Kingfield Neighborhood Association

Board Meeting


7 PM MLK Park


7:00     Call to Order and Community Forum
            Attendees: David Buchanan, David Brauer, David Saddoris, David Potosky, Marie Wolf, Chris Sur, Chris De Parde, Mark Brandow


7:15     Strong Schools Strong City Referendum Presentation and Q & A with Sharon Henry-Blythe.

            Vote was held on whether to support and endorse the referendum.

            Vote In Favor: David Brauer, Marie Wolf, Chris Sur, Chris De Parde, Mark Brandow

             Vote Against: David Potosky

              Abstain: David Buchanan, David Saddoris


7:35     Reports

·         Secretary approved minutes with no questions or concerns

·         Treasurer

o   Year End Report

o   How to Read the new financial report, Lois Epstein, KFNA Bookkeeper

New report by QuickBooks was presented June and July (new fiscal year) by Lois Epstein.  Board made comments on format and important information, Lois Epstein will modify.  New report was approved and new format commended for being easier to read and understand.


7:50     New Business

·                     HR Policy Amendment Recommendation

    • Stipend removal – all references to stipend will be removed from HR policy.
    • Adjusted compensation of Kingfield Director (Linnes-Robinson) to account for HR policy change.  Rate of pay adjusted to reflect the removal of stipends from employee payments from October and on by adding $1.44 per hour to salary.  Hours from beginning of year through September will be paid at this additional rate to adjust for period when stipend ends.

·                     Funding for Nicollet East Harriet Web Site was requested by Mark Brandow for the Experience Southwest Site, which will list all southwest businesses.  Mark added that getting a plug for the Kingfield Farmers’ Market might be a possibility. Mark also noted that the NRP Committee had identified a strategy were funds could come from; Linnes-Robinson confirmed that there was money in a strategy for supporting businesses that could be used for this but it would require a board vote.


Linnes-Robinson stated that most Kingfield businesses she had searched for on Experience Southwest were not listed.  Brandow asked that the names be sent to him of these before the next business association meeting.  The board voted to approve the spending of $750 contingent on the listing of the additional sites. 


8:20     Old Business

·         SMACC Proposal – not discussed

·         Walldogs Report – Walldogs might break even.  Two events remaining (one an income-generater, Eating For Art, and the other an expense, Volunteer Thank You Party) and two grants outstanding.  David Brauer asked what would happen if money received was over the cost of the Walldgos project.  Linnes-Robinson stated that was unlikely since the final expense billed to the project was staff time and paying for this expense in full would most likely use up any “profits”; she also stated that the agreement with LNA was all costs and profits would be shared equally. Brauer wanted to be sure that if there were profits the spending of them would be brought back to the board .  Linnes-Robinson agreed to research the exact woding of KFNA’s Agreement with LNA on this matter.

·         Website Updates Posting again—David Potosky discouraged by the lack of updates by other board members.  Asked that other members participate.

·         Hiring of a Project Organizer Linnes-Robinson posted position with goal of interviewing select applicants after Sept 25


8:30     Committees and Task Forces:

o   Redevelopment and Zoning

o   NRP

o   Green

o   Newsletter

o   King Bridge Partnership (update provided in writing)

o   Farmers’ Market

o   Crime Prevention and Safety (CPaS)

o   Bike TF


o   Walldogs

o   Transportation (Access Minneapolis Report:10 Year Plan and BRT)

o   40th & Lyndale



Upcoming KFNA events:


2nd Annual Eating for Art

Thursday October 2

Local restaurants are donating a percentage of their sales this day to KFNA for community art projects including tieing up Walldogs and the art show 2009.  Plan morning breakfast at Curran’s or Anodyne, grab a mid-morning treat at Butter, have lunch on the patio at Victor’s, and then dinner at El Paraiso and know that up to 31% of your tab is going directly to your neighborhood association—the more you eat then better we’ll look! 


Harvest Hoedown

Friday, October 3 from 6-10:30

Leonardo’s Basement, KFNA, Corner Table and Anodyne are hosting a block party on E. 43rd Street between Nicollet and 1st Ave on PM.  This will be a family event. Tickets will cost $10 for adults and $5 for children ages 6+. Tickets proceeds (donations) will support the Kingfield market; food sales will be kept by the partnering restaurants. 


