Redevelopment Committee Minutes
Kingfield Neighborhood Association
October 24, 2007
3700 Nicollet (the funeral home site)
5:30 PM
Special Meeting Time and Place

Rosemary Dolata, Peter Hallstrom, Mark Hinds, Tom Parent, Kate Boran
KFNA Staff: Joanna S. Hallstrom
Guests: Jennifer Larson of the Plymouth Church Neighborhood Foundation

Site Tours of Plymouth Church Neighborhood Foundation Projects:
Tour Schedule:
5:30 meet at 3700 Nicollet in funeral home parking lot
5:45 visit Anpa Waste Numpa (3146 Cedar Ave. S.)
6:15 visit Lydia Apts. (1920 Lasalle)
Conduct regular redevelopment business after tours (Committee met at Café Acadia on Franklyn and Nicollet – near Lydia Apts.)
Jennifer Larson of the Plymouth Church Neighborhood Foundation led the redevelopment committee through two site tours. First, the committee toured Anpa Waste Numpa (New Beginnings) at 3146 Cedar Ave. S. Anpa Waste Numpa is a 10 unit supportive housing development for teen parents, between the ages of 16-22- years with 1 or 2 children. Each resident is connected to a social service program that assists with educational and work goals as well as basic needs. Residents receive on site support through life skills, independent living and cooking classes. Residents also have access to an on site staff person that can assist in finding childcare, rental assistance etc. Each resident is required to pay a flat rent of $120 per month and must be meeting work and educational goals to remain in the program. The average stay at Anpa Waste Numpa is 7-8 months.

The tour continued to Lydia Apartments at 1920 Lasalle. Lydia is a 40 unit supportive housing development for homeless single adults with disabilities. Lydia opened under lots of neighborhood controversy. The housing development is now seen as a community asset. Residents of Lydia can be any age but must have either a mental, physical or chemical disability. 31 of the 41 residents have been at Lydia for over a year. 8 residents have been there 4 years or longer. Residents are welcome to stay as long as they choose. Lydia is a secured facility and visitors are limited and must show ID. On site support includes case workers from Spectrum Mental Health, a 24-hour door person, library, workout room, computers and community gathering spaces.

Regular Redevelopment Business: Café Arcadia (Franklin and Nicollet)

Discussion of the Tour: The redevelopment committee was very impressed by the upkeep and cleanliness of both the inside and outside of each supportive housing development. Each facility was well maintained and provided excellent on site services to residents. The redevelopment committee felt comfortable with PCNF’s reputation with this type of work.

November 7th PCNF Community Forum 3700 Nicollet Supportive Housing Development:
The committee discussed and identified the following recommendations for PCNF to include in their presentation to Kingfield and Lyndale residents.

-Make sure that public officials are also invited: (City Council, State Reps, County Commissioner, Mayor) also Kathy Tenbrook (contact info from Rosie)
-Start meeting by defining the need for homeless youth housing
-Hopefully be able to identify the service provider and talk more in depth about the programming offered at the site.
-Display visuals of the building design / other similar programs etc
-Have a printed packet to hand out that includes the information presented at the meeting and the building design.
-Invite a representative from Tangle Town to sit in on this meeting. Individuals with questions about the Tangle Town PCNF project will be directed to talk to this rep. after the meeting. The Tangle Town project will not be discussed in the large group at this meeting.
Parent and Linnes-Robinson will make sure these suggestions are communicate to PCNF staff.

Kingfield Introduction at meeting:
-Be clear that this meeting is being used to advise the Redevelopment Committee / KFNA Board by collected resident feedback on the project.
-Be clear that KFNA has supported the idea of the project because is lines up with the Corridor Housing Initiative (CHI), KFNA’s Affordable Housing Statement, KFNA’s Development Guidelines and very importantly PCF has been meeting with the KFNA redevelopment committee throughout the development of this project.

