Redevelopment Committee Minutes
Kingfield Neighborhood Association
June 27, 2007
MLK Park
7:00 PM

Rosemary Dolata, Arthur Knowles, Tom Parent, Dave Saddoris

KFNA Staff: Joanna S. Hallstrom

Guests: Pat Mulroy, Owner of Mulroy’s Auto Body; Greg Simmer,  Wood & Jones, Inc. Commercial Real Estate Services; Residents from Van Nest Ave (directly behind Mulroy’s Property:
Karl Narveson 3924 Van Nest Ave.
Larry and MaryBeth Heller 3920 Van Nest Ave.
Beth Larson and Monica Hoffe 3953 Van Nest Ave.
JobyLynn Sassily-James 3912 Van Nest Ave.
Rick Bonneville 24 West 40th Street

39th and Nicollet – Proposed Development Plan:
Greg Simmer of Wood & Jones, Inc. Commercial Real Estate Services presented Pat Mulroy’s vision for the residential property Mulroy has acquired between 39th Street and 40th Street along Nicollet Ave.  Mulroy acquired the properties and demolished the abandoned homes for the future mixed use development and to address criminal activity happening on the lots and to his property.  Mulroy is interested in developing the entire east side of the block. Bob Larson of Elwood’s, located on the corner of 40th and Nicollet has been asked and is willing to consider selling his property for a larger development project.

Mulroy is interested in developing professional office space for small services with manageable client/customer use at one time to limit traffic and parking issues that may arise. Developing senior rental housing above the office space is also an interest. The initial building model includes street level store fronts along Nicollet with parking (possibly covered) in the back and housing units (senior rental) above. Underground parking has initially been ruled out due to Simmer’s stated cost of 65k per underground parking space – the cost is partially related to the results of a soil quality test.

According to Simmer, the property of Mulroy’s Auto Body Shop on the corner of 39th and Nicollet, has historically been used for commercial businesses although it is zoned R2b.  The four houses in between Mulroy’s and Elwood’s are zoned residential. Elwood’s’ property is zoned C1. Mulroy would be looking for a variance changes his R2b property and on all the residential lots.

Simmer stated that they want to go to the City with a master plan for developing the block in phases, but first they would like input from the neighborhood. Mulroy and Simmer would like to know what type of development KFNA would like to see on the block, then seek developers who fit the development ideas.  Simmer and Mulroy have been in conversation with Chris Rydrick (developer of new condos between the MPHA duplex and the Theisen building on 38th street).

Residents from Van Nest showed up in support of Pat Mulroy and his plans. They will be involved in giving feedback on project ideas.


Dolata gave a caution to the redevelopment committee regarding up zoning, due to a past situation where the KFNA approved a zoning change based on approving a developer’s project. Once approved and supported the developer downsized the project, deleting key components that KFNA wanted.

Mulroy and Simmer were encouraged to apply for remediation funding that may be applied to underground parking and other green funding.

Parent asked what Mulroy and Simmer’s short and long term goals are and what they need from KFNA. Mulroy and Simmer would like to complete all the preliminary work with the neighborhood and City before bringing in a developer. This presumably will include a zoning change request.

The committee stated that in this first discussion is appears that KFNA is on the same page as Mulroy and Simmer and that a mixed use development with a housing component is welcome along Nicollet Ave. The KFNA Development Guidelines and Affordable Housing Policy state the goals of KFNA and should be utilized in the planning of this development. The committee agreed that senior housing is a good fit for the neighborhood and requested that Mulroy and Simmer consider an affordable housing component in the project.

Sassily-James suggested conducting a mini charrette for this site. Parent and Dolata volunteered to do the design work. Mulroy and Simmer were pleased with the idea. The committee agreed to host a three to four hour design charrette, which will include residents from Van Nest and other appropriate parties.  The time and date are yet to be decided.

Milroy’s stated that he has office space to rent in his building. Hallstrom agreed to notify members of the Nicollet-East Harriet Business Association.

