Redevelopment Meeting Minutes 2/28/07

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Redevelopment Committee Minutes
Kingfield Neighborhood Association
February 28, 2007
MLK Park
7:00 PM

Rosemary Dolata, Larry Heller, Mark Hinds, Monica Hofe, Arthur Knowles, Erik Lindseth, Tom Parent, Dave Saddoris, JobyLynn Sassily

KFNA Staff: Joanna S. Hallstrom, Sarah Linnes-Robinson

Lee Blons, Executive Director of the Plymouth Church Neighborhood Foundation; along with Michael Keeler and Jenny Mason

JobyLynn Sassily, KFNA Resident with property variance support request

Housing Programs:
The redevelopment committee recommends maintaining the current Emergency Home Repair Grant administered by the Center for Energy and Environment as it is. There is $18,644 left in the program fund. This grant is targeted to assist low-income Kingfield residents.

The committee is finalizing the details on an interior/exterior home loan program. The following loan program details will be discussed via email before the March KFNA board meeting, upon email approval the KFNA Staff will draft a Scope of services which will be presented to the NRP steering committee  and then the KFNA Board for review and approval.

Home Loan Program: Exterior Repair and Interior Energy Improvement /Asbestos Abatement
Loan Terms: 10K Loans at 5% interest for a 5-year repayment term.
Eligibility: This loan will be available to all Kingfield residents with no income restriction.
Pay Back: Money from loan repayment will be set aside for future KFNA programming.

House Projects that Qualify for Loan:
Exterior Improvements

Exterior steps or railing

Walkways, if attached to house /steps

Roof including soffit and facia
Can roof be garage too?

Stucco, siding, painting on home and/or garage


Open Porches


Retaining Walls

No decks, patios, lighting, fences, gardens

Interior Energy Improvements and Asbestos Abatement
Since these are energy improvements, do you want to restrict replacement to Energy Star rated heaers, windows, doors, etc?  I would also say we do not want to qualify repairs …
Water Heater




How is this an energy improvement?
Asbestos abatement

Windows and storms
Need top restrict types? Sash? Replacement? Low E only? Double pane only?
Egress Windows
This is not an energy improvment

Not energy related
Do we need to specify types?  Are you including work by owner in the program or only contractors?

Entrance Doors

Needs an efficiency rating

What will you do if there are more applicants than funds?

Funeral Home Development: Lee Blons, Executive Director of the Plymouth Church Neighborhood Foundation; along with Michael Keeler and Jenny Mason gave an update on their development plans for the funeral home site at 3700 Nicollet Ave.

Plymouth Church is partnering with Westminster Church to celebrate the sesquicentennial of both congregations. Their joint goal is to provide 150 units of affordable housing over the next year. Dolata mentioned that it is also the 150th anniversary of the American Institute of Architects and that there may be potential to include AIA in some aspect of their housing projects.

Plymouth Church Neighborhood Foundation is currently in the due diligence phase of their purchase agreement on the funeral home site. The final purchase price was negotiated down to 1.2 million. This project will be the first new construction housing development that the foundation has taken on. Blons noted that they are excited to be in the Kingfield Neighborhood and feel that their vision and goals for affordable housing match well with KFA affordable housing statement. Blons also stated that the foundation is very interested in green architecture and construction.

Plymouth Foundation’s goal is to remain the long-term owners of their affordable housing developments so that they can ensure that the properties are managed well and that residents are adequately supported. The foundation has successfully provided affordable housing for teen parents, homeless people, nursing students and section eight voucher recipients. Blons commented that, “affordable housing is not cheap housing” and stated that the foundation has a high standard for the quality of their housing units and employs professional property managers to oversee each sight. Residents are also provided with appropriate life support as related to their situation.

The foundation’s goal is to have each housing development self-sustaining in twenty years. Rehabbing and construction are subsidized through grants and donations. Rental income is applied toward building operations, maintenance and saved to support the long-term feasibility of each project.

The foundation is currently researching whom they could best serve at the 3700 Nicollet site. The preliminary development plans includes tearing down the existing structure and replacing it with a three to four story building with approximately 60 units. The committee suggested making units for larger families and include a play ground etc on the site. Housing for aging/elderly adults was also suggested. The committee also asked the foundation to consider mixed-use possibilities. The foundation was encouraged to seek assistance from the Green Institute for asbestos abatement and to check out funding through Green Communities. KFNA also offered assistance with grant seeking/ letters of support etc.