Materials KFNA needs to bring to meeting:
KFNA should have copies of each guideline for residents to take home / KFNA should still have the large poster versions from the Mulroys’ meeting.

Pre-Meeting Door Knocking:
Committee members and KFNA board are all invited to do outreach/door knocking regarding the Nov. 7 meeting with a group of PCNF representatives on Saturday Oct 27.   So far Tom Parent is the only one that is confirmed to help with door knocking.

Zoning appeal for 4445 Garfield:
The committee did not feel that they could make a recommendation to the KFNA board to support the 4445 Garfield variance request and feel that remaining silent on the matter is the most appropriate response at this time.

After discussion, Dolata made a motion: If the issue is not resolved in favor of the property owner at the Thursday, October 25th, 2007 hearing the redevelopment committee would make it a priority at the November meeting. Hinds made the second to the motion; motion passed unopposed


The committee received a notification of a withdrawal of the carwash proposal at 3601 Nicollet

The Green Committee notified Parent that a property owner that participated in the Stormwater Management Program this summer is out of code with the City for eliminating off street parking for their car  and replacing it with a rain garden. Their site plan was reviewed by the City before it was implemented.  The matter is further complicated because the property owner gave up a property line easement in order to install the garden. The adjacent property owner is not willing to renegotiate the easement. There are no other options for reinstalling off street parking at this site.

Hinds notified the committee that site plans for the New Life Church building at 36th and Nicollet will be reviewed by the Lyndale Neighborhood Association on November 14th. The developer is proposing adding on to the existing structure for a Family $ and Auto Parts store.

Minutes completed by Joanna S. Hallstrom, KFNA

Walldog Steering Committee
October 2007
Present: Mark Hinds, Sarah Linnes-Robinson, Ray Carron, Carole Bersin, and Karen Heegaard, Sandy Parnell, Tracy Nielson, Jenny Breen

Kick-Off Weekend Recap (will be compiled and sent in a separate spreadsheet!)

Fundraising & Communications—
Grants have been submitted to:
MN150-in process
Target Foundation-in process
Hamburger Helper-in process
Case Foundation-in process
Upcoming Deadlines:
MRAC spring (April?)

Communications Actions Needed:
Completion of Sponsorship package and presentation—Mark.  Deadline for completion and presentation at the Nov 1 Walldog meeting
Meetings set up with possible sponsors to talk about the project—Mark.  Will set these up after Nov.1 meeting.
Letter to all Nicollet Businesses explaining the project, criteria for site selection, and soliciting sites—Letter completed week of 10/15. Mailing list compiled and letter mailed week of 10/22.

Private “artist holiday fair” selected Walldogs as project they will support: holiday fair hosted by Carole Johnson and Anne Sennes at Carole’s house at 5111 Garfield Ave S, 5-9 PM, on Nov 9.  Sarah will provide Walldog info for event and attend on behalf of the project. All Steering Committee members encouraged to attend and bring a friend or two to shop!

Walldogs Quarterly Events Planned to “keep the buzz”:
December 8: Deck the Walls Holiday band and beverage bash
March 21 or 22:  Off the Wall Community Art Show
Early May: Garden Part 2
July: Site Events including MIA at King, bus tour and scavenger hunt, bands on sites, possibly a kid mural or panels, etc.

Event Actions Needed:
Scout out location and bands for Deck the Walls—Sarah, Sandy and Ray
Scout our location for Art Show and put together planning team–Sarah
Send handwritten thank you’s from Kickoff weekend—Sarah
Send formal donation recognition letters for Kickoff weekend–Mark

Artist and Site Selection:
Debate started about who leads walls-Walldoggers and/or locals.  Tabled due to time to separate meeting between Bersin, Hinds, and Linnes-Robinson.  Separate meeting on the topic resulted in this compromise: Walldoggers will lead most projects. An RFQ will not be posted for locals but if any come to our attention with exterior mural and group experience, we may interview them for their interest and possible leadership of a design and site.  Debate also occurred about providing a travel stipend for lead artists.  This matter will be decided by December when we will confirm with our artists.