KFNA’s Role of Promoting Projects:

Parent led a discussion regarding KFNA role in publicly promoting projects such as the Plymouth Church Foundation’s homeless youth housing development at 37th and Nicollet.  The committee agreed that it can and should support projects that fall in line with the Development Guidelines and Affordable Housing Policy.

Developers, specifically Plymouth Church Foundation will be encouraged to do community outreach (as has already been planned) including door knocking of residents and invitations to meetings. The committee suggested that an article be published in the next KingfieldNews about the Plymouth Church Foundation project. The committee feels that it is important to stay ahead of any controversy and let residents know what the plans are for the funeral home site and why KFNA supports it. Dolata agreed to write the article.

KFNA Home Improvement Loan Program:
KFNA has selected the Center for Energy and Environment to administer the KFNA Home Improvement Loan Program. Hallstrom reviewed the program guidelines from CEE with the committee.  The major change is that the committee would like is for the KFNA program to be offered on a first come first serve basis to anyone who is eligible rather then being offered the program only after other programs (offered by CEE and the City) did not work out.

Minutes completed by Joanna S. Hallstrom, KFNA

Kingfield Crime and Safety Meeting
Tuesday, June 19
MLK Park

Kingfield Residents- 7
MPD- CPS Tom Thompson; Lt. Przynski
County Attorney: Lisa Goden
Crime and Safety Task Force Chair- Absent
KFNA Staff- Joanna S. Hallstrom, Project Organizer – KFNA

Block Leader Training
July 11, 2007
5th Precinct Community Room
3101 Nicollet Ave. S.

Issues of Concern / Neighborhood Crime Report:
1)217 W. 39th Street and 3914 Pillsbury  – residents called to report drug activity at these two addresses. Thompson reported that 3914 Pillsbury has an unlawful occupancy. The landlords name and address are as follows:
Edward Schoonveld
4507 Copper Ridge Rd
Champaign, IL 61822

Local Contact:
Michelle Schoonveld
5000 Fillmore St. N.E.

It is recommended that the CPas write the landlord a letter if problems persist.

217 W. 39th  owned by April Parkner. There was a 911 call to this address during the CPas Meeting.

2) 39th and Blaisdell same man seen arriving and parking and then walking over the Van Nest, presumably to pick up drugs. He comes in different cars, and the cars usually have people in them. 911 is called every time this is seen – resident is pretty frustrated at the apparent lack of police response.

3) Panhandling at 39th and Pillsbury: The description of the individuals asking for money or work-for-cash appears to match that of Vivian and Wayne Pose and their children. Police have on record that this family no longer lives in Kingfield but it appears that they have returned to panhandle.

4) 4323 1st Ave. S. Owner locked out of home by tenant 612-229-7119 has called police. This is a civil action. The owner has rights to get an unlawful detainer against the tenant.

5) 4404 Stevens Ave. Residents from this block attended the meeting tonight to report that this is a suspected drug house they see drug dealing (hand-to-hand transactions), people coming and going frequently (“five minute friends”), there was a fire at this address last Sunday and the appears to have very little furniture in it. Residents suspect that people may be squatting in the home. Thompson looked up this address on the 911 reports and encouraged the residents to keep calling 911.

6) 4432 Stevens is also a suspected drug house. Residents of 44th and Stevens report ongoing prostitution and open drug use in vehicles parking along Stevens Ave in front of their homes. Residents have watched people shooting up in broad day light. They have called 911 repeatedly. The also report that cars and buses speed along their street regularly. Residents were encouraged to call MTC to report bus speeding and to keep calling 911 to report criminal activity.

7) 3943 Van Nest continues to be a problem drug house. There was an early morning drug raid by the MPD recently that has slowed things down a bit.

Community Organizing Strategies:

Walking Report: The walkers have continued walking through the summer. Hallstrom will get them more Crime and Safety fliers to hand out in English and Spanish. Thompson has asked the walkers to check the doors of apartment buildings and report unlocked buildings to him. It is the law that multiunit buildings remained locked. The MPD has had numerous thefts from apartment buildings over the last few months.

