September 27, 2006
MLK Park
7:00 PM


Redevelopment Committee Members Present: Rosemary Dolata, Peter Hallstrom, Mark Hinds, Arthur Knowles, Eric Lindseth, Tom Parent, Dave Saddoris

John Plifka, Minneapolis Public Housing Authority (MPHA)
Tom Schriber, Wilder Foundation

KFNA Staff Present: Sarah Linnes-Robinson, Joanna Sahlberg Hallstrom

Introductions/Announcements: Tom Parent volunteered to co-chair the redevelopment committee with Mark Hinds. Parent will lead meetings for the next few months.

Approval of Minutes
: None

38 Award Letter:
The committee reviewed the award letter (drafted by Linnes-Robinson) to Lander Group for the 38 commercial development. The letter states that KFNA has agreed to give Lander Group two $12,500 grants; one from the KFNA Business Façade Improvement Program (BFIP) and the other from the KFNA Redevelopment Zone Program.

According to the grant guidelines, the BFIP grant has to be matched $ for $ by the property/business owner. However, the KFNA Redevelopment Zone grant can be applied $ for $ to the BFIP match requirements.  Lander Group will receive a total grant of $25,000 from KFNA upon final KFNA board approval. The grant must be used toward storefronts (reopening of street front windows, brick repair, historical lighting, and possible signage).
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September 20, 2006
MLK Park
7:00 -8:00pm
MLK Park

Committee Attendance: Steve Brandt, Peter Hallstrom, Mark Hinds, Steve Jevning, and Margaret Sines

KFNA Staff: Joanna S. Hallstrom

Introductions: none.

Minutes Approved: none.

KBP Update:
Kingfield Neighborhood Association (KFNA) and Bryant Neighborhoods Organization (BNO) have approved money for the bridge from their NRP funds. Although community members have approved, BNO is still seeking approval from City NRP staff for the bridge project in their NRP Plan. There will be a community meeting with Mark Hinds, KBP Chair; Sarah Linnes-Robinson, KFNA Executive Director; Dennis Tift, BNO Executive Director and City NRP staff to finalize NRP funding.

KBP will have a new meeting structure to focus on project goals and task completion. Committee members have been assigned tasks to complete within the next few months and the group will meet as needed until tasks are completed. Hinds will send out a regular email update the first Wednesday each month. Each committee member is asked to send Hinds an update on their tasks before this time. Committee members will meet in smaller working groups as needed.

The time line to release the RFP is pushed to spring of 07.

The bridge is estimated to cost $3 million to build. The entire design portion will cost approximately 300K and KBP expects that they will have to raise at least 200K of this cost.  If KBP raises 40 to 50% of the funds needed to build the bridge it is expected that other funds will become available from the county, city and federal government to complete the project. There is currently $1 million designated for the bridge in the I-35W Access Project budge (Hennepin County funds).

Hinds reported that Bancroft has RiverLake Greenway/KBP as a line item in their NRP plan.
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Kingfield Crime and Safety Meeting
Tuesday, September 19
MLK Park

Attendance: 9 Kingfield Residents
MPD: CPS Tom Thompson and CPS Sarah Mahmud
Crime and Safety Task Force Chair: Shawna Gibson
KFNA Staff: Joanna S. Hallstrom, Project Organizer – KFNA

Introductions: Thompson introduced Sarah Mahmud the new CPS for Precinct 1. Hallstrom introduced Shawna Gibson, KFNA board member and new Crime and Safety Task Force Chair. All residents were introduced.

Announcements: Hallstrom handed out information about the Kingfield Community Initiate Grant and disused how the grant could be used to prevent criminal activity (alley and front porch lighting, speed bumps in alleys, strategically planted gardens and vines, graffiti abatement etc)

Gibson announced a kid self defense class (The Minneapolis Park Board is hosting a children’s self defense course at Windom Park on 58th and Wentworth.  The registration fee is $4.00 and the cost per class is $6.00.  Registration will be held Monday, 9/25 with the class beginning the following Monday, 10/2..

