KFNA Board Meeting Minutes 7/9/08

Meeting called to order by Tom Parent at 7:05pm.

Board Members in Attendance: Marie Wolf, Chris DeParde, Jobylynn Sassily James, Robin Bipes, Chris Sur, Tom Parent, David Brauer, David Buchanan, Jeff Shaw, Karen Pieper, David Saddoris.

Board Members Absent: David Potosky, Mark Brandow

Community Forum

– Monica Hofe and Beth Larson were introduced as CPaS co-chairs.

– Samantha Loesch and Molly Hanson informed the board of their intent to open Kings Wine Bar at 46th St and Grand Ave. They need a liquor license and a parking variance. They are also experiencing some zoning issues with un-related businesses on the same property with may delay the opening. They hope to open their business this fall.

-Brain Cornell – MLK Park Director reported that over 100 people attended the “Bee” movie last month and will show “Night at the Museum” in September. Fundamental soccer is going very well with over 30 kids and 8 parents participating. Brian felt that the KFNA website works well to get information out to the neighborhood regarding park events. The July 24th KingPark Festival will “go green”.

New Board Member Appointed

– David Brauer made a motion to elevate Robin Bipes from board alternate to board member. Chris Sur seconded the motion and Robin was voted as the newest board member unanimously.

– David Saddoris questioned the percentage of board votes to elevate a board member. Sarah will research questions and make a recommendation for clarification to the bylaws at the next Annual Meeting.

David Brauer made a motion for Arthur Knowles to become second alternate to the board, behind the remaining alternate, Diana Schleisman. David Saddoris seconded the motion and it was carried by the full board.

Secretaries Report

– David Brauer moved to approve and Chris DeParde seconded. Motion based and minute from 6/11/08 board meeting were accepted.

Treasurers Report

– May, June, July, and August reports will be presented at the September board meeting for approval. The year-end will be in Peachtree, and the current year will be in Quickbooks. The bookkeeper will be in attendance to field questions from the board and help the board in understanding how to read the new financial reports.

Farmers Market

– Resignation of Market Coordinator: David Nicholson, farmers Market Committee Chair and David Brauer reported that Sheila Delaney has resigned as the Farmers Market Coordinator. David Brauer reported that Sheila felt she could not serve the needs of KFNA and Farmers Market duties. Sharon Nygren was offered as a replacement candidate for Sheila. Moving forward, David Brauer will get clear expectations from Sarah Linnes Robinson as to the needs of KFNA with regard to record keeping and collection of vendor fees. Continued discussion was held around the question of continuing this position into the future.

– David Brauer and David Nicholson reported that the Farmers Market would like to break from KFNA and go independent for the future sustainability of the market. They would like to commit to the current Kingfield location for next year and move independently as a “South Minneapolis” Market in 2010. Sarah Linnes Robinson gave her perspective on the market which include: making the market known as a KFNA market; insure a revenue stream for KFNA; insure that proper paper work and record keeping is maintained. She has struggled with these points through the past years. Sarah felt Sheila did have time for these KFNA priorities. She is unsure if hiring a new employee for this position is the right thing to do. JobyLynn felt that work on Sundays at the Farmers Market was too much for one person.

David Buchanan made a motion and then withdrew it to appoint the Farmer Market Committee to select a new coordinator. Tom Parent made a motion that the Executive Committee discuss this at the next Exec meeting. This was withdrawn. David Brauer moved that the KFNA board authorize the hiring of Farmers Market Coordinator to be mutually determined by the KFNA Executive Committee and the Farmers Market Committee chair under the same terms and job description as before. Motioned carried unanimously.


– Jim Spensley spoke on behalf of SMACC. They need younger group of people to become involved in their organization. Jim reports there are more over flights in Kingfield and there is no reason for this. There is supposed to be no take offs from runway 35 over the city. This happened last year and there was no public outcry and flights continued this year.

– SMACC revised mission statement has is away from noise issues to safety and economic development concerns.

– They need more collaboration from people around the airport. Organizations may join and appoint a liaison to SMACC. Organizations can serve as a director, committee chair, and a voting member. They are soliciting for membership that costs $25.00. Tom Parent suggested KFNA look at the SMACC website.

