Green Committee Supplemental Meeting

Present: Dave Saddoris, Erik Lindseth, Sarah Linnes-Robinson: KFNA
Peter McDounagh and Ted Harley: Kestrel Design Group

Dave Saddoris, Erik Lindseth, and I met with representatives from Kestrel to talk about the draft contract for the Stormwater Project submitted by Kestrel in response to KFNA providing them with a different approved contract earlier in March.  KFNA had found a number of issues with the concern and presented these in writing to Kestrel before the meeting (see attachment).  Kestrel did admit the contract was fairly new to them and they seemed somewhat embarrassed it was so poorly written and agreed to take the language recommendations to their lawyer.  Kestrel will be submitting a summary of the clarifications made in the meeting, including the contract changes, later this week. Saddoris and Lindseth will compare it to their notes and determine if KFNA is going to go ahead and ask them to submit the changes to their lawyer.  If the lawyer agrees that those changes should be made and they do not open up the company to too much liability, we will then have a revised draft contract for the Kingfield Board to review at the April 12 meeting.

Because of this delay, KFNA has to adjust the schedule for the Stormwater Project somewhat.  KFNA will not have applications due April 20, and will not tour sites the following weekend and also will not hold the project informational meeting May 8.  These dates will all need to be readjusted once the contract is approved.

When clarifications to the contract are provided they will be attached to these minutes.

Minutes provided by Sarah Linnes-Robinson, KFNA Executive Director, 3/28/06.

March 24, 2006


I have just gotten around to compiling all the comments from the committee.  I apologize for the time it has taken me to do so.  I have been preparing for a community art show all week and have been on-site much of this week in preparation for it.  I apologize for not being able to get you anything sooner, nor anything more complete than these hastily written notes.  My committee and I will meet before we meet with you on Monday evening to hammer out our questions a little more concisely to aid our conversation.

To summarize KFNA’s questions, there are a couple of over-arching ideas in the contract that are confusing to some of us/all of us.  One being that KFNA is contracting only with Kestrel as a Landscape Architect, where as the proposal that was submitted by Kestrel included the Wenck logo and talked about the team approach of Wenck and Kestrel.  KFNA would like clarification about what the engineering firm’s role will be in this project, and if it is covered in the fee that was bid for the project.  If it is not covered the contract implies that you have the right to hire whomever you want for engineering services and the KFNA will need to pay that bill.  These relationships to the project, and their associated costs, need to be clarified. Also, how does article 8.5 relate to this?

Additionally, the draft contract specifies in Article 1.1 (Articles 4.3 and 4.4 also speak to this issue) that any surveys, tests, analysis, reports and investigations can be requested by Kestrel and the cost would be borne by KFNA.  KFNA had specified at the pre-bid meeting that any survey and mapping costs will be borne by the consultant.  Additionally, it was agreed upon, in the clarification letter from Kestrel that hand-pulled soil samples will be taken by Kestrel at each site.  I am expecting these costs are excluded from this contract agreement and will be borne by Kestrel and we would need to modify the contract language to reflect this.  KFNA will also need to know what other tests, reports, analysis, or investigations may need to be conducted in the course of this project.  We will need to use your expertise to be sure we can budget for any of these additional expenses which you would anticipate to occur.  KFNA will also retain the right to reject a contractor selected by Kestrel.

Article 1.3 details that Kestrel would not be responsible for the sub-contractors hired by KFNA.  This is true, however, it needs to be clarified that Kestrel would be responsible for the oversight of the engineering firm, surveying work, and construction firm, some of which may be sub-contracted through your firm, not KFNA.  Even if the construction is contracted through KFNA, it needs to be clarified that Kestrel would perform the construction management services and hence, be responsible for the construction means, methods, techniques, sequences and procedures, and for safety precautions and programs in connection with the Project; Article 10.1 is refers to this.  Many of the services in this section are the responsibility of the Landscape Architect, as the Landscape Architect is responsible for construction management services as specified in Exhibit A.

Article 4.6 states that KFNA is giving Kestrel construction cost estimates.  In my understanding these roles would be reversed.

