Kingfield Crime and Safety Meeting
Tuesday, May 15
MLK Park

Kingfield Residents- 3
MPD- CPS Tom Thompson; Lt. Przynski
Crime and Safety Task Force Chair- Absent
KFNA Staff- Joanna S. Hallstrom, Project Organizer – KFNA

The 5th Precinct is planning a community meeting regarding mobile drug dealing. The date and time will be announced via CCPSafe email and neighborhood organizations.

Issues of Concern / Neighborhood Crime Report:
1) 4418 Grand (rental): 9 domestics, person arrested for armed robbery (which happeded at 44th at and Harriet) at this address. Block club is connected, residents are calling 911 when appropriate, landlord is not responsive to requests to deal with tenant behavior.
Youth at this address are suspected “drug runners, “ using back packs.

2) 3130 Pillsbury – rental license is in process of being revoked. Foreclosure pending on property not sure if it “by sale” or “by action.”  A lot of criminal activity comes out of this address.

3) Lurking Ordinance: Thompson referred residents to a recent City Pages article that explains the proposed amendments in more detail. The proposal has to do with:  Loitering (out in open) with intent to committee a crime vs. lurking (hiding) with an intent to commit a crime.

Community Organizing Strategies:
1) Thompson will call the property owner of 4418 Grand, invite him to landlord training and talk to him about the problems at his property.

Thompson suggested that someone from the Kingfield Task Force call Luther Kruger as seasoned crime and safety community organizer to get advice on how to put pressure on the landlord. Luther has actually gone and picketed suburban landlord homes to get them to address issues at their urban rental properties.

Residents were also encouraged to file Community Impact Statements regarding activity at 4418 Grand.

2) Thompson will keep us updated on 3130 Pillsbury.

3) Residents are encourage to call their local elected official with their opinions about the lurking ordinance.

Tri Neighborhood Court Watch Program:
MaryBeth Heller, Kingfield representative for the Tri-Neighborhood Court Watch Program, reported that they are working out the glitches in the reporting/tracking procedures for volunteers.  Volunteers are asked to track/do the following.
Determine whether the crime will be prosecuted, and if not why
Verify court dates
Gather community feedback and provide it to prosecutors and judges (community impact statements)
Find out what sentence was given, and if none why