Resident Forum / Issues of Concern:
Issue 1: A resident at 44XX Nicollet Ave. reported late night noise disturbances and trespassing from Westrum’s Tavern patrons. The resident was informed that a meeting was held in June between the owner of Westrum’s and residents to discuss disturbance issues (see June minutes for details). Thompson reported that the owner of Westrum’s has been cited four times by the City Liquor Licensing Department: unpaid fines, sidewalk use violation (no permit for use of west side), unsubmitted 60/40 reports for last two quarters.

The business owner must pay the fines and comply with licensing requirements or a technical advisory committee (City) will review the violations and hold the business accountable.

The resident was advised to call 911 for any disruptive behavior and to call 311 to report other violations (i.e. noise ordinance violation)

Note: City Noise Ordinance – effective from 10:00pm-7:00am.

Issue 2: Residents from the 43rd block of 1st Ave reported that drug dealers park their cars on the block at random times, meet clients, exchange drugs and drive off. Residents have tried to get license plate numbers and descriptions of the cars. One resident explained that when they called 911 to report a suspicious person sitting in a parked car outside her house she was told that “people have a right to sit in their cars” and she was transferred to 311. CPS Thompson stated that these calls should not be routed to 311. Residents should call 911 for any suspicious person or activity. Thompson also explained that 911 calls are handled by the Metro Emergency Communication Center, which is not part of the Police Department. Residents should request to speak to a supervisor if they feel that their call is not being handled correctly.

Note: When calling 911 for suspicious activity residents should state that it is a non-emergency call and that it is a police call that should not to go to “Portal”  (in-house terminology that will help the operator understand how to direct the call).

Issue 3: It was reported that residents of 42XX Stevens consistently block the alley with multiple parked cars. It appears that the cars belong to guests and/or are being repaired. There are often groups of people hanging gout in the alley making lots of noise. A pit bull is allowed to roam the alley unleashed and there is possible drug dealing. The resident reporting the issue took a photo of the cars blocking the alley and was aggressively harassed for doing so. CPS Thompson encouraged the resident to call 911 regarding any suspicious activity, noise violations etc and to call 311 to report the cars blocking the alley, the auto repair, and the dog without a leash. Thompson also stated that the problems should be also be addressed via the property owner, especially if it is a rental property. The resident was encouraged to organize a phone tree with neighbors to help each other in watching for and reporting illegal activity.

Note: It is illegal to repair a car in a residential garage or driveway in the City of Minneapolis.

Note: As the current Alley Ordinance stands it is illegal to drive through or park in an alley if you do not live there. Walking through alleys is allowed.

Note: All landlords must have a phone number posted.

Issue 4: A resident, representing a group of neighbors on 44th and Stevens Ave reported intravenous drug use, drug dealing and prostitution by people parking along Stevens Ave and in the alley.  Upon description, the prostitute was identified as “Flip Flops” by another Kingfield resident who has had trouble with her and another prostitute on their block. Her location of residents was reported to CPS Thompson who will report the information to the police. This resident was advised to call 911 when criminal activity is witnessed and to rejuvenate their block club.

Issue 5: The owners of Fun Sisters reported that they are planning on building an addition onto the back of their store. Current zoning requires them to have a 5 ft set back from the adjacent building because that building has residential units above. They are concerned that the set back would create a dark, dead end alcove between the buildings – inviting criminal activity. Hallstrom advised that them to send the details of their building plan/ zoning issues to the Kingfield Zoning Committee for additional advice.

Crime Reports: Thompson reported –

Crime stats have been steadily coming down over the summer with a spike in March 06. All crime stated for the 5th precinct were down this month.

  • Auto Theft and theft from motor vehicles is still high (94-99 Honda Accords and Acura Integras are the most stolen cars)
  • There is a gun buy back program running from MLK Park to Lake Street.
  • The Troup Squad formed and then broke an alliance with the Rolling 30s Bloods and this sparked a dangerous conflict between the two gangs. Two guns were recently recovered from Troup Squad members.
  • Four Bogus Boys gang members were shot in front of Champs on Lake street. This gang wears white t-shirts and either black pants or blue jeans. Residents on Van Nest called police when eight individuals (matching the above description) were seen canvassing their block. The police responded immediately and arrested five of the eight suspects. Reportedly 3715 BlaisdellAve is a Bogus Boys hand out. The police are currently looking for the property owner, Deborah Gustafson and the tenant, Jeffery Spray.
  • “Drive by” drug dealing has been going on at 38th and Grand Ave and 38th and Garfield Ave.
  • 38th and Nicollet is a conflict hot spot Sorenos(sp) 13 and the Latin Kings

Crime and Safety Strategies: Gibson reviewed the strategies from last month, many of which were talked again tonight. The following were added or adjusted.