The group discussed the best way to deter drug users/prostitution from happening on your block. It was recommended that residents of 44th and Stevens hang out in the fronts of their homes regularly throughout the summer – to get eyes back on the street.

Next Meeting: It was decided to hold out next meetings out in the hood. The July CPaS meeting will be on Van Nest and the August meeting will be on 44th and Stevens. They will be front yard pot lucks. A notice will be posted at MLK Park to make sure residents know where to find the meeting.

Tri Neighborhood Court Watch Program:
The tri-neighborhood group is still working out their procedures for tracking cases. No new items to report.

Special Note: Thank you Monica and Beth for the great barbecue! CPaS always has great food at our meetings.

Minutes completed by Joanna Hallstrom, Project Organizer – KFNA

Kingfield Farmers’ Market Task Force

Saturday, June 16th
1:00 pm – 2:00pm
Corner Table
43rd and Nicollet

Expected Attendance: Scott, Melinda, David, Joanna, Debra, Jeff

Introductions: The task force officially welcomed Debra Bourne as our new market coordinator

Market-Reports: Bourne gave a recap on the June markets. The markets have had steady attendance, people have been pleased with the new vendors and have commented that the seating and music are a great addition.

Sarah Linness-Robinson will be coordinating berry picking/ selling at a local farm. This is a trial program using volunteers to pick and sell berries as a fundraiser for KFNA.

The Rhubarb Bake-Of was a success and well attended. Bakers and tasters enjoyed the event.

The next big event will be the Ice Cream Contest in July.

Marketing Plan-Report: Hallstrom reported that Jeff Burg will design the posters for each Second Sunday event this summer. Pampuch, Nicholson and Burg volunteered to hang the posters around Kingfield two weeks before each event. Hallstrom will coordinate the printing and distribution of the posters.

2007 Market Capacity-Discussion:
After a few markets it is very clear that more volunteer support needed to set up and operate market, events and KFNA table successfully. With the addition of vendors, extra market enhancements (tables chairs etc) and vendor follow-up/recruitment duties our market coordinator is working more hours than expected and KFNA staff are providing considerable administrative support to the market.

Moving the Market Forward-Discussion:
The task force spent most of the meeting discussing the future of the Kingfield Market (goals, funding, and structure). This included discussion on the formation of a Market Advisory Committee to move the market forward.

The task force was in agreement that the future of the market will be based on raising financial support outside of the KFNA. The market is one of the largest projects of KFNA and financial support from the neighborhood over the next two years will significantly decrease and presumably cease after that.

It was recommended that the market needs to do a feasibility study that includes an evaluation of the location, staffing, size, customer base and potential partners in order to make an informed decision about separating from KFNA as its own non-profit.

Current Market Task Force members were asked about their interest in remaining on the task force and becoming members of the advisory committee.

Next Meeting:
The Task Force decided not to meet over the summer but instead give volunteer time to the market directly (hanging up posters, helping with events). The next meeting will be in September.

Minutes completed by Joanna S. Hallstrom, KFNA Project Organizer

Kingfield Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors Meeting
June 13, 2007


Board Members Present:

Niki Stavrou, Arthur Knowles, Dave Saddoris, David Potosky, Karen Pieper, Tom Parent, Chris Sur, David Brauer, Amy Joe Gracyalny, Mary Hunter

Board Members Absent:

JobyLynn Sassily James, Ben Kristensen

KFNA Staff Present:

Sarah Linnes-Robinson,

Others: Jack, Paul Hokeness, Brian, Steve Brandt, Michael Vanderfort, Diana Schliesman, Lee, and Jenny.

