Kingfield Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors Meeting

December 14, 2005


Board Members Present: Joby Lynn White-Wiedow, Dave Saddoris, Ryan Raleigh, Sean Wherley, Martha Ingram, Peter Hallstrom, Erik Lindseth, Mark Hinds, Ben Kristensen, Thor Anderson, Niki Valens, Diana Schleisman, Darrel Gerber

KFNA Staff Present: Sarah Linnes-Robinson

Kingfield Community Members Present:  Jeanne Massey, Anne K. Hanson, Joseph Swartz, Elizabeth Glidden

Others Present: Britt Johnsen, SW Journal, and Bill Dooley, interested in IRV

No Board Members Absent.

Meeting Called to Order:
7:05 PM

Community Forum:
•     A Kingfield neighbor from the 3900 block on Nicollet Avenue reported that he was recently the victim of a mugging. The assault was reported to the police. Through conversations with other Kingfield residents, this individual is aware that there have been other recent assaults in the same area, possibly by the same perpetrators.

* Sarah mentioned that you can get on the CCCP Safe list via the Kingfield Website

Elizabeth Glidden – Council Member Elect – Introduced herself and said that she wanted to come back after she starts in January and talk more with the neighborhood and to introduce her aide.

Kingfield Resident – Jean Massey presented information about Instant Run-Off Voting

More information can be found at

Questions can be emailed to

Secretary’s Report
No issues

Treasure Report
Diane Schleisman, KFNA board member and new bookkeeper said that one thing she noticed is that a lot of the reimbursements have been including a sales tax charge, even though KFNA is a tax exempt organization.  Linnes-Robinson passed out copies of the sales exempt so people can use them when purchasing things for the neighborhood.  This must be done at the time of purchase.

KFNA will also start including a notice that checks are void after 120 days, starting with the next run of checks.

Direct Mail Report
As of the December board meeting, KFNA has raised around $3,500 from its year end direct mail appeal.  The contributions are up this year, but the total amount is down because some of the large contributions in the past came from business that are now contributing as part of KFNA’s business solicitation.

Hinds provided an update on the 38th street development, discussing where the project is and how negotiations are progressing with the developer.

Hinds also discussed the planned development of 3601 Lyndale Avenue.

No items

Wherley reported that Redevelopment funding and Green funding was approved as submitted by the NRP steering committee.  The remainder of the NRP phase II funds will go to staffing and other administrative over four years.

No Items

King Bridge Partnership
Hinds briefly discussed the intended process and timeline.

Farmer’s Market
Linnes-Robinson reported that Johanna Halstrom, KFNA staff, has approached the kidney dialysis office, 4310 Nicollet Avenue South, about moving the market to that location.  They are open to the idea, but have to check with their higher ups…

The committee has not heard back yet on the grant for a Spanish Language outreach coordinator.

There is a holiday market this weekend, which is mostly for preorders.

Art Builds Community

Linnes-Robinson discussed the upcoming event being put on by the Art Builds Community committee.

10 Year Transportation Plan

Gerber discussed the 10 year transportation plan and passed out a summary document.  He said that the initial focus will be on downtown.  The transportation committee is focused on two things downtown (1) Handling the rush of people coming in from the suburbs on commuter buses.  (2) They are also looking at rearranging traffic patterns to better distribute traffic.  The plan is to start downtown and to move out from there.

Old Business

Stormwater management grant

Saddoris reported that Kingfield received a grant from the Minneapolis Middle Watershed District for demonstration projects that will lead to a publication on stormwater management.  The Watershed is putting in $40,000, KFNA has committed to $13,500, homeowners will be expected to contribute 25 percent

Wherley motioned to approve the grant application subject to Linnes-Robinson talking to the watershed about the Board’s concerns over point 4.4 which would make all KFNA work product the property of the Watershed.

The artists have asked Kingfield to find another site for the tile mural.  Linnes-Robinson will look for additional sites.

Thank You

Thank you letter to the Southwest Journal thanking them for supporting the Farmer’s Market.

Raliegh M/S/P

Artist is the Key

Show is planned for March at Anodyne – Show will be open to Kingfield Artists and regular folk.  Everyone will be given a key that will need to be incorporated into the final piece.  The event will end in a party and silent auction.

A motion was made to approve expenditures up to $6,500 to support the event. Wherly M/S/P

Festival & Current
A sense of the board was taken after discussion, about Kingfield partnering with the Current for this year’s festival.  The sense of the board is to pursue this opportunity.

Center for Performing Arts Lease
A motion was make to approve an increase in KFNA’s lease with the Center for Performing Arts by $10 a month.  Wherly M/S/P

New Items
Requested Conditional Use Permits (CUP) and Variances for 38

Hinds made a motion approved by the Redevelopment Committee that KFNA recommend approval by the City for the following variance and CUPs for the 38 development.

1)  Variance – Front Yard Setback at Nicollet Ave – South end of property along Nicollet highlighted as Area 1.  Required is a 20’ set back for the first 40 feet.  We are supplying a 0’ setback.