Artist and Site Timeline and Actions:
Carole will solicit firmer commitments now from Walldoggers that have tentatively expressed interest.
Mark will provide packet about project including possible wall samples for sites that can be sent to potentially interested Walldoggers.
A decision will be made regarding travel stipends for lead artists by December.
Desire is to have artists selected and confirmed for at least 6 sites (minimum number of murals desired) before Christmas.  Any others would be solidified as we finalize sites in January-early February ’08.  Artists and walls all decided and used for promo in March.
Criteria for sites was also brainstormed.  Although it should be refined it is, as follows.

1st Determinant:
location–both stretching through the two hoods but also some grouping with other murals
business in compliance with city code
attitude of building and business owner

2nd Determinant:
smoothness of wall
willingness of building and /or owner to:
pay for wall prep arranged by us
provide a cash contribution
invest in the building and /or business long term
light the finished mural and their building
support the artists during the project with:

Steering Committee Membership
Steering Committee membership and task force participants were brainstormed.  Julia, Jen, and Laura will be invited to the next steering committee meeting to see if they want to join.  Mary Daub will be invited to work on the fundraising piece.—Mark
Mary Hunter, Andrew from Youthline at the park, and Barb Shleton will be invited to work on events.–Sarah

The Steering Committee meets next on Thursday Nov. 1 (and every first Thursday of the month!) at 7:30 at LNA.

Minutes provided by Linnes-Robinson, 10/19/07.

KFNA Green Committee

Present: Dave Saddoris, Darrell Gerber, and Karen Pieper
Absent: Dave Potosky
Temporarily on leave: Tom Parent
Also Present: Sarah Linnes-Robinson

The committee opened the meeting with a discussion of upcoming grants that may fit with the committee’s interests.  MN PCA with a focus on area B “Creating More Sustainable Communities:  Implementation of green building and water conservation programs, and citizen education to increase environmentally sustainable actions (Maximum grant $40,000; 25% match required)” was discussed as was trying to get the neighborhood LEED certified; it was determined that none of those present had the expertise to pull together a proposal regarding this in the two weeks until deadline.  The committee discussed a grant that had gone in earlier this summer focused on organizing and educating neighbors on a block level regarding personal green actions.  It was suggested that Linnes-Robinson rewrite this piece and submit it, if she found time to do so after completing the requirements for the MWMO grant which is due on the 30th.

A tech related grant from a small Wayzata company called “Live Green/Live Smart” was also discussed.  Funds can be spent on research on energy efficiency and healthy habitats, information sharing, and direct action to foster a more sustainable environment.
There is no deadline to apply.  However, the grant only pays up to $500 so before applying Linnes-Robinson wants to confirm that either Postosky can update the current web site with environmental info, or that he has found someone to reformat the web site and an environmental “section” can be developed.

Next the committee discussed the “noncompliance issue” of Deb and Dan Swenson-Klatt due to their removal of all parking in their backyard.  Deb and Dan were one of the Kingfield stormwater demonstration sites.  What follows is a summary of the relevant points:

Deb and Dan’s Background
Our project involved removal of easements on our property and our neighbor¹s to the north. Through this legal action, we relinquished access to our neighbor¹s driveway and removed a large paved driveway on our property and an old two car garage. We now park on the street and enjoy a large backyard that is permeable and that we¹ve begun to fill with gardens. To create some storage for bikes and garden equipment, we¹ve planned to build a shed on a part of the old garage site.  This project was of course reviewed and approved by many involved in the KFNA project.

