Members present: Dean Muldoon, Marie Wolf, Rosemary Dolata, Arthur Knowles, Alex Bauman, Alex Anderson

Others present: Linda Crawford and Jo Devlin (Origins), Jamie Maxwell and Trace Maxwell (Tattoo Genius), and Sarah Linnes-Robinson

Linda from Origins with a facade improvement review—
Elaine Brubaker owned her building and rented it to Origins.  Elaine redefined her business and moved out of the City. Origins rented for 10 years—Origins grew and bought the building from Elaine in December 2008. Elaine rented and moved in October 2009.

Question:  work is based on middle school (national leader) and elementary (regional center for responsive classroom).

Origins begins renovations this week; is occupying both building about March 1.  Not retail but want to cut the glare and look good.  Also want to unify the look of their buildings and the block.

Revamped bid and reused frame total was $3995.00.
Signs will be two times, not four due to permitting cost ($150 per painting and $140-$175 per permit!)  We have a question into the Zoning Administrator as to if this is true.

Bauman states the project fits the guidelines.  So Knowles moves and Muldoon seconds.   Ayes all.

Trace Maxwell with façade improvement request for review—
Business change is due to multiple break-ins and so wants to do a more service business.  It will be clean, high quality tattoo and piercing.  Licensing requirements?  In Minneapolis you need to be licensed.  Will be hiring licensed people and support staff.  Appropriately zoned—because had been barbershop?

Awning and revamp of interior.  Hours of operation—mandated closing at 11 PM on Friday and Saturday and 10 PM on weekdays.  No minors allowed.

Linnes-Robinson raised concerns by neighbors over nature of new business choice. Maxwell stated there is a difference between the preconception and reality of tattoo parlors.  The climate is controlled by the owner.  Generational business, but common today and now is an acceptable business.   Broke people do not get tattoos—so will attract a clientele with money. 

Knowles moves the project fits guidelines, Wolf seconds.  Recommend that they review if permitting was included and if it is required. 

Hai Ngyun owner of 3800 Grand—intending to install central air, new roof, windows, door.  Is very interested in Dan moving into the space and is offering a variety of incentives.


5-10 year lease needed/10 year lease.

Property owner willing to take loan out.  Ventilation for kitchen use and equipment. 

Rent payment agreement, but fairly low. 7/9 kids want to sell the building.

Will apply for façade improvement in next round. 

Talk with Roger Worm about when funding will be available.

Incremental opportunity for increases of property costs including taxes.

Mural is owned by property owner—is art not a sign.  It can be replaced. We ask that we are given a head’s up to record the piece. 

Can he transfer sidewalk café license to another location?

Contractor—handyman?  roofing, carpenter,  air conditioning….commercial contractor.

2%??  Who gives this money?  Send Hai names… and numbers.

Recap of 38 Happy Hour and next steps discussed–

Discussion of potential housing program to align with CEE program

Review Parking Lot Projects and see what we can get moving…
BRT—meet with pedestrian and bike people, approval at end of September was the pedestrian and bike also includes transit, part of access Mpls.  Repaving vs. reconstruction. 

And a reminder:

The Groundbreaking for Nicollet Square

Westminster Presbyterian Church, Plymouth Congregational Church,
Plymouth Church Neighborhood Foundation & YouthLink
invite you to
The Groundbreaking for Nicollet Square
Thursday, November 12, 4:30 – 6:00 pm
This event will be held in a heated outdoor tent at 
37th Street and Nicollet Avenue South in Minneapolis.
Remarks at 5:00 pm
Light refreshments will be provided by Cookie Cart
RSVP to: Brian Ashley at  or 612-871-0890

Minutes provided by Sarah Linnes-Robinson, Executive Director.

October 30th and 31st we are featuring a traditional Mexican dinner menu from 5-10pm.  Visit to view the menu.
The Day of the Dead (El Dia de los Muertos) is a holiday where family and friends gather together to honor loved ones who have passed away. It is a celebration full of favorite foods & beverages. Come celebrate with us!
Make your reservations online or call 612.827.2254.

All dogs deserve a place to run—what about a place in MLK Park?!

As you may know, this part of the city has the highest density of licensed dogs, but no off-leash areas. An off-leash area would be good for dogs and people, create an alternative to unlawful off-leash use of the park, build community among neighbors, and add to the positive activities taking place in the MLK park.


 Email or call 612-823-5980
 Visit our website at
 Become our fan on Facebook:  Kingfield Area Off-Leash Dog Park
 Attend the strategy meeting on November 12, 2009 at MLK park

October 23, 2009 (MINNEAPOLIS) Today the Minneapolis Police Department Robbery Unit announced that a suspect had been arrested and charged in connection with a robbery case in south Minneapolis. This same suspect has been identified in two other cases.

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eyesWhat’s happening on the streets of Kingfield?

