January 25, 2006
MLK Park
7:00 PM


Redevelopment Committee Members Present: Rosemary Dolata, Margo Geffen, Peter Hallstrom, Mark Hinds, Arthur Knowles, David Motzenbecker, Tom Parent, Marnie Peichel, Ryan Raleigh, Dave Saddoris,

KFNA Staff Present: Joanna Sahlberg Hallstrom

Business/ Community Member Present: Marie Kulide, Bancroft Neighborhood; Chris Rydryck, 18W 38th St development; Ben Kerl and Chris Kennelly, Lander Group Inc.

Introductions: Hinds introduced Marie Kulide, who was attending as a representative of the Bancroft Neighborhood. Bancroft is interested in starting their own Redevelopment Committee and will be observing KFNA’s Redevelopment Committee meetings and speaking with committee members as necessary.

Update on 19W 38th St. :
Chris Rydrych presented his finalized plans for the new construction proposed for 19 W. 38th Street. As noted last month, Rydrych changed the exterior from EFIS to a traditional built (standard 2×6 framing) structure with a stucco and brick exterior. He incorporated brick on the sides of the building indents, inserted glass block windows in the back half of garage and added stucco to the back side of the stairwell tower instead of siding. Rydrych has received estimates for the installation of a few different types of green roof systems. Rydrych is leaning toward a module systems for easier maintenance (i.e., locating leaks) and cost. If installed the green roof would not be accessible to residents – only by view. The first floor has two decks that are inset into building and there is a roof top deck for each of the upper four units. The trash enclosure is still inside building in the new plan and changes were made for easier auto access to lower level garage. Rydrych met with Public Works last Friday and he is developing the landscape plan for the property. Rydrych plans to meet with Planning in the next week for site plan review.

Committee Discussion: All of Rydrych’s changes were well received by the committee. Rydrych confirmed that all units will be sold at market rate (starting at 260k – for a 1300 sq.ft., 2 bdrm unit).
The committee will review Rydrych’s variance requests officially after they are identified and detailed by Minneapolis Planning. Linnes-Robinson is still working on a green roof grant for Rydrych. Dolata will email Rydrych some more leads for green roof contractors.

38 , Lander Group Inc.
Kennely reviewed variance requests as proposed in a letter sent to KFNA, Councilmember Glidden and emailed to committee members prior to this meeting. In the letter Kennelly stated that Lander Group Inc. has plans  to submit their proposal for 38 to the city on Monday, January 23rd. Lander met with Hillary Watson of CPED to confirm the variances and CUPs needed for their development. There are three new variance requests added from what Lander had originally presented to KFNA at the last redevelopment committee meeting. Kennelly emphasized that Lander has made no changes to the plans for 38 since the last discussion with KFNA.

Here is a list of the Variances and CUPs that Lander will need for the 38 development:
Variance 1 – Front-yard setback at Southeast corner. 20′ setback for the first 40′ is required. Lander is proposing a 0′ setback including patio space and two stories for retail space.
Variance 2 – Front-yard setback at Northwest corner. A setback similar to the adjacent property is required for the first 40′. Lander is proposing a 0′ setback.
Variance 3 – Rear-yard setback at alleyway. Required setback is 13′. Lander is providing 12′ wth a protrusion for a pedestrian ramp and residential decks.
Variance 4 – Interior side-yard setback at southern edge of site. Lander will have an electricity transformer and potential air-conditioning unit located in this area.
Variance 5 – Parking requirement for coffee shop use. Lander is seeking to have a 2688 sq. ft. coffee shop in the project. The seating area would require 38 parking stalls under the code. Lander is applying for a variance to only supply the parking that would be required for a normal (non-food) retail uses, which is four parking stalls.
Conditional Use Permit 1 – Height – 5 stories, 59’8”. Four stories of 56′ is allowed under the current zoning. Lander is propsoing a five story building at 59’8″.
Conditional Use Permit 2 – Multi-Family dwelling more than 5 units. Lander is proposing 40.

The redevelopment committee was aware of and approved of  #1, #2, #3, #6 previously. Below is the summary of the new items per Lander’s meeting with Ms. Watson:

#4) Variance 4 for interior side-yard setback. Lander will be locating a power transformer and some air conditioning units along the ground on the southern edge of the property. These will protrude into the setback requirement.
Committee Discussion: Kennelly confirmed that transformers and air conditioning units cannot be moved to the roof.