Meeting Called to Order:

David Brauer called the meeting to order at 7PM

Community Forum:

No Discussion

Old Business:

King Park Fence discussion:

Topic moved up in agenda to fit schedule of MPRB staff in attendance. Paul Heckness – District manager spoke after David Brauer’s introduction of the issue. This portion is intended to allow us to hear from the Park Board and decide what kind of meeting we need to have to resolve community and KFNA concerns around the fence built in King Park. The MPRB is working on a comprehensive plan. Last one was 1976. One of the issues is communications. Some meetings will be held to talk about this and work on improving it. One thing that they working on is better integration with the neighborhood newsletters. Linnes-Robinson asked about whether or not King Park has a Comprehensive Plan. King Park doesn’t have a Master Plan. This is more of a design and landscape plan. Gerber asked Paul what kind of meeting he felt would be needed to address the present issue with the community. There have been many different meetings in the past.

Secretary’s Report:

Chris moved to accept the minutes, Arthur seconded. Passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report:

No questions on financial documents

Redevelopment Committee Report:

Tom has some corrections of typos to send to Joana.

NRP Committee Report:

Niki asked that her name be changed to Stavrou on the minutes.

Green Committee Report:




King Bridge Partnership:


Farmers’ Market:


Crime and Safety Committee:


Bike Task Force:



Walldogs – None

Transportation – None

40th and Lyndale – None

Old Business:

King Park Fence – (Take Two) Steve Brandt and Michael Vanderfort came to talk about their concerns about the recent Park fence issue. Vanderfort runs the KFNA sponsored soccer program. They outlined their concern about the lack of notice and opportunity for input from the community concerning the changes to the park. This was a missed opportunity to give valuable input into the design and use of the park from the neighborhood and KFNA. It would have made it more beneficial and useful to the neighborhood. Steve was on the citizen advisory committee for the last big upgrade of the park. A part of the plan was to have sprinklers to cover the full soccer field area. There were plans to have a much higher level of soccer use that Michael feels has not developed as foreseen. There needs to be a focus on moving forward and improving communications. Diana talked about the workgroup that is meeting about the city wide issue of improving communications between neighborhoods and the MPRB. There should be a plan to get a procedure out of the meeting on how and when the Park meets with the neighborhood. Michael felt that it should also be important for Brian to be able to talk about and explain the reasoning behind the fence. Chris moved that we “have a separate meeting organized by a board member and advertised between the park board and the community around the fence and communications with the neighborhood. It should be forward looking and positive“. Niki seconded. David B., Karen, Chris, and Diana will work to organize the meeting. Passed. David P voted no. Arthur abstained.

New Business:

NRP Phase II Scope of Service review and approval – Sarah reviewed the documents provided. There have been concerns with Phase II spending from downtown but there is no freeze. In fact, KFNA has been encouraged to move as many contracts through as possible now. Had to spread Phase II money over 5 years but could only do 70% in first 3 years. We are in year 2 but have not contracted anything. David asked how we are now contracting 2006 money. Sarah, you can always contract backward for money budgeted but you can’t reach forward for money budgeted down the line. Arthur moved “to approve and direct the President to sign the Scopes and Services as specified in NRP Phase II.” Niki seconded. Passed unanimously.

Housing Loan Administrator Selection – Sarah brings a recommendation to approve selection of The Center for Energy and the Environment (CEE) as the KFNA Housing Loan Administrator. This is the recommendation coming from the Redevelopment Committee. They were the lowest bidder and we have a good working relationship with them over several years. They are not going to do marketing for us but Sarah feels there is quite a bit of interest already. David suggested that we be careful not to only open this to insiders and those in the know. Planning for marketing and promotion will be taken up at the next Redevelopment Meeting. David P. moved to approve selection of CEE as Housing Loan Administrator. Tom seconded. Passed unanimously.

Beer and Wine License Support Requested by La Chaya (KFC)

They came to Redevelopment to outline their work and get support for their beer and wine license. Redevelopment felt they could not decide on that issue and that it should come to the full board. They will be required by the city to hold a community meeting. Notices will be sent by the city to people in the area. Tom asked that KFNA be included on the notice and also that notice be given to a wider group than just immediate neighbors. We can also, at that time, either give a recommendation from KFNA or remain silent. David B asked that we be sure that the meeting is held in the neighborhood and in the evening. Niki said her experience is that the city does do that as common practice. David B. also pointed out that KFNA does not approve or deny the license but we can have input into it. We can also remain silent. The vote is that of the City Council but they do take into account the neighbors’ opinions (to varying degrees).

