February 22, 2006
MLK Park
7:00 PM

Redevelopment Committee Members Present: Rosemary Dolata, Darrell Gerber, Peter Hallstrom, Mark Hinds, Arthur Knowles, David Motzenbecker, Tom Parent, Marnie Peichel, Ryan Raleigh, Dave Saddoris,

KFNA Staff Present: Joanna Sahlberg Hallstrom, Sarah Linnes-Robinson

Business/ Community Member Present: Janet Keith and Virginia Richmond, property owners of 37XX Nicollet Ave. S. and Jeff Matson, of CURA / Minneapolis Neighborhood Information Systems.

Introductions: Saddoris introduce Janet Keith and Virginia Richmond to the Redevelopment Committee.

Approval of Minutes: January 2006 minutes approved.

37XX Nicollet Ave. Zoning Request: Saddoris introduced zoning request of Janet Keith and Virginia Richmond. Richmond is the property owner of 37XX Nicollet Ave. S, a residential home with retail spaced attached to the front of its structure. The property is located just north of Marisa’s Bakery. Richmond seeks to down zone her property from commercial (C1) to residential (R5) because she needs to refinance her property and her property refinancing request is not being approved by her lender under its current zoning status. Richmond requested KFNA support to change her property from C1 to R5.

Richmond moved to Minnesota from Illinois in 1989 and purchased the property with the intention of operating a business in the retail space attached to the house. Richmond subsequently had a stroke and was unable to proceed with her business plan. The home was originally financed through a regular mortgage and contract for deed. Richmond stated that she is refinancing now because repairs on the home are too costly and her SS and rental income are limited. Richmond, a senior citizen is seeking to refinance in order to receive a reversed loan, to allow her to stay in her home of 17-years.
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Kingfield Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors Meeting

February 8, 2006



Board Members Present: Joby Lynn White-Wiedow, Dave Saddoris, Ryan Raleigh, Sean Wherley, Martha Ingram, Peter Hallstrom, Erik Lindseth, Mark Hinds, , Thor Anderson, Niki Valens, Diana Schleisman, Darrel Gerber

KFNA Staff Present: Sarah Linnes-Robinson

Board Members Absent: Ben Kristensen

Meeting Called to Order:

7:05 PM

Community Forum:

  • Elizabeth Glidden: 8th Ward Council Member – Introduced herself and announced upcoming “Transit Options for 35W) meeting taking place on Feb 27, 7pm.  She encouraged KFNA Board to participate and distribute on email list.
  • Niki Valens: Reported on recent burglary and arson at Paterson’s Flowers on 38th and Grand.  Owners disappointed but intend to rebuild on site and Kingfield residents encouraged to support business during difficult time.
  • Mary and Dan Hunter:  Introduced selves as new expectant owners of Bakery on Grand, and they are thrilled to be part of community and look for neighborhood support down the line.
  • Minneapolis Police present information and answer questions regarding the January 23 murder at 4325 Pillsbury:
    • 5th Precinct Commander Arneson introduced other police officers present and explained efforts to communicate crime issues to community members.
    • Detective Edwards (Homicide) explained that this homicide was not a random crime, and that the victim was targeted.  While, he can’t explain what was found, the victim had certain items that may have been what was wanted.  Lots of physical evidence, and ongoing investigations have turned up leads.  The detective assured those present that while event occurred in Kingfield, this is not an act that suggests the neighborhood is any more dangerous.
    • A discussion on crime in the neighborhood in general ensued:
      • A neighbor explained that a recent burglary in her house coupled with this event suggest to her that crime is up.  Commander Arneson responded that statistics may or may not support this assertion, but the perception as such is as important as statistics.
      • Commander Arneson confirmed that there is an uptick in burglary in the neighborhood and she encouraged basic crime prevention tactics:  close windows, lock doors, report suspicious activity.  She also confirmed evidence of rise in graffiti and provided information regarding a neighborhood meeting on Wednesday 15th.
      • When asked about the root causes of crime in the neighborhood, she reported that drugs and non-neighborhood residents contribute greatly to the problem
      • Update on personal robberies that occurred in Nov and Dec 05 is that there hasn’t been a recurrence from “band of youths” mugging since December 15.
      • Reported on robbery task force with plainclothes cops and “spycars” established to fight incidence of robbery.
      • Joby-Lynn asked about panhandlers in middle of night, and she was encouraged to call 911 to report any suspicious activity.


Secretary’s Report
January minutes not available, so moved to carry over approval to March Board meeting.

Treasure Report
Balance sheets reviewed.  Hinds requested that future balance sheets include a breakdown of sources of program income.

Redevelopment and Zoning: No items

Sarah Linnes-Robinson responded to inquiry from Lindseth about why KFNA doesn’t need to respond to recent NRP Policy Board changes…which is because KFNA will have no impact on steps being taken.

