Kingfield Farmer’s Market Task Force (MTF)
Meeting minutes: Sunday, June 25th, 2006
Attendees: Jobylynn, Scott Pampuch, Anne Kanyusik, Maura Bosch, and Kathy Raleigh

•    The task force chose three ice cream finalists from approximately 20 entries.  Scott will talk to Mike at Sebastian Joe’s on Monday to decide on winner depending on feasibility of ingredients.
•    Scott brought share information to the market for our CSA- Rock Springs Farm.
•    Only a few yarns signs remain at the market—most have been distributed.
•    The task force discussed the next newsletter briefly to try and come up with a more productive strategy to distribute the next installment (we will be working out details of new text and dist method via e-mail).
•    There is no electricity available at the new site.  Maura and Kathy discussed giving a $10 discount to the vendors who need to use a generator.

Next Meeting: to be announced

Kathy Raleigh is responsible for taking and writing the minutes for the latter meeting.

Kingfield Neighborhood Association

Board Meeting

June 2006

Present: Thor Anderson, Darrell Gerber, Shawna Gibson, Peter Hallstrom, Mark Hinds, Martha Ingram, Arthur Knowles, Ben Kristensen, Erik Lindseth, JobyLynn Sassily, Diana Schleisman

Others: Sarah Linnes-Robinson, Kathy McGillivray, SWJ, John Plifka.

Absent: David Saddoris, Niki Valens

Lindseth called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m.; there was no business raised in the community forum.

Linnes-Robinson opened the meeting with a report on the duplex at 23 W. 38th Street.  This was originally proposed by Public Housing as an affordable duplex with one handicapped-accessible unit.  Public Housing applied to KFNA for $10,000 and received the grant, largely because of the accessible piece.  KFNA later allocated an additional $10,000 when poor soil conditions on the site were discovered.  The duplex was completed late in 2005, and does not contain an accessible unit.  Discussion followed between KFNA, the City, Public Housing, and MCDA to determine how to proceed – no retrofitting for accessibility is possible; Public Housing has offered to seek another site and build an accessible unit there, but not necessarily within Kingfield.  MCDA has recently sought signatures for payment on the $10,000 grant contract.  Downtown NRP has recommended that we sign.  Linnes-Robinson recommends that we don’t.

John Plifka from Public Housing attended the meeting and responded to the report.  Plifka was in charge of construction and remodeling, but not policy.  He reported that MPHA ran into problems with accessibility immediately because of the problematic terrain (steep slope) and the fact that the street is a snow emergency route.  Therefore, building an accessible unit in this location was impossible.

Several board members questioned how the design got as far as it did without noticing the grading issues, and why there was no communication with the Redevelopment Committee when the design was changed.  Plifka was unable to address the lack of communication.  He did report that MCDA is actively looking for other sites and would welcome recommendations.  Stated that a signed agreement to build an affordable unit in exchange for the $10,000 is reasonable.

Motion to refer the contract to the Redevelopment Committee carried unanimously.

Hallstrom reported that board members should sign up to take minutes on the circulating sign-up sheet.

Secretary’s report.  Approved with following changes: “motioned” changed to “moved;” “She suspects drug related” should be changed to a complete sentence.

Treasurer’s report.  Approved.  Staff is now printing standard reports instead of custom, which seems to have fixed discrepancies in the numbers.

Redevelopment committee.  Hinds reported that the “38” development is undergoing extensive redesign.  The residential market has slowed, and no residential units are now being planned.  Instead, office/commercial spaces will be built.  This will entail a redesign of the housing component of NRP Phase II and accompanying plan modification.

NRP: no report.

Green: Gerber reported success in finding compact fluorescent bulbs to be given away for hazardous waste drop-off event.

King Bridge Partnership: no report.

Farmers’ Market:  Sassily reported that the farmers’ market opening went well.  The committee is still seeking a CSA.

Crime Prevention and Safety: no report.

Transportation: Gerber reported that the streetcar study is moving forward.

Art: the committee has determined to separate the youth show from benefit events in the future.

Newsletter: Anderson reported that the latest issue is out.

Old business:
Linnes-Robinson reported that a new bookkeeper has been hired – Lois Epstein.  She is working on updating reports.

New Business:
Stormwater contract: Gerber reported that Saddoris and Linnes-Robinson have EOR to submit a new contract.  This resulted in an increase of $2500 over Kestrel, but EOR seems more responsive and innovative to work with.  The contract total is $32,353.  Gerber recommended approval.  Because of the switch in service providers, the contract stretches into next year – design to take place over the winter, with implementation in spring 2007.  Motion to approve contract carried unanimously.

Committees: Linnes-Robinson described committees as per the bylaws.  Lindseth named chairs (see committee list).

Gerber moved to accept the committee list and chairs – motion carried unanimously.

MNIS membership: Minneapolis Neighborhood Information Systems has certain specified membership requirements.  The Redevelopment Committee looked at these and recommended membership.  Linnes-Robinson is slated to be KFNA’s representative, with Hinds as alternate.  A motion to accept these appointments carried unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Martha Ingram.

Crime and Safety
June 2006

Tom Thompson, Chip Foot, Judy Westrum, me, Sara Graffunder, Lauri Dolezal, Karen Hallman, Leslie Perlich, Carol O’Connar, Jennifer Sprague, Anne Hansen, Lisa Goden (5th Pct Comm. Att.), Lynn Salmon Easter, Greg Easter, Pamela Washington. I have addresses for all.