Article 5.1 talks about the ownership of the materials created as part of this project.  In our agreement with our funder, they will own the final product and working materials.  KFNA is granted rights to use any of there materials in our own for this, or future projects.  I believe that Kestrel would be granted the same rights, however, we need to clarify the language in this contract so it complies with that of the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization’s contract with KFNA.  Article 5.2 also talks about use of drawings.  It needs to be clarified that the final brochures have the right to be edited by KFNA until they are found to be acceptable to KFNA to meet the goals of the project.

Other items we need to discuss are Article 7, the termination or project abandonment conditions including KFNA’s right to terminate the contract if the Kestrel fails to perform. Article 7.3, verifying that this section does not apply if the project is suspended over the winter.  Article 8.2, which I personally do not understand, although others in the group say they do.  Article 9.3 and if stormwater BMP’s that are non-landscape related such as cisterns, collection systems, water redirection, would be included under this “not performed” section, and hence not considered as part of this project. Lastly, Article 11 and the payment schedule, needs to be specified.

There are a few other minor clarifications that can be discussed on Monday.

Thank you for discussing the proposed contract with us.  We are looking forward to starting this project.

Sincerely, Sarah Linnes-Robinson,
KFNA Executive Director
612.791.7081 cell

March 22, 2006
MLK Park

Attendance: Gerber Darrell, Peter Hallstrom, Mark Hinds, Arthur Knowles, Erik Lindseth

KFNA Staff: Joanna S. Hallstrom

: Beth Elliot, City Planner for Minneapolis, introduced Amanda Arnold who will be replacing Elliot as the Sector Planner for Southwest Minneapolis.

Julie Ristau, a resident of Kingfield, presented the Local Commons Survey Project being facilitated by the Tomales Bay Institute, of whom she is apart.

Approval of Minutes: Approved

Development Updates
3601 Lyndale: The developers did not find brick beneath the fake rock façade. They project is moving forward this spring.

4429 Nicollet Ave. (Nicollet Housing Cooperative)
: Geffen and Hinds met with North County who did the financing for the Nicollet Cooperative. North County is working on a buy out plan for current cooperative residents, since the cooperative has become unsustainable and financially unstable. Geffen and Hinds toured the site and noted many vacancies. North Country is trying to make sure residents receive some of their investments back. Hinds commented that the very low buy in of $2000 and the lack of understudying of how a cooperative works resulted in residents leaving without understanding or valuing the potential to build their equity. Resident organization and management was also not adequate for the project. It was noted that monthly payments were pretty high for the amount of residential space.

The committee is looking at for-profit developers and non-profits who could establish healthy long term affordable housing at the sight. Dolata and Geffen have some leads that they are pursuing. Knowles suggested calling Steve Jevning who was involved in the coop at the beginning for some insights. The Nicollet Cooperative will be dissolved in the summer of 2006 and current residents will be vacating the place. The asking price for the site is 3.8 million and appraisal comes to a market value of 4.7 million.
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March 20, 2006

Committee Members Present: Niki Valens, Wayne Anderson, Arthur Knowles
Committee Members Absent: Ryan Raleigh, Sam Zordich, Natalie Lenz, Melinda Ludwiczak
Removed from Committee:  Sean Wherley,
Others Present:  Sarah Linnes-Robinson (KFNA)

The committee discussed the upcoming Annual Meeting and the presentation of the Phase II NRP Plan.  It was decided that NRP will need about 20 minutes to:

  • Introduce all community members involved in planning (Niki Valens)
  • Present Plan Process including how the plan was put together via committees (Arthur)
  • Describe the technical restrictions of the plan of $$ to certain years and categories (Sarah L-R)
  • Take Questions
  • Do a hand-vote…if it is close to 50/50, which is not expected, take a paper-vote.

Lines-Robinson then talked over the current projects and some of the positive and difficult aspects of them.  In summary she covered:

King Bridge Partnership: difficulty with DT NRP understanding the draft scope of the project.  They are also expressing uncertainty that NRP funds can be used as partnership desires or that they will allow a concept plan to be funded with NRP $$ considering the long (and possibly tentative) implementation timeline.