Two weeks ago, Dan sought a building permit for the storage shed. On Sept 21, we received a letter denying this addition because we are ³not in compliance with Chapter 541 of the Minneapolis Zoning Ordinance. Chapter 541 requires that one parking space be provided per residential dwelling unit. By vacating rights to a drive aisle easement on the property to the north, and removing the garage on your property, the number of parking stalls on your property has fallen below the threshold of conformance.²

This ordinance seems not only unreasonable, but also not reflective of the reality of many properties on blocks surrounding ours. First, as you know, our block and several others have no alley. We can count at least 5 properties on our block and those to the south and west that have no driveway or parking stall. Why an ordinance would require this when the neighborhood was designed a century ago to include lots without driveways and parking spaces makes no sense. Second, it is not logical to us that we would be denied a building permit for a storage shed because our property does not have a parking space. The two issues should be dealt with separately. Finally, our recent investment of thousands of dollars in this project and efforts to reach agreement with our neighbor to remove the easements from our title simply make it impossible to add a parking space to our property.

Deb and Dan

City Background
Table 541-1, Specific Off-Street Parking Requirements clearly indicates that residential dwellings are required to have 1 off-street parking space per dwelling unit.  In addition, Section 541.30, Existing parking and loading facilities also requires that “Existing accessory parking and loading facilities shall not be reduced below the requirements for a similar new use.  If existing accessory parking and loading facilities are less than the requirements specified in the Table 541-1, Specific Off-Street Parking Requirements and Table 541-7, Specific Off-Street Loading Requirements, they shall not be reduced further.

Both requirements have been in the Zoning Code since at least (if not longer) the 1999 Zoning Code update.

To remove a legal on-site parking space and not replace it would require a parking variance and approval by the Board of Adjustment.

Brad Carter
Senior City Planner
Zoning Department

Comments from Elizabeth Glidden
#1 – their specific issues (i.e. building a shed before winter) can best be resolved by reducing the size of the shed minimally because you don’t need a permit for a specific size.  I think they are close to not needing a permit anyway.  Other issues specific to them were driven by the fact that they no longer have an easement to use the driveway owned by their neighbor to the north. In a perfect world (and they agree) they would best be served to keep the easement so that a spot or pad for parking could be built in the future or be available to future owners.  Their neighbor would not agree to let them keep the easement.

#2 – Steve suggested that if Kingfield wants to create a neighborhood plan or block plan supporting a policy change to eliminate the requirement of 1 parking slot per household, this could help resolve future issues (or an issue that might arise for Swenson-Klatt when they sell their home).  I think the best way to proceed on this is for you to meet with Steve about what would be most helpful from a neighborhood perspective, if this is the direction Kingfield wants to explore.
The committee agreed that Deb and Dan might be able to construct their shed this fall by reducing its size to a point where it does not require a permit.  However, to construct the deck on the rear of their house that they intend to build, they will most likely need a permit next spring.  Thus the group felt they should apply for the variance now so that the “stigma” of noncompliance is removed from their property.  Since their project has such a large environmental impact in it’s removal of over 1600 square feet of pervious pavement, the Green Committee would support them if they chose to apply for a variance and would recommend that the KFNA Redevelopment Committee do the same.

In case there is a “bigger” way of framing this issue that Steve Poor of Zoning sees as mentioned in Glidden’s comments above, Linnes-Robinson will also pursue his ideas on a block and/or neighborhood plan addressing this policy.  The committee was not sure such a thing could really occur, or if it could if residents would support it, but from an environmental standpoint it seemed poor to them to require on-site parking for cars.  Linnes-Robinson will report back Poor’s thoughts.

Lastly the committee reviewed the C&E Matrix developed at the time of Phase II planning.  With the proposed cuts in NRP spending the committee recognized it might never be able to access the larger environmental pots of money for green building and alternative transportation support.  However, also in light of the proposed NRP cuts, organizing and educating neighbors is more important than ever.