3912 Van Nest Ave. Variance Request:
JobyLynn Sassily presented her intentions to split her double lot (3912 Van Nest Ave)  into two parcels. She would then sell the currently vacant parcel for new home construction. According to Sassily the lot was originally two parcels and suspects that there was a home on the empty lot at one time.

Sassily will need one maybe two variances in order to split her property depending on the how far the new property line will be from her home. Since the new lot will be comparable in size to the other lots on the block and the use the of the lot will be for housing the committee was supportive of the plan.

Two of Sassily’s neighbors shared concerns that Van Nest Ave. is a very narrow street without any alleys. They are concerned that the installation of utilities and construction on the new lot could obstruct the street. They were also concerned about any assessments that they may incur if lot needs to be hooks up to sewer, water etc. Sassily believes that since there was once a home on the lot, the utilities are already in place.
Sassily’s neighbors did not object to her proceeding with her plans. The committee and residents will address potential road closure concerns once the lot is sold.

Hinds made a motion to support JobyLynn Sassily’s variance application as reported to split her lot. Motion passed unopposed. The committee will make a recommendation to the board in March.

BFIP –  The Rau+Barber BFIP application will be emailed to committee members for approval. Upon approval, Parent will make a recommendation to the board to approve the application.

CLCLT- The committee received a letter from The City of Lake Community Land Trust requesting funding. Parent will invite Jeff  (last name?) to make a presentation at the next meeting.

Minutes completes by Joanna S. Hallstrom-KFNA

Kingfield Crime and Safety Meeting
Tuesday, February 20
MLK Park

Kingfield Residents- 6

MPD- CPS Tom Thompson and Lt. Marie Przynski
Crime and Safety Task Force Chair- Shawna Gibson

KFNA Staff- Joanna S. Hallstrom, Project Organizer – KFNA
8th Ward Council Member- Elizabeth Glidden, also Kingfield Resident
Fifth Precinct Community Attorney- Lisa Goden

Block Building Award -The Van Nest Block Club was selected to receive one of the 2006 Building Block Awards from the Minneapolis Police Department. Awards are given to recognize outstanding examples of community building, crime prevention and neighborhood problem solving in Mpls. The award ceremony will be held on Tuesday, March 20, at 7pm, at St Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church (3450 Irving Ave. S.). The Kingfield Crime and Safety Task Force will attend the award ceremony in place of the regular Crime and Safety meeting.

Westrum’s Tavern Closing – CPS Thompson announced that the City has pulled Judy Westrum’s liquor license for noncompliance. This decision will go before the City Council of Friday.  If the decision is upheld Westrums Tavern will cease operation as of March 1, 2007. Judy has reported that she is putting the business up for sale. Task force members have been unable to clarify the details of Judy’s plans.

Sex Offender Community Forum –
Thursday, February 22, 2007

7-8:30 pm at the YMCA, 3335 Blaisdell Ave. S.
Offender: James Jay Daniels, DOB 2/27/62

Issues of Concern / Neighborhood Crime Report:

There has been a definite increase of graffiti in Kingfield and Lyndale, especially along 38th street and Nicollet Ave. Chicago Ave has also been hit hard. Most of the graffiti is gang related.

Westrums Tavern has become a late night hang out for gang members of the Rolling 30s Bloods. With Westrum’s pending closing any gang related activity currently at Westrums will also cease. Champions Bar at Lake and Blaisdell is undergoing similar licensure reviews by the City and may be shut down with in the next month. Champions has become a hang out for the Bogus Boys gang members.

The Super America at 36th and Nicollet has become an after hours meeting place for gang members. The police department has been working with SA management to implement further security and crime prevention strategies (pending) include: hiring an off duty police officer from 10pm to 4am, installing “Talk Down” and “red phone” response with SA’s security surveillance company. SA was not in decided against closing this store over night.

A few residents, representing the 43rd block of Wentworth Ave, attended the meeting tonight specifically to meet introduce themselves to CPS Thompson and to set up a crime prevention meeting and assessment for their block.