From 6-8 PM Kingfield neighbors will play in a bluegrass jam band. From 8-10 PM an organized band will play music for folk dancing. There will be a dance caller to demonstrate dance steps and call dances.

Our hope is that this will become an annual event.


KFNA is putting $750 toward this event through a Community Initiated Grant.


Kingfield and Bryant neighbors –


There is a small amount of $ ($15,000) in the 2008 capital budget of the City designated for the 40th Street pedestrian bridge.  I had asked our staff for more explanation on what these funds could be used for, after conversation with Kingfield board members.  Below is Don Elwood’s response.


How would you like to proceed?  Let me know your thoughts and we’ll move forward.


Elizabeth Glidden

Eighth Ward Councilmember

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8th Ward Website


From: Elwood, Don R.
Sent: Wednesday, August 20, 2008 12:43 PM
To: Glidden, Elizabeth A.
Cc: Kotke, Steven A; Hamilton, Heidi J; Yuzna, Jack S.
Subject: RE: Capital budget – $15,000 for the 40th Street Pedestrian Bridge



CM Glidden,


The 15K was put in the budget to provide Capital money to make an interim connection for the River Lake Greenway across 35W until a future plan for 35W is programmed. These $$ could be used for striping, way finding signs or other elements. At this point the plan for 35W is long term at best.  The money could be used for planning purposes or to conduct a study.


One option would be to put this project on our Federal Priorities list with IGR and use the 15K on the interim solution.









As we all know, the price of fuel will be very high this winter and some of you will need to set up a plan to pay for your heating needs. Being proactive in this issue will help support your family and provides peace of mind that you will be able to manage your finances with regard to your heating bills during our cold months. You can do this by applying for Energy Assistance with CenterPoint Energy.

While there are a variety of times and places that people can apply for Energy Assistance, we are promoting the meeting on Wednesday, October 1st at Sabathani Center (310 E. 38th Street) from 5:00-8:00 p.m. as a good opportunity for people in our area.

Be sure to bring your most recent CenterPoint Energy bill and household income verification to be able to sit down with a representative and actually make a payment plan that works for you.

Victors 1959 on the Food Channel!
Victor’s 1959 Cafe will be on the Food Channel this coming Monday, September 29th at 9pm. The show is Diners, Drive-ins and Dives hosted by Guy Fieri. They filmed in June when they came to visit and the episode is called “Big Flavor”.

Be sure to look for neighbors who might have been there during the filming! Also, remember to eat at Victor’s, a Platinum Sponsor, on Thursday October 2nd during Eating for Art when 31% of your tab that day will go directly to KFNA for community art activities!

Color Wheel Gallery Hosts “18 Artists Under 18”—the 5th Annual Youth Show
Come to the opening of 18 Artists Under Eighteen at the Color Wheel, located at 319 West 46th street at the intersection of Grand and 46th, Saturday, September 27th, 5-9 PM. Meet the artists and enjoy viewing some great creative art at reasonable prices.

Questions on the show or the Color Wheel Gallery should be directed to Kingfield resident and gallery owner, Tammy Ortegon, at 612.823.5693.

There will be a Community Meeting regarding Driftwoods, 4415 Nicollet Ave. S,  at the Kingfield Neighborhood Association Redevelopment Committee Meeting, Wednesday Oct. 22, 7 PM, MLK Park.  This meeting is a requirement of licensing for Driftwoods placed upon them at the opening of their business in November 2007.  The meeting will be led by Minneapolis Licensing and will include a discussion of all licensing requirements on the business since it began operating.  The public is welcome to attend this meeting to both listen and provide comment.  Following the Driftwoods Community Meeting, Minneapolis Licensing will provide an overview of all the licenses in effect in Kingfield.

Questions regarding this meeting can be directed to Tom Parent, KFNA President & Chair of the Redevelopment Committee at or Sarah Linnes-Robinson, Executive Director, at or 612.823.5980.

On Thursday, September 18 there were four robberies of persons that were possibly related. The incidents occurred at 42 St W/Pleasant Av S, 48 St W/Harriet Av S, and 43 St W/Wentworth Av S, and the 1000 block of E. Minnehaha Parkway in the Third Precinct. They occurred between 7:45 p.m. and 9:p.m. The suspect(s) was armed with a handgun in all three cases.