For 2008 the committee needs to pick some smaller doable projects to build connections and direct involvement with the committee, and thus the committee’s capacity.  Household Hazardous Waste Day was felt to be important to do again.  The committee then discussed partnering with other environmental groups to do some visible projects.  Linnes-Robinson mentioned she has been seeing the need to reconnect with the neighborhood churches and some of them seem likely to have Green groups.  Partnering to do storm sewer stenciling was talked about, as was hooking up with Master Gardens to do buckthorn removal.  Gerber then mentioned that he knows speakers that would come at no charge to discuss Al Gore’s movie on Global Warming.  This seemed a good possibility for a partnership with some of the churches.  Also Gerber mentioned a city pilot program that may be started involving a demonstration area for compost collecting.  Linnes-Robinson said she would pursue the idea with the City.

Meeting adjourned.

Minutes provided by Linnes-Robinson, 10/22/07.

Kingfield Crime and Safety Meeting
Tuesday, October 16
MLK Park

Kingfield Residents- 12
MLK Park Staff: Brian Cornell
MPD- CPS Tom Thompson; Lt Marie Pryznski; Park Police Jason Ohotto
Crime and Safety Task Force Board Representative- Amy Gracyalni
KFNA Staff- Joanna S. Hallstrom, Project Organizer
Fifth Precinct Community Attorney- Lisa Goden

Open Forum Issues of Concern:
One resident expressed frustration that he has had a very difficult time getting block leader information from the police department for the blocks surrounding his. Hallstrom was able to release the block leader information she had and CPS Thompson checked it against his list. Block leader information can only be released to other block leaders – which this resident is. The list that KFNA and CPS Thompson have is out of date.

The group discussed park safety. There is a group of block leaders that are advocating for funding to staff MLK park on weekends and during the month of August. It is believed that the August Park shooting could have been avoided if there were park staff on duty to address the escalating behavior at a park cook out that day. One resident requested MLK crime stats for the last ten years so that CPaS could analyze them and develop a plan of action to ensure park safety. Officer Ohotto agreed to request the statistics but could not promise that he could get them that far back.

A group of residents discussed concerns about two problem rental properties near their homes.
3641 Blaisdell: neighbors near this property are woken up often by loud interactions between people coming and going from the apartments late at night and early in the morning, there are suspicious persons coming and going, unknown women in and out, and there was a recent burglary of dwelling at this address. Neighbors have called 911 to report the disturbances but by the time the police show up the property is usually quiet. Police cannot do anything unless they witness the disturbance.

3649 Pillbury: neighbors have witnessed idling cars outside the apartments with quick in and out visits to the property by unknown people. The tenant claims he is selling cds and dvds. The neighbors strongly suspect that there is drug dealing going on.

It is also difficult to determine who and how many people are living at these addresses.

CpaS spent the majority of time discussing how these residents could address these problem properties.

-Call 911 when the disturbance, suspicious activity is happening.
-Develop a way to contact neighbors and have them Call 911 as well.
-Make sure the 911 operator tags the report to the specific address of concern.
-Request the ID number for each 911 call to reference the call later is needed
-Call the property owner to report that you have called 911 and let them know the details of the specific incident.
-Call 311 to report suspicious license plate numbers, patterns of drug dealing, and other violations such as over occupancy.
– CPS Thompson to check on police reports and 911 calls logged, also report license plate numbers, patterns of criminal activity etc.
-Invite the property owner to a block club meeting to discuss the issues and/or write them letters identifying the concerns.
-Hold a block club meeting to work out a group plan to track the suspected criminal activities. Also develop a neighbor to neighbor communication plan so that important information. Can be shared quickly.

General Tips for Residents:
Call 911 to report any suspicious activity or ongoing criminal activity.
You can ask a police officer to stop by your house, or give you a call after they address your 911 report.
Landlords will receive a notice from the City if there are three verified noise disturbances in one year. They will be monitored for 12-8 months. If they have another verified disturbance in this time period they will receive a second notice that requires a management plan. They will be monitored for another 12-18 months. If there is reason to serve another notice the landlord’s rental license will be reviewed and possibly revoked. There is also a process for the City to fine landlords for unruly and noisy assemblies at their rental properties.
Police officers see the 911 calls and change their routes based on the activity that is being called in.
Every 911 call gets a priority. Do not be discouraged if you do not see a squad right away. All calls are addressed.
Call the KFNA office for help in attaining information or to express a concerns