E-Mail Policy Change

– The board reviewed an addition to the e-mail policy “…free and open to the public”. Chris Sur moved to accept change. David Saddoris moved to add “…held by Kingfield member”. The motion carried 6 aye / 3 nay / 2 abstentions.

Hiring Project Organizer

– The board reviewed the Project Organizer job description. Sarah would like to keep this person close to a half time position, the goal being to level work between Project Organizer and Executive Director. Sarah would like to eliminate the stipend due to recording issues. David Brauer moved to increase pay for this position to $17 – $19 per hour based on experience. Robin made an amendment to change the motion to “start at $17 and up based on experience”. The motion passed 9 aye /1 nay.

– Chris Sur moved to accept job description and Chris DeParde seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Foreclosure Lit Drop

– Tom Parent will head up a foreclosure information lit drop at 10AM on July 19th at Butter. The goal is to lit drop the 92 blocks of Kingfield.

Wall Dogs

– Sarah asked for Wall Dog volunteers to do various jobs on July 17 and July 26th. Food / site management / painting jobs are available.

– Sarah will e-mail WallDogs budget to board. The budget is $80k and a $7,000 deficit has accrued. KFNA share is $3,500. Walldogs is running a raffle ticket promo to eliminate this deficit.

KFNA Summer Fest

– Sarah asked for volunteers to help out July 24th for the KFNA Summer Fest. Jobs will include manning the KFNA information booth.

Block Club Task Force

– Michael Vanderford, West-of-King Block organizer, presented ideas to organize and develop strong block clubs through out Kingfield.

– Tom Parent and Chris DeParde created an action item list that KFNA can move forward with regarding block organization. These actions will include:

– Ice Cream scooping on registered blocks on NNO.

– Block organizational lit drop at each block party to include blank block map template and benefits of organizing a block club.

– Additional role of KFNA will to provide communication infrastructure by use of website and maintaining block club leader list.

Meeting Adjourned

Meeting was adjourned by Tom Parent

Minutes prepared by Chris DeParde, KFNA Sectary.


Approved by KFNA Board on 9/10/08.

On July 29, Hennepin County Transportation will be holding its first Lyndale Reconstruction informational meeting. Kingfield residents and others affected by this road project are encouraged to attend. Hennepin County staff will be on hand to answer questions and hear concerns regarding the reconstruction project. Here are the details:

When: Tuesday, July 29th
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Where: Bethlehem Lutheran Church (4100 Lyndale Avenue S)

Please click here for Hennepin County’s website for the construction.

MPLS Skyline & Artist Cisco Vargas

Thank you community artists, community volunteer support, and visiting Walldoggers! The murals are amazing works of art, memories of our neighborhood’s history, and symbols of how much can be accomplished when people work together. The powerful images that now line Nicollet Avenue are such a gift to both the Kingfield and Lyndale neighborhoods, that words cannot express how proud I am to be a part of this project and support this work of the community.

Sarah Linnes-Robinson, Executive Director
Kingfield Neighborhood Association

See the more of the murals at www.walldogs.lyndale.org

All you have to do is click on the map under photo galleries to see each individual site.

Finishing touches at the Salvation Army by artist Dave Petri

Joseph Nicollet led by Bernie & DL<

Artist Bill Diaz of Brewing in MN <

Artist Dawn Lane completes Dr. King\'s portrait<

David & Suze Butler & Team Butler<
Steve Lane discuss his design on MLK Park with a volunteer

Artist Judy Grossman sketches the design with a volunteerArtist Adam May paints the date the trolleys stopped running

Artist David Butler consults on the Nicollet Baseball Field design

Local Walldog Lead, Carole Bersin, mixes paint
Dr. ML King sign designer, Alaskan Artist Bob Parsons, withstands our MN humidity

Walldogs on Nicollet: Day 1Let the painting begin! Visit www.walldogs.lyndale.org for more photos and also current event information. If you have questions about Walldogs on Nicollet contact Sarah Linnes-Robinson, KFNA Executive Director, kfna@email.com. 612.823.5980.

