Kingfield NRP Phase II Kickoff Minutes 9/27/05

The meeting began at 7:00pm with an informal sign-in, agenda, phase II participation agreement handout, a self guiding walking tour of the accomplishments during phase I, and root beer floats.  There were photos and descriptions spread around the room outlining some of the NRP projects from Phase I.

At 7:15 Julie Ristau (former president and NRP Steering Committee Chairperson) kicked off the meeting with a meeting outline:

Phase I Review

  • Approval of Phase I and Participation Agreement
  • Transferring of Funds
  • Small group discussions on ideas for Phase II money

She then gave a history o NRP.  “In 1995-96 Kingfield started participating in NRP.  We were one of the last neighborhoods in Minneapolis to be a part of the program.  It mainly began with EHIP (Exterior Home Improvement Projects).  Then there were a series of house parties (over 80).  Through these house parties NRP began surveying to collect qualitative data.  The first step was to see what would work.”  Julie pointed out that a lot of what everyone was seeing tonight (projects from phase I) was a result of some of those very early meetings… investing in Hosmer Library, greenway, helping businesses, the arts, Kingfield Park.

Julie explained that in the last ten years the neighborhood has changed a lot.  Some trends we’ve seen:

  • Unparallel rise in property values
  • Higher home ownership rate
  • Increased diversity
  • More mixed use business
  • Greater sense of neighborhood identity
  • More people and beauty on the street

Arthur Knowles (longtime Kingfield resident and member of NRP) discussed the participation agreement to prepare for the voting.  Arthur’s comments were “NRP is a great set up…democracy in action.”  “We’ve told you what been going on and what we’ve done and the highlights.”  He told the group we’d be voting on what everyone thought of Phase I and the Phase II development and our plan.  Arthur then discussed the parameters of KFNA membership: must live or have a business in the neighborhood to vote on NRP decisions.  The Arthur discussed the steering committee projects and structure, and the fact that Kingfield will develop a plan for the next 4-8 years.  Arthur explained that we’d ask the group to organize and identify ideas for Phase II, evaluate the highlights from Phase I, and lastly recommend projects for Phase II.  Arthur explained that after approval of phase II/idea gathering that we’d present at the April ’06 Annual Meeting for approval.  Arthur encouraged them to all take part.  Arthur went over census data… home values, fewer retirement homes, fewer units, minorities (change in demographics)

During Arthur’s presentation a question came up “Is part of the long term plan to open up Nicollet?”  The response was yes but that it was still uncertain what would happen.

Next Sean Whirley (NRP Chair and Board Member) took questions and the vote.  It was unanimous that participation agreement was approved and we could move to phase II.  We then voted and approved to move the 140K of KFNA money.  A question came up on whether or not the money was earning interest.  The answer was yes, but not much (not sure the exact amount, pays for some admin fees).  It was explained what could be done with the money if it was moved.  We voted and most were in favor, three abstained.

The next 45 minutes were spent in three small groups brainstorming ides for what we could do with Phase II monies.  The three areas to discuss were:
1)      Housing
2)      Community Development
3)      Environment (beautification and transportation)

Each group was directed to discuss each topic for 15 minute and prioritized the top two ideas to discuss in the larger group.

Following were the top ideas:

Melissa’s Group:

  • Partnerships
  • Matching grants/Revolving loans
  • NRP sunset

Ryan’s Group:

  • Recoverability of grants (environ and mitigation)
  • Revolving loans
  • Affordable housing

Sean’s Group:

  • Revolving Loan
  • Income limits on some programs (housing, diversity, and life-cycle housing)

Ryan’s Group:

  • Macro-community-connections with neighboring neighborhoods and bridging Kingfield with other neighborhood (K-mart, King Bridge)
  • Micro (Night out)

Sean’s Group:

  • Farmer’s Market
  • Improving Businesses (adding grocery store)
  • Staff (to run programs)

Melinda’s Group:

  • Diversity Integration (Spanish speaking staff and minority leadership)
  • Farmer’s Market (in winter food shelf or concert hall)
  • Newsletters/communication

Melinda’s Group:

  • Elm Program (saving and placing trees)
  • Solar energy program (power buying coop, energy conservation)
  • Housing density

Sean’s Group:

  • Landscape business and home matching grants
  • Greenway/Bridge
  • Art trashcans, art plaza’s, and art bus stops

Ryan’s Group:

  • Farmer’s market (educational topics)
  • Establishing and sustaining guidelines for a green development policy

At the end we discussed that Phase II funds would have to be used by 2009.