3912 Blaisdell Ave is being taken into receivership by Spectrum Properties. This has been a nescience property.

Overall crime statistics are down.

The police department made three significant arrests at 33rd/34th and Lyndale targeting two gangs of young men that were assaulting and robbing pedestrians.

Community Organizing Strategies:

Graffiti Blitz Abatement Zone- CM Glidden, CPS Tom Thompson and Lt. Marie Przynski announced that the police department has selected the blocks between 39th Street to Lake from Nicollet Ave. to I-35W. for a targeted graffiti blitz abatement program. The blitz targets portions of Kingfield and the Lyndale neighborhoods. The police department is asking for neighborhood organizations to partner with them to collect signed permission forms from residents living in the target area. Resident signatures would authorize quick graffiti abatement by Public Works in coordination with Sentence to Serve and other required service programs. The details of the program still need to be clarified including the time frame, and abatement details (i.e. the paint color used to cover up graffiti, asking public works to suspend homeowner notices).

CPS Tom Thompson and Lt. Marie Przynski will have fliers and permission slips created for neighborhoods (In Spanish and English). The Kingfield Citizen Patrol is willing to do some door knocking to collect signature, however since a lot of the property in the zone is rental Hallstrom will have to track down landlords.  Hallstrom will also contact Lyndale to coordinate efforts.

To volunteers from the Lyndale Crime and Safety Task Force are lobbying the legislature to lesson the burden of proof required to charge someone with graffiti offenses.

The police to have one graffiti criminal in custody, assigned to 45 days in the Work House.

Neighborhood Policing Plan- Lt. Przynski announced that each Sector Lt. is required to have a neighborhood policing plan in place. Lt. Przynski asked the task force for the main three issues Kingfield residents want to address and three solutions. Graffiti and drug dealing were the top issues expressed at the meeting tonight. The plan will be updated quarterly. The task force will work with the police on solutions to the issues (i.e. graffiti abatement zone).

Court Watch-Kingfield has one volunteer interested in participating in a multi-neighborhood court watch program. Hallstrom will meet with CPS Thompson, CARAG and Lyndale neighborhood reps tomorrow to discuss how the criteria for the program.

Kingfield Neighborhood Association
Board of Directors Meting
February 14, 2007


Board Members Present:, Peter Hallstrom, Joby Lynn Sassily, Erik Lindseth, Dave Saddoris, Darrell Gerber, Ben Kristensen, Shawna Gibson, Martha Ingram, Thor Anderson, Mark Hinds

KFNA Staff Present: Sarah Linnes-Robinson,

Other Attendees: Tom Parent, Jake Weir

Board Members Absent: Arthur Knowles, Diana Schleisman, Niki Valens,

Meeting Called to Order: Erik Lindseth, 7:10PM

Community Forum:

Secretary’s Report:
Minutes unanimously accepted.

Treasurer’s Report:
Sarah Linnes-Robinson noted that KFNA should consider opening a higher interest bearing account.  Linnes-Robinson informed the board that she and the KFNA Treasurer would research options for a savings account and present it to the executive committee and the board.

Redevelopment Committee Report:
No questions for committee chair, Tom Parent

NRP Committee Report:
No questions regarding the NRP minutes

Green Committee Report:
No questions regarding Green Committee minutes

Martha Ingram informed the board that the newsletter deadline is Friday, February 16.

King Bridge Partnership:
No meeting
Mark Hinds is developing a memorandum of understanding with the City of Minneapolis and Hennepin County.

Farmer’s Market:
No minutes. Linnes-Robinson informed the board that the first meeting of the task force was in January and the task force discussed proposing a monthly theme for the Market.  Linnes-Robinson also informed the board that boardmember Thor Anderson decided to resign from the task force and a replacement may be considered.

Crime Prevention and Safety (CPaS) Committee:
Shawna Gibson informed the board that there were no updates on the issues with Westrum’s.  Gibson also noted that Westrum’s is for sale.

Bike Taskforce:
Linnes-Robinson noted that the taskforce met in January and will be working on increasing bicycle ridership in the neighborhood with the aim of applying for the TLC grant program.  Linness-Robinson informed the board that the bike taskforce might merge with the Farmers Market taskforce.