#5) Variance 5 for parking. As discussed with KFNA, it is Lander’s goal to get a coffee shop or café as one of the tenants in the project. Lander thought that it would be best to apply for this variance as part of the planning process rather than going back for it at a later time. Lander is proposing to meet the normal retail required parking not the higher food retail standard.
Committee Discussion: The coffee shop space will be large enough for a restaurant. Lander is planning on installing 3 to 4 public bike racks and the development is located on a major public transit corridor. Saddoris asked about requirement for additional ventilation in the enclosed parking area.  Lander confirmed that the parking garage will be ventilated per code.

#6) CUP 2 – Lander just overlooked this one, although this has been the plan and goal of Lander/KFNA all along.  A conditional use permit is required for this zoning for any project that has more than 5 residential units. Lander will have 40 units in this project.

Kennelly concluded by requesting a signed letter of support for these additional items from KFNA, as well as a representative to speak at the hearing, which should be on March 6th.

Dolata made a motion to approve Lander Groups Inc.’s variance requests. Knowles made a second.  Motion passed unanimously.  Dolata, representing KFNA, will attend the March 6th hearing with Kennelly.

Summary of KFNA & Lander Agreement on 38

Hinds presented the Summary of KFNA & Lander Agreement on 38. The agreement has been approved by the KFNA board in concept and an attorney will work with both parties on a final contract.

The affordable housing and loan will be separate agreements. KFNA will contribute a $40k grant to Lander for 8 long-term affordable housing units. Lander will work with the City of Lakes Community Land Trust to ensure the long-term affordability of the units. KFNA will provide a $160k loan to Lander. The loan will follow a 10-year repayment schedule. Security on the loan will be provided by either a personal guarantee and/or a second mortgage on the property. If a second mortgage is put in place for this loan, KFNA agrees to keep it in a second position if Lander refinances the property. Payment will be due on the January 15th of each year. KFNA will provide the $160k once Lander has secured funding, construction has begun, and the funding becomes available through KFNA’s NRP Phase II program. Year 1 will commence when the project construction is complete and 80% of the units are sold or two years from the receipt of the funds, whichever is sooner. No interest will accrue during the time period from receipt of KFNA NRP funds until the commencement of year 1.

Lander will include the following items in the project:
Opening of bricked-in windows and new storefront windows in the corner building
Well insulated building envelope
Fiber-cement siding
Low VOC paints and finishes
Energy Star furnaces and appliances
Low-e windows
Enclosed parking
Soil remediation
Vapor Barrier beneath new building

Lander will also contribute funding, equivalent to what they would have to provide for the replacement of the bus stop on the property, toward an Art Bus Stop if KFNA is able to secure funding to cover the incremental cost.

KFNA will be listed as a partner in the project in any materials Lander prepares that include project partners.

It was confirmed that all the funding for the Lander project will be coming from NRP Phase II money.

Hinds made a motion to approve the Summary of KFNA & Lander Agreement on 38. Geffen made the second. Motion passed unanimously.

Other Discussion:
Storm Water Management –
Lander’s current plan to improve the sites runoff problems includes reducing the alley flooding by installing a storm water tank that will hold and control the water flow, as well as hook up to the drainage system near Shorty and Wags across the street. This will disconnect/redirect the current drainage from sewer to storm water drainage.

Saddoris mentioned that KFNA has been awarded a Mississippi Watershed Management Grant. The Green Committee is working on defining a program will provide technology demonstrations and some grants.

The goal of the project is to demonstrate how cost prohibitive it is to attain the storm water run off management credits. Examples of technology demonstrations include the installation of pervious pavers and rain gardens.

Saddoris invited Lander, who has just started regular green meetings regarding the 38 development, to apply to host a technology demonstration at 38. The application will be due in late April and all projects need to be complete in 2006. Saddoris will be working with Ben Kerl of Lander on the MWM grant.

Ground Breaking –
Lander plans on breaking ground in June 2006.  Lander cannot start until they have officially been approved for TIF. Project financing will be done through Bremmer Bank for land and most likely for construction. Lander presents to City Council next week and needs formal letter or representation from KFNA. Hinds will attend and represent KFNA.