Stormwater Project: the Green committee decided on a consultant for the project and had the board approve a contract that the consultant said they would not sign.  The consultant’s standard contract opens up a lot of questions as to the responsibilities for duties and costs in the project that the committee had not thought about.  They are meeting with the consultant in the coming week to discuss clarifications to the project.  They will determine if they are going to pursue a contract with this consultant and bring it to the board again in April, or pursue an alternative contract with another firm.

Boulevard Tree Project:  The bids gathered by the Park Board for tree stock were so favorable that the park board is going to plant over 300 trees and will not need to access any of Kingfield’s NRP money.

Farmers’ Market:  A site is still not settled on for 2006.  Frame Ups has agreed to serve as the site if the Kidney Center cannot be secured.

Lastly, the group again discussed committee mission and structure.  For the annual meeting Sarah will dig out the current statement of purpose for the NRP Committee and concoct some catchy phrase to attract members to join it. After Plan approval the committee will review its meeting frequency and task list.

Minutes prepared by Sarah Linnes-Robinson, KFNA Executive Director, 3/23/06.

Kingfield Neighborhood Association
Board of Directors Meeting
March 8, 2006


Board Members Present: Joby Lynn White-Wiedow, Ben Kristensen, Martha Ingram, Peter Hallstrom, Erik Lindseth, Mark Hinds, Thor Anderson, Darrel Gerber, Dave Saddoris

KFNA Staff Present: Sarah Linnes-Robinson

Board Members Absent: Ryan Raleigh, Niki Valens, and Diana Schleisman

Meeting Called to Order:
7:08 PM

Community Forum:
Margaret Hastings:  A neighborhood homeless activist informed the board that she would be having a vigil to recognize the issues of homelessness in the Kingfield neighborhood and citywide.  Hastings informed the board that the vigil would be held at Martin Luther King Park on March 31st from 7 pm to 8 am.  Hastings encouraged all to attend and partake in the vigil. Hastings also informed the board that the film “Illegal to be Homeless” would be shown at Martin Luther King Park on March 28th from 7pm to 9pm.  Erik Lindseth informed Hastings that the Kingfield Neighborhood Association would put the needed information regarding the vigil and send it out on the KFNA email list.

Secretary’s Report
January and February minutes were reviewed.

Treasure Report
Balance sheets reviewed.  Sarah Linnes-Robinson also informed the board that the audit was completed and Linnes-Robinson provided the reasoning for the auditor’s findings.  Mark Hinds moved to accept the Auditors findings Joby Lynn White-Wiedow seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.

Redevelopment and Zoning
No items

No items

No Items

King Bridge Partnership
Hinds reported that the Southwest Journals March 27th issue would have a drawbridge contest.  Hinds noted that entries could be submitted online.

Farmer’s Market
No items

Art is the Key
No items

Bus Rapid Transit Meeting
Lindseth reported that there were no minutes from the meeting, however, there were 60-70 people at the meeting and MNDOT and the Met Council provided presentations with a Q & A session regarding BRT.  Darrel Gerber provided a brief synopsis of the BRT plan and the timeline of its development along 35W.  Gerber also informed the board that the MNDOT website offers a more details of the BRT plans for 35W.

Mosaic Mural Update
Linnes-Robinson reported that the mural is not going up at Frame-Up location and the project is on hold until another suitable location can be found.  Lindseth informed Linnes-Robinson that KFNA should continue discussions with the Artists on possible alternatives.

Old Business:
Presentation of the draft Kingfield Phase II NRP Plan: changes from February
Linnes-Robinson provided an update and changes of the NRP Phase II p\Plan.  Also comments on the changes were noted in handout provided by Linnes-Robinson.  Hinds moved to accept the changes to the Kingfield Phase II NRP Plan Thor Anderson seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously.