Plymouth Neighborhood Foundation Letter of Support – Lee and Jenny Masson attended from Plymouth Church Foundation came. They presented their organization and their plans for a project at the Werness Bros. Funeral Home site. There will be a 42 unit supportive housing space for at-risk youth plus a coffee shop and 3-4 bedroom townhomes. There will be on-site support services. Board members and Redevelopment Committee members will have an opportunity later to tour other sites. Tom explained that this is only stating that at this time the project meets our guidelines for the neighborhood and looks like a good start. He also stated that it is felt that management of the project will be paramount toward making it work. Arthur moved that “the board support and ask the president to sign the letter supporting the Plymouth Letter of Support as forwarded by the Redevelopment Committee.“ Chris seconded. Passed unanimously.

Mosaic Mural – Sarah gave an update of our mural history and the mosaic mural on Frame Ups, specifically. No agreement was ever reached and the grant offer was withdrawn. Discussion has continued with the artists to find a place for the mural. Nothing progressed. The artists have asked to submit a bill for the work completed thus far for the design, materials and a workshop for some youth. We don’t have any written agreement with them at this time. David P moved “they be offered starting at $600 with a limit of 20% $600 for the work done.” Chris seconded it. David P. withdrew motion. Chris moved that we “authorize Sarah to tell them we have no moral, legal, or otherwise requirement to pay them but that she ask for their bill to bring to the board next month.” Arthur seconded. Passed unanimously.

Land Trust Letter – Chris moved to accept. David S. seconded. Passed unanimously.

Arthur moves adjournment. David S seconded. Passed unamimously.

Meeting adjourned at 9PM

Minutes prepared by Darrell Gerber

Walldog Minutes

Karen Heegard, Sandy Parnell, Carole Bersin, Ray Carron, Sarah Linnes-Robinson, and Mark Hinds

La Princessa (34th and Nicollet) has been secured as a site.  We will work towards painting this site in September ’07 as a teaser for the larger event in ’08.

Carole talked about the upcoming Walldog Meet in Algooma, Wisconsin the weekend of the June 21st.  She is attending and planning on holding a “forum” with other Walldoggers about the differences in holding an urban rather than a small-town meet, their benefits or detriments of piggy-backing on Hudson, and their interest in participating in our meet. She will have a decision about if it will work to piggyback on Hudson in July ’08, or if we will move ahead with our stand-alone event in September at our meeting in July.

Mark presented the comments that he heard regarding our proposal at the MRAC review yesterday.  The proposal was generally unfavorably received and he expects it will be turned down.  Some of the comments included: the festival needs to be more fleshed out, what is the subject matter of the murals and how is it defined, how will the project be evaluated, how will volunteers be engaged, is there artistic value to the work.  MRAC will have another round of funding next spring where we can be better prepared to answer these questions.

The fundraising/marketing committee met and began fleshing out the message of the materials that will be produced.  The themes of the event are 1) Community Building 2) Art is a community value, and 3) There is a public benefit from the murals being part of the community and seeing them be created.  The thread that needs to be woven throughout all of these is “diversity is a value”.

We brainstormed duties for Volunteers including:
Check-in, serving lunch, delivering snacks and water, providing host homes, cleaning up, as well as those that paint.

Both the fundraising/marketing group and the event/volunteers group will meet before the next large group meeting.  The large group was tentatively scheduled for Wednesday July 11 at 5 PM.

Minutes provided by Linnes-Robinson, KFNA Executive Director, 6/7/07.

Kingfield Farmer’s Market has never been better, Community Building Van Nest Ave. Block Club, Lyndale Av. Reconstruction Project Delayed, Minneapolis Community Engagement Update, Household Waster Drop Off Day, and more in June Newsletter.

June Newsletter Meeting Minutes

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