Call 911 to report any suspicious activity – make sure calls get routed to police.

Develop a phone chain on a block to inform neighbors of criminal activity – Have residents call 911 to report any suspected criminal activity they witness.

Join or create a Citizen Patrol walking group: create a dog walking group / baby stroller walking group / block club walk / exercise club- create positive reasons to walk.

Plan activities to get to know your neighbors: Host a cooking completion – grill off, reach out to all neighbors for block activities (include “fringe” people), do landscaping/gardening together in front yards, old a regular block get together (progressive dinner).

Invite a neighbor to future meetings of this group so that we can involve more people in crime prevention efforts.

Minutes completed by Joanna S. Hallstrom, KFNA Project Organizer

NRP Committee/ September 2006
Present: Arthur Knowles, Niki Valens, Melinda Ludwiczak, Natalie Lenz
Also Present: Sarah Linnes-Robinson

The committee had not met since the presentation to the NRP Policy Board in May.  Linnes-Robinson was pleased to inform them that the Kingfield Phase II NRP Plan had recently been approved by Finance and Commerce and the committee could now begin thinking about writing Phase II contracts.  Linnes-Robinson updated the group that CPED is holding more contracts these days, including the new Farmer’s Market contract that will be issued which was designed as a business initiative strategy.  This should help contracts move more quickly, as an example the recent Stormwater contract for KFNA was turned around in two days.  Linnes-Robinson will go through the Phase II Plan and see what other strategies can be contracted along with the Farmer’s Market for late winter/spring implementation.  One piece, which will be turned over to the redevelopment Committee for development will be a Housing Loan component.  The committee briefly discussed the idea of moving the $160,000 designated to Lander in the plan into a loan program so it can be used and returned to the neighborhood.  The committee felt this would be a good move and free up the money for a future use.  It was not determined to be important to get a large return off the money loaned out.

Linnes-Robinson informed the group about changes to the Lander project, and possible other developing projects that could utilize the “affordable housing” dollars.  After a lengthy discussion about MPHA’s interest and potential plans at 39th and Nicollet the group determined that the upper amount that could be offered to the project would be the $50,000 on the strategy line.  The low end would be the $5,000 per unit that was offered to Lander for his affordable units.  Ludwiczak also suggested that money could be contributed for green elements to the homes from the “green residential” strategy.  Linnes-Robinson said that preliminary conversations had taken place with MPHA concerning green building techniques, and she would be sure they were asked to address it if they moved into design.
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Kingfield Board Minutes

September 13, 2006

King Park

Board Members: Dave Saddoris, Arthur Knowles, Eric Lindseth, Thor Anderson, Darrell Gerber, Joby Lyn Sassily, Diane, …

Public Attendees: Elizabeth Glidden, Sarah, Jake, etc. (I didn’t get the names of everyone)

Community Forum:
* Councilmember Elizabeth Glidden – Kingfield has been active in transportation in the past and there are opportunities coming for continued involvement. She gave an update on the BRT meeting held last spring at King Park and developments since. Metro Transit will work on the transit station so it is less affected by MnDOT funding problems with the Crosstown project. She and Rep. Frank Hornstein had a meeting with the MetroTransit people who are starting to work on the project in order to discuss the community involvement process. The initial idea is to have a community advisory committee. As a neighborhood located adjacent to the proposed BRT station, Kingfield will have an opportunity to nominate one or more members. Something more defined will come back later. Timeline is being developed now. Design to finish about March but may be extended to allow more community input. Will need some neighborhood recommendations for reps in about a month or two.
* Neighbors on 1st Ave between 42nd and 41st – Suspicious activity has been witnessed along their block. They have noticed more frequently than normal occurrences of cars and people who shouldn’t be there. They have received mixed signals from the police who sometimes send them to 311 when they call 911. They were referred to the Safety Committee to discuss this more. A policeman will be at the meeting to help work out something. Arthur updated some of the past concerns from neighbors with customers at Pump n’ Munch and Westrums. Thor also suggested connecting with the walking groups.
* Same people also asked a question about putting in speed bumps along their street to help with speeders. Councilmember Glidden asked them to send her an email and she’ll outline the process and costs. Sarah communicated that KFNA has typically been opposed to speed bumps since they usually transfer traffic to adjacent streets that are no more designed for increased traffic volume than the one of concern.