Minutes completed by Joanna Hallstrom, Project Organizer – KFNA

Kingfield Neighborhood Association (KFNA) board meeting
May 9, 2007
Presiding: Erik Lindseth, outgoing President
Attending: David Brauer, JobyLynn SassilyJames, Darrell Gerber, Karen Pieper, Amy Joe Gracyalny, Mary Hunter, Ben Kristensen, Tom Parent, David Saddoris, Chris Sur
Absent: Shawna Gibson, Niki Stavrou, Arthur Knowles
Neighborhood forum
Steve Brandt expressed concerns about a chain-link baseball fence erected over the soccer field at King Park. Brandt was unhappy there was little Park Board consultation with the neighborhood. Matt Perry, president of the East Harriet Neighborhood Assn., introduced himself to new board members.
Issue Updates
Park fence: KFNA Exec. Dir. Sarah Linnes-Robinson said there were two issues – the fence layout itself and the parks’ decision-making process. There is no comprehensive plan for the park. Park area Supt. Paul Hokeness and Park Board Director Bob Fine have offered to attend a future meeting. The KFNA board will discuss what type of neighborhood meeting will be held regarding these issues.
38th & Pleasant: A meeting about parking problems on the corner was organized, but the meeting grew beyond its planned scope and representatives from various organizations including Sagrado de Corazon congregation felt that if they attended they might be beat up. Mediation may be possible.
Westrum’s Bar: The board has received a letter from Heidi Fields & Bryce Anderson, 4303 Harriet Ave., the potential new owners of the now-closed bar. Their inquiry was referred to the Redevelopment Committee, which will invite Heidi to meet with them.
Secretary’s and Treasurer’s reports:
Approved without objection
Committee Reports
Redevelopment: Plymouth Neighborhood housing is considering buying the Werness Funeral Home at 37th & Nicollet as a home for at-risk youth. The plan is three years out at best, and Tom Parent said it was a good sign they’re huddling with the neighborhood so soon. The board will meet with a representative to be backgrounded on the issue in June.
NRP: no report
Green: The stormwater demonstration project will be implemented this summer – four residences and one business have been selected to participate.
Newsletter: May need a new editor and layout person this year.
King Bridge Partnership: no report.
Farmer’s Market: First market is two weeks out. The next two years will determine its fate. Augmenting early markets with crafts because food is in short supply. Pursuing a grant for weekly live entertainment. Will feature only local food at market. New vendors include Rustica, free-range chicken seller, and berries. A second, non-KFNA market may open at 36th & Nicollet, selling more clothes and other non-food items. As far as we know, they have no licences.
Crime Prevention: no report.
Bike: Five-six people are interested in forming a group to raise area ridership. Transit for Livable Communities is also interested in something. Interested groups will be brought to Green Committee.
Art to Di For: Produced $3,533 profit, not including staff time. KFNA now owns the portable walls that show the artwork and perhaps they can be rented out.
Walldogs: The September 2007 mural-painting event has been postponed to September 2008. Some of the Walldog volunteer painters, who are from all over the area and country, have safety concerns about urban areas. We may need to find urban painters. This year, we’ll do one wall as a teaser, continue fundraising, and try to tie into a big Hudson, Wi. event in 2008.
Transportation: Meetings continue about 40th & Lyndale Task Force.
New Business
New member: Shawna Gibson resigned because she is moving. David Potosky offered to serve; Darrell moved that David be appointed second alternate board member, behind Karl Narvesen, who was elected first alternate at the April annual meeting. (The other alternate elected in April declined to move up to a full board post). David Brauer seconded the motion, which noted that if Narvesen declines to assume a board post by May 16, David Potosky will become a board member. Adopted on a unanimous voice vote.
Officers elected: On voice votes with no opposition, David Brauer was elected President, JobyLynn vice-president, Karen Pieper treasurer and Darrell Gerber secretary. All were unopposed. Minute-taking at meetings will rotate among board members. Erik Lindseth handed over the meeting to David Brauer.
Berry selling: Sarah said board members need to volunteer to pick berries at a Hugo, Mn. farm to sell at the Farmer’s Market; proceeds will go to KFNA. The board deferred commitment until an email vote between meetings or the June board meeting.
Farmer’s Market electricity: Sarah said $1,600 is needed for exterior electric outlets on the dialysis center’s building at the Farmer’s Market site, on the 4200 block of Nicollet. The outlets will allow vendors who need electricity to offer products at the market, and replace generators. Some concern that the lease at the site has only two more years to run, and will the money be well-spent? It’s unclear whether we have a vendor nailed down who will need electricity. Will the dialysis center extend the lease? Darrell moves to approve a $1,600 expenditure for electrical outlets at the Farmer’s Market site; David Saddoris seconds. David Saddoris make a friendly amendment that Sarah will handle the details, and she and staff will be a good-faith effort and there will be a reasonable expectation that we will have a vendor or vendors that use the power. JobyLynn seconds. Motion approved on a voice vote without objection. Chris moves that the board also direct Sarah to work on getting a lease extension. Ben seconds. Approved on a voice vote without objection.
David Saddoris moves adjournment; Bens seconds. Approved on a unanimous voice vote.

