee has been offered by:
Cathy McCarron (Communications—task delegation ok, no meetings)

Purpose of the meeting:
Provide a Walldog Project Description and define the Role and Commitment of the Steering Committee (monthly meetings and involvement on a sub-group).
Clarify the work done to date (potential sites identified, some businesses approached, 3 sites secured, outreach to potential lead artists initiated, concept of project approved by arts commission, commitment from zoning to assist in determining amount of actual lettered “signage” that can be included in each site and a promise to keep hands-off of the mural topics).
Clarify the decisions made regarding the direction and structure of the project so far (project will include 6 sites rather than 8 since MLK is secured and is so big, painting by community members will be encouraged in a controlled manner, waivers for all painters will be secured before any work is done, subject matter will be determined by the artist and the business, 2 sites will require the mural being attached to their building).
Confirm participation of community members in the project on the Steering Committee and on a specific Working Group (see attendance list at beginning of document).
Lastly the conversation turned to naming the event so it can “go public”; this is a key decision that needs to be made very quickly.  A summary of the conversation is included below.

Naming the event is critical so we can begin to market it both for fundraising purposes but also to the artists.  The consensus was the name needs to be short, active, mention the Walldogs, mention Nicollet rather than the neighborhoods, and can be a quick phrase and a longer tag line.

Names that were discussed included:
Up against the wall (up against a wall time-wise and while painting but an negative urban hold-up connotations came from many people)
Paint the town (familiar phrase, old-fashioned appeal but to big of an image, scale it down to the corridor)
Walldogs on Nicollet

Something showing a dog in a French coonskin explorers cap or beret with a thin moustache (By the way Nicollet WAS a French explorer, however, the Nicollet that Nicollet Avenue is named after is not the famous Jean Nicollet often called the Peacemaker who went into negotiations with many Indian nations wearing a flowing colorful Chinese Robe but rather a French geographer and mathematician named Joseph Nicolas Nicollet known for mapping the upper Mississippi River in 1830’s.)

This is where we need to pick up the conversation by e-mail.  Over the next few days please jot down your brainstorms, reactions to other brainstorms, and let’s work together to come up with a name.  I hope we can settle on something by the end of the weekend.  I’m going to start the conversation by listing some loose thoughts here for us to begin with…please copy this list into your e-mail and be sure to hit “reply all” so everyone can begin talking from the same list.

Walldogs on Nicollet
Who let the dogs out on Nicollet?
It is day, now we must paint. Paint dogs, paint.
Off the wall –Walldogs on the loose on Nicollet
Dogs Explore Nicollet
Every Dog has his day
Every Walldog has his wall
Explore your neighborhood—meet a Walldog
Explore Nicollet—travel with a Walldog
Nicollet Corridor—Home to the Walldogs for a weekend
Out of the doghouse and into the street
Don’t let your dog try this
Ever seen a dog on a 20 foot ladder?
Doggoneit—( Or….dog ON it!)
Dogs loose on the corridor
Paint the town red—Wild Walldogs on the loose
Do it WallDoggy Style-


Upon some sort of agreement that we will reach soon, I promise, Carole will take the name to a friend of hers for a few ideas of images…ideally these can come back to the group for refinement before or at the next meeting (Thursday night April 5th at 8 PM at the Lyndale Office, 3537 Nicollet.)  Please note the regular meeting time of this group will be the 1st Thursday of the month at 8 PM!  She will also use the name immediately to post the event on the Walldogs site pages and begin recruiting Walldog participants/volunteers for the event.

Minutes provided by Sarah Linnes-Robinson, Executive Director, KFNA.

Green committee

Present: Darrel Gerber, Dave Saddoris
Also Present: Sarah Linnes-Robinson

This was a working meeting to review and modify the Stormwater Implementation Contract.  Property Owners and KFNA will sign this agreement at the same time the Property Owners are signing a contract with the selected contractor for ground work.  The revised document was submitted to the Executive Committee for review and green has approved the final draft for submission to the board.