Art to DI for
Linnes-Robinson informed the board that Artist registration would continue through March 5, 2007, with the event being held March 24, 2007 at Leonardo’s Basement from 7-9 pm and an after party 9-Midnight.

Linnes-Robinson provided an update and informed the board that a budget will be provided next month.

Darrell Gerber provided an update on the BRT stop at 46th and 35W and noted that he was appointed as a representative for the project.

Old Business:
Financial Policy review–Erik Lindseth provided an overview of the Policy and the changes to the board.  Gerber moved and Joby Lynn seconded the motion to adopt the new Financial Policy.  Mark Hinds stated that the Executive Director should be allowed to sign all contracts.  Hinds moved and Joby Lynn seconded that all contracts shall be approved by the Board of Directors directly or through its approval of a project based budget and signed by a member of the KFNA Executive Committee or Executive Director.  The Amendment to the Financial Policy passed unanimously.  Hinds also noted that under the Fundraising and Grant writing section, the Executive Director should be able to sign any grant agreement.  Hinds moved and Martha Ingram seconded the motion that the Board of Directors shall approve the acceptance of all grants; a member of the Executive Committee or Executive Director shall sign any grant agreement.  The amendment passed unanimously.  Hinds also moved that the words  “…unless expenditure is consistent with the approved contract from the board…” be added to the end of the first sentence under part IV Accounting, part D paragraph three.  Joby Lynn seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.  Hinds moved that the KFNA Financial Policy be adopted as amended and it passed unanimously.

40th and Lyndale Taskforce—Tom Parent informed the board that Matt Perry from the Taskforce asked that the KFNA representative not be a KFNA boardmember.  Ingram moved and Hinds seconded that Joby Lynn be appointed to the Lyndale Taskforce as a KFNA boardmember representative with Joby Lynn complying with the KFNA Liaison Policy.  The motion passed unanimously.

New Business:

NRP Plan Modifications—Linnes-Robinson provided an overview for the board and noted that the second Plan Modification should be eliminated and that in the new third Modification should be $21,000 instead of $20,000.  Hinds moved and Ingram seconded the motion to accept the three NRP Plan Modifications as amended.  The motion passed unanimously.

Board Recruitment Parties—Erik Lindseth informed the board that there would be two recruitment parties hosted by boardmembers who are leaving the board once their terms end in April 2007.  Martha Ingram will be hosting with Erik Lindseth and Thor Anderson on March 9 and Mark Hinds will host a party with Diana Schleisman and Tom Parent on March 31.

9:00 pm – Meeting adjourned and moved to social time with community members.

Minutes prepared by Ben Kristensen, KFNA Board Member.

KFNA Board Secretary – Peter Hallstrom

KFNA Board President – Erik Lindseth

King Bridge Partnership
Meeting Minutes
February 7, 2007
MLK Park
7:00 -8:30pm
MLK Park

Committee Attendance: Steve Brandt, Mark Hinds, Steve Jevning, David Motzenbecker and Margaret Sines

Guest: Andrea Jenkins, Aid to CM Glidden

KFNA Staff: Joanna S. Hallstrom

Jenkins invited KBP to be present at the next Bryant Issues Meeting on March 1 at Phelps Park to discuss the need for immediate improvements to the 40th street pedestrian bridge. There was some hedge trimming done last summer but more needs to be done to make is safer for bikers and walkers to access and cross the bridge.

Maren Christenson is the new president of the Bryant Neighborhood Organization.

Rev. Billy Russel and The Greater Missionary Baptist Church will be moving. The church still owns their current church building and surrounding property at 38th and 3rd Street.

Memorandum of Understanding: Hinds and Linnes-Robinson met with NRP staff members, Peg Mountain and Robert Thompson in October of 2006 to discuss NRP financing for the bridge project. KBP was asked to re-categorize unacceptable NRP expenses (e.g.. travel, design awards). NRP is also requiring a Memorandum of Understanding between KBP, Hennepin County and Minneapolis Public Works before they will sign off on the contract. Hinds has already started working with Hennepin County on the MOU process and will request direct assistance from Jim Grube, Director and County Engineer, to help draft the MOU for Phase I of the bridge project (to include: who own designs, money for replacement bridge, ownership, maintenance etc).