No Items

King Bridge Partnership
No items

Farmer’s Market
Linnes-Robinson reported that discussions continue with the leasee of the kidney dialysis office at 4310 Nicollet Avenue South about moving the market to that location. 

Art is the Key

Linnes-Robinson explained that 6 submissions have been submitted for the March 25 event/fund raiser. 

10 Year Transportation Plan

Gerber discussed a gaps analysis in bike pathways throughout MPLS, and explained that there is a lack of commuter bikeways running N-S into down town.  He also reported that the same contractor undertaking bikeways gaps analysis will also be looking into streetcars in MPLS

Old Business

Mosaic Mural Update:  Property owner has not responded to recent inquiries, and thus KFNA and artist will begin looking for another site.

New Items

·                Chris Kennely from Lander spoke on Additional Variance Requests and Loan Agreement for 38.

o                   He reported a June construction start with occupancy expected in fall of 2007

o                   Explained how Neighborhood Charette and KFNA Development Guidelines were utilized in the design of the 38

o                   $11 million total budget, about 2 million in public finance

o                   To date, about 13 sales reservations (6 converted to purchase agreement)

o                   Billboards will remain, Clear Channel may provide improvements

o                   Kennely explained the variances requested (see attached Lander letter) and asked for Board approval.

o                   Also explained the low interest loan agreement for 160k and the affordable housing component 

Wherley moved to approve variance request.  Joby-Lyn 2nd, passed unanimously

Hinds explained the low-interest loan.  Discussion of loan details and contract suggested that legalese needs to be ironed out, but the Board is only approving the agreement conceptually.  Contract details will come back to Board for approval.  Wherley moved to accept, Gerber 2nd, passed unanimously.   Hinds proceeded to explain TIF program and financing in 38, and encouraged the Board to be on record supporting TIF investment.  Hinds moved to support TIF funding for 38, Raleigh 2nd. Passed with Martha Ingram abstaining (conflicted).


NRP Phase II Plan Report and Presentation

Wherley introduced outline of funding allocation for NRP Phase II.  Hinds moved to approve, Ingram 2nd.  Linnes-Robinson explained that approved draft plan will be distributed to jurisdictional partners for finalization.  The Board will revisit at March meeting if any substantial changes are necessary.  Passed unanimously.

Incarnation Church representative, Molly Dean, introduced herself and stated her organizations intentions to work on housing in the neighborhood.  Linnes-Robinson explained low-income emergency program could be helpful for Incarnation Church to assist.  Hinds introduced as chair of Redevelopment Committee, and encouraged her to contact him discuss neighborhood housing matters.

Bylaws change

Hinds moved to pass proposed bylaw change regarding approval of new Board members and alternates.  Passed anonymously.

Executive Director Review and 2006 Budget postponed until March meeting.

Meeting Adjourned:

Meeting adjourned at 9:40 PM.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Ryan Raleigh.

Reviewed by KFNA Board Secretary Thor Anderson
Approved by KFNA Board President Erik Lindseth

Green Update of
Green Meeting 2/6/06

The Green Committee met on Monday Feb. 6 to discuss the Stormwater Management Pre-Bid meeting which will be held on Feb. 13, 2006.  Six firms were sent the RFP for the project.  These firms are: Barr Engineering, Fortin Consulting, Applied Ecological Services, Bonnestroo, and  Braun Intertec.  The committee has further developed the project budget, which will include design for 3 commercial sites and 6 residential sites with a variety of BMP’s, and construction oversight for implementation this year.  The approximate $100,000 budget will be covered by the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization Grant of $40,000; Property Owner matches for site implementation of up to $36,000; KFNA resources already committed to the project of $13,000; and a gap of up to $11,000 which will be covered by outside funders (one Letter of Inquiry for $40,000 already submitted word on submission of final proposal by March 15, 2006) or, if need be, KFNA funds NRP Phase I Strategy Livability  (which has $30,000 placed in by the board and community vote of April 2005 for Tree Planting and Stormwater Collection Projects.)

A contract for the selected consultant will be presented to the board for review and approval at the March 2006 Board Meeting.

–prepared by Linnes-Robinson on 2/7/06

February 1, 2006
MLK Park

Attendance: Steve Brandt, Mark Hinds, David Motzenbecker, Margaret Sines, Barb Martinsen

Task List coming out of the this meeting
Mark will put together a description of a fundraiser position.
Margaret will work on finding photos on the historical society website.
Margaret is willing to work on soliciting prizes for the DrawBridge.
Steve will write a letter to invite schools to the Draw Bridge.
David is working on a picture for the DrawBridge contest.

Barb has old pictures of Phelps Park
Said that we would invite Elizabeth or Aide to join the committee – this is in response to her offer to help.  Mark will discuss the house parties idea.

Mnts completed by Mark Hinds – KBP Chair

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