Timing of NRP Phase II Funding
The committee discussion alternative options for Housing Development & Redevelopment strategy funding allocations dispersed over the next six years. Knowles clarified the policy behind moving funding within a strategy and the committee decided to leave the allocations as they currently are presented in the Phase II NRP plan.

Master Plan:
Geffen emailed the committee the link for the Neighborhood Guide for Developing Planning for review prior to the meeting tonight. Geffen also presented a corridor study/master plan sample. Geffen has been talking with Jeff Matson of Neighborhood Information Systems who is willing to be a resource for the KFNA Master Planning process. Matson and Beth Elliot, Minneapolis Senior City Planner will be at next meeting. The committee will have them talk about each element to include in a master plan and suggest what other resources KFNA should pursue to start mapping out the process. Volunteers will be asked to get involved in different aspects of the process.

Motzenbecker also informed the committee that Local Commons, another master planning project resource is ready to work with KFNA. To participate the committee needs determine who would be involved / geo scope / possible times for communication / key issues and conceptual areas that people are excited about. The Local Commons project is paid for by a grant. Motzenbecker will send out more information about the Local Commons project.

Minutes completed by Joanna S. Hallstrom, KFNA

January 23, 2006

Committee Members Present: Sean Wherley, Melinda Ludwiczak, Niki Valens, Wayne Anderson, Arthur Knowles
Committee Members Absent: Ryan Raleigh, Sam Zordich, Natalie Lenz
Removed from Committee:  Barb Chung, Lisa Rudy
Others Present:  Sarah Linnes-Robinson (KFNA)

The committee met to review the draft Phase II NRP Plan that had been distributed earlier via e-mail.  Linnes-Robinson walked the committee through the original Committee’s requests (Green, Redevelopment, and NRP doing Community Development and traffic) and noted where the plan differed from those requests and why.

The most significant changes occurred in the Community Development section because of the determination that many of the chosen projects would be considered administration, and therefore be monetarily limited in the plan.  Linnes-Robinson worked with Peg Mountin, NRP Specialist over the past week to redefine these strategies and find ways that events and art activities can still be accomplished with NRP funds but would be programmatic, rather than administration.

The committee accepted these changes, and the formatting of the NRP Phase II Plan.  Ludwickzak moved to approve the draft NRP Phase II Plan and to transmit it to the KFNA Board for their review and comments.  Knolwes seconded this motion.  All present agreed.
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Kingfield Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors Meeting
January 11, 2006


Board Members Present: Joby Lynn White-Wiedow, Dave Saddoris, Sean Wherley, Martha Ingram, Peter Hallstrom, Erik Lindseth, Mark Hinds, Ben Kristensen, Thor Anderson, Niki Valens, Darrell Gerber

KFNA Staff Present: Sarah Linnes-Robinson

Kingfield Community Members Present:  Jeanne Massey, Abby Andrusco, Ken Bearman

Others Present: Britt Johnsen, SW Journal; Andy Lugar, Hennepin County Atty candidate; Becca Dagget; Jim Farsted, City of Minneapolis BIS; Elizabeth Glidden, 8th Ward; Scott Benson, 11th Ward

Board Members Absent: Diana Schleisman, Ryan Raleigh

Meeting Called to Order:

7:05 PM

Community Forum:

•     Abby Andrusco introduced herself as representative of new church, Solomon’s Porch, going in to old Hobart location.

* Ken Bearman introduced himself as a Fair Vote Minnesota founding member and was present to enthusiastically endorse IRV.
* Andy Lugar introduced himself as a Hennepin County Attorney candidate.

Becca Vargo Dagget and Jim Farsted gave presentations from opposing viewpoints about the City’s process of selecting its WiFi provider. Dagget stated that the City process was inadequate in that the City Council voted in 2004 to use a private service provider, with no public hearings or discussion beforehand.  She requested that KFNA endorse a public hearing process and demand that the City explain its actions, its lack of feasibility studies or public process.  Farsted, on behalf of the City, explained the rationale behind the City’s decision to seek a private ISP (lack of bonding capacity/capital) and stated that BIS did early analysis and made recommendation to City that either it could find private ISP or do nothing.  Public aspect of decision process rightly begins post-internal analysis, according to Farsted.

A Q & A session followed with input from Councilmembers Benson and Glidden.

