November 29, 2006
MLK Park
7:00 PM


Redevelopment Committee Members Present: Rosemary Dolata, Darrell Gerber, Arthur Knowles, Doug Kress, Erik Lindseth, Tom Parent, Dave Saddoris,

KFNA Staff: Joanna S. Hallstrom

Guest: Don Snyder
Residential Finance Coordinator
Development Finance Division
City of Minneapolis


Announcements: The December meeting date was changed from Wednesday, the 20th to Tuesday, the 19th, same time and location.

KFNA Housing Programs
Parent invited Don Snyder of the City of Minneapolis Finance Department to review housing assistance program options fro Kingfield. Snyder has been working with NRP housing programs since 1993.

Snyder passed out and reviewed four handouts that can be attained by contacting the KFNA office:

  • Kingfield’s NRP II Action Plan
  • City of Minneapolis Income Limits
  • Initiating Rehab or Mortgage Related Programs – work sheet
  • Glossary of Home Improvement Finance language

There are three program administrators that KFNA can run their home improvement programs through. KFNA currently has a contract with The Center for Energy and Environment. KFNA’s first program was through Southside Neighborhood Housing Services – now NHS. Snyder’s job is to help neighborhoods go through RFP process to choose their program administrator.
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Kingfield Crime and Safety Meeting
Tuesday, November 21
MLK Park

Attendance: 2 Kingfield Residents
MPD: CPS Tom Thompson and Lt. Marie Przynski
Crime and Safety Task Force Chair: Shawna Gibson
KFNA Staff: Joanna S. Hallstrom, Project Organizer – KFNA

Introductions: none

Announcements: There will be no meeting in December.

January’s meeting will include a block leader training.

Issues of Concern:
Hallstrom reported that she and Andrea Jenkins of CM Glidden’s office had a meeting with Judy Westrum. Westrum reported that her hearing with the City did not go well and that she is in jeopardy of loosing her liquor license. She requested support for a 90-day liquor license extension so that she has time to sell her business and recuperate financially. Jenkins and Hallstrom were not authorized to support an extension. Judy requested assistance from Kingfield in identifying a good buyer for her bar and stated that she intends to include the Kingfield board in her selling decision. She gave permission to Hallstrom to give a report of this meeting to the KFNA Board, Redevelopment Committee and Crime and Safety Task Force.
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Nov 20, 2006
Attending: Arthur Knowles, Niki Valens, and Sarah Linnes-Robinson
Absent: Melinda Ludwiczak, Natalie Lenze

Committee members confirmed the CIG Grant application from Leonardo’s Basement for Adult Build Nights via e-mail the previous week.   Comments on the publicity for the event were provided to the grant recipient who removed the word “damn” form the poster.  One person also expressed minor concern over the presumed sexual nature of the advertising, but wanted the rest of the committee to decide if they thought it was too in-your-face; no other concerns were registered by committee members.

The committee discussed continued funding for the continuation of senior exercise classes at MLK.  SW Senior Center has asked for continued financial support of $25 per session to bring in their instructor to MLK once per week.  The class has regularly been drawing 10-12 seniors.  Linnes-Robinson had spoken with Brian Cornell of MLK Park to see if he could cover the cost of the program and he said it was unsure at this time since he did not know his budget for next year yet.  The committee decided to fund a winter session and ask Brian to cover the cost of the program next spring, when he would be clear about what his budget is.
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Members Present:  Thor Anderson, Darrell Gerber, Shawna Gibson, Peter Hallstrom, Martha Ingram, Arthur Knowles, Ben Kristensen, Erik Lindseth, David Saddoris, Diana Schleisman, Niki Valens, and JobyLynn Sassily.

Members Absent: Mark Hinds

Staff Present: Sarah Linnes-Robinson

The meeting was called to order at 7:04 P.M.

No one availed themselves of the Community Forum.

Secretary’ Report: Approved with corrections.

Treasurer’s Report: Approved. Sarah informed the Board that we are no longer subject to full audits.

Committees and Task Forces:

Redevelopment and Zoning: – Westrum’s Tavern’s had  a non-compliance hearing with the city (regarding outdoor seating and liquor/food ratio) .  The results of this meeting are not yet known.

Crime Prevention and Safety: – All neighborhood walking teams will meet at the park.  Walking teams will map areas where additional lighting might be needed.

Bike Task Force: – This is just forming.  Six residents have shown interest in developing ways to encourage biking in the neighborhood.


Transportation: – Citizen participants will be needed for the Lyndale Avenue 10 Year Transportation Plan.

Art to DI for: – 25 youths submitted art for the show.

40th and Lyndale Task Force: – The Task Force organized a meeting, which will be held on November 15th.

Lighting Petition: – The lighting petition for Lyndale has been submitted to the city.

Old Business:

BFIP: – After general discussion, Diana moved that we accept the new BFIP and transfer $50,000.00 to the program. Martha seconded the motion and it passed without dissent. Darrell moved that all BFIP grants should go through the Redevelopment Committee. JobyLynn seconded the motion and it passed without dissent.

New Business:

Farmers’ Market: – Sarah requested that the board form a Task Force to plan the future of The Farmers’ Market and its funding for the next 3-5 years. The Task Force would meet for 4-5 months and report to Board in the Spring 2007. Darrell moved that such a Task Force be established with hoped for membership of Sarah, Joanna and Maura, one food vendor, one craft vendor, 2 Board members, a representative of a local business, a neighborhood resident with extensive knowledge of farmers’ markets, and a Master Gardener.  Diana seconded the motion and, after discussion, it was passed without dissent. The President then appointed JobyLynn and Thor to serve as the Board’s representatives on the Task Force.

NRP Policy Board Elector: – Martha moved that Arthur be named Kingfield’s NRP Policy Board Elector for 2006. Niki seconded and the motion was passed dissent.  Arthur abstained from the vote.

Phone-a-thon: – JobyLynn moved that the Board (such members as may be available) hold a phone-a-thon, on December 6th from 7:00 to 8:30 P.M., to contact past donors neighborhood association and encourage their continued support. Diana the motion and it passed without dissent.

December Board Meeting: – Board members were reminded that the December meeting will be short, to be followed by a party with coffee, snacks and treats. All members are encouraged to bring a friend or neighbor, and invitations will also be sent out to neighborhood donors.

Walldog Project: – Sarah informed the Board that she has met with Lyndale Neighborhood about partnering to bring the Walldog Project, which is a national collective of traveling mural painters, to our neighborhoods next summer. .  The aim of the project is getting 6-8 murals added to our neighborhoods in August of 2007. Niki moved that the Board have Sarah explore this opportunity and see about lining up interested businesses. Darrell seconded the motion and it passed w/o dissent.

Stormwater Project: – Dave moved that the Board authorize creating and signing a letter authorizing a proposal for a grant from LCCMR for the neighborhood stormwater program.  Diana seconded and the motion was passed without dissent.

Stipend payment: – As this discussion concerned Pete’s wife, Joanna, Pete left the meeting at this point. The question was whether to pay Joanna’s stipend for the of her maternity leave. The Board policy is not clear on this point. The recommendation of the Executive Committee is that we do pay the stipend for the period in question. Niki moved that Board accept the recommendation of the Executive Committee. JobyLynn seconded, and the motion passed without dissent.  There was discussion of the policy going forward, and whether the stipend, originally meant for possible health care, should be added to the base salary.  Erik volunteered to look into the matter and make a proposal at a future Board Meeting.

Arthur moved to adjorn at 8:52 P.M.

KFNA Board Secretary:  –  Peter Hallstrom
KFNA Board President:  –  Erik Lindseth

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