Budget Review / Funding Options:
Current sources of funding include: 50K from KFNA and Bryant neighborhoods and remaining McKnight grant.

Other possible funding sources: Bridge Replacement Funds (1.1 Million) from the 35W Access Project. It is possible to build the bridge before the access project begins, since the old bridge will have to be taken down to widen the interstate. The timing of these funds is unpredictable.

Motzenbecker reported that City Beautiful / Walking Mpls is looking at opening up as a foundation to do more public/private partnerships.

Jenkins reported that Transit for livable Communities will be accepting proposals this spring

McKnight funding can be used for the design phase of the project.
For the build phase, KBP will research capitol campaign resource: Minneapolis Foundation, Orton Family Foundation, Laura Jane Musser Fund.

Next Steps/ Tasks:

MOU could be finalized within two months.
RFP ready to publish – KBP will need to tweak to language to comply with NRP contract.Gather inform
Motzenbecker will work on the RFP posting process (compare with the Pittsburg RFP process)
Outreach for volunteers (Brandt / Jevning) send letter
Sines will work on prospect funding research. Pete Hallstrom has already created a foundation list to work from.
Hinds will finish edits on Common Grant Application. Sines will review.
KBPS needs to develop an outreach and fundraising coordination plan
Committee reviewed partner letter that Brandt drafted. He will make revisions and email it to the group. .
Brandt and Jevning – to attend Bryant Issues Meeting on March 1st

Brandt volunteered to help coordinate the March 7th meeting and follow-up on assigned tasks with monthly reminders to KBP members.

Minutes completed by Joanna S. Hallstrom, KFNA.

Follow-up Task List: Sent 2/12/07 by Brandt

1. Develop MOU with Hennepin County and Mpls Public Works for design process.   Mark/Sarah
Can we get a draft by March 7 meeting?

2. Update the RFP to match the RFP language and circulate for partner approval.  David, with Steve wordsmithing Depends on completion of task above.

3. Make sure we have all necessary funding for phase 1.   Mark
Need update at next meeting.

4. Finish common grant application.  Mark, inserting financials to update text developed last year by Steve.
Finish financials for March meeting.

5. Get financial/fundraising package to Margaret.  Mark ASAP

6. Start soliciting potential funders.  Margaret and Peter will develop groundwork
Update for March meeting.   (David to contact Dean Phillips?)

7. Attend Bryant Issues discussion of bridge and 2nd Av. improvements.  Steve Report back from March 1 meeting.

8. Solicit bridge committee volunteers from Bryant.  Steve List for March 7 meeting.

9. Develop a plan to bring sponsors on board and begin recruiting partners.  Steve/Steve Plan for March meeting; talk there about assigning individuals for follow-up.

Green Minutes

January 31, 2007

Attending: Tom Parent, Darrell Gerber, Dave Saddoris, and Sarah Linnes-Robinson

The group started the meeting by reviewing the preliminary stormwater BMP designs. Although there were a few questions on minor design aspects of the residential sites, all committee members were happy with the variety of the designs.  Linnes-Robinson confirmed that each would qualify for some stormwater credit, but the exact amount has not been calculated yet by the Consultants who are waiting for final design approval to do this.

An earlier plan of Victor’s Café was distributed and the group discussed the decisions/changes to the site plan that had been decided within the last week.  She has selected the following modified option: Alternative 3 (new) – combination of 1 & 2.  Remove only portions of asphalt for new patio and raingarden, use smaller curbs – 4” to separate patio and cars and use a trench drain to catch stormwater and pipe it into raingarden.  Cost would be similar to Alternative 2 (possibly a little less).

Benefits – Safer for patrons and cars, look nicer, capture all stormwater in parking area, able to remove wooden stoop near door, less construction time and mess than Alternative 2

Disadvantages – more expensive than Alternative 1, trench drain may require yearly maintenance.

Niki Valens has a meeting with MPLS Planning concerning the design on 2/1/07 and was optimistic they would approve it as an amendment to her originally accepted site plan from a few years ago.  The group asked the following questions: will the plan include a strip of garden along the north wall as discussed, and will the water from the gutters be routed under the walkway directly into the raingarden, also as discussed.  Linnes-Robinson will follow up with the engineer regarding these questions and with Valens regarding the meeting.