Secretary’s Report
Accepted as amended.

Treasurer’s Report
Accepted without changes.

Hinds provided an update on the 38th street development, discussing where the project is and how negotiations are progressing with the developer.

No items

No items.

No items.

King Bridge Partnership
Hinds reported that the SW Journal will partner in a “coloring contest” to raise public awareness and to provide bridge design input.

Farmer’s Market
Staff is still negotiating with the kidney dialysis site.

Art Builds Community
The “Art is the Key” silent auction event is scheduled for March 25th, and a promotional mailing will go out at the end of January.

10 Year Transportation Plan
Gerber noted that he has now sent the link to the website.  The January meeting was cancelled but will be rescheduled and will take place within the month.

Old Business

Gerber handed out a proposed resolution of support and requested Board endorsement.  After a lengthy discussion, the resolution was approved in amended form (see Amended Resolution in February board packet).

Mosaic Mural:
Linnes-Robinson provided letter rescinding mural agreement at 4325 Nicollet Avenue, and Lindseth gave background on mural negotiations with business owners.  Discussion of whether owners could have opportunity to change their minds, or whether letter was pure revocation of agreement.  Ingram moved to approve letter with a 15-day response window in case owners had change of heart.  Motion carried.

New Items

Festival & Current

Discussion of any proposal to the Current was referred to committee.

Crime Update

Lt. Marie Przynski reported on an incident at Shorty & Wags and noted that Kingfield is comparatively safe and quiet.

Annual Meeting Planning and Board Member Recruitment Task Force

Wherely, Lindseth, and White-Wiedow volunteered to take part in planning for annual meeting.  Linnes-Robinson floated the idea of having a recruitment event of some kind.  Discussion was tabled.


Lindseth voiced dissatisfaction with KFNA’s current insurance agent.  KFNA’s policy is up for renewal on January 21.  The Board empowered Linnes-Robinson to research knowledgeable agents who deal with non-profits.

Meeting Adjourned:
Meeting adjourned at 9:16 PM.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Martha Ingram.

Reviewed by KFNA Board Secretary Thor Anderson
Approved by KFNA Board President Erik Lindseth

Minneapolis Better Ballot Campaign
A charter amendment initiative for the adoption of
Instant Runoff Voting
Resolution of Support by Kingfield Neighborhood Association

WHEREAS: Poor voter turnout is typical in Minneapolis municipal primary elections; for example, just 15% of registered voters in 2005 and 18% in 1997;

WHEREAS: Primary elections are an additional cost to the City and to campaigns;

WHEREAS, Instant Runoff Voting is a better voting method than the current two-round runoff method in that it seeks to:

·         Eliminate low turnout local primaries and ensure a majority winner in just one election
·         Allow voters to rank fallback choices of candidates to receive their votes in case their first choice can’t win
·         Increase voter turnout and maximize voter participation in the outcome of the election – the decisive election takes place when turnout is highest
·         Reduce cost and increase ease and convenience compared to the current two rounds of voting
·         Assure that low-turnout primary elections won’t eliminate candidates who could win in a high-turnout general election
·         End the “spoiler” problem – when voting for the candidate you like best may split the majority and help elect the candidate you like least
·         Allow all parties to run on their issues and get an accurate tally of their support
·         Empower voters to vote sincerely without the need to worry about “wasting” their vote
·         Ensure winners have a mandate from the voters
·         Reduce negative campaigning
·         Invigorate campaign discourse by bringing multiple viewpoints into the debate

WHEREAS: Instant Runoff Voting is an internationally proven voting method used in Cambridge (MA), San Francisco (CA), and Louisiana (for military and overseas voters), and has been approved or is being considered for municipal and statewide elections across the country;

WHEREAS: There is an energetic charter amendment campaign underway for the adoption of Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) in Minneapolis that seeks broad support from both political leaders and voters;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT: At a cost of no more than $1000, Kingfield Neighborhood Association:

·         Endorse instant runoff voting in the City of Minneapolis as reflected in the Instant Runoff Voting Charter Amendment proposal
·         Plan and coordinate an educational event to promote the Minneapolis Better Ballot Campaign for KFNA members and constituents
·         Promote the IRV charter amendment campaign on the organization’s web site and in other public communication