Farmers Market’s Positions
Linnes-Robinson informed the board that the Farmers Market coordinator position should be split into two:
Person would coordinate on-site issues of the Market (i.e. dealing with venders).
Market Administrator position dealing with all activities off-site (i.e. marketing, newsletter, etc.).
Lindseth noted that Linnes-Robison should post the new positions on the KFNA website and the KFNA email listserv until March 17th 2006.  Linnes-Robison would then hire for the positions.
Hinds moved to accept splitting the current Farmer’s Market position into two and posting the positions on KFNA website and email listserv. Ingram seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.  Ingram also moved that the KFNA hiring practices be reviewed at the next Executive Committee.  Hallstrom seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

New Business:
KFNA Insurance Update
Linnes-Robinson informed the board that KFNA has a new insurance agent and that our current policy with State Farm Insurance is not sufficient.  Linnes-Robison and our agent continue to search for a new insurance provider.

Update on the development at 19th West 38th Street
Chris Rydrick developer of 19th West 38yh street provided a detailed update and informed the board that he would be going to the Planning Commission March 27th for a variance request. Rydrick noted that he would like the board to support the four variances and provide a letter of support.  Hinds motioned that the Kingfield board support the four variances for the development at 19th West 38th Street.  Gerber seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

University of Minnesota and Minneapolis Neighborhood Information System’s GIS Training
Lindseth informed the board that through the University of Minnesota and the Minneapolis Neighborhood Information Systems neighborhoods are offered GIS software and training at a reduce price of $100.00 and a membership into the Minneapolis Neighborhood Information System for $250.00.  Gerber noted that the GIS software and training would benefit KFNA greatly with development and planning issues.  Hinds motioned that KFNA pay up to $350.00 to buy the GIS software and pay the membership fee of $250.00 to join the Minneapolis Neighborhood Information System.  Peter Hallstrom seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

StormWater Management Project Design and Construction Contract
Dave Saddoris provided an update regarding the bid process for the Stormwater Management Contract.  Saddoris noted that the Green Committee reviewed two bids and decided that Kestrel’s experience and costs were better of the two bids.  The construction schedule should begin this fall and consist of six residential and three commercial sites. Jody Lynn White-Wiedow moved to accept the Bid contract as amended with Kestrel.  Saddoris seconded the motion and it was passed unanimously.  A second motion was moved by Martha Ingram to authorize NRP monies of up to $24,999.99 in the scope of services to Kestrel’s contract.  Lynn White-Wiedow seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Executive Committee
Gerber motioned that the Executive Committee review KFNA’s Fixed Asset, Email, and Financial Policies.  Ingram seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Executive Director Review and 2006 Budget postponed until April meeting.
Hinds motioned that the Executive Director’s review be moved to the April board meeting. Lynn White-Wiedow seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Meeting Adjourned:
Meeting adjourned at 9:10 PM.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Ben Kristensen.

Reviewed by KFNA Board Secretary Thor Anderson
Approved by KFNA Board President Erik Lindseth

March 1, 2006
MLK Park

Attendance: Steve Brandt, Peter Hallstrom, Mark Hinds, Steve Jevning, David Motzenbecker, Margaret Sines
KFNA Staff: Joanna S. Hallstrom

Introductions: none

Minutes Approved: Approved.

1) RFP Update: Motzenbecker needs Bryant Neighborhood information from Steve Brandt to include in the RFP. Brandt will get it to Motzenbecker by March 2nd.

Any RFP comments need to be in to Motzenbecker by Monday night (March 6th).

Hinds is on the Bryant and Bancroft’s neighborhood’s March board meeting agenda. Hinds will update/inform each neighborhood about the King Bridge Project and request volunteer participation and funding.

2) Draw Bridge Coloring Contest Update: The committee did not approve of Ken Avidor’s template for the coloring contest and Avidor was unwilling to make adjustment to his work. Jevning has approached another artist and has clearly explained KBP’s goals for DrawBridge contest. . The new artist will have a sample to Jevning this week for the committee to review and it will be ready for the SWJ’s submission deadline.

A Draw Bridge informational letter was mailed to art teachers at schools along the 40th Street RiverLake Greenway a few weeks ago and another mailing will go out to them with a complete DrawBridge package including: template, rules, prizes, judging panel etc).

