Kingfield Crime and Safety Meeting
Tuesday, July 17
39th and Van Nest – Front Yard Meeting / Pot Luck

Kingfield Residents- 10
MPD- Lt. Przynski
Minneapolis Attorney: Lisa Goden
Crime and Safety Task Force Chair- Amy Gracyalny
KFNA Staff- Joanna S. Hallstrom, Project Organizer – KFNA

NNO: Close your street for free on National Night Out, Tuesday, August 7. Just apply by Tuesday, July 24. Go to  HYPERLINK “” \o “blocked::” to register your NNO event and apply for street closure. You can also call 311 (612-673-3000).

For more information, go to  HYPERLINK “” \o “blocked::” or call John Baumann 612-673-3447.

Personal & Family Preparedness Training
Dates & Locations (choose one):
• August 28th 6:30-8:30 pm
Bethlehem Lutheran Church Iverson Hall
4100 Lyndale Ave S. Minneapolis
To Register contact:
Andrea Petersen
Hennepin County Public Health
Emergency Preparedness
Phone: 612-348-4463

Driftwood Hearing July 18, 6:30-8:30pm at MLK Park

Kingfield Summer Festival: Thursday, July 19, 6pm-8pm MLK Park at 4055 Nicollet Ave.

Issues of Concern / Neighborhood Crime Report:

The Task Force discussed what concerns they have about Driftwood. They would like a 1:00am closing, 12:30 all alcohol sale to cease, security on site and good management. Members of the Task Force will be at the hearing to express these conditions.

Community Organizing Strategies:

Task Force members met for a potluck meeting in the front yard of a Van Nest  Ave. homeowner. The Task Force discussed specific concerns the Van Nest block has had with the drug house on their block (in view of the meeting) and there current strategy to confront the negative and criminal activity happening on their block, due to this drug house. CPS Thompson and Lt. Przynski are vary involved with surveillance of this drug house and continually collecting data from neighbors on the drug and other criminal activity happening at this location.

The Task Force benefited from each other’s exchange of neighborhood crime fighting stories.
The food was most excellent.

Next Month meeting – Stevens Ave

Minutes completed by Joanna Hallstrom, Project Organizer – KFNA

Walldog Steering Committee
Present: Mark Hinds, Sarah Linnes-Robinson, Ray Carron, Carole Bersin, and Karen Heegaard

Presentation by Bersin on meet in Algoma.  Key points:
Illinois meet planned for September 08 which means we will be in July ‘08
Some Walldoggers expressed interest in Minneapolis meet—potential project leads identified
Walldoggers getting more “official”—creating a packet of materials for “what it takes to bring the Walldogs to your town”.  Insurance specified as a concern by Walldoggers, as well as transportation costs for lead artists.
Algoma was good model of community working alongside Walldoggers—need to explore how this was achieved more—Hinds will discuss this and other notes with Dave, the Algoma organizer.

Walldogs on Nicollet will meet weekend before Hudson in July 2008.

Linnes-Robinson presented the event proposal for 2007.  Since writing up the task list earlier in the day she had been having second–thoughts about the capacity of the Walldog Steering Committee to pull-off the street dance.  At her request, it was agreed by those present to remove this event from the 2007 list and shoot for it in 2008.  Instead a “kegger” may be held at Hinds house as a fundraiser for the Walldogs, and we can do something more simple on site to encourage people to come view the mural in progress such as scope ice cream or serve drinks.  The group was enthusiastic about the Harvest Breakfast idea (Linnes-Robinson will pursue seeing if this is compliance with the Farmers’ Market rules) and the Eating for Art event.  The Event Group will craft a request for businesses and solicit participation.

A brief conversation was held regarding the La Princessa mural and its trolley theme.  Linnes-Robinson shared photos of other Walldog murals that captured train images and Hinds referred to a new book that was just published about trolleys.  Bersin will have a draft design by July 23 to present to La Princessa’s owner.  If approved, Linnes-Robinson will take it to the City and it can be used for promotional materials (including both organizations newsletters) if finalized by August 6.

The meeting was adjourned.
Minutes provided by Linnes-Robinson, 7/16/07.

Phase II Plan Modification approved by Kingfield community was just approved by NRP Policy Board:
Move $160,000 from Phase II Housing Development & Redevelopment 1.1.3 (Mixed-Use Housing) to 1.1.2 (Home Loan Programs). The money was originally earmarked to the Lander ‘38’ project, a development that is not being built. Funds will now be used to supplement a neighborhood loan program.

Phase I Plan Modifications approved by Kingfield community were just administratively approved by NRP Staff:

Move $10,436.63 from Phase I Neighborhood Life 2.1.1ab (Activity Advisory and Directory) to 1.2.2 (Kingfield News) and contract it immediately into #14923 Category 3. The Kingfield News is the tool used to share information about activities of all Kingfield stakeholders. Developing a separate booklet of these activities is redundant and also wasteful of resources since the information would become dated and obsolete.