Redevelopment Committee Minutes
Kingfield Neighborhood Association
May 23, 2007
MLK Park
7:00 PM

Rosemary Dolata, Darrell Gerber, Arthur Knowles, Tom Parent, Dave Saddoris, Ben Schein
KFNA Staff: Joanna S. Hallstrom
Church Neighborhood Foundation/Board representatives: Doug Mitchell, Fred Dietrich, Matt Crellin

Owner of the 4415 Nicollet Ave. S. (formerly Westrum’s): Heidi Fields

Owner of mixed use building at 38th Nicollet (southeast corner): Terik Propes
LL Urban Wear: Lavon Rice

La Chaya Inc: Property Owners – Summer and David Kopfmann / Restaurant Chef & manager-Juan Juarez (and wife)

Plymouth Church Neighborhood Foundation:
Doug Mitchell, Fred Dietrich, Matt Crellin presented an updated site plan for 37th and Nicollet and reviewed the foundation’s mission, goals and background with the committee.  The foundation has chosen Option 2D from those presented at last months meeting (hand outs of the plan were distributed). The basic proposal includes three stories of youth housing (45 units) with office and retail space occupying two thirds of the street level portion of the building. The structure will be a full three stories all the way around. Four 2-story town homes with garages will be built along/facing 37th Street.
Retail / apartment parking is located on a surface lot in the back, accessed via the alley.

As part of the foundation’s on site youth services, a job training program would be operated out of the proposed coffee shop/ retail space.

The foundation will be requesting a parking variance because this design does not provide the required number or off-street retail and residential parking places. The foundation has already met with CPED and CM Glidden to discuss this plan.

The retail and office spaces will be down to grade to make them wheelchair accessible. The youth housing will have an accessible entrance in the back or from the parking lot.

The foundation will be asking for a set back variance to have the building sit right on the property line (to include 6’ of green n the front) in order to allow for more green space in the back. This private green space would be utilized by residents. The easement (detailed last month) will most likely be approved by the City.

The foundation is currently making application for housing tax credits (largest source of funding for affordable housing.)

The foundation needs a letter of support from KFNA by July 6th in order to meet City deadlines. It would help to have it before June 20th.
Dolata motioned to:  Prepare a letter of support for this project that includes language that supports the youth housing and town homes and looks forward to ongoing interaction in the design process.

Knowles made the second. Motioned passed unopposed. Parent will write it the letter and Dolata will proof it. The letter will be emailed out the committee for approval before it is passed along to the KFNA board.

The committee asked if the foundation had run into any problems having the parking lot accessed from the alley. Since the plan have not yet been through the Preliminary Design Review this is unknown.

The foundation was encouraged to add a larger set back in front of the coffee shop in order to make room for an outdoor patio.

There was also concern about the presence of a 3-story building overwhelming the structures around it.  The foundation was encouraged to include relief and variety to the structure and avoid continuous solid walls.

The foundation was asked how community outreach is going.
The foundation has another family project in Tangle Town at the Mayflower Congregational Church. They hosted a public meeting, 100 people attended. Most of the neighborhood supports their project in this location and there were a few loud opponents. The foundation did door knocking and fliering prior to the meeting.
The committee requested a tour of one of the foundation’s facilities as the project moves forward.

When asked about green housing, the foundation stated that they are looking at options (solar hot water etc.)

The foundation stated that it is an option for the foundation itself to move into the office space. It will not be built unless there is a tenant for the space.

The foundation was asked if their closing is contingent on receiving the tax credits?
The foundation responded that it was not, but that if the project did not get funded the property may go back on the market. They will hold the property for the next 3 years as they secure funding.

4415 Nicollet – New Restaurant/Bar
Heidi Fields, Kingfield resident for ten years has purchased 4415 Nicollet Ave. S and is planning on opening a restaurant/bar later this summer (project opening is August 15). The interior of the building will be remodeled, the kitchen updated and the exterior signage will be changed. The name of the new business has not yet been revealed.
Fields has hired experienced management, will improve security and completely change the image of this bar. Fields has a plan to maintain parking and stop loitering. She will also improve lighting at the back of the building.
Fields has food service experience and her partner, Mr. Cosgrove is an experienced bar manager. Field reported that she has lots of fun ideas for her bar that will make the community feel safe and welcome in her establishment (TNT trivia, Karaoke, Bar Bingo).
Fields submitted a letter which further details her plans.