Sines will work on prize solicitation (including $250 cash  for the grand prizewinner). Jevning offered to donate one class at Leonardo’s Basement for the kid’s category. J. Hallstrom has the business list along the RiverLake Greenway and will email it to Sines. J. Hallstrom will also check with Linnes-Robinson (KFNA executive director)to make sure KFNA isn’t already soliciting donations from any of the listed businesses.
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Kingfield Farmers’ Market Marketing Task Force
Wednesday, March 1, 2006
MLK Park

Detailed Agenda
Introductions: New market administrator, Kathy Raleigh.
-Fresenius Medical has verbally agreed to host the Kingfield Farmers’ Market for the next three years. The Memorandum of Understanding and Certificate of Insurance are being drawn up to agreed upon terms and will be signed within the month.

-Marua Bosch, market coordinator officially confirmed and hired by board.

-The Minneapolis Alliance of Neighborhood Farmers’ Markets name has changed to Community Farmers’ Markets of Minneapolis.

Marketing Plan

1) Spring Market Promotion
– KFNA event post card (on going distribution in spring)
– Annual Meeting, April 17th (need volunteers for table)
– Garage Sale Flier, May 6th (inserted in sale holder packets)
– Window Signs – Mid May (need volunteers to distribute)
– Newsletter – first week of June
– KFNA email notice June
– Other
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M.L. King Jr. Celebration, Live!
By Michael Vanderford

At King Park this January, the concept of a M.L. King, Jr. Day Celebration got turned on its head! On Monday, January 16, 2006, a one-hour program turned the focus of the 250+ -member audience from looking back to looking forward. Youthline Mentor Marshall Wyle, Park Director Brian Cornell, Sherenia Gibbs and Cordell Wiseman designed and developed a rendition of Dr. King’s message that engaged and transformed youth and adults alike. And they did it primarily with the remarkable talent and voices of Minneapolis Park Board kids and programs.

This was not the traditional remembrance of the Dream speech at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial. This was vibrant, pulsating, living songs, dance, and words of today, not dwelling on yesterday, but speaking of how we struggle with the Dream today, and how we are fighting on with the Dream in a more complex arena of issues and affronts.

The celebration kicked off with the beautiful and polished voice of Latonius Earl from Shilow Temple. Walter Banks, “Q-Bear” from KMOJ’s drive-time radio show, served as Master of Ceremonies. Then a string of young talent, mostly from the Park Board’s own programs, BLEW US AWAY!

First came the City-Wide Youthline Dance Team, the “Hip Hop Queens,” coached by Richard Taylor. The audience of largely young people sat up and took notice as they realized that this celebration was talking to them, not just the “old” people. Audrey Gardner and Jewel Jones delivered that ringing speech, ending, “Free at last! Free at last! Thank God almighty, I’m free at last!” Palbasha Siddique stole into the hearts of young and old alike with her touching rendition of “His Eyes Are On the Sparrow.”

But no one was ready for what came next, as Jamie Wynn and Rodney Dixon, of “Spoken Word University,” strode quietly to the mic for the Keynote Address. With the Dream on their mind, Wynn and Dixon launched into a hip-hop dialogue of black despair, hope, crushing daily struggle, and ferociously fought-for victory. They used an amazing metaphor of a boxing ring and life on the street, first with M.L. King in its midst, then all the children and grandchildren of the Dream, fighting seemingly unconquerable enemies both outside and within the black community.

Few could have imagined that a keynote speech could capture so thoroughly both the message and the audience. These two young men delivered a message, the message that we are struggling for the Dream ahead.

Finally, the “House Squad,” the hip-hop dance team of Richard Taylor and Ashley Robinson, showed the audience why the Park Board’s Institute of Hip Hop is in such good hands. Young and old alike celebrated not the struggles and victories of the past, however great they were, but the Dream effort of today in the larger context of opponents external and internal to the community. So it was only appropriate that Cordell Wiseman presented the Park Board’s ML King Award for 2006 to Bill and Gail Roddy, a young couple mentoring youth at the Minneapolis Parks and County Home School.

Park Board members joining the celebration included Annie Young, Scott Vreeland, John Irwin, Tracy Nordstrom, Mary Merrill Anderson, and Bob Fine. They certainly chose the best place in the City to celebrate. Topping the success of this event will be hard to do.

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