Leonardo’s site was discussed at length.  Without a site plan or a design of each of the elements it is difficult to understand how the proposed pieces will work together as a system for stormwater management.  What is understood to date is this: Water will be rerouted off the roof at the owner’s expense.  When it reaches the edge, our participation in the project will start.   It will be routed through wall-mounted boxes of plants and dirt which will filter the water and captured in an above-ground or below-ground cistern (owner’s decision regarding site use and looks) then released into a fountain for evaporative effect and for use by kids engaged in Leonardo’s classes (design of fountain determined by Grantee).  The questions the committee articulated are: will (or must) the water be treated for play? What happens to the water from the fountain?  Is evaporation enough to call it part of the system or should it be overflowed to yet another use such as a raingarden? How does the boulevard garden fit into the system?  Linnes-Robinson will attempt to get a meeting set up with the grantee, Owner, Engineer, and committee members on Feb 5 or 7.

Next the 2007 Household Hazardous Waste Pickup event was discussed.  Although the county is not hosting HHW events this year in neighborhoods, they have offered to hold this one event collecting all “typical” waste (but not tech equipment).   The committee decided there was very little reason to not hold the event.  The date of June 23 was approved and Saddoris and Gerber expressed a potential ability to volunteer at the event if new volunteers were not recruited.  Linnes-Robinson will see if other neighborhoods want to again participate and maybe all groups can work together on promotion and energy/environmental related incentives for the event.

Lastly, projects for the coming year were discussed and the group expressed a desire, at this time with limited volunteers, to move forward on educational strategies including links on the website and a regular article in the Kingfield News.  NRP Funds or a potential grant from community Power may also be able to help fund this education.

Minutes prepared and submitted by Linnes-Robinson, 2/6/07.

Walldog Summary
UPDATE  February 2007

Linnes-Robinson met with Steve Poor, Elizabeth Glidden and Mary Altman regarding this project.  Steve Poor is completely comfortable with the project and doesn’t perceive any issues with the murals being perceived as advertising, although the definition of what is signage in a mural and what isn’t is a personal opinion and not clearly defined by ordinance.  We will make sure that Steve is our first point of contact for getting an ok on the designs, and then we will not have a problem even if there are fish on the Scuba shop.

A couple of real things did get decided at this meeting: a check list for each mural will be created so that each design goes to the Arts Commission for approval (most murals it will have a check box that says “will not be reviewed by the commission” and Mary will check it off but the Park Board design will go to the commission which they (Mary and Steve) think will help get it approved) and then it will go to Steve for approval.  They will each sign and send it back to us.

We do need to add in the step of the Arts Commission approval of the concept of the project at their March meeting.

The group needs to think about how the payout process will work on this project, both for an insurance liability standpoint and in case we are using NRP funding.  My current understanding is, if we give a grant to the business we are not liable for the work that occurs on site…and this also gets us out of the NRP “paying for art” issue.  I am leaning toward this option, even if it makes closeout day a little more complicated.

Hinds will provide us with a Grant Calendar for this project and also has staff to allocate to writing the solicitations.  Hinds and Linnes-Robinson met via phone about the Business Letter offering a potential mural (it was determined that the draft will be used as a template and each neighborhood will adapt it to how they need to use it) and the Steering Committee make-up (4-5 residents now, more added later).

Rough Timeline was outlined as follows.  Hinds will update.

January: Preliminary sites identified/ Businesses contacted/ Form Steering Committee
Mid-February: confirm sites / execute Participation Agreement with business owners (and tenants)
End of February: linked all artists with businesses
Wednesday February 28th: Get on arts Commission Panel agenda
First Wednesday in March (7th) : Art Commission Panel approve project concept
Third Wednesday in March (21st): Arts Commission approve project concept
End of March: Preliminary Designs proofed by Steering Committee
Mid-April: Final designs submitted to Steering Committee
End-April: Final designs approved by City for Minneapolis (Steve Poor) City has veto power only on advertising vs. art percentage, not design
May-August: supplies ordered, donations solicited, event planned, media contacted
Early September: Sites prepped
Sept 13-16: Event

Notes provided by Linnes-Robinson

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