38th and Nicollet (southeast corner)
Terik Propes, owner of TNT Barbershop purchased the building his shop is in from
Jim Billings. Propes is currently working at redeveloping plan for the corner. One of his goals is to incubate small businesses. Propes has been in conversation with Mr. Sims, owner of the dental office adjacent to his property to explore the possibility of attaching the two properties along 38th Street. Propes will be renovating the up stairs apartments in his building. He has maintained his property well and recently had the bus shelter moved over so that it wasn’t blocking the visibility of his store fronts

Propes wants to know what the community wants to see happen at this location (type of development, type of retail etc.). He is also seeking demographic information and development resources. Propes was referred to The Great Street Program, which may have funding options as early as this fall. Propes did receive a BFIP grant from KFNA a few years ago. Hallstrom passed out information of CPED business financing programs and free business consulting services through SCORE. The committee offered to help Propes map out demographic stats with KFNA’s GIS software.

Propes reported that the owner of Nardies did close his storefront at 38th and Nicollet but is still operating his business out of another location. It was reported that the owner of the Nardies building increased the rent exorbitantly.
La Chaya Inc
David Kopfmann and Juan Juarez presented their site plan and restaurant concept for La Chaya.  Kopfmann owns a landscape company (Yard Scapes) and other foot print properties, beside at former Kentucky Fried Chicken at 46th and Nicollet (the site proposed for La Chaya). Kopfmann is experience in property management. Jaun Juarez and his wife Summer Kopfmann live on 46th and Grand and will be managing La Chaya. Juarez will be the chef.

Lay Chaya is designed to have an open kitchen, where food prep can be watched. There will be room to seat 40; the kitchen is 1/3 of building space. The freezer will be converted into a refrigerator. The menu will focus on organic and fresh ingredients. They will apply for a beer and wine license, but the focus will be food.
Kopfmann will clean up the alley fence, install pavers on portions of the parking lot, create an outdoor patio, install a rain garden and other shrubs and trees to soften and green up the site. The signage will also be changed.

Kopfmann has already had the site plans reviewed by the City. The restaurant is planned to open this fall. Kopfmann and Juarez would like the neighborhood to support their liquor license.

The redevelopment committee was unsure if it was in their authority to review and recommend support for or against a liquor license. Saddoris made a motion to support the La Chaya development as presented and recommends that the KFNA board review La Chaya’s liquor license request, when it comes time. Knowles made the second. Motion passed unopposed.

Minutes prepared by: Joanna S. Hallstrom, Project Organizer,  KFNA

Walldog Summary
May 2007
The idea below (to postpone the Walldog Event until summer of 08) was approved by the Walldog Steering Committee at their meeting on 5/3/07.  In attendance: Mark Hinds, Sarah Linnes-Robinson, Sandy Parnell, Karen Heegaard, Ray Carron.  Commenting in favor via e-mail on the proposal: Steve Jevning, Brenda Johnson, and Carole Bersin.

On Apr 28, 2007, at 12:14 PM, Mark Hinds wrote:
Walldog Steering Committee:

Sarah and I have been discussing the idea of postponing the Walldog event until next summer for many reasons (brainstormed below, if you care to look).  The primary reasons are:

1) We’re on a very tight schedule for fundraising–  on the current schedule we won’t even finding out about most of the grants we submit until right before the September date.   We also feel that with a longer time to plan we will have an easier time to secure more corporate/local sponsorship.

2) We only have 3 walls secured, which has made it hard to secure lead artists.  Also, Walldog artists have made commitments to other meets this year so ours is a lower priority because it is being “loosely” organized at this time and because it is in a City  – which is different than most other meets.

3) Because of reason 2, we think we’re going to end up having to develop an Urban Walldog Model… which would be somewhere between what Kingfield has already done with murals and a traditional Walldog meet.   Taking the time to develop this model would help with the requests Sarah is already receiving for “how are you guys painting all these murals–we want to do the same!”