This feature is posted each Monday, so you can share concerns and crimes that you see happening in our neighborhood. Do your part to increase the safety of Kingfield and let your neighbors know: What are you seeing on your daily walk? From your window? At the bus stop? In the alley?

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Remember: This is a way for neighbors to share information and does NOT replace official reporting of crimes.

-If there is an emergency, or you see suspicious activity or a crime that requires a police response, call 911

-To report other problems, such as street lights out, abandoned vehicles, graffiti, or animal complaints, call 311

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Board members present: Chris Sur, Chris DeParde, JobyLynn SassilyJames, Dean Muldoon, Tom Parent, Arthur Knowles, Marshall Onsrud, Jeff Bajek, David Saddoris, Marie Wolf and Scott Bordon

Chris Sur, President, seeing quorum, called meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.

Community Forum:

Meg Forney, candidate for District 6 Park Board spoke about her candidacy and Board of Estimation and Taxation referendum.

Dan Swenson-Klatt , Proprietor of Butter Bakery Cafe and Kingfield resident spoke. He would like to move Butter from Lyndale Neighborhood and into Kingfield. Wants larger space and would like to be in Kingfield. Is trying to make move to former Fairy Godmother/Saigon restaurant spot.

Joe Larson, Executive Director and Randy Hornstein, Board President for The Aliveness Project spoke about their organization and upcoming move to Kingfield. Organization purchased 3808 Nicollet and are in process of $2 million capital campaign. Hope to move in 12 months. They will be renovating building. The nonprofit serves people living with HIV/AIDS and it one of the largest organizations of its kind and been at 38th & Chicago for 20+ years. There will be community volunteer opportunities. They do holiday basket program. School children paint baskets. Also are involved in Red Ribbon Ride. Members also are presented with opportunities to serve the surrounding community. Center will not just be for serving people living with HIV/AIDS. There will be potential to provide community meeting space.

Tom Parent, indicated Redevelopment Committee would like to work with both Butter and the Aliveness Project. Chris Sur said KFNA welcomes both.

7:20 p.m. Prior meeting (9/9/09) minutes amended to indicate Arthur Knowles was present. For 9/09/09 meeting minutes did not provide details of who made motions, seconds and voting record. At this time we cannot recall details. After brief discussion on how to handle. Jeff Bajek made motion to provisionally approve 9/09/09 minutes Arthur Knowles seconded. All members in attendance voted in favor. Chris Sur as President abstained.

Chris Sur postponed Treasurer’s report. Since Sarah Linnes-Robinson, Executive Director was not in attendance (absence was known ahead of time and excused) Sur indicated we would revisit during November meeting.

New Business

Project Organizer

Chris Sur commented that Sarah Gleason did a great job. Sarah Gleason is leaving KFNA in pursuit of another opportunity.

Review of selection and hiring process followed including whether Executive Committee or Executive Director should be involved in process. Tom Parent (past president) believed at least two Executive Committee members should be involved in process. JobyLynn said Executive Committee previously decided. President and Executive Director discussed. Arthur Knowles suggested two Executive Committee members be involved. Dean Muldoon (Secretary) said he is willing and JobyLynn (Treasurer) is available.

Chris Sur said he and Sarah Linnes-Robinson and any Executive Committee member that wants to be involved will conduct interview. Sarah Linnes-Robinson will narrow applicant list to ten. After Executive Committee input list with be down to three. Then interviews will be conducted. There was sentiment was that prior selection process resulted in diverse candidate pool.

Youth and School Committee Report:
Chris Sur gave brief overview of first meeting meeting. Committee crafted mission statement. Lyndale Principal Ms. Ossie Brooks-James attended first meeting. Chris Sur within his duties as President then presented Co-chairs Becky Alexander and Scott Bordon and Committee Members Jeff Bajek, Becky Dankowski, Meg Hoyt-Niemiec, Sara Kleckner, Lianne Knych and Jane Onsrud to the KFNA Board. Sur then approved seating of Co-chairs and members. Board expressed excitement about number of people at first committee meeting. Committee staffed KFNA Table at Farmers Market and promoted Kingfield’s new (2010) Community School—Lyndale Community School.

Redevelopment Committee Report
Tom Parent gave report.
Groundbreaking for Nicollet Square will likely be November-2nd week.
Parcel on Blaisdell (3900 block) was discussed. Meeting with City departments. City holding lot. Zoning Department okay. There are hurdles. Not the deal we initially thought $5000. Need to pay fair market value. Tom Parent thinks $25k-45k. There is formal process—involves City Assessor. Once Redevelopment has dollar figure will consider best course of action.
Lander Building. Neighborhood vision—busy intersection. There will be a cheer leading session/happy hour promotion with restaurant industry.