2)  VARIANCE – Front Yard Setback at 38th Street – West end of property along 38th highlighted as Area 2.  Required is a 20’ setback for the first 40 feet.  We are supplying a 0’ setback

3)  Variance – Rear Yard Setback at alleyway – length of building in alley.  Required is 13’ or 15’(the city will determine), we are supplying 12’ setback for the building with only 6’ setback at deck and 8.3’ setback at exit ramp.  The City is reviewing the obstruction policy which would affect whether or not the exit ramp and deck would be considered part of the setback or not.  For now, I have included it to error on the safe side, so we would request a variance of 3’ at the building, 6’8” at the exit ramp, and 9’ at the deck.

4)  Conditional Use Permit – Building Height.  4 stories or 56 feet is allowed.  We are requesting 5 stories and 58’9” which is 2’9” above allowable.  The fifth story will be setback from the edge of the building to lessen the effect of the height.

Instant Run-Off Voting
Anderson presented a resolution to have KFNA support a potential charter amendment for Instant Run-Off voting.

Hallstrom motioned to postpone discussion until January.  M/S/P

Gerber moved to appoint Hinds as the chair of the Redevelopment Committee M/S/P

Zoning Committee
Hinds made a motion to move the Zoning Committee back into redevelopment M/S/P

Meeting Adjourned:
Meeting adjourned at 9:03 PM.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Mark Hinds.
Reviewed by KFNA Board Secretary Thor Anderson
Approved by KFNA Board President Erik Lindseth

December 12 2005

Committee Members Present: Sean Wherley, Melinda Ludwiczak, Niki Valens, Natalie Lenz, Arthur Knowles
Committee Members Absent: Barb Chung, Lisa Rudy, Ryan Raleigh, Sam Zordich Wayne Anderson
Others Present:  Sarah Linnes-Robinson (KFNA)

The Committee reviewed C&E Matrix from Redevelopment.

There was some discussion concerning the amount of funding that should go to the emergency Home Repair Grant Program; NRP Members largely felt that there should be more.  Linnes-Robinson explained how the grant was structured and informed the group that the money is being utilized very slowly.  She recommended leaving the amount as redevelopment requested for preparation of the NRP Plan, and suggested that research could be done into the grant structure to see if the program specifics still make sense.  The committee felt it was time that this should be done again and requested Linnes-Robinson to do so within the next few months specifically looking at the grant amount, the household income cut-off for funding, and our publicity campaign.

Further discussion was held concerning the wording of the summary which specified, “expand and improve business nodes” and “grocery store” as strategies.  The committee felt that these goals could be accomplished but needed to be done so in the scope of a mixed-use development, so the money allocated by KFNA NRP funds can be used as housing dollars.

The committee then approved the Redevelopment recommendation for the NRP Plan as suggested by the committee.
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December 7, 2005
MLK Park
Attendance: Mark Hinds, Steve Jevning and Kathleen Varner
KFNA Staff: Joanna S. Hallstrom, NRP Project Organizer


Margaret Sines, who was not present at this meeting, informed Hinds that she will be joining KBP in January 06. Sines formerly sat on the Kingfield Redevelopment Committee but recently moved out of the neighborhood.

Approval of Minutes: November minutes approved with minor editing corrections.

Local Commons Survey Project: Hinds introduced the possibility of KBP being involved in the Local Commons Survey Project. The goal of the Local Commons Survey Project is to conduct audits of a community’s hidden wealth and assets and create a broad new basis of local organizing. Julie Ristau, formerly on the NRP Steering Committee introduced Hinds to the project.  KBP will pursue this project and suggest a focus along the 40th Street Riverlake Greenway, which would include a whole cross section of south Minneapolis neighborhoods. If selected KBP would receive funding to conduct the survey and to coordinate community outreach related to the survey project.
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Kingfield GREEN Committee

November 2005


Present: Dave Saddoris, Ramona Johnson, Bruce from Triangle Printing, and Sarah Linnes-Robinson, KFNA Staff


The group further discussed the C&E Matrix and filled in values for each of the projects.


December 2005


Present: Dave Saddoris and Sarah Linnes-Robinson, KFNA Staff


Dave and Sarah went through the C&E Matrix and assigned dollar amounts to individual projects, which had been previously lumped into strategy areas.  This information was shared via e-mail with the rest of Green Folks for comments before being distributed to NRP Steering Committee.  The dollar amounts will be the request for funding in the Phase II NRP.


Dave and Sarah also discussed the following:

Timeline for Stormwater Project (Dave will draft a more accurate timeline)

Specific duties on the project (Sarah will begin talking with experts to figure out exactly what we need to know.)

A list of possible experts to talk to concerning stormwater.

The idea of soliciting outside help from the U of M students on the project (Dave is looking into this via Humphrey Institute)


This is topic number one at the January meeting, which was moved to Thursday January 5 due to New Year’s. 


Dave and Sarah also briefly discussed the boulevard tree-planting grant.  Dave felt that KFNA should not partner the funds into the project needed to plant the whole neighborhood (approximately $11,000) at this time, but rather we should target blocks that expressed interest and then plant every other tree.  Sarah will take this recommendation to the Steering Committee.


Saddoris concurred that the committee should work on this year’s Hazardous Waste Day as a project.  The committee will later brainstorm additional activities to occur on that day and on methods to bringing in additional volunteers.


Minutes provided by Linnes-Robinson, 12/7/05.

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