Projecting MLK Park

Brewing in MN Day 1

Nicollet Baseball Field Day 1

Jospeh Nicollet Day 1

Fish Fest Day 1

Minneapolis Skyline Day 1

It’s time! After 18 months of planning it’s finally time for the Walldogs on Nicollet to happen. We hope that you can join us this week, as both a spectator and a participant. We have an incredible week of events and activities planned. You can also always find more info at www.walldogs.lyndale.org.

Family Friendly Art Activities
MLK Park (4055 Nicollet Avenue)
1 to 5 pm

Join us for family friendly art activities from Leonardo’s Basement, the Minnesota Opera Company, and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts – Art in the Park. The event will also feature musical performances from Minneapolis City Council Members Elizabeth Glidden and Scott Benson and the Minnesota Opera Company as well as a performance by Franko Master Hypnotist.

Walldogs on Nicollet Block Party
Zion Lutheran Church (128 West 33rd Street)
5 to 11 pm

The Walldogs on Nicollet Block Party will celebrate all the work the artists and volunteers have done to complete this amazing project. The event will feature gyro dinners, a beer garden, and the drawing for the winners of the Walldogs raffle. The event itself is free with a $5 suggested donation. Food and beer are extra.

The entertainment lineup for the night is:
5:00 to 6:00 pm – Threshold
6:00 to 7:30 pm – Cornbread Harris
7:30 to 8:30 pm – Artist Celebration, during the artist celebration we will recognize the lead artists for the project and auction off the mock-ups of their mural designs.
8:30 to 10:30 pm – Curtiss A and the Jack’s of Fate

Volunteer Opportunities

We need your help to make this project a success! Below is a list of volunteer opportunities, let us know how you would like to help!

Volunteer Orientation
Monday, July 21st
LNA offices 3537 Nicollet Avenue
7:00 to 8:00 pm

Join us for a short orientation on everything that is happening for Walldog volunteers. We’re encouraging everyone who is volunteering to come to this session. If you haven’t signed up for a specific shift, just show up, and we’ll get you signed up.

Volunteer Shifts Still Available July 24-27.

Having great volunteers to help with support, set-up, and clean-up are integral to the success of this project. If you haven’t yet signed up, don’t worry, we’ve got a job for you. Some of the roles we need to fill include:
Runners to help bring materials to mural sites
Set up for the Saturday Family Friendly Arts Fest and Walldogs Block Party
Server and Food Prep volunteers on Saturday at Walldogs Block Party
Information/Registration Table volunteers
Volunteers to sell raffle tickets
Clean-up on Sunday
For more information on volunteer opportunities click here.

To volunteer contact – Julia Modest at juliamodest@gmail.com

/ 612-750-6180

More Mural Designs

To help get everyone excited we wanted to send out a second batch of mural designs. One of the great things about this project is that all of these murals will be painted in 4 days.

You can see pictures of these and the other sites, find out more about the artists, and see what the themes for each mural will be by checking out our website.

Fun Ways to Help Out!Here are a couple of simple ways to help the Walldogs out!

Walldogs Raffle
To help raise funds for the project and to show off some great stuff from our local business community, we’re holding a Walldogs Raffle. The grand prize will be a wine cellar worth at least $800 of wine and beer donated by community members.

So grab your favorite bottle of wine or that six pack of special micro-brew that you think everyone should try, sign it, and drop it off at the LNA Office (3537 Nicollet Avenue) – which also happens to be the same place you can buy your raffle tickets for $5 a piece.

Second prize will be $200 in cash. Check out the raffle page on the website to see more great raffle prizes.

Tell a Friend
As much fun as this project is going to be, wouldn’t it be more fun to help out with a friend. Help us out by inviting your friends and family to join you in taking part in this great community event.

The Walldogs on Nicollet is a joint project of the Lyndale and Kingfield Neighborhood Associations. We genuinely hope you will help make this project a success and our neighborhoods a better place to live.

On Saturday July 12, at about 1:15 pm, a 19 year old male was shot in the legs near the intersection of 35th St W and Grand Av S.  The injuries appeared to be non life threatening.  The victim says he did not see who shot him and it appears that the victim was targeted.

This case is under investigation so I am not able to release further information.

Today is KFNA Project Organizer Joanna Hallstrom’s last day, so if you see her around the neighborhood please thank her for four years of wonderful work in making our community better.

Thanks, Joanna, and everyone at KFNA wishes you the best!

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