KFNA Green Committee

January 2006


Present: Dave Saddoris, Ramona Johnson, Darrel Gerber and Sarah Linnes-Robinson, KFNA Staff

The committee reviewed the Stormwater Management Project Timeline put together by Saddoris. After much discussion about what needs to be done and how quickly it needs to be done, it was decided that hiring a Project Manager for the project would take too long and the project would probably not be able to be implemented this year. Instead, Linnes-Robinson stated that she should be regarded as project manager and if research tasks are divided between committee members over the next few weeks, possibly a design firm for the site can be hired more quickly than expected (goal by sometime in February 2006.) To hire a firm Saddoris will outline a letter asking for their interest and bid for the project and a brief Project Scope; we will be asking the interested firms to analyze sites, make recommendation of final sites, select specific BMP’s, design sites, provide construction management of the installations, and prepare a final report in a format yet to be specified. Johnson will collect a list of possible firms to do this work, and the contact information for them. It is hoped the committee can select a few of these to interview sometime in February. Linnes-Robinson has already spoken with 2 firms, both who said they can do the work but both which say they have no first-hand knowledge or experience with Minneapolis’ Stormwater Fee requirements. Saddoris cautioned that the scope of work we are asking some one to do could run closer to $10,000, not the $5000 allotted by the grant. The difference could come out of the Pollution Control/OEA grant we will apply for this spring, or will need to come out of the staffing portion that KFNA said they would commit ($11,500).

The committee then spent time online researching a few sites that listed various BMP’s. Some of these were ruled out for the Kingfield project, and the others were listed as techniques we want to learn more about. Gerber agreed to research the selected techniques, their applications, approximate costs, benefits and drawbacks and share this info with the committee. Then we can be clearer when interviewing about which BMP’s we would like to see incorporated.

Linnes-Robinson will determine who the correct contact with the City is and inform them of the project. She will also contact Minneapolis Blooms for ideas of firms and to see if she can get an idea of the costs involved with 100% compliance. She will also begin creating the application for Kingfield members to apply for the program; this will be mailed, probably in the form of a postcard, in late February or March. The group will try to clarify enough information to have an enticing article in the March Kingfield news, whose deadline is sometime early February. The brief E-mail notice posted one day before the meeting (see below), already solicited interest from 4 people, 2 businesses and two residents.

The group will plan to meet on the regular first Monday in February, unless upon check-in on tasks via e-mail on January 16, it is determined that we need to meet earlier.

Lately the group talked about the match required for this project. Linnes-Robinson suggested we look at a match of 50% rather than the 25% required by the MWMO. Saddoris suggested that this match be for construction/installation only, that the oversight of the project cannot be charged to the neighbors. This seemed the most reasonable way to break down the costs. Unless costs are dramatically different then what the committee is expecting, they suggested a 50% up to $2000 maximum for a home and 50% up to $10,000 for a business.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:05

Minutes prepared by Linnes-Robinson, KFNA Executive Director, 1/6/05.

January 4, 2005
MLK Park

Attendance: Steve Brandt, Peter Hallstrom, Mark Hinds, Steve Jevning, David Motzenbecker and Kathleen Varner

KFNA Staff: Joanna S. Hallstrom, NRP Project Organizer

Introductions: None

Approval of Minutes
: December minutes approved

Bryan Neighborhood Organization (BNO)
BNO recently elected new officers for their board. Varner, who lives in Bryant, will follow up with new BNO board members to attain a contact list. It was reported that BNO is still pursuing $25,000 for KBP and Hinds is following up the funding process.

General Updates: Robyn Repya is now the Assistant Editor at Southwest Journal. The new full time editor started today. Repya, indicated that the SWJ is still favorable to the idea of publishing the coloring contest and she will talk to the new editor about it. Hinds will follow up with Repya.

Hinds and Eric Lindseth (KFNA Board Chair) are meeting with newly elected 8th ward city council member, Elizabeth Glidden on Monday. Hinds will up date her KBP and other KFNA stuff.

Hinds will set up a meeting with the KBP web designers this month and invited Brandt to join him.
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Mural Crawl Draws Enthusiastic Crowd, ABC… Art is the Key, Leonardo’s Community Building Days, Note From the President, Elizabeth Glidden Eight Ward’s New Councilmember, and more in January Newsletter.

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