The suspect(s) was described as:
1. black male, dark complexion, 15-20yo, 6’-6’3”, thin, small ponytail on top of head, wearing a dark colored jacket
2. black male, 15-17yo, 5’10-6’1”, thin, medium afro, wearing tan shirt or black hooded sweatshirt

There was a fourth robbery that occurred at approximately 2:00 a.m. on the 18th that does not appear related. The incident location was 42 St E/Nicollet Av. There were no weapons involved in this robbery. The suspects were described as two mixed race (possibly white and Native American) males, 19-25yo. The first suspect was 5’5”-5’7”, thin, light brown wavy hair, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and dark jeans. The second party was 5’8”-5’10”, medium to heavy, short straight brown hair, wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans.

In response to the robberies, the Fifth Precinct commanders switched the focus zone of the precinct to 42 St-49 St/Lyndale Av-35W over the weekend. Squads from the Special Operations division also assisted in the robbery suppression effort. As a result, there were no further robberies in the focus zone.

If you are interested in personal safety/crime prevention tips, the Fifth Precinct SAFE team is hosting a personal safety workshop on Thursday, October 16 from 7:00-9:00 p.m. at Washburn High School 201 W 49 St. Contact Amy Lavender at (612) 673-5407 or for more info.
For additional crime prevention resources please visit the City of Minneapolis’s website at
You can view or update your subscriptions, password or e-mail address at any time on your User Profile Page. All you will need are your e-mail address and your password. You can always use the “Reset your Password” link on the Log-In page for help.

Harvest Hoedown Logo

Harvest Hoedown
Friday October 3
6-10 PM
Get your two left feet right to 43rd & Nicollet!

Suggested donation for event $10 adults/$5 kids–all donations go 100% to the Kingfield Farmers’ Market! Grub and libations sold by Corner Table and Anodyne–two great local restaurants that support local farmers!

Kingfield Neighborhood Association
Regular Position:
NRP Project Organizer

Kingfield Neighborhood, a largely residential neighborhood in South Minneapolis, is participating in the Minneapolis Neighborhood Revitalization Program. Many neighbors have a strong interest in building community within the neighborhood, and many NRP Action Plan strategies are focused on this goal. Additionally, there is a strong interest in increasing the safety and perception of safety in the neighborhood and this position will focus on strengthening neighbor’s relationships to each other and to KFNA.

The NRP Project Organizer will be responsible for initiation, oversight, and implementation of specific strategies in the NRP Action Plan. Tasks may involve, but are not to be limited to:
· Event Planning: annual garage sale, KFNA Festival, annual meeting, hazardous waste collection day, and other special events determined on an annual basis.
· Outreach: newsletter production oversight, block club organizing, support staff on Community Initiated Grants, door-knocking and phoning for special issues, and support of KFNA programming at MLK Park (including soccer, and senior exercise classes)
· Committee Support: work with the Crime Prevention and Safety Committee and its projects and initiatives, maintain a close working relationship with Martin Luther King Park and any citizen efforts there related to programming and/or safety. Other committees may fall under the oversight of the Project Organizer if they are working under the expected 80 per month average or if KFNA and the Project Organizer agree on the added responsibilities.
· Project Support: Other committees’ projects may also focus on outreach and connecting neighbors together and these could possibly be included as part of this position.

Work Method:
The approach to implementing the NRP strategies is to recognize, organize, and motivate involvement and leadership by neighborhood volunteers in each project. The person hired for this position will provide support where needed, including: assisting volunteers in defining goals for each project and recruiting necessary assistance from the community and/or city. The NRP Project Organizer must be able to balance many projects and/or tasks at one time. He or she must use appropriate judgment and ask for guidance to successfully balance volunteer recruitment efforts with project deadlines. A successful candidate must have good personal communication, writing and computer skills; website management knowledge would be a bonus. The NRP Project Organizer will work as an 80-hour-per month employee (20 hours per week), under the direction of the Kingfield Executive Director.

The workload is anticipated to be approximately 80 hours per month (half-time), with the possibly heavier time commitment in spring and summer. The contract offered is ongoing (pay will be itemized in an Employment Letter) but will start at $17 per hour with no vacation or sick benefits.

This position will be posted until filled. Questions should be directed to KFNA Executive Director, Sarah Linnes-Robinson, or 612.823.5980. Interested persons should submit a one-page resume, cover letter, and three references via email by September 25, 2008.

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