The Committee also discussed the fact that Leonardo’s has withdrawn from the stormwater project due to the inclusion of the living wall as part of the system design.  Sebastian Joe’s also declined taking over the project, since they did not want to maintain the wall.  In Steve Jevning’s words:
“For Leonardo’s there is simply not enough financial benefit for us to achieve our only goal which was to use stormwater for a foundation demonstration. The cost of filtering the water did not seem worth it to us. We will still try to build our fountain or perhaps develop a more modest plan.

Sebastian Joe’s does not want to consider the project on their own. The on-going maintenance responsibility is not attractive to them.”

The Committee discussed the possibility of placing the living wall on another site and a list of potential locations was brainstormed.  As a second option, it was also discussed that we could opt to work with Leonardo’s and not install the living wall portion of the system; although this would make the project ineligible for the City’s stormwater credit due to the lack of “treatment” of stormwater, the project could then be used as an argument for why the city should accept cisterns (and possibly rain barrels) as stormwater management techniques and these items should qualify for the credit.

Minutes prepared and submitted by Sarah Linnes-Robinson, KFNA executive Director, 3/10/07.

King Bridge Partnership
Meeting Minutes
March 7, 2007
MLK Park

Attendance: Steve Brandt, Mark Hinds, Steve Jevning, and Margaret Sines, Andrea Jenkins (8th Ward)

KFNA Staff: Joanna S. Hallstrom, NRP Project Organizer

Introductions: Demetrius Sanders from Bryant Neighborhood, first meeting.

Announcements: Jenkins announced that the Bryant Issues meeting was cancelled due to the snowstorm. It is rescheduled for April 5th at Phelps Park.  Brandt will attend and Jenkins recommended that multiple KBP members attend to communicate the immediate need to address the current condition of the bridge and show support for the larger project.

Jenkins also announced that the Minneapolis Park Board Foundation is organizing a big Grand Rounds Bike Rally on September 16. This would be a great opportunity to draw attention to the KBP project and the RiverLake Greenway. KBP would like to try to get a brochure registration packet and get the two projects listed on the route map.

Memorandum of Understanding:
Hinds will send a letter to Jim Grube next week. The committee discussed the key elements that need to be included in the MOU. KBP’s priority is to ensure that they are responsible for bridge design decisions and identify who will be responsible for bridge maintenance once it is constructed (not KBP).

RFP Revisions – Motzenbecker will make revisions to the RFP once all the timeline and details of the process are clarified.

Sines has been doing prospect funding research focusing on funding sources in community development, building construction, community improvement, recreation and the arts. Sines suggested establishing a subcommittee to further work on funding development. Sines will group funding prospects and contacts and continue with her research but she would like someone else to cultivate the relationships and apply for the funding.

Sines did not research corporate funders and will expand her search to include a healthy living category

The Committee discussed their strategy for securing funding:
Secure a few large donors first in order to make it easier to attain funding from smaller donors.
Develop the small/individual donor base to demonstrate grass roots support for the project, which can be leveraged to receive support from larger contributors.
Be strategic in matching funders with the appropriate project phase (i.e. the county can fund architecture but not design; identify funders to supplement the design phase).

Current Time Frame:
Complete the Common Grant Application
Plan cultivation events to further develop supporters
Complete MOU
Proceed with Design Competition

Hinds will email out a time line that includes specific fundraising and outreach steps

Brandt and Jevning have been working on the Sponsor Plan. The primary goal of the Sponsor Plan is to acquire and demonstrate grass roots support for the bridge project from local community members, churches, organization and public officials. This support will be leverage for future funding requests. “Sponsors” will not be asked for letters of support etc. but no financial donations will be solicited at this time.

Brandt and Jevening have a list of potential supporters and will send the master list to Hallstrom.

Jenkins will research if 2nd and 1st Avenues are State Aid roadways.

Brandt will email out a task list to committee members.

Minutes completed by Joanna S. Hallstrom, KFNA

Kingfield Annual Meeting, Community Building: Taking it to the Streets, Note From the President, Minneapolis Community Engagement Report, Kingfield Garage Sale, and more in March Newsletter.

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