Move $20,000 from Phase I Neighborhood Life 1.3.1 (Block Club Organizing) into Neighborhood Livability 2.1.2 (Implementation Staff). The dollars will be immediately contracted into #14891, Cat. 1. This strategy was originally determined to be an administrative expense and so should be moved to the administrative category.
Read more

Kingfield Neighborhood Association
Board of Directors Meeting July 11, 2007

Board Members Present:
Niki Stavrou, Arthur Knowles, Dave Saddoris, David Potosky, Karen Pieper, Tom Parent, Chris Sur, David Brauer, Amy Joe Gracyalny, JobyLynn Sassily James, Ben Kristensen

Board Members Absent:
Mary Hunter

KFNA Staff Present:
Sarah Linnes-Robinson, Joanna Hallstrom

Others: Jake Weyer.

Meeting Called to Order:
David Brauer called the meeting to order at 7:05PM

Community Forum:
Joanna Hallstrom introduced herself to the new board members.

Secretary’s Report:
Arthur moved to accept the minutes. Joby Lynn seconded. Passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report:
No report

Redevelopment Committee Report:
Additional news is July 18 liquor license hearing for The Driftwood (old Westrums) in King Park. They don’t need to apply for a new license but the city council is asking that they hold a public hearing anyway. The committee has started planning for rollout of the Plymouth Church Foundation project to the neighborhood. No updates on La Chaya.

NRP Committee Report:
No meeting.

Green Committee Report:
KFNA got a Grassroots Climate Change Microgrant from the city of $1000. We will distribute Kill-a-Watts to neighbors and get reports back. A grant for $10,000 was recently submitted to the city for an extension on this work into extensive outreach through houseparties, bike tours and other events.


King Bridge Partnership:

Farmers’ Market:

Crime and Safety Committee:
Several problem houses had been identified during the meeting. Niki reported about the graffiti on Fairy Godmother’s. There is speculation it was retaliation for an article she wrote in the last Southwest Journal about cleaning up graffiti. It was all cleaned up today. They didn’t touch the mural at all.

Bike Task Force:
Some events have been pulled into Green Committee. There is some possible money for next year.

Walldogs – Doing a September Walldog event. 34th and Nicollet and logo on Lyndale Neighborhood office building. These will be a taste of the other 8 murals that will come in July. Neighborhood restaurants in Lyndale and Kingfield are being asked to donate a portion of profits from a day to the project. Other fundraising projects.
Transportation – The Downtown Action Plan has been accepted by the City Council with some modifications. The city has released an air quality study that indicates some problems at 46th and Nicollet. Gerber suggested that the Redevelopment Committee take a look at it. The Comprehensive Plan for the city is also moving along and Gerber suggested that the Redevelopment Committee be active in developing recommendations for the board to submit to the city.
40th and Lyndale – Steve Brandt has resigned from the committee due to his new job. Barbara Crosby has offered to serve on the committee representing KFNA. Despite the design challenge wrapping up there is still a lot to do with the committee.

Updates on Current Issues:
Berry Selling – Berry picking is very time consuming. Two hours of picking made about $80. The berries are very good and sell quickly. Have been very popular at the market but have been a logistic problem. Sales of some of the products at the market are selling incredibly well. David B recommends getting there early and leave yourself a lot of time. You should try to have 4 or 5 people with you. Sarah needs to fill out the next several weeks of picking.

Mosaic Mural – The action for the artists to submit a proposal is in their court.

New Business:
Appointment of Barbara Crosby to the 40th and Lyndale – Tom Parent moved that KFNA “support the involvement of Barbara Crosby as a Kingfield resident on the 40th and Lyndale Committee.” Seconded by Dave Saddoris. Passed unanimously.

Housing Loan Program Contract Preparation – Chris Sur moved to approve the contract revisions. Joby Lynn seconded. Passed unanimously.

Land Trust letter of support – The letter has previously been approved. It just needs to be signed.

Web site proposal – David P. outlined a proposal he has recently submitted for maintenance and upkeep of the website. He proposes decreasing the cost of operation and redirecting the savings into paying for design/development work on the website. The new design would be much more open and interactive allowing for greater input from the community via Wiki and blog technology. This should lower the maintenance and would require less technical expertise to use. It would also allow the community to take more ownership of the site. Tom likes the idea and that it would serve the neighborhood well. Suggests putting this into a committee. David would like to put the design work out to a contractor.  He and Sarah have several people in mind. Several ideas and explanations of blog and Wiki were passed around. David B asked that David P put together a formal proposal to bring to the board for a vote.

August Meeting – Last year we didn’t do a meeting in August. David B asked if we want to plan on having one or not. Joby Lynn moved that “we don’t meet in August unless necessary and try to work votes out via email.” David P seconded. Passed by majority. Arthur abstained. Sarah would like to still send out a board packet to keep everyone up to date on events and get volunteers for Walldogs.

NNO – Last year we biked around giving out ice cream. It went over well but some felt that it was excessive with everyone already having food. Sarah proposed that we do it again just handing out information. Tom thought that the ice cream was a valuable good will gesture. We will buy ice cream and do it again. Several board members volunteered to bike that weekend to help.

Kingfield festival next Thursday 6 to 8PM – The Park will put out a couple tables for KFNA. Committee’s should put out materials and volunteer to serve at the tables. All board members should try to show up wearing their board t-shirt.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30PM

Minutes prepared by Darrell Gerber

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