NRP: No report

Green Committee Report:
JobyLynn commented Greens supported Eating for Art

Newsletter Report:
Joby Lynn said starting to brainstorm.

CPAS Committee Report:
Jeff Bajek presented. Citizen inspection program tabled. May be a reincarrnation to come up with something more positive versus sending violations. Prefer outreach/helping neighbors rather than writing violations.

JobyLynn reported on utility box program. Doesn’t think project will be finished this fall. Likely wait until spring. Suggested idea of Art Crawl.

40th & Lyndale Task Force: No activity

Transportation Committee: No update

Dog Park
Upcoming meeting October 22. Chris Sur encouraged someone from board attend. JobyLynn said she would.

Celebrate 38 brief recap:
38th and Nicollet was hub of activity thanks. Dave Saddoris’s band drew a crowd at Quality Coaches.

Arthur Knowles moved to adjourn meeting. Dean Muldoon seconded. All approved.

Chris Sur adjorned meeting at 7:57 p.m.

Minutes recorded October 14, 2009 and respectively submitted to Secretary Dean Muldoon, and Sarah Linnes-Robinson, Executive Director, by Scott Bordon November 4, 2009.

Present: JobyLynn Sassily James, David Saddoris, Michelle Wood, Marshall Onsrud and Scott Bordon


Committee Chair JobyLynn lead the meeting.


Brief update on Interstate 35W sound wall. There will be plantings and vines. MNDOT to pay for two years. Gateway/Murals are still an option but MNDOT is not allocating any money.


One alley/garage mural has been completed and three are pending. In area of 1st/Nicollet Blaisdell.


Center for Energy and Environment (CEE) workshops were held. About 253 people signed up for workshop and about same number signed up for home visit. Kingfield is model neighborhood. Tentatively more workshops in March. There have been 30 home visits so far. Now people are looking for bids. KFNA has $10,000 total available for loans. There are other outside programs available. CEE website has more information. There may be furnace program through CenterPoint. And a 2010 program for insulation and air sealing. Suggestion was made to look into Longfellow neighborhood program.


We need coordination between Green innovation and Redevelopment/Housing. Question is how much money is available. Need to consult with Sarah-Linnes Robinson, Executive Director (normally attends Green meeting but we knew in advance she would not be present). Dave Saddoris explained loaned money has to be designated however returned/repaid money can be used without designation restrictions. Dave suggested adjusting loan program others supported looking at reviewing terms. Ideas included raising minimum loan amount (fees such as origination and loan serving fees reduce what comes back to KFNA—lower percent of loan comes back to KFNA on small loans). We should also look at length of loans. All present supported idea of getting money out in loans so we would have flexibility in utilizing funds repaid. Belief is there is some Phase I and Phase II money available.


JobyLynn brought up Community Gardens. She voiced concerns about amount of time staff will have to spend and what money will cover it. There have been issues surrounding participation by community members and there have been some conflicts. JobyLynn would like to see greater neighborhood participation and see some new faces involved especially those that have not been part of KFNA activities. Suggestion made to look to Incarnation Church for outreach. Action item was proposed. Marshall, Michelle and JobyLynn plan to layout/stakeout Van Nest Community Garden Site. Meet at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday October, 20.


Utility Box Wrap Update: Wrap will happen next spring. Dave suggested/asked if we could pay to print wraps now (in order to use funds) and then install in spring. Idea presented to have Art Crawl for utility boxes and then at art show promote prints.


Clean Water Action: Announcement made that Darrell Gerber (Kingfield Resident and Green Committee member) is involved in making video about environmental activism). Contact him if interested.


HOURCAR: We talked about was to promote. JobyLynn thinking about transportation evolution idea and post card.


Brief discussion about rain barrels and ideas how to involve community. Suggestions included making them green or art. Consider Leonardo’s Basement Adult Build Night for Art Rain Barrels.


JobyLynn talked about re-branding of Kingfield. Examples such as Pledge to Unplug logo and Kingfield Farmers Market logo. Additional consideration should be given to branding/logo for each KFNA committee.


We discussed other ways to support “greening” Kingfield. Ideas includes compost facility/bins and knitting graffiti on chain link fences. 36Th & Nicollet was mentioned as location for knitting graffiti. Michelle said she would check to see if rights for movie Dirt are available. This could be follow up to Fresh.


Ideas for green tips on website included Bike vs. Drive Calculator (available at or Organic Valley’s organic calculator.


Upcoming green related events can be found at Activities will be held October 24 at 24 & Hennepin, U of M Coffman Union and Augsburg College.


There is need for more grant writing. Get more funding for existing projects such as community garden (Orange Thumb grant), graffiti and HOURCAR.


Minutes recorded October 15, 2009 and respectively submitted to JobyLynn Sassily James, Green Committee Chair and Sarah Linnes-Robinson, Executive Director, by Scott Bordon November 5, 2009.

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