We want to know what you think about this… and are hoping you don’ t feel it is a “bait and switch!” (Come join the committee for 6 months–oh! I guess it will be a year and a half!)  We think we can relax the schedule of the monthly steering committee meetings to every other month and focus on regular communication/fundraising meetings now (for those interested in that) and regular event planning meetings, as we get closer to the event.

We would like to hear from you by e-mail, but also discuss this at the scheduled Steering Committee meeting next week, Thursday, May 3, 8 PM, Lyndale offices.  Just in case you are wondering, Carole is also on board with this delay of the project, although it lengthens her involvement in it she feels, from the standpoint of trying to recruit her Walldog Community that the project will be looked upon more favorably with a longer lead-time.

Thank you for your interest in this project.  We hope to hear and see from you all soon on this topic.

Sarah and Mark

After the idea of postponing was agreed upon, potential dates for ’08 were discussed.  If we cannot partner with Hudson in July, the group felt September would be best.  The only concern expressed came from Linnes-Robinson who worries that the Park will feel we are “backing out” on them; if it is sensed they feel this way, the group will reconsider the strategy for where and how to proceed with one project this fall.
A wall this summer was discussed as a way to interest other businesses and build momentum.  Lyndale office could be an option but all referred doing La Princessa, which is highly graffitied.  Mark will work on contacting the owners next week.  In discussing events surrounding the one mural this year a “paint by numbers” idea was raised by Carron where people could buy a piece of the wall and paint it.  This evolved into buying a piece of the Lyndale office wall and “painting by numbers” the Walldog logo with the dates of the ’08 event—great visibility and advertising and corporate sponsors could have their logo painted too, for the right price.  This idea will be pursued.  Other ideas included a street dance and a harvest breakfast.
The group will meet the 1st Thursday in June at 7:30 but not in July due to the July 4th holiday.  In June we hope to have an answer from Hudson as to if we can tag onto them and answer from Princessa about if they want a mural.  Meeting adjourned.
Notes provided by Linnes-Robinson, 05/4/07.

Green Committee
4/18/07 MLK Park

Committee Members Present: Darrel Gerber, Dave Saddoris, Tom Parent
Also Present: Sarah Linnes-Robinson

This meeting was called to review the bids from the selected contractor for the stormwater management project.  Bob Reynolds was chosen by EOR/Fortin to do the work on all the sites; his bids were less than the competing bids, his schedule is flexible, and from the viewed samples of his work, he appears competent.  He also has a relationship with one of the grant recipients, Morrill, who he frequently does work for at his developments, which is how EOR got his name for bidding.

Linnes-Robinson talked through each of the projects with the committee, including any complications or delays.  A summary follows.  Site tours with the MWMO will occur on April 24 and upon their approval, the work can be scheduled.  Linnes-Robinson also raised a budget concern that she will bring to the attention of the Watershed Organization.  The concern is that since Leonardo’s withdrew from the project, there is extra grant money in site work and the desire would be to shift it to design.  Being aware that only one amendment is allowed per contract, it was discussed how this request could be presented along with a request for an extension of time for implementation.

Site Reports:
Address: 226 West 40th Street
Project Description: Install gutters and downspouts across the front of the house and part of the side of the house.  Route from right front side to a turf infiltration area.  Route water from both sides onto traditional lawn.
Issues: Contract specifies hand-digging yard—is this necessary?  Isn’t it cheaper to use a Bobcat? Also covers cost for resodding or reseeding—erosion in yard is greater than the project area.  Be sure our cost only covers project area not whole yard and front slope.