* Secretary
o Saddoris revisions – Dave and Martha’s request should be in the secretary section of the minutes instead of Community Forum. Action Items – MPHA – Mark Hinds ‘moved’ not ‘approved’.
o Moved by Arthur and seconded by Sassily as amended. Passed unanimously.
* Treasurer
o Saddoris– In the Balance sheet section, should the Total Assets and Total Labilitys and Capitol match? Sarah, they never do because of the accounting method we use (Cash instead of Accrual).
o Sarah – The Income statement is a new format they are trying. This should help them track better where different expenses and incomes occur especially with respect to NRP monies. Will continue to work on it and make sure that everything is allocated correctly.
* Committees:
o Redevelopment
+ Dave had comments about the minutes not accurately reflecting what happened during the discussion with Lander’s. This will be taken it up at the next redevelopment meeting. Sarah will work out how the money for the Lander development will be reallocated to be made available. The board will want a presentation from Redevelopment and/or Lander at the next meeting or whenever it comes before the board for a decision.
+ John Ibis ahs been working with the City on the three lots south of Mulroys. The closing is Saturday, September 29th. He’s looking at a dance studio on first floor with three apartments above. He is still working through the city process and there are some doubts that it will eventually work out before closing. There are issues with the zoning requirements. MPHA is still looking at finding funding to put in 5 single family units on the site if it is still available. They are looking into high-density corridor funds but it may not be high enough density.
o NRP – Haven’t met. We can start allocating Phase II monies.
o Green – No questions
o King Bridge – No meeting. Sarah will meet with Mark next week to discuss his availability for this committee now that he has begun work as the Executive Director job at the Lyndale NeighborhoodAssociation.
o Farmer’s Market – No new developments on availability of electricity. Vendors appear to be happy with the market. This year has been hard to tie the market and the rest of KFNA together. Options will be considered during the year-end reevaluation. Eric asked about the City’s investigation into zoning for neighborhood farmer’s markets. Sarah will look into it and report back.
o Crime Prevention and Safety Taskforce – Arthur, went to two of the meetings and remembered that there were plans for a letter to Pump n’ Munch from the neighbors and KFNA. He wanted to know the status of that. Sarah had not heard about it but will have Joanna check into it. If the taskforce wants to move forward with the letter it will need to be approved at the next board meeting. We were reminded that we also wanted to consider changing it to a standing committee from a taskforce. Arthur suggested that we leave it as a taskforce to see how it firms up. Eric will bring an idea to the committee about having low interest loans or grants for motion sensing lights to improve security and deter intruders. Sarah will get this to them to discuss at a future meeting.
o Transportation
+ Lyndale avenue – Volunteers doorknocking and working block clubs to get signatures to include lighting into the corridor improvement project. Need to get 65% to go directly to downtown. Would need board recommendation from the bordering neighborhood associations to move forward if enough signatures are not collected.
+ PSC – Update on Street Car from Darrell. The portion of Nicollet south of Lake street has not been included on the final list of prospective routes. It may be possible for later phases. A significant factor was the location of Kmart at Nicollet and Lake. Other factors were the lack of a logical terminus and low density of development. Gerber has recommended that the contractors refer to the corridor development plans filed with the city that reflect neighborhood and city plans to increase transit oriented development along the Nicollet corridor.
o Art to DI For – Youth show is scheduled for October. Been in contact with most Southside art teachers. No takers, yet, on doing a youth project. Adult Show in March.
o Movies – Not going to happen this year but there is interest. Will try next year. Lake Country, Park, and Victors are interested. Getting the equipment will be the most expensive part.
o Newsletter – Has recently been distributed. Reports back are that it is good.
o NNO – People were out even with the rain. We delivered lots of ice cream.