Other crime prevention strategies that were discussed:
-Develop the block leaders around the park and train residents how to identify and report negative activity at the park.
-Develop a group a volunteers that will walk the park on a regular basis.
-Develop a team of volunteers to monitor the park on weekends when park staff are off duty.
-Increase the Citizen Patrol Walking group

Neighborhood Crime Report:
Park Police Jason Ohotto reviewed the incident report for the October 14th 10am stabbing and alleged abduction in the MLK Parking lot. The victim and the perpetrators were not from Kingfield. The police have arrested two suspects in the case. It is unknown if the victim had any prior relationship with the suspects.

Tri Neighborhood Court Watch Program:
No updates at this time.

Minutes completed by Joanna Hallstrom, Project Organizer – KFNA

NRP Steering Committee
Meeting Minutes

Present: David Brauer, Niki Stavrou, Melinda Ludwiczak, Arthur Knowles, Natalie Lenz
Absent: Chris Sur
Staff: Sarah Linnes-Robinson

The group discussed the pending neighborhood Phase II funding recommendation coming from Bob Miller of NRP, which will be presented to the NRP Policy Board in January if NRP is not supported in the Mayor’s December budget.  The bottom line of this recommendation is KFNA would have $293, 474 to spend over an identified period of time rather than the previously committed (and approved) $770,934 that was to last through 2011.

A few things were taken into consideration when this number was discuseed. Although it is unlikely that this will be the final number the neighborhood will realize via Phase II, it is likely to be the lowest number we will be asked to plan for.  The housing 70% requirement will still be operating with this new funding total, as will be the 20% administrative cap. Keeping KFNA operating in the community is the main priority.  Systems need to be further strengthend so volunteers can easily take over staff responsibilities for some projects.
Read more

Kingfield Neighborhood Association
Board of Directors Meeting October 10, 2007

Board Members Present:  Arthur Knowles, Dave Saddoris,  Karen Pieper, Tom Parent, Chris Sur, David Brauer, Amy Joe Gracyalny, Ben Kristensen

Board Members Absent: Mary Hunter, JobyLynn Sassily James, Niki Stavrou, David Potosky

KFNA Staff Present: Sarah Linnes-Robinson, Joanna Hallstrom

Others: Jake Weyer.

Meeting Called to Order:
David Brauer called the meeting to order

Community Forum:
No community forum.

Moved the agenda to the last items, Action items.

Action Items:
Future of NRP
There may be a substantial decrease in financial support for KFNA from NRP funding.  Board needs to prioritize KFNA’s involvement/spending.

Some suggestions:  Drop Farmers’ Market, Assist population in need, alternative transportation .  Keep administration, community events, housing is a required expense.

Greens need some matching funding.  Money is in green grants.

Walldogs not NRP but still takes up staff time.

Community meeting may be necessary to discuss $ decrease.  Is it wise to make decision without community involvement?

Darrell Suggested:  Any changes that result in a change of  $25,000.00 needs approval from community.

Farmers’ Market Feasibility Study Proposal
How to help market move forward?  Do we need feasibility study from MAP?  If we don’t figure out how to make the market sustainable, the FM might not make it. Maybe paying for MAP  provide  the  “seed money” for FM and then they go on their own.
Arthur MOVES  We accept MAP proposal; Karen seconds.
Tom Parent amendment:  MOVE:  Approve proposal from MAP for non-profits for an hourly-not-to-exceed sum of $2500.00 with deliverables agreed upon by the Farmers’ Market task force.  Arthur Nays, all the rest ayes.