Jennifer did a fine job of running the meeting. Tom took questions about the recent crime map. There were then questions about gangs in the area, 911 proceedure, gun shots, and the summer plans of the police for increased coverage.

Discussion of Westrums followed. It started well with the emphasis on the desire of the Task Force to work with Judy to find solutions to the stated problems, and our appreciation of her attendence. Judy said that she had placed signs in back and did have bouncers on duty all week long, and she requested a copy of the letter from 2001, to refresh her memory of just what she had promised to do. She also said that she had “86’d” some ten or a dozen patrons in the last couple of weeks for rowdiness and bad behavior, and requested the police to “drop by” for free food.

Judy was informed that if she could sign up 4 neighbors she could apply for a comm. int. grant to pay for alley speed bumps, and somebody wanted to start a list of things “to do” to alleviate the situation. I believe that is when Chip weighed in. He asked about city inforcement of noise and health regulations, and stated his intention of pursuing any violations until Judy took some action. He cited over-flowing garbage, patrons deficating in the alley, general noise at closing, and the dumping of glass bottles into the garbage at 2:00 A.M. He said he’d lived at his present address for 21 years (behind the bar), and he wasn’t interested in lists or promises or “feel good” stuff. He wanted results.
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Meeting Minutes—King  Bridge Partnership—June 7, 2006

Present: Mark Hines, David Motzenbacher, Kathleen Varner (note taker), Margaret Sines, Steve Brandt

:  We began at 7:20pm discussing the results of the DrawBridge coloring contest last month.  Response from the judges was very positive; they enjoyed their participation and expressed that the quality of the art was unexpectedly good.  Margaret has the prizes almost ready for distribution. She has been unable to get an affirmative response from Art Materials.  David suggested she try a different art supply store.  Margaret’s husband, David Jacobs, generously donated the top prize of $250.00 cash.  We have not yet published the names of the winners in the Southwest Journal.

Mark and David plan to schedule more meetings with government officials in the city, county and Mayor’s office.  We can pull in other entities such as the Convention Center, Tourism Board, and Chamber of Commerce.

Some NRP staff is not very supportive of our efforts.  Although Bryant Neighborhood voted to donate $25,000, the money cannot be released to King Bridge until required bureaucratic steps have been completed.

We need to describe the scope of service for the RFP.  We will have to meet again with Peter McLaughlin and Gail Dorfman on that issue.  NRP funds are contingent on publishing the scope of service.
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Green Committee
June 2006

Dave Saddoris, Tom Parent, Darrell Gerber

Hazardous Waste Day, Sat. June 24: Gerber will volunteer that day along with new committee member Christina, 8:45-11 AM. Darrell will continue to research free compact fluorescent light bulbs to give away at the event, but is allotted up to $400 to buy them if he must. KFNA has committed to providing at least 100 light bulbs for the event. These will be distributed with a print out of disposal information, created by Darrell. Linnes-Robinson will design a general flyer for neighborhood activities and get that to Darrel to distribute before the event.

Leonardo’s h2O Day: The committee is not directly participating.

Farmers’ Market Outreach: The Green Committee would like to be at the Farmers’ Market on July 9. Linnes-Robinson will see if this fits with the Market schedule. They will focus on distributing information and answering questions on the stormwater project.

Stormwater Project and Contract: The committee was comfortable with the EOR contract and workplan as drafted and revised, and recommends the contract for approval to the KFNA Board. The committee was comfortable with the slight increase in cost for EOR/Fortin over what the previous bidder and KFNA were negotiating, due to:
The increase in creativity of proposed solutions
Increase of services over the other provider
Better communications
A negotiated overall cost reduction from the original EOR/Fortin bid

As a side note, the committee asked that EOR/Fortin include estimated total project costs (including plants, materials, and self-performed work) in their preliminary estimates for the project (which will go to the watershed before implementation) not just the estimated design and contracted construction costs.

The schedule was reviewed, and spring 2007 site implementation was accepted to be reasonable.

The criteria drafted was reviewed, as well as the application. The group favored a longer mailing that included the application materials. Linnes-Robinson will continue to refine this info and talk to the designer that offered to do the project.

July Green Committee Meeting: The July Green Committee meeting will be rescheduled, as it is set to fall on July 3rd.

Minutes dictated to Linnes-Robinson and proofed by Saddoris 6/7/06.

Kingfield Farmer’s Market Task Force (MTF)
Meeting minutes: Thursday, June 1st, 2006
Attendees: Jobylynn, Scott Pampuch, Anne Kanyusik, and Kathy Raleigh

•    June Market Newsletter was completed and distributed throughout the neighborhood to local businesses.
•    Second Sunday: Scott will confirm food vendors and Kathy will confirm music groups and purchase $25 gift certificates.
•    Scott filled in the MTF on the possibility of our CSA, now Rock Springs Farm and feasibility of co-vending with corner table.
•    Totes were printed and a price of $15 was finalized (and T-shirts are $10).
•    Kathy will distribute the FM signs with help from Jobylynn and Anne.

Next Meeting: to be announced

Kathy Raleigh is responsible for taking and writing the minutes for the latter meeting.

National Night Out, Building community: Block by block, Nicollet – East Harriet Business Association News, NRP Phase II Plan, Aquatennial in the Neighborhood, and more in June Newsletter.

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