Address: 3641 Pleasant and 3645 Pleasant
Project Description: Shared raingarden in front yard between two houses (on both properties).  Trenched gutters and directional landscaping between homes. Rainbarrel could be appropriate at bottom of downspout.
Additional Project Options: Outside the scope of this project, a design will be given to the property owners for a trenched gutter system that will collect runoff from rooftops and route to raingarden. Installation of this additional design element will be done, at will, by the property owners themselves following construction of the raingarden.
Issues: Contract specifies hand-digging yard—is this necessary?  Isn’t it cheaper to use a Bobcat? Homeowner also wants outside additional work done by Bobcat in back yard.  Trenched gutter materials and labor is included in bid—clarify with contractor and property owner this is outside the scope of the project.

Address: 3756 Grand
Project Description: Site is entirely impervious – runoff from parking lot and building is routed directly into stormsewer Provide structured infiltration areas including pervious pavement in the parking lot and/ or infiltration trench with gravel below bike racks, and a rain garden. Site will be designed such that 20% of the space not occupied by the building is green space (to comply with city code).
Outside of the Project Scope: Any plantings provided through this project must be native and may not be desired by Property Owner, thus recommend that project focus on hard techniques and purposefully keep plantings outside the scope of the project to allow Property Owner to plant what they want.  If a rain garden is constructed for this project, plantings within the rain garden will be native vegetation.  Construction and installation of a patio “screen”, unless designed as a stormwater management technique, is outside the scope of this project.
Issues:  Property Owner is still in the middle of a City Landscape modification process that will take many more weeks.  The stormwater techniques are a portion of this plan.  Need to make sure all parties are clear what is in, and out, of our part of the project.  Site will take about 2 weeks to implement—pushing June 1 limit for draft Final Report on project.

Address: 3936 Harriet
Project Description: Put gutters on alley side of garage.  Direct water to the driveway/parking area in front of garage.  Change the soils/substrate in front of garage to allow better infiltration and install a pervious paver system.   Design will be durable to allow a car to park on it.  Might be able to do a vegetated system since it looks like this entrance is not heavily used.
Issues: none

Address: 4034 Blaisdell
Project Description: Remove large portion of asphalt in back yard.  Design rain garden to infiltrate runoff from (new) garage and parts of asphalt.  Potentially design other rain garden in front yard.
Issues: Easement on property may conflict with the project as designed.  Property owner is working on a resolution.

Address: 4301 Nicollet—Site Withdrew from Project.  See minutes from 3/07.
Project Description: Disconnect the roof drainage line which is currently connected to the sanitary sewer system and re-attach to new drainage line coming out the north side of building.  Stormwater will be treated as it flows down through planters (“Living Wall”) along side of building and into a holding chamber.  A combination of bioretention, filtration and storage/ re-use will be proposed for stormwater treatment.
Project Status:  As requested by the committee, Linnes-Robinson reported that she tried “selling” the idea of the Living Wall to Greggo Magnets.  After multiple conversations and a site tour with the owner and Engineer, the property owner determined it was too expensive to fit what he wanted for the space and also potentially too costly for maintenance.  Due to the amount of time necessary to “sell” the idea to the 2-3 properties identified as potential locations for the technique, Linnes-Robinson determined is was not feasible to pursue the idea.
As a secondary idea she secured a bid from EOR for the cost of retrofitting their design for Leonard’s to remove the Living Wall component.  The estimate was $2500.  The idea of implementing only the cisterns and fountain had not been presented to Leonardo’s as an option and would also need to be “marketed” to the City as a legitimate way to manage stormwater (it is currently against their policy).  The committee decided to not pursue this option.

The committee than discussed Hazardous Waste Day scheduled for Saturday June 23.  All committee members offered to volunteer at the event and expressed a desire to distribute free CFL light bulbs again even if other neighborhoods decided not to participate.  Linnes-Robinson agreed to prepare the grant request for Xcel Energy.

Finally, the committee discussed the limited number of community members that participate on the Green Committee.  They decided that once the stormwater project was progressing in implementation, a few short-term green events could be planned in an effort to attract new members.

Minutes prepared and submitted by Sarah Linnes-Robinson, KFNA Executive Director, 5/3/07.

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