Secretary’s Report:
No report

Treasurer’s Report:
No report

Redevelopment Committee Report:
KFNA will host a community meeting on Nov 7 @ King Park to discuss Plymouth Church Neighborhood Foundation’s (PCNF) proposed project at 3700 Nicollet.   The meeting will cover both the program of the facility and the design of the proposed building.  On Nov 3 PCNF will doorknock the neighborhood to notify residents of meeting. KFNA Board members are invited to participate.
There was discussion on changed language of project by the church.  Does KFNA support language change?

October meeting about the Blue Plate Restaurant is off.

NRP Committee Report:

Report of Fence Addition in King Park Community Meeting
Brian, administrator for MLK park, was present for report.   Bob Fine and Paul Hokeness from park board had also attended this community meeting.  “Meeting went well”, said David Brauer.  Some neighbors still disappointed in fence.  Communication will be improved for the future of any similar park projects between KFNA, neighborhood and park staff.
Mpls  Street Lighting:    Citizens may be charged $13.00 assessment fee for street lighting.

Green Committee Report:
Green committee and 2 bike tousr cancelled in Sept. because of rain.


King Bridge Partnership:

Farmers’ Market:

Crime and Safety Committee:
CpaS was notified about a meth house raid earlier this month.

Concerning Mark Loesch’s death:  Crime Stoppers have not gotten in touch with us to answer questions regarding the reward fund: how money is collected and when, when is it paid out, what happens if it is never collected, etc.  so Brauer determined it was unwise of the neighborhood association to collect for the fund.

Bike Task Force:
No meeting.

Walldogs – Over $6,000.00 was raised at Garden Party Event and during Eating For Art.t.  The Fisher Grocery (34th and Nicollet) project is complete on the south side of the building at this time. The  Deck the Walls party in December possibility for a fundraiser for the project and was approved by the board.
Transportation –Public meetings are listed on hand-out to discuss the city’s draft “Ten-Year Transportation Plan and its Streetcar Feasibility Study.”  Discussion of streetcar advantages include:
No emissions (although there still are emissions at coal burning plants.)
“cool” factor
better business.
Look for a meeting with Scott Dibble and Elizabeth Glidden in regards to transportation and the Public transit bldg along 35 W.

Lakes District Council Meetings concerning Park Plans-  This group meets quarterly on the 4th Thursday of a month to discuss parks and policy.Linnes-Robinson asked for a Board rep to sit on this committee.  No board members expressed interest.  She was told to seek outside of the board for a representative.

Arthur and Derrell Move to adjourn the meeting.  All are in favor.

Minutes prepared by Karen Pieper

Discussion via email on web design decides to go forward with David Potosky’s plan. Some KFNA Board members responded that they were comfortable with Potosky going ahead with the web upgrades.
Sarah sends request NOT to us MAP Project Redesign, but acknowledge that KFNA staff is working to gather and compile the necessary information for the Task Force about the workings, and funding, and governance of other local markets.   KFNA board approves via email voting.

Farmers’ Market Task Force
MINUTES 10/1/07

Attendance: Melinda Ludwigzak, David Nicholson, Jeff Berg
Joanna Hallstrom, Debra Bourne

Based on recommendations made by the Market Task Force in June, KFNA is seeking assistance from MAP for Nonprofits to assist with a project redesign. The goal is to identify a model of operation/structure for the Market that will ensure the Market’s future success and existence.

Meeting Discussion:
The Task Force reviewed the Estimate for Realignment Services from MAP. This document / request for KFNA funding for MAP services will be submitted to the KFNA board on October 10th for approval.

The Task Force reviewed a DRAFT of a Program Structure Redesign plan that will be the outline from which KFNA and MAP will work from. This document presents the an outline of the market background, growth, future, feasibility action plan, funding and support needed

The Task Force also discussed a short term funding plan. The Task Force would like to secure bridge funding until grant funding can be secured. The plan is to do a stakeholder luncheon. David and Debra will work on securing food and location for the lunch. Melinda will work on the presentation outline and Jeff will design the invitations.
We brainstormed a guest list.

Minutes provided by Joanna S. Hallstrom, Market Administrator 10/2/07

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