Sean Whirley closed with next steps that we’d we solidifying ideas for use for Phase II monies into an action plan that we’d present to board and at the annual meeting in April.  Sean provided the dates and times for all the upcoming Kingfield meetings, and thanked everyone for participating.  We finished at 9pm.

Minutes prepared by Natalie Lenz, NRP Steering Committee Member, 9/29/05.

September 12 2005

Committee Members Present:
Arthur Knowles, Sean Wherley, Melinda Ludwiczak, Ryan Raleigh, Wayne Anderson, Natalie Lenz
Committee Members Absent:
Barb Chung, Lisa Rudy, Niki Valens, Sam Zordich
Others Present:
Julie Ristau, Sarah Linnes-Robinson

Minutes from July and August were approved with an addition to the August minutes that states, “A $5000 Social Service Grant for Leonardo’s Basement was approved for monthly Community Build Days.  Linnes-Robinson will follow-up on all the required paperwork.”

The committee began discussion of the $1500 vinyl photo wrapped bus shelters.  The group was split between the benefits of the visual impact of this minimal investment and the relative impermanency of the artwork.  The conversation was tabled as Julie Ristau, facilitator for the Phase II Kick-off, joined the group.

The rest of the meeting was spent discussing desired outcomes to the Kick-off meeting and various structures for the community discussion.  In the week to come Ristau will outline a meeting format and provide it to Linnes-Robinson who will share it with the group via e-mail.  Linnes-Robinson will also create and assure distribution of a postcard for the event, and design the visuals for the meeting.
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Kingfield Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors Meeting

Sept. 14, 2005

Board Members Present:  Ben Kristensen, Darrell Gerber, Dave Saddoris, Diana Schleisman, Erik Lindseth, Martha Ingram, Niki Valens, Pete Hallstrom, Thor Anderson, JobyLynn White-Wiedow

KFNA Staff Present: Sarah Linnes-Robinson and Joanna Hallstrom

Community Members Present: Lisa Godon (Assistant City Attorney), Laura Mogelson (Farmer’s Market Coordinator), Hector Ruiz (El Meson), Marie Hauser

Board Members Absent:  Mark Hinds, Ryan Raleigh, Sean Wherley

Meeting Called to Order:
Lindseth called the meeting to order at 7:12 p.m.

Community Forum:
Lisa Gordon, Minneapolis Attorney’s Office introduced herself.  She works in the police precinct office, and is trying to bridge the gap between the community, the police, and the prosecutor’s office.  She prosecutes non-felony crimes.  Her number at the precinct is 612-673-5402, and her email is:

Hector Ruiz introduced himself.  He is owner of El Meson.  He will be opening a new restaurant at 46th and Grand, and is in the process of applying for a restaurant license.  He will be applying for a wine and beer license, and will likely need to apply for a parking variance.  The property used to be a grocery store.  He has signed a four-year lease on the property.

Secretary’s Report:
The August Meeting Minutes were adopted with the following changes:
–         Wherley called the meeting to order
–         “availability of and office coordinator position” should be “availability of an office coordinator position”
–         “Blaisedale” should be “Blaisdell”
–         CPED contract update: “New contracts were drafted with zero administration fees.”
–         Darryl Gerber should be Darrell Gerber
–         Environmental Task Force:  The board authorized establishment of a green committee.
–         An ‘if’ should be changed to an ‘an’.
–         The Art Crawl will be held on Oct. 2nd.

Treasurer’s Report:
Lindseth asked for clarification of the consultant fees.

Farmer’s Market Update:
Laura Mogelson, Farmer’s Market Coordinator, gave a report on the market.
–         The 2nd Sunday’s have been successful
–         If Mulroy’s becomes an option for the Market next year, there are differing opinions among the vendors as to whether the market should move
–         It is a current goal to get a CSA at the market
o       A CSA would not fit at the current location
–         There are currently seven market members
–         The Market newsletter will be available electronically next year

There was discussion as to whether the market should start later in the year.  As this is a producer’s market, produce is not available until late in the summer.  This may confuse some shoppers, as people who come early in the summer see only crafts.  Gerber suggested that an email be sent out each week ahead of the market to list what will be at the market.  Schleisman suggested that an email sign up list be put out at the market.  It was also suggested that more ready to eat foods at the market may increase attendance.

Redevelopment Committee:
The Redevelopment committee did not meet last month.

The funeral home at 37th and Nicollet is for sale.

Pete Hallstrom attended a meeting on September 16th relating to condo conversions.

The site at 36th and Nicollet owned by Brian Goff is for sale.