Old Business:
* Policy Reviews and Recommendations
o Personnel Policy
+ Diana moved and Arthur seconded to approve.
+ Thor asked if there was anything that the Executive Committee thinks should be discussed. Eric said nothing in particular and gave a quick overview.
+ Diana moved an amendment to add ‘, honoraria, or gifts’ immediately after ‘…any payment’ in Section 11. Thor also moved changing paragraph 19 to 10. Amendment passed unanimously.
+ Policy approved unanimously as amended.
o Email Policy
+ Gerber moved and Sassily seconded the reworked email policy.
+ Sarah thinks that #3 opens up some ambiguity and increases the breadth of what can be included. She is fine having the discretion but wants to make sure that the board is aware of this. Arthur suggested passing as written and see how it works in 6 months.
+ Dave moved to strike ‘It is news about initiative or issues of interest to KFNA or’ and change ‘it’s’ to ‘its’. Seconded by Diana. Amendment passed unanimously.
+ Dave asked why is number 5 about open area parents is there. Sarah answered that since there is no area school in Kingfield we are an open area and it has been important to communicate to parents their options and the rules. Moved to change number 5 to ‘It concerns Kingfield as an Open Area for public schools’ by Diana. Seconded by Sassily. Amendment passed unanimously.
+ Eric moved to change the second paragraph to ‘The KFNA board of directors or its designee has complete discretion to post timely submissions that meet one or more of the following guidelines:’ Seconded by Sassily. Amendment passed unanimously.
+ Main motion to pass as amended passed unanimously.
o Financial Policy
+ Moved by Saddoris and seconded by Sassily to postpone to the next meeting.

New Business

* Stormwater Scope of Service
o Review given by Sarah. Based upon a standard format for use of NRP funds. Reviewed by Green Committee and NRP Committee. Lays out how NRP monies will be used for the project.
o Arthur moved and Joby Lyn seconded approval of the document.
o Dave moved to strike the extra‘the ‘ in Page 9, first paragraph. Before Kingfield… Typographical error correction thus not voted on.
o Contract approved as amended unanimously.
* Stormwater participation agreement
o Moved by Dave, seconded by Joby Lyn.
o Sarah overview – The agreement that KFNA will sign with the selected property owners. Lists condition the final project will abide by and that they need to pay a $500 participation fee up front. Changes since Green meeting: liability insurance language, right to file a lien language to ensure final payment, and language about receipts and time log requirements for owner work.
o Fix typo of added ‘)’ at end of 5.
o Agreement passed unanimously.
o The documents will be signed by the KFNA board president representing KFNA when they are completed.
* Yemaya Mural Loan Agreement
o Moved by Arthur, seconded by Joby Lyn.
o Sarah overview – Not sure exactly what will happen with the mural right now. They want to reissue the loan agreement to give them more flexibility on where the mural can be placed so that it won’t remain off and on the ground for too long. They also want to increase the timeframe of the agreement.
o Dave questioned whether this should be the loan agreement or an amendment to the original agreement to reflect that changes in circumstances and options.
o Eric moves to postpone discussion to October unless necessary to take up earlier by email vote. Diana seconded. Passed unanimously.
* Donation letter
o Adoption moved by Darrell, Joby Lyn seconded.
o Suggestion to postpone and allow Eric to perform modifications and suggestions by the board.
o Dave suggested adding ‘Sustainable’ to second paragraph. Strike ‘for five years’ from 1.
o Suggestion removing ‘rehabilitation funding’ from 7.
o Darrell suggested shortening the list down from 11 to 3 to 5 items. The thought is that they can be trimmed.
o Darrell suggested that it should be aimed more at what money will be used for. Diana disagreed that people will get that out of it as it is.
o Passed unanimously to pass to Eric to edit with board intents.
* Lucky Girl sign
o Somebody wants to donate the Lucky Girl sign to KFNA to auction off. Not sure about ownership, yet.
* December board meeting
o Bring a friend to recruit to the board.
o Can get them plugged in earlier before the April meeting.
o Can have a meeting and party.

Meeting adjourned  by unanimous vote.

2006 Farmer\’s Market Survey

Don’t Stay in the Dark…, Kids Soccer Takes Next Step, Join a Kingfield Citizen Patrol Walking Group, Bicycle Task Force, Better Ballot Campaign, and more in September Newsletter.

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