KFNA did not take a position on the sign request by the Minneapolis Meditation Center.  The issue was referred back to zoning.

Redevelopment is proposed for 19 West 38th St.  The developer will likely be requesting an up-zoning and several variances.

King Bridge Partnership:
The group is currently working on timelines for a RFQ.  The group is reviewing the community designs from the festival.  They are considering asking for contributions from several individuals.

Kingfield Festival:
To improve the success of the festival, the following suggestions were offered:
–         Organize earlier
–         Try something new
–         There was no post card this year.  The committee feels that the lack of a post card may have hurt attendance

Marie Hauser commented that she has attended many festivals, and that the KFNA festival is one of the best.

Green Committee:
The first Green Committee meeting was held on August 22nd.  Regular meetings will be held on the first Mondays of the month at MLK Park.

Mural Crawl:
The mural crawl will be held on October 2nd.  There will be a scavenger hunt, and the forms will be turned in for potential prizes.

New Business

Computer Update:
Linnes-Robinson requested replacement of the KFNA staff computer.  Based on the current use of the computer by both Linnes-Robinson and Joanna Hallstrom, a laptop is not feasible.  Valens moved to “Approve to use up to $1500 to purchase a new computer system as outlined in the proposal.  An additional buffer of $500 is approved to purchase additional software as necessary.”  Ingram seconded.  The motion carried unanimously.

Fundraising Letter:
Lynn-Wiedow moved to “Refer to committee to have Wherley draft an annual fundraising letter and recommend that Kingfield stickers be included in the letters.”  The letter is to be reviewed at the October KFNA board meeting.  Schleisman seconded.  The motion carried unanimously.

Mural Contracts:
The proposed mural contracts for Frame-Ups were discussed.  KFNA wants to be able to use mural images for promotion.  Gerber moved to “refer to committee to have the contracts reviewed by an IP attorney.”  Linnes-Robinson will investigate if MAP has attorney resources available.  Schleisman and Lindseth may have access to IP attorney resources also.  The motion carried unanimously.

NRP Phase II Kick-Off Community Meeting:
Agenda for the community meeting on September 27th:
–         Overview of Phase I accomplishments
–         Kick-off Phase II planning
–         Community vote to accept the phase II Participation Agreement

NRP Phase II Participation Agreement:
Lindseth questioned who will be conducting the legal and jurisdictional review.  Answer: the city will assign an attorney.

Five organizations will review the plan: School Board, Park Board, Library Board, CPED, and NRP.

The board must have the opportunity to review and approve the plan prior to public vote in April.

Lindseth stressed that the board must have final approval authority to prevent the NRP steering committee from having the power to stop projects.

Board approval of the revised Participation Agreement will be by email vote prior to the community meeting on September 27th.

Meeting Adjourned:
Meeting Adjourned at 9:20 pm
Minutes respectfully submitted by Dave Saddoris

KFNA Board Secretary Thor Anderson
KFNA Board President Erik Lindseth

September 7, 2005
MLK Park
Attendance: Steve Brandt, Peter Hallstrom, Mark Hinds, Steve Jevning, and David Motzenbecker
KFNA Staff: Joanna S. Hallstrom, NRP Project Organizer

1)       Introductions: none

2)       Approval of August Minutes: Approved

3)       MnDOT Meeting: Motzenbecker and Hinds met with Dave Halls, Tom O’Kief and two other bridge engineer advisors at the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT). MnDOT has a list of pre-qualified engineers and designers that are required to be included in any MnDOT project. However, only one pre-qualified specialist is required to be on a team (need to define “team” ?). The pre-qualified specialists will act as the local consultants for the project.

Local involvement will help with the practical logistics of the bridge design/building as well as reduce some of the project costs by having a local architect of record work with the designer. This project requires a level II firm.

Overall, the meeting was positive and the advice received from MnDOT informed the final draft of the RFQ. Motzenbecker and Hinds felt that MnDOT was very supportive of the preliminary groundwork done by KBP. The next step is to finish the RFQ and submit it to MnDOT for review. Brandt will edit the RFQ before it is submitted.
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Neighbors Invited… Kingfield’s NRP Phase II, An Update on  the King Bridge Partnership, Every Leaf Matters…, Note From the President, Kingfield Summer Festival a Sticky Mess, and more in September Newsletter.

Neighbors invited to Kingfield’s NRP Phase II…, An Update on King Bridge Partnership, Every Leaf Matters…, Note from the President, Kingfield Summer